How did Nathan Payne get started in real estate?

Hey, everyone. A lot of people ask me how I got started in real estate and why I got started. So why I got started in real estate is because I was doing door to door sales for about six years from college until I graduated, and it was a really transient business, like I was always going to different areas and knocking doors, and I was good at it, and the money was good. I just didn’t want to do it anymore. And plus, I got married, so I had to find a new job where I could use my sales skills and I could stay in one place. And the cool thing about wholesaling and fix and flip, you can do it all virtually, and you can do it in one place. You don’t have to move around, and you can do anywhere in the country. So I thought that was really cool. And I saw a lot of people having success. I even had one of my friends from college, his dad did it. So that’s kind of how I got started. And why I got started was I wanted to have a job that I could provide for my family, and I could stay in one place, and I could use my sales skills. So if you’ve been in situations like mine where you had a job that you didn’t really like, and you want to get into real estate, honestly, there’s no better opportunity than getting into investing, wholesaling, fix and flip. Honestly, it’s a great career.

There’s a lot you can learn and there’s a lot there’s really no ceiling. You can go as high as you want, so if you want to learn how to get into it, I got your back. That’s why I teach it as well, because I’m really passionate about it, and I want to help people get started. And there’s a lot of furious out there, fake gurus. I’m actually doing it. I’m not telling you that I’m the greatest of all time, but I can tell you that I’m doing it. I’m always seeing what’s working and changing what’s not working. So follow me for more information, and I got your back.