How to find CASH BUYERS asap on BATCH LEADS!

In this video, we’re going to show you how to find CASH BUYERS asap on BATCH LEADS! Check this video to know more!

Yo we are live What’s going on everybody as you know Nathan Payne real estate Nate guys I’m in the batch office and guys I’m in Arizona, I drove down from Utah all yesterday it was like a 10 and a half hour drive now I’m here and this place is sick. And guys, I got some really cool information to tell you but before I even dive into how to find buyers and do a complete training of how to do it, guys, I want to talk to you about my experience my near death experience that I had yesterday and how, why I’m wearing this Navajo arrowhead necklace. Okay, so guys, I was driving here from Utah down to Arizona drive my family member’s car down as I’m driving through Arizona, I see, you know, at the top, I think the north end of Arizona, a bunch of booths where a bunch of Navajo people are they’re selling stuff and I’m like, you know, I’m gonna stop by I’m gonna see what they got. So I stop in and this kid greets me and says, Hey, you know, what are you looking for?

And I’m like, you know, a necklace. I used to wear gold chain necklaces. So I’m gonna wear this one looking for a new necklace to wear. So anyway, as I’m going through the store, the kids you know, he’s watching me He’s like, he’s not giving me really any space to breathe. He wanted that sale. So I ended up buying this arrowhead necklace. And I’m like, man, you know, maybe this is this is a lucky necklace. Who knows. So as I keep driving like a couple hours later, it’s pitch black as dark. I’m in Flagstaff, Arizona, in the middle of the woods of the forest. I’m just driving along paying attention.

Obviously defense driver and a giant deer jumps in front of me in front of the car. It’s like 20 feet away, and I react quickly I slowdown getting about 25 miles an hour. I don’t stop, like I’m not able to stop all the way but I veer off and I clipped the deers legs. Okay, so if I wasn’t paying attention, I would just blasted this deer 60 miles an hour and crushed it and probably you know would have gone through the windshield. But luckily I was able to, you know, stop in time clip it, you know, only hit the fender and I stopped later and found out that there was really, really little damage to the car.

So thank goodness, this is my lucky Navajo necklace. I’m at the batch office in Arizona and I’m grateful to be here guys. And what I’m going to show you today is how to find buyers using batch because you know that’s what it’s all about, you got to find buyers. So I’m going to share my screen with you guys and kind of showing you guys how to find buyers so let’s let’s dive right into it and let’s get it so again I’m specifically working in the Utah market I wholesale nationwide, I can do deals anywhere but for this strategy, we’re going to just do Salt Lake City, Utah, so all you have to do is type in the area that you’re doing any major metro is a good idea and a lot of you’re probably like Well hey you know my market saturated I can’t find deals this is the best way to do it because you’re going to get a relationship with a specific buyer you find on here you’re going to talk to them you’re going to find out what they want you’re going to go get it for him

So the first thing you do is you type in the area that you want to go then you go to I think there’s a under quick filters you go down here so you click on cash buyers that’s down here at the filters and it brings you to all the cash purchases that have happened so let’s go again let’s show you again you just go to property search and then the city the area you want quick filters then you go to cash buyers and this is saying that there’s 37,368 found then you have to go to Filter okay first thing you’re gonna want to do you don’t want people that grandma or grandpa that just bought a house and they had millions of dollars and they just bought something cash you don’t want that you want to be able to find investors Okay.

So first thing you have to do is you got to go to cash purchase this when it says any sale that we want cash purchases, okay so you go to Yes, you want to know who has bought a property on the MLS or bought one and then sold it within the last year or purchased it within the last 12 months and then sold it within this year. And then all you got to do is go to exclude properties where the mailing address and property address are the same the reason why you don’t want that is because a cash buyer is usually gonna buy a property for cash where their personal residence is not located. So now that we’ve done that you want to go to MLS status as well you want to go to on market Yes, you want to go to listing date you want also the listing date to have been within the last 12 months. Let’s see what data that gives us and then MLS status.

Let’s go here days on market cancelled listings. Alright, so let’s apply this and see what happens. Oh, wow. Okay, and by the way, it’s a non disclosure state so sometimes it can give us some funky information and that’s not batch fault or anybody’s fault. That’s just kind of the data that’s available. So let’s go to any let’s see what happens when I go to any apply. Okay, that gives us a little bit more data so then what you’re supposed to do here is go click on some of these and see if any of them look like they’ve been flipped. All right, let’s look at this. Okay, no pictures on that one. Usually there are some pics but if there’s not so good but anyway guys, what this is doing is saying in Salt Lake City, there’s 485 cash buyers have been found. All you have to do is take select all and then you skip trace the list and you can call them all individually or if you want to dive a little bit deeper into some of these, just go and click on one and look at the details, you can go to sale and loan, check out the information of when it was purchased. And then when it was sold. So according to this the guy, they purchased it, you know, a couple months later they sold it.

So this might be a good flipper, you can go to owner profile and see other properties that this person owns. And that’s really cool too because you can say okay, hey, they have multiple properties that they’ve been working on and you can call them about it so you can skip trace them but something I like to do is I like to call the agent that represented this buyer and talk to them and say Hey, I see that you represented a cash buyer in this area I have a property that I need to sell or just talk to that that agent and they usually have the phone number right here the office phone number I usually like to Google their name and then usually you get their cell phone number it looks like Britney works at equity Utah real estate so let’s give her a call and say hey, you know I have a property that I might need some help on it looks like you represent some cash buyers do you have any that you can connect me with? Let’s give her a call Tony.

That’s not my girl. That’s Tony. Tony let’s see if I can find her info all right all right. All right. Okay, so we got the agent phone number that seems like that’s the phone number of the brokerage because 800 I don’t want that trash but I guess I’ll have to deal with it if I can get her info and again you can skip trace this person just call him directly which you know I recommend you doing but right now I’m just going to call the agent and talk to her because apparently she represents his buyer that purchased this home within the last year cash for cash and owns multiple other properties.

Okay. Okay, so we’re going to Galveston, Texas today, everybody. I think I’ve actually been there. I can’t really remember. I think I flew I did like a cruise out of their thing had a drive there. But anyway, so you’re gonna go here you’re gonna go to boundary and you’re gonna get some of the people that buy properties close to Galveston. Because you know if they buy here they most likely buy there Alright, so now that you’ve did the boundary on where you want to go you go to Filter and you go to cash buyers you want Yes cash buyers owner type any because it doesn’t matter if they have an LLC you can find out who owns it Well hey you know my market saturated I can’t find deals this is the best way to do it because you’re going to get a relationship with a specific buyer you find on here you’re going to talk to them you’re going to find out what they want you’re going to go get it for him

Okay, so you want to know that they bought it within the last 12 months and you only want people exclude properties where the mailing address and the property address are the same because you don’t want the grant you don’t want to hit up the granny that bought some because she’s sitting on tons of cash you want the person that bought it they don’t live there okay now once you do the cash buyers you’re gonna go to MLS status you want any I think any is what you want. That’s what I use.

I don’t know if yes, I think yes trims it down a little bit but I don’t care if they bought it on market or off market and then within the last 12 months did they buy into they sell it on the MLS within the last 12 months. Let’s apply that 1081 cash buyers so if this is the specific area you want, and you want to do this multiple times you can name this filter cash buyer filter, that’s how go batches it’s like hey, you want to save that and you’re like yeah, I do so I don’t have to do it again. So that’s how you find your cash buyers in this area and then all you have to do is to skip trace it is go to Select All and then you take it over and you skip trace it and then you can call it through batch dialer you can just text it through you know the SMS campaign or you can just call them directly so instead of skip tracing this guys I’m actually just going to call show you how I’m going to call one of the agents but I’m going to check in because I love checking in making sure you guys understand Luciana What do you got? Did you see me do it and what’s your feedback on that? Do you understand what I was able to do and the filters I said if not you can come back and watch it again.

Alright this house must have been flipped because it looks like a tree is going through it so someone must have flipped this bad boy let’s go to owner let’s see if the owner okay so owns multiple properties. Let’s go over here Stacy. And again guys, for some reason it’s not given the data but it’s not a problem because if you just have the name and you know where the agent is, they’re mostly they’re always registered like 90% of the time with the Real Estate Board. So let’s go here.

See if Stacy’s working today okay realtor Texas. Okay, there we go sand and see real estate Stacy Weber she she looks like she can she can really do some deals. All right. Cincy properties Galveston Island. Okay, let’s call my girl Sandy. You know, did I say Sandy? It says Stacy. How embarrassing.. What we’re doing guys is we’re calling them to see if they run represent flippers and if they can represent us if we do a flip or we can bring them a deal, and they Oh,

Stacey: Hello, this is Stacey

Nathan: Hi, Stacey, how you doing? My name is Nathan. I was just calling you because I saw that you’re a real estate agent and I think Galveston.

Stacey: Yes. Let me help you.

Nathan: Yeah. Do you have a couple minutes to chat? Or did I catch it about time?

Stacy: I’m always working Nathan, how can I help?

Nathan: I love it. The reason why I’m calling you is I’m looking to flip some properties in the Galveston area in general and I think you represent flippers right like you you list properties for people that flip homes in the area.

Stacy: I represent all types of clients, what are you interested in?

Nathan: Well, I mean, I’m always looking for properties to buy and fix and flip if you have any. I’d love to see but mainly I was just trying to connect since I’m actually from Utah, but I am looking to invest in the Texas area my my sister’s from the Houston area. But yeah, I’m just looking for opportunities. And I was wondering also so I send out direct mail I text I market and sometimes when I come across properties that don’t fit for me in in an area I’d like to wholesale them and I was wondering if you have any buyers that you represent that I can bring deals to if it doesn’t work for me and I could just you know you could bring a buyer and I could pay your commission?

Stacy: No, I actually don’t work on those bases. But if there is something you’re interested in I’m more than happy to email you properties that come up into the MLS system.

Nathan: Oh, okay. Yeah, no definitely in when you say by that basis, what are you referring to like you don’t you don’t like connect people?

Stacey: I’m sorry. What?

Nathan: Yeah, I was just curious when you said you don’t work on that basis. Maybe I didn’t explain it the right way. What do you mean by that? I was just curious

Stacey: so I’m not interested in that as an opportunity. You are interested in purchasing a property that’s listed in the MLS I’m more than happy to email you information about it

Nathan: or sure. Let me ask you this do do a lot of properties in the Galson area there like a lot of good opportunities for fix and flips that hit the MLS

Stacey: Yes. Okay there are Have you searched in MLS before Are you a licensed Realtor?

Nathan: I’m not I’m just a real estate investor that specifically markets to people directly like I try to find more off market properties to like go to sellers directly but I’m trying to network with people in the area

Stacey: You might want to drive around the area and look for for sale by owner signs. Sounds like something you’re looking for somebody to do, you know, find and source properties for you and do skip searches and all that I don’t do that. Of course. I will be more than happy to help you if you’re interested in full representation for marketed property.

Nathan: Yeah, that’s a good that’s a good idea. Let me ask you this when you see the For Sale By Owner signs, do they usually put those from your experience they usually put that on the internet? Are there a lot of people just put the sign? Oh, they just played there

Stacey: in this area. They’re typically just by signage. And because it’s such a desirable market they do get snapped up very quickly.

Nathan: Oh, wow. That’s a great idea. Yeah, cuz you know, if they don’t have the internet, then that gives me the opportunity to talk to them and maybe not that’d be that that much competition. Okay, well, yeah, I appreciate and I understand that, you know, every agent I talked to like they’re not always interested in me you know, if I have a deal and I can’t buy it me wholesaling to one of their buyers. Sounds like you don’t really do that now. Okay. Well, hey, sounds like we can work together I’d love to send you my email address. And if you can send me MLS listings, I’d love to look at them. And you can represent me, as you know, the buyer agent.

Stacey: Okay. No worries, text me your contact information. I’ll be happy to email you.

Nathan: Thank you so much. Thank you, Stacey. You’re welcome. All right, guys came off a little aggressive after I said, she’s like I’m doing that and I’m like, what, what are you talking about? So what I think guys is she probably has had calls from wholesalers and it’s just like forget that forget that. I can just send you listings and that’s that’s okay.

A lot of agents don’t want to deal with with that they just want to do easy put you in an email drip where a bunch of properties just get sent to you and they have to do any work that’s that’s what a lot of agents like to do and that’s fine okay, you’re not going to win it and kill it with every deal but she did give me some great information she said hey, if you go drive for dollars

which you can drive for dollars virtually using batch leads she says if you go drive physically a lot of people don’t even put these on the MLS or on the internet and you can just snag those up so that’s a great idea if you’re driving for dollars with the batch leads app whether you do it virtually or you go do it and you know physically get in your car you can call on a lot of these listings with the For Sale By Owner signs and snag that that sucker up alright, seems like we’ve had some good conversations today I was able to kind of show you how to use batch so if you guys need any help, you know closing some deals or just an idea I’m not always available on me pretty dang busy today and the rest of the week but if you call me this number is like a landline. It’s like a business line doesn’t tax so if you call me it goes to my CRM, I can call you back if you have any questions. I’m here to help.

That’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to get back so everybody can make some money. Alright, let’s go do some deals. or later guys. Peace.


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