How to get proof of funds for wholesaling

Have you made an offer to an agent and they’ve said, “Hey, send me proof of funds!” and you’ve gotten stuck? I don’t have proof of funds… Well, today, we’re going over how to get proof of funds for wholesaling. By the end of this video, I’m going to show you all the ways you can get proof of funds and all the strategies, and we’re going to break this thing down. So you’ll never get stuck by an agent or a seller that you’re talking to asking you for proof of funds to see if you’re legit. Check out this video to learn more.

Have you ever made an offer to an agent and they’ve said, hey, send me proof of funds, and you’d get stuck, you’re like, I don’t have proof of funds. Well, today we’re going to be going over how to get proof of funds. Stay tuned, by the end of this video, I’m going to show you all the ways that you can get proof of funds, all the strategies, and we’re going to break this thing down. So you never get stuck when an agent or seller that you’re talking to asks you for proof of funds to see if you’re legit. Also, by the end of this video, I’m going to show you an answer you What are proof of funds? What the heck does that even mean proof of funds? Why you need them? Why does someone even ask you for proof of funds? Like why are they even bothering with that question? And how do you get them? Where are you going to get these proof of funds? Can you just you know, go online and ask Google and I’ll make you some or chatbots GBT will make you where do you get this stuff? We’re gonna dive right into it right here.

So what are proof of funds? In a nutshell, proof of funds are showing proof that you have money to purchase the property. So an agent will ask you for proof of funds if they don’t think you have the money, usually, because when I talk to an agent, they usually don’t ask me if I approve. And just because when I talked to them, maybe I sound like an experience. Not maybe I am I sound like an experienced investor. So they don’t ask me for proof of funds like 90% of time. But if you’re getting that question right off the bat, it’s probably because you sound like you don’t know what you’re doing, which is okay, it happens, they’re gonna say, Hey, I’m gonna need to see some proof of funds to see if you’re legit. But proof of funds are just a verification that you have the money or you have a hard money lender or someone that has given you the funds. So you can buy this property, it’s just a way for them to check and see if you’re legit. Why do you need proof of funds? And like I said, just answered it, you need proof of funds. So people can see that you have the capacity or the ability to even purchase the property agents ask for proof of funds all the time to verify who they’re working with, actually can get the deal done.

Now the problem with proof of funds is anyone can get a proof of funds. Like it’s not that difficult. I can get one anywhere and through the strategies I’m going to show you but that’s just their way of kind of mitigating and making sure that whoever they’re talking to can actually deliver and they’re not dealing with someone that is just wasting their time. That’s why they’re asking for proof of funds. So how do you get proof of funds? Where the heck do you find these proof of funds? If you don’t have a million dollars or half a million dollars sitting in your bank account and an agent or a seller ask you for proof of funds? Where do you find this?

Well, I have a video that I’ve made that goes really in depth that’s going to answer that specific question on actually how to get it because that’s the main question is how do you get the proof of funds so you can come off legit, and you can get deals done and they’re not questioning if you’re serious or not. So before I get into how do you get proof of funds? I want to invite you to my masterclass, I do a free live masterclass where I actually show you how to do this business from start to finish, go to And you can register for absolutely free. I give you my assignable contract for free that I’ve used battle tested, battle approved. And I’ll give that to you for coming because I want to help you succeed. So let’s dive right into that video on how to get proof of funds because I want you to get proof of funds. So next time you make an offer, you don’t get, you know, chillin with your pants down because you don’t know what to say I’m trying to help you avoid that. So let’s dive right in to this video.

So you’re dealing with on market, sorry, this is sales process, but it’s going to be under making offers and tools to make offers that get accepted and established credibility with sellers. Okay, so the tool if you’re gonna have that you can go get Alright, so again, despite having you guys a lot like okay, sellers are like, Hey, show me some proof of funds are you got? Are you really legit? Okay, again, this only happens if they don’t really trust you. Or they don’t feel like you’re legit. But so it’s never really a problem having fun, because you get approved funds from anywhere that the issue is them saying that. And what you got to do is you got to call that out.

So if a seller says hey, do you have proof of funds? I say yeah, that’s a really good question. You must be asking that because you just you probably want to make sure I’m credible. That right?

Yeah, no, I just want to make sure whoever I’m doing business with have money. Totally understand that. So I’m gonna actually show you not only the approved font, I’m going to go a step beyond that. And I’m actually going to give you some more information about my company and the reviews we have. So now that that doubt that that seller has completely squashed because I understand why they have that doubt. I called it out and I’m I’m gonna go a step further. Then after I’m gonna say, hey, is there anything else I can do for you and make you feel like, you know, I’m the guy you want to do business with? Oh, they’re like, no, no, you’re good. I just wanted to make sure so call it out. So when someone brings up a concern, say, Hey, you must be saying that because of this. And if it’s wrong, they’re gonna tell you Oh, no.

Okay, so I’ve made step by step on how to get one. So the seller agent is asking for proof of funds, that usually means they’re skeptical about your ability to close off market, sellers rarely asked for proof of funds, unless they’re really skeptical that you have not off market seller that just selling their house directly to me asked for proof funds by in the last three years. So but here’s how to get one if you want to feel comfortable, reach out to private money lenders in your area and ask for proof of funds. Here’s a list of over 4000 private money lenders that I’m giving you guys for absolutely free. Here it is. And that’s five resources. You can check out what cities they cover what states and you can call them. You can say, hey, I’m looking for looking for a proof of funds, I can make offers if these people up, okay, super simple.

No big deal. Okay, that’s a list for you guys. Alright, proof of funds document. So this is what they usually look like. This is my proof of funds from my hard money lender. This is what it looks like, oh, sorry, this is Jerry Norton’s proof of funds, okay. And then it works. And sometimes it doesn’t work. But it’s super basic, all you do is just change the number that you want to get approved for. And the address, bam, easy that this is the proof of funds that I have from my hard money lender, it’s just addressed to my LLC. And it’s just you have the certain amounts of funds are available over 700,000 blah, blah. And it’s like on a company letterhead. That’s what hard money lenders will get you. They just reach out to one, they want to fund you. So they’ll give you proof of funds letter, very easy to get one. Okay? Another thing a lot of people are like, well, I want to see if you’re really legit. Let me see a screenshot of your bank account. Just what I did is that this is an example you don’t have to use this but you can just take a screenshot of your bank account or go online and get one for Google and just say hey, this is my business partners bank account, we do a lot of deals together. He’s going to be the transaction man.

They need to feel secure that you can get the deal done okay. You can show him a screenshot of a bank account that if someone you know of someone online, you can go post and local investor Facebook groups, like if I go here right now to Facebook, and I just go to I’m actually going to do a post for you guys so you can know exactly how to do it. while that’s loading, let’s see what else okay, that’s the last step so we’re gonna go to Utah real estate investors, Utah real estate investors in by the way, it’s just real estate investor groups. And if it’s any state you’re in Michigan, Utah, Atlanta, Georgia, whatever.

So you just go here you say we actually write the post out some simple like hey, I’m making a lot of offers on the MLS and agents are asking me for a proof of funds letter are there any private or hard money lenders you lenders willing to give me a proof of funds so I can send it to them? I will I would love to use you as my lender if you can help me out I would love to use you as my lender and network if you can if you can. Oh no I’m still eating. Thank you appreciate it though. Chick fil A way to go. I would love love to use you as my lender network if you can help me out. Okay, guys already have a hard money lender but I’m just making this post for you guys so you guys can see it. So this is simple. It’s just common sense. You just asking someone for proof of funds and hard money lenders like they want to give you their money because they that’s how they make money. So they’re going to do it. So I’m just going to put this picture in here. Take a screenshot blah, blah, blah.

Okay, I put it in the wrong place. I guess that’s cool. We’ll leave it there. Anyway, that’s it guys. In the end. If you show a seller you’re experiencing credible they won’t really ask for proof of funds. This is a credibility packet. I give the sellers just to show I’m legit. I made this you can go make your own Canva it just kind of outlines your business. You know why you’re legit. Let me show you this. I send this to sellers. So they know I’m the truth. So just goes over my company because the letter to them saying hey, this is who we are. This is our team and testimonials that are real. You don’t have real ones go get you know make them up until you have some FAQs, answered questions. This is my Have refunds.

But even if I didn’t have this, I’d send this to them. And I’d say this is what happens if we send the contract. So I send this to them. And they’re like, Dang, this guy’s actually worked for a legit company. He answers all my questions. I don’t even need a proof of funds anymore because I trust them. So guys, just take it for what it is. If the sellers ask you for proof of funds, they usually don’t trust you. Or if it’s an agent, they’ve never done business with you. And you just need to say that just chalk it up to agents are probably going to want it more than off market off market wants it then just call it out and say, hey, it’s really, really interesting. You ask that, you know, is there any issue like you know, I’ve done a lot of business I don’t really give, I really have to give a proof of funds out there because I do many deals like you know, you must be asking that because you just want to make sure I’m legit. So that’s that’s kind of how you overcome it.

Again, guys, this right here is the ultimate guide. The Payneless Wholesaling guide literally has everything you need, from contracts to scripts to how to get proof of funds, constantly building out asked me a question, and I’ll put it in here it’s probably already in here.

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