No Money No Problem: Find Cash Buyers Easily!

Discover the ultimate solution for finding cash buyers even if you’re on a tight budget! In this groundbreaking video, we reveal innovative strategies that will empower you to connect with cash buyers without needing significant financial resources. If you’re a real estate investor looking to close deals and expand your network, this is a game-changer you can’t afford to miss.

What is up everybody, this is the weekly batch call. Now look, I’ve gone live earlier today, it’s just a continuation of what I’ve been doing, it’s time to find some buyers, I’ve gone into a brand new market, I have no buyers, I have no money. All I have is my laptop and some free software’s and some free services from Google that I’m using spreadsheets I’ve made and a phone, that’s it, I’m going to a brand new place, it takes time, you don’t just start immediately as a brand new wholesaler and just be like, Okay, let me spend money on marketing or let me just make some calls, you can, but you might struggle to know what a deal is, or you might struggle to know what to do. So that’s why today, what we’re gonna do is do a continuation of finding buyers and things to batch I’m going live on their YouTube channel every day in the month of February showing you guys how to get a deal with $0. And on this call, we’re gonna find some buyers, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it when you’re balling on a budget.

Right now, there’s so many different ways to find buyers, okay, so you have to do what’s the most efficient and most effective, I’m showing you pretty much all the top ways that I know of. And I’m going to make these calls and show people how to do it. But let’s freakin go for it. So we’re going to talk about how to make Facebook posts where to make them how to find buyers that way.

And another thing is you can use batch leads bachelors is perfect for vetting buyers, because you can actually see if you go to batch leads, you just go to the area that you want. So this is probably the most effective way in my opinion, because there’s better buyers and Facebook net pay a little bit more, who knows. So all you have to do is you have to go to the tab cash buyer. And then this will show you flipped properties that agents represent. So that’s probably the best way because you can tell that these people are active because they have a property that in flip.

Now if you go to Facebook, you don’t know if these clowns are real or not. But we’re about to try and find out right, this spreadsheet right here. This tells you every investing group on Facebook that you can join in your area, right so I’m in Atlanta right now. So I’m gonna go to Georgia can be a little time consuming everyone but I’m gonna go in and join every Facebook group on here. Now that you’ve joined some groups, let’s freaking make some posts in these groups looking for buyers, you can post about a real property you have which is cool, or you can ask who is buying and get their contact info, which is fine too in your post, let people know you’re willing to hustle. And that’s pretty much it. So we’re gonna have to wait a little bit to see if anyone responds.

But what you can also do is if you’re part of these Facebook groups, if you don’t want to wait for people to fill out your form, you can just go to any of these other posts and you can see what cash buyers are out there by going to the search tab you can say cash buyers you can see what other posts people have made in the past so that’s how you can rock that All right, we’re good with that. It takes some time guys no like you’re gonna get buyer like within seconds. And again, we’re not looking for deals yet we’re looking for buyers so we can establish a good relationship with people and bring them deals. So we did this we already networked with network Realty called nationwide buyers lists call investor friendly title companies so I did that on the call earlier but let’s call another one. Oh, okay. Let’s get min mins calling Hello.

Hey, this is from GTA title. I’ve just missed a call.

Yeah, man. How are you? What title company? Did you say you were from Jenkins? Jenkins tell us right. Yeah, so I’m just calling because I’m a wholesaler. I’m an investor that primarily does business in Utah. But I’ve been starting to get some leads out in the Atlanta area. And I didn’t want to start working them or diving too deep into it until I had like a title company that I could work with. Do you work a lot with investors?

Yes, we have clients though, like investors and wholesalers.

Right. Well, do you have a couple minutes? I could ask you some questions are you’re busy?

I’m sure you can ask me questions.

Okay, so I’m kind of newer to the area. I wanted to make sure I understood the rules and everything Atlanta with wholesaling. I know it’s different than title companies. But is there any information you can give me on that?

I’m not quite sure. How does that work? It was you top it like in that way. And so if you are like industrial wholesalers, and basically you really just need to find a property and to get you know, the seller to agree to sell to you, then you can, you know, find your own buyer and get it sell to them. So that’s how the game plays, right. But we can also do assignment or double closing. It depends on the situation on on different files. And also depend on the buyers. Some of the buyers are good with assignment, some of them they’re not. And another thing is if they have some lender involved, right? A lot of times lenders may not like assignment, so you know, our client won’t need to change it to double quote.

Yeah, I’ve double closed several times. It’s not problem there’s just the closing costs and some fees but it’s all good.

If you’re doing double closing then on the ad side, we’re only charged 250 for settlement fee just because you know we just doing the same work about me to prepare one more set of closing documents and get it executed or that way. Not going to be the full price for the settlement. On the AP side. The buyer who’s going to pay it will be a full price. So can I have it Your email address. I can forward this on to you.

Of course, it’s Nathan. My last name is Payne, and then it’s investing. I’d love to save your info. Is this the best number to reach you?

Yeah. Okay, the email too. So hopefully it’s helpful.

I appreciate it and hopefully we can do some business. Thank you have a good one. Let’s go min Vin just gave me the top buyer in Atlanta. That’s what I’m talking about everyone I’m telling you, if you just go to a market and you start doing deals, you don’t really know what you’re looking for. Now, because I’ve made a couple calls in two days of work. I know exactly who I need to be finding deals for. And it’s a freakin hedge fund that’s still buying.

So I’m gonna get tight with this hedge fund I’m gonna find them deals That’s how it starts I’ll be honest, it’s challenged I’ve been like man I’m kind of things are going a little slow because I’ve had a setup a lot of things as a brand new wholesaler and a brand new market. But it’s only been two days and I’ve only really been able to work like total five hours. If you’re telling me within five hours. I know the title companies that work with the best buyer in Atlanta. According to her, I have all my spreadsheets everything set up my KPIs. I know exactly what actions to take my Facebook group, so I can invite people to it. That’s a lot. We’re doing great. And so if you’re watching this, this is how you get it done. So what are we going to do? We’re going to put my girls contact info in here, men is the dopest. That’s what relationships are key. You got to be able to connect with people you got to be able to, you know, make them feel good. There you go. So I got my title company. I feel pretty confident I can hit up men. If I have any questions.

She kind of gave me the scoop of how to do deals out there. So this is great. So she gave me the hedge fund that’s still buying in this market shift. I haven’t heard of a lot of them, but she gave me them. And here it is Ari s I see AP she says that they’re closing a lot of deals with them, which is freaking great. So let’s give it a shot. So this is our Buy Box all condition no foundation issues nor fire damage, no rental restrictions, no pool, no flood zone, no fire damage, no wood frame. And that’s an easy Buy Box, right. So for example, if I go to batch leads right now. And so let’s make a list in this area that I want to buy in, I want to start looking at deals in. So let me show you exactly how I would start marketing this area, I want to start being in the East Cobb area, I need to find deals that meet their criteria. So they want residential, they want single family, they want at least a minimum of three beds, minimum of two baths, they want at least 1000 square feet, we want at least 50% equity mortgage info loan type. So there’s this one that’s active because this is this is currently listed. This is probably a good opportunity.

Right? So now we’re looking we know exactly what they want. Let’s give this a call. So I got to determine what’s the value of this property before I make an offer. So now we’re jumping into making offers. See guys, this is it. You got your buyers, you’re confident you’re ready to go. Now you start marketing, you start doing deals for free. Now you’re rolling to give her a shout out. Hey, girl, you ready? By the house? Hey, Jay, how are you? I’m calling about your listing on Chasteen. Lakes, you have a couple minutes to chat. Are you busy? Yes, I’m just getting a call about the property. I’m an investor out of Salt Lake City, Utah. But I’ve recently kind of backed out of my market and I’m coming into Atlanta and I just saw your listing, I looked for some properties in the area that looked like it needed a little bit of work, I just wanted to call you and kind of get some more information on the property is that kind of a situation it’s being sold as is

the owner and his wife, when they come back in town, they stay in it and they lived in it. They just don’t have the time to work on sort of like you know, this point, we’re just gonna keep it on the market. If somebody buys a great if not, then we’ll just keep using it as a place to come and park over here. But if we can sell it, that’d be obviously the best thing for us.

So as an investor, we’re always looking for good deals, they’ve probably gotten some lower offers and just saying, hey, no, we’re just going to sell it if we get the right offer, right? That’s exactly right. So I’m new to the area unrepresented. I don’t have an agent that I work with yet. If we were to work some out, would you be able to represent me?

Okay, and then I can drop the price a little bit more give you more concessions as well.

Okay. Is that what what you do? Instead of double dipping? You just take off the price?

I make it so everybody’s happy? Okay, great. There’s no one thing right. So everybody’s a little bit there.

Yeah, yeah. So for me either way, if you take both sides, or you just bring it down a little bit, it’s all good for me, right?

So we can say if it’s gonna take 25,000 or 30,000 of material stuff to do it, then just asked him to pay 25 or 30 toward the purchase of the end, and they’d be potentially willing to do that. It’s a net number to them. Right? So it’s true between that and commissions and everything else so we can package and have an equity one. Gotcha. That’d be the cleanest way to do is just say keep everything the same. But let’s see if he’ll, you know, give you guys a kickback for repairs and renovations.

Gotcha. Well, I don’t want to waste your time. I know that if I you know, lowball you, it’s probably not going to work. What price are the sellers? Where are they at? I know the listings for 25 I know there’s always some wiggle room if it if it can get done.

I’d say get close to it and then ask for 30 or half of the renovations or so

I’d say let’s give it a shot.

This is my cell number. So just text me your email address. And then I’ll respond back with my email then send me your approval funds or pre approval if you don’t do a lender.

Alright, so I’ll text you my email and let’s move forward. Alright, man, well, I appreciate your time. Thank you so much for Check. This is gold right here guys I’m about to get a bump and deal everybody. Enjoy. I’m glad you watched I hope it was good. This is how it’s done. You make calls you make offers you get it done


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