What do I need to start wholesaling real estate

In this video, we’re going over what I need to start wholesaling real estate. By the end of this video, I promise you, you will know everything you need and every tool you need to start wholesaling. What tools do you need to start wholesaling? How do you find buyers to eventually sell your deal to? How do you find buyers first and then find them deals that they are going to buy? Check out this video to learn more.

Welcome back to the channel everyone is Nathan pants. If it’s your first time welcome well warm welcome warm, big hug for me today what we’re going to be going over in today’s video is what do I need to start wholesaling real estate? So tune in? And let me answer that question for you. By the end of this video, I promise you, you’re gonna know everything you need every tool you need to start wholesaling. So stay tuned, what tools do you need to start wholesaling? And how do you find buyers to eventually sell your deal to or if you do it the painless way? How do you find buyers first, and then go find them deals that they’re going to buy that you can assign them. So let’s dive right in.

So what is wholesaling? All right, I’ve done lots of videos explaining what is wholesaling. So I’m going to be brief and make it quick because I’m assuming if you’re watching this, you probably already know what wholesaling, real estate is all wholesaling, real estate is, is when you have a contract with the seller to purchase their home, a real estate purchase contract that’s assignable. You have it at a specific price. And you can assign it to another buyer, usually a cash buyer, an end buyer for a fee.

So let’s make it very simple. I’m talking to a seller, I know that they want to sell the house to me for 50,000. But the house is worth more I know because you know, the house needs to be repaired and can be sold on the market like 150,000. And I have a buyer that’s looking to buy homes in that area, and he’s willing to pay 60,000. So instead of me buying the house spending any money, I can make money this week, or in 14 days, seven days, or whenever the buyer can close, I can make money now without having to risk my own money.

Now, look, you might be like, why wouldn’t you just flip it? Well, a lot of people don’t want to take the time to flip a house, they don’t want to spend the money on contractors, they don’t want to have to deal with the hassle. So they’re willing, I’m willing to take my contract instead of flip it to make 30,000. I’m willing to assign it to someone today and make 15,000 let’s say half in seven days versus getting paid in six months or three months or who knows when. So that’s why wholesaling exists. And that’s what it is. So what tools do you need to wholesale? Well, you can get away with just a cell phone if you just start making calls to buyers and knowing exactly what they want to buy.

And then you start looking for opportunities, whether that’s on the MLS for free, whether you start marketing using batch leads, that’s what we like, I love to use batch leads for marketing, but really the tools you need to get going as a brand new person like a brand new starters, you need a phone need to be able to make some calls, texts. Obviously, most people have a cell phone, you need a real estate contract rep see us with a call real estate purchase contract that’s assignable. Because you’re going to need to be able to get that contract with the seller and assign it to a buyer.

So you need a contract, you need a cell phone and need to take action. That’s really what you need, if we’re going to break it down. Now if you want to get efficient with this and build a business, obviously, you need a marketing software like batch leads that you can pull lists and target more people. But in the very beginning, in order to start, you would need to know you know how to find buyers what they want a phone and a contract to get that seller under contract. And that’s pretty much it. But obviously you have batch leads, you have other tools that I use, and I recommend people use that makes it more efficient because you need a way to comp the deal to know if it’s a good deal, but we’re just going to break it break it down to really the bare minimum. That’s what you need.

So I want to show you exactly a breakdown of how to find buyers because what I suggest for brand new wholesalers or people in general investors in general is you need to establish relationships with buyers before you just start looking for deals or marketing to find sellers because if you find a seller and get them under contract, but you have no idea you’re going to wholesale it to you could get into a lot of headaches, a lot of trouble. You know you don’t want to tell that seller Yes, I can buy your house without any knowledge or without knowing anyone that will actually buy it because essentially, you’re just guessing right? So what I tell people do is say hey, go build those relationships first. You don’t need to have 100 buyers you don’t need a million buyers or 1000 like a giant buyers you need five to 10 solid relationships. So right now I’m going to show you exactly how to go find buyers for free okay, but before I dive into that, I want to invite you guys to a masterclass that I’m doing right now it’s absolutely live and it’s absolutely free.

You can go on there and I go more in depth and with this video this video I’m just showing you the tools and how to get started but I actually on this masterclass break down the whole process start to finish by the end of that masterclass you literally have everything you need to go start taking action. And on that masterclass all you have to do is register it’s on paynelesswholesaling.com You just go paynelesswholesaling.com register, but on there, I give you some free tools actually even give you the script that I was talking about give you a free assignable contract. So if you you know you tend that that’s my invitation to you. Let’s dive right into that video that I told you I would do that complete breakdown on how to find buyers because if you’re already past that point where you already taken action and you just need to know what tools you need to get and how to find buyers. Let’s dive in right here because I got it for you.

Let’s jump in. Let’s talk about the resources people need to wholesale All right, and when it comes to wholesaling, it’s not that it’s not that difficult. You really just need a phone, you need a list. You need some people to call you to be able to ask them if they’re selling right, nothing crazy.

Yeah, yeah, 100 cents one of those things where it can kinda, you know, it’s easy to overcomplicate, but it’s, it’s so simple, you know, gotta find a way to hey, how do I get leads? How do I talk to the leads? And that I mean, honestly, that just those two things, how do I get leads? And how do I talk to him?

That’s right. If you guys haven’t seen I always like showing the mind map because this is something I give out absolutely free. It shows the process on how to wholesale now I teach what’s called the Payneless Wholesaling method of reverse engineering, wholesaling, instead of just going to pull random list and you don’t know who your buyers are, I tell you to get buyers first. And that’s why today we’re going to be talking about how to get real estate investors that you can wholesale to or cash buyers. Now when you come here on the mindmap guys, the first step I tell people to do is get your mind right if you can’t handle the rejection if you don’t have I guess a why on why to do this, it’s gonna be really easy to quit and especially right now Nathan, I mean, if you with the way the market is, I know there’s a lot of wholesalers exiting, right? I met they’re like, Man, this is hard guys this Yeah, perfect opportunity. This is when you can pick up deals. This is when sellers can’t sell traditionally, and they need help. This is where we come in right now.

Absolutely man and beliefs. It’s such a such a huge thing. Because your beliefs are going to dictate how much action you take, right? And then the action you take is going to reinforce your beliefs, right? So if you’re like, Ah, it’s a bad time, you know, I’m not really gonna make any calls or find any leads, well, then you’re gonna get poor results. And then from that, that reinforces Ah, see, I told you, so I knew it wouldn’t work where it’s like, no, now such a good time. That’s what everyone else is thinking. Right? Everyone else is thinking that they’re they’re hopping out of the game. They’re like, Oh, it’s a bad time for real estate guys, the top players in this industry are so excited right now, by the cleaner. Yeah, if you’re watching this, you should be too.

Yes. So that’s why you gotta get the right mindset. Because the people that are exiting have the wrong mindset, I believe, right now, opportunities to structure deals with people, the opportunities are gonna be really good and are good. So after you get your mind, right, you pick one market now, we mean, you both have done the nationwide model, it’s pretty difficult unless like you have some sort of edge up on the competition where you have like an SEO website, or you have discounted Pay Per Click leads or something nationwide, all over the place difficult. I’m just shooting straight everybody.

But what we do teach is one market, pick one market and master it. And that’s especially for now if the market picks up in his super hot again, then finding a deal anywhere and selling it will be very easy, but it’s not like that. So pick one area, master it after you pick your market, you find the cash buyers, you find who’s still buying, find the people that have the right mindset. They’re saying, Yeah, I’m picking up properties, I know it’s gonna go back up. Those are the people you want to connect with. And then you ask them their Buy Box criteria.

Now everything I’ve shown you here is just high level overview. But if you go inside the mind map, it will actually in detail show you how to talk to cash buyers where to get the information, the scripts to talk to him that this is a script on what to ask cash buyers, everything is in the mind map that will show you the process of how to wholesale but today and specifically for this call, we’re gonna dive right into how to find those cash buyers, okay, are those real estate investors you can wholesale to so first thing is before looking for deals, you want to find out what cash buyers in your market are buying, it’d be stupid to go to Alaska and look for single family homes if everyone there wants multi units, right? If people are like, I don’t really invest in single family, you want to know what people are buying right?

So first, you got to call some people I don’t advocate right now for blasting out like your deals to like 1000 to 10,000 buyers because they’re not going to open your email, they’re not going to look at your texts, they don’t know who you are. And right now they’re not that motivated, in my opinion, to buy a deal. The majority of them you gotta find the people that are right here on the Mind Map, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go in and look at the ways to find buyers right? So you got flippers, just different types of buyers, you got landlord cash buyers, realtors wholesalers, they know the buyers so I call them buyers hedge funds, they’re kind of taking a break right now, different ways to market to them.

Here’s some information on how to market to them once you do get them but anyway, we’ll focus on flippers, this is why I love batch leads because what you can do is among all the different strategies, you can go right to batch leads and you can go pick a specific area. Let’s check it out. So right now just for example, let’s do Salt Lake City, Utah, right because that’s where I am. Let’s give it a shot. All you do is go to the boundary go here and if you go to quick filter right here at the very bottom cash buyers 18,302 cash buyers that batch is telling me about in this area that I can call and skip trace or I can call the agents that represent them if they flipped and if you look at these most of the properties that are here have been flipped.

So what batch is filter is saying on these is hey, these are flippers that have bought a house and then they sold it with a real estate agent within the last year and You can even go in here and bash will tell you you know the criteria of how they did if you click on this question mark right recent cash and hard money loan purchases great right so if I wanted to and I had a property in this area like right next door that was a piece of trash and I wanted to find a buyer I could go right here to this deal and I could find out who purchased the property now if you skip tracing, LLC, sometimes it doesn’t return the right info so you can just straight up Google this guy you can try and find out who owned it open corporates go here you might have to do a little bit of research but you can find out that William R Wong owns this bad boy and maybe you can skip trace him maybe you can just search his name a lot of cool ways to do it.

If you don’t want to spend you know the time doing that research you can go to MLS data and you can reach out to Tiana Shoemaker and say hey Tiana, I noticed that you represented a cash buyer on 1489 e spring that the property closed I have my house just right by that one and by the way this is active actually on the MLS so this dude is probably either still buying or if he’s not buying she probably knows other investors. So that’s the fastest way in my opinion. Find a cash buyer in an area that you want call the agent or call the buyer off a bachelor leads Hey, what do you what do you think?

Yeah, those those current active flips, those are the best ones you know, don’t be afraid to talk to the agent and give the agent a call guys because the agent being able to be that in between person to give you that introduction. Oh, that sets you up perfectly to have a conversation and create a relationship with that buyer and the agent when you know what did they get out of it? Well the agent saying hey, like oh, you’re looking to bring deals to my flipper who uses me who aren’t gonna then list the property and make money Oh yeah, please I’d love to connect you guys there’s a ton of value being added in that call when you reach out to that agent you know you’re you’re looking to do them a big favor

and a lot of people don’t think that they can use agents to wholesale that’s a majority that top wholesaling companies use agents to dispositions their deals and batches the perfect way to find out who those agents that represent flips are met you know, this guy’s a flipper look at this thing. This thing is nice. And you know, this is this house was built in 1978 According to batch so you know, this thing did not look like this in 1978 You know, I’m saying that this thing has been completely gutted and remodeled. I’d be interested to see what they purchased it for because right now they’re listening in around 1.16 night and you usually can see according to the tax information now it’s okay so because Utah’s a non disclosure state batch and other services unless they have MLS access Don’t be they can’t see it.

And that’s not just bash, that’s literally every service provider. But if I went to mLs, I could find out what they bought it for. I’d be interested to see what they bought for because now you know, this rehab probably they probably put on 2000 Square feet, they probably put like 100k plus into this thing for sure. Because Oh yeah, thanks to so anyway, that is how you use Baxley. It’s super simple. So if you’re just turning it turning in tuning in that turning in. Alright, so let’s go here, Syracuse, we’re gonna go here. Let’s say we got a property in this area. So you go to quick filters, cash buyers, this is saying 800 805 cash buyers have, you know, in this specific area would just look, you know, agents in the area that have represented flippers and you know, sometimes there’s going to be people that have purchased these properties with cash. It’s like an old grandma or someone that had money, but you’d really just look to see if any of them look really updated. Right. So this one right here, well, that doesn’t look too updated. Maybe the flippers like I’m not trying to flip this, I’m trying to get the heck out of this deal. I’m out of here.

Who knows? Okay, this one, but yeah, you guys get the gist of it. It’s really, you pick an area you find out where the cash buyers are at Bada bing bada boom, I want to let you guys know that if you have not tried batch leads at all, it’s free. They give you records, I think it can be 1000 records to just go in give it a shot. So I mean, if you go in the link in the bio that’s in the description, you can literally just start your free trial like I guess start one but I already have it but you could start one get 1000 leads a buyer seller leads so what I’ve just said to you guys right here how you can pull these you can literally for seven day trial, you can pull a list in your area and start calling people even if you have like a part time job like you can go into batch pull list, start calling people and try this and see if it’s for you and you can reach out to me or Nathan, you know we’re willing to help you alright, if you like that, if you’d like that information, please do me a favor please like subscribe and hit the bell icon. It really helps me out helps me to grow this channel so we can get this in front of more people so we can stop the people that are been doing this for years and haven’t gotten a deal and they’re trying to figure it out.

My goal is to help you if that’s you or Are anyone else if you know anyone that’s been trying to get his business and has not been successful sending them to this channel, I know whatever I’m talking about whatever video I have is going to help because I don’t just talk theory I show how to do it and that’s the most important thing is not just theory, but implementation showing you how to do it. Alright guys, we’ll see you next time.


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