Do Real Estate Agents like Wholesalers?

Do real estate agents like wholesalers?
I just shot a video of me talking to a real estate agent, and you can determine for yourself this real estate agent liked me, but in general, I would say real estate agents do not like wholesalers, because most wholesalers don’t know what they’re doing. They just waste everybody’s time. They lock up properties that aren’t ills, and they just just wasted people’s time. Unfortunately, right? Here’s a video of me talking to a real estate agent and see how I navigate this situation. And if you do run into a real estate agent that doesn’t like you, don’t take it personal. So what exactly do you say to real estate agents? I told you at the beginning of this video that I would give you a word for word script, a process to do it. So all you have to do is comment in the section below. Comment saying, Nate, hook me up with that script.

I usually just give this to people that work in my painless wholesaling club or my mentorship, but I’ll hook you up with the script. Now, what this script does is it shows you exactly how to go through the sales process with an agent where you’re calling about a property they have and you’re making an offer on it. Now the right way to do this in the painless wholesaling method, the painless way to do it is you have a buyer that you already know that is buying that area. So when you make offers, you already kind of understand what they’re looking for and what they’ll pay.

So you’re not just going out there blind talking to an agent. So when I talk to agents, I call and I know, hey, I have a buyer that’s going to buy this property. I know what he wants. So when I talk to an agent, I say, Hey, I’m working. I’m calling you because I see that you have a property that I’d be interested in making offer on, and it looks like it would be a good flipper opportunity. I flip properties in this area. I work with other buyers as well. So I was wondering, you know, would this seller be open to a cash offer, or are they just looking for the, obviously, the highest and best, or do they want to sell this, you know, quickly, and I’m very transparent with the agents and telling them what I’m doing, because as an investor, I need to get the property at a price that makes sense, and I cannot pay retail as an investor, so I tell them up front, what my purpose and like, what I’m trying to do. Now, immediately, most agents, like can tell that, you know, they’re not going to get a full price offer without even me making an offer, just for me setting the stage and telling what I’m doing. So it’s important to start off with that in the process of my script that you guys are gonna I’m gonna send you, if you comment below, it’s gonna walk you through that.

I also ask agents to represent me, so they are motivated to get the deal done with me and have their seller that they’re representing sign the contract. Because instead of getting 3% for listing it, if they represent me, they’ll also get 3% on the buyer’s side and makes double the commission six they’ll make 6% or whatever the the seller’s willing to pay them. It might be like 2.5 or whatever. That’s now comes into commissions. Not a big deal. But anyway, what to say to agents? Well, just be transparent. Tell them what you’re trying to get done. You’re trying to find a flip that you can do with you or your team, and just be transparent and let them know that your goal is to find a good deal. If they’re like, Yeah, this seller’s not looking for, you know, cash buyer make an offer anyway. Just say, Hey, I totally get it. I’d like to make an offer anyway. Could you be willing to present this to the seller? Now that’s what you would say to an agent. So why would you approach an agent? Well, if you’re trying to get a deal, then that’s why you would approach an agent. But there’s another reason why you would approach an agent is you’re trying to develop relationships so you can find buyers that they work with. So there’s two ways to work with agents, either you’re making offers on deals they have, or you’re using their network and their experience to find dispo or sell your deals that you have under contract to their buyers. So again, there’s two ways you’re trying to get deals for them, or you’re trying to use their network for them to help you sell a deal that you have under contract. I use agents in both those ways. So I actually have a real life example of me talking to a real estate agent and how to approach them and how to network with them, and how being transparent is the best way to go about working with agents so they know exactly what you’re doing. Now, a lot of wholesalers, they tiptoe around saying that they wholesale, I tell agents up front, hey, I wholesale, I fix and flip, I do it all. You know, if they ask,

I usually don’t bring it up upfront, just because it doesn’t need to be brought up. But if they ask, Hey, do you wholesale? Be like, yeah, of course. Who doesn’t wholesale? Everybody does it because, I mean, I’m a flip. I fix and flip, I wholesale, I do it all. If this is your first deal, if you’ve never done a deal, you can say, Yeah, I wholesale, and I’m trying to get into fix and flip. That’s why I’m calling you. And they say, Hey, have you ever flipped a property? No, I haven’t. But I actually work with some hedge funds, and I work with some other buyers, and I bring them deals so and if they’re like, Hey, I don’t want to work with you, well, that’s okay. On to the next one, but it’s best. Instead of lying and just trying to be shady, just be straight about it. That’s that’s how I am. But like I said, there’s a real life example that I have of me talking to an agent, so you can see how this process works. But before I get into that, I want to invite you to my masterclass. By going to painless and signing up and registering for free, you can go to my masterclass where I literally teach you live how to do the pain this whole selling process of literally going and getting a deal with zero to no marketing spend and closing it. We’re doing deals all the time without spending money, and we’re going to show you exactly how in this masterclass. So join and love to see you there. But let’s dive right into this real life example, because again,

I want to show you all how to approach an agent so you can. Start making money from on market deals. So I was making an offer. I want to show everyone here really quick on how to talk to agents, because a lot of you might struggle with knowing how to talk to an agent. So listen to this. Jay. Hey, Jay, how are you I’m calling about your listing on Chastain lakes. This is me making an offer. Do you have a couple minutes to chat, or are you busy? Sure, go ahead. Yeah. So I’m just giving a call about the property. I’m an investor out of Salt Lake City, Utah, but I’ve recently kind of backed out of my market, and I’m coming into Atlanta. I grew up here, close, close this area. Yeah, I just saw your listing. I looked for some properties in the area that looked like it needed a little bit of work. I’m either looking to flip them or rent them. But I just wanted to call you and kind of get some more information on the property. I see the pictures, it looks like it needs some work. But is that kind of the is that kind of the situation it’s being sold as is? Or, yep, okay, that’s exactly
it. And he, you know, the owner and his wife, when they come back in town, they stay in it. They looked at it, but they just don’t have the time to work on it. So, like, you know, at this point where he’s going to keep it on the market, if somebody buys it, great. If not, then we’ll just keep using it as a place to come apart. But we’re here doing stuff, and so for them, it’s more convenient. But yeah, they’ve been like, if we can sell it, that’d be obviously the best thing for us.

So as an investor, I mean, we always, we’re always looking for good deals. They probably gotten some lower offers and just saying, hey, no, we’re just going to sell it if we get the right offer, right? That’s exactly right. Got it? Yeah. So I’m new to the area. I’m unrepresented. I don’t have an agent that I work with yet. Would you, if we were to work some out, would you be able to represent me, or would absolutely, okay, yeah, and then I can drop the price a little bit more concessions as well. Okay? Is
that what we’re what you do, instead of double dipping you, you just take off the price and not, not take the buyer’s fee. Or do you? What do you do?

I make it so everybody’s happy, okay, right? There’s no one thing, right? So everybody’s a little bit different,
yeah, yeah. So for me, either way, if you take both sides or you just break bring it down a little bit, it’s all good for me, right? So
convince him, just the more concessions, yes, right? So, yeah, anyway. So yeah, we can say, if it’s going to take 25,000 or 30,000 of material and you know stuff, to do it, then just ask him to pay 25 or 30 toward the purchase at the end.
And they’d be, they’d be potentially willing to do that. It’s a net number
to them, right? So that’s true between that and commissions and everything else. So we can pack it in however that we want, gotcha. That’d be the cleanest way to do it is just say, keep everything the same. But let’s, let’s see if he’ll, you know, give you guys a kickback for repairs and renovations. Gotcha.

So I’m taking a look at the property. I’ve done a little research in the area. Not like too much, but the after repair value, is it still with the market the way it is? Is it still around, like, 525, 50, if we repaired this all the way, or is that? Is that too high?
No, you actually nailed it. How do you would you use the evaluation? I use a service. I don’t know if you heard of it’s called batch leads. It’s, like these soft wares that you can run comps pretty easily and like, so wholesalers use that. Yeah, yeah. So I do both, I wholesale and I fix and flip, and that’s kind of why I’m leaving Utah, is just, it’s just getting so it’s getting competitive, and not a lot of buyers are buying right now. So I’m like, You know what? I need to go to, go to Atlanta, try something different. And I’ve always wanted to invest in Atlanta too. So pretty good. Um, no, the stuff in Atlanta, if it’s fixed up, it sells, right? So it’s just the one damn so check it out. I told them exactly that I’m a wholesaler, right? Like, no biggie. Just if you say, with confidence, there’s nothing to hide. Soft wares that you can run comps pretty easily and like, look for. So wholesalers use that, yeah? So I do both. I wholesale and I fix and flip. And that’s kind of why I’m leaving Utah, is just, it’s just getting so anyway, so I told them straight up, and that’s the thing everyone you can say, Yeah, I wholesale and I fix and flip, I do it all. Why wouldn’t you let me tell you guys something really quick, that are just getting started, that don’t know if you are an investor, if you’re a fix and flipper, and you don’t wholesale, you’re dumb, you’re an idiot, because you can’t as a as a flipper. You can’t take on every property. You can’t if a wholesaler brings you a deal, that is a great deal, but you can’t flip, because you’re you’re over leveraged. You don’t have any more money to flip.

You’re just going to let that go. No, you’re gonna say, Yeah, I’ll take that deal and then you’re gonna wholesale it. There’s a flipper in my market. He did 92 deals last year, and out of the 9260 were wholesale deals. And he’s one guy. He’s been flipping for 15 years. He’s got, it’s one dude, and he’s got three vas. He runs a more profitable wholesaling company than most people, because he’s a flipper that people know, and he’s willing to take those deals and wholesale, right? So that’s that’s honestly why I got the model I’m doing right now, is just paying this wholesaling, know your be a buyer, and know your buyers, people will bring you deals and do deals when you can, when you want to flip, and then wholesale the rest. But that’s why you gotta do it the reverse way, or the, I would say the painless way, the right way. But if you just go and look for deals, non stop, non stop, you’re going to spend a lot of money, a lot of time. And that’s why privy is money, because privy will show you exactly where the deals are in your area. And so you don’t have to just go, look, look, look, look, look, and spend all your money. On marketing, all that stuff, right?

I love it, man. I think it’s so funny. So you and I, we haven’t really, like, you know, we’ve been doing our our things separately, you know, in in our own market, so we haven’t really gotten to see too much of what each other’s doing. And it’s funny because we’re both talking about the same exact thing. I know today does a really big point I brought up too. I wasn’t talking with agents. I was talking with title companies. I was talking with title companies, a guy from New Western and then a couple cash buyers. And the one consistent pattern, and the one thing I explained to the people watching was I was like, guys, you know, in my conversation, I’m not trying to like posture and make it sound like, Oh, I’m this big dude doing all these deals, like I’m calling people in Florida with a New York phone number, and I live in Danbury, Connecticut, right? And it’s like, I’m not lying to anybody. I’m not making anything up. I’m just being completely honest and transparent of like, Hey, this is what I’m trying to do. This is what I’m looking for. You know, are you able to help me out? And guys, I’d say that’s the number one thing that that we talked about is be honest, you know, go about the business in an ethical way. And the funny thing is, when you do that right, and you kind of put all that other stuff aside and behind you, you’ll find you, you get a lot more success, right? You’ll get a lot further with when talking to people.
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