From $7,500 on First Deal to doing 50 Deals in 50 States with RJ Bates Payneless Flipping Podcast

Yo what’s up everybody we are alive investors Dr. nation we are on the painless flipping podcast and I got one of my heroes on here we got RJ bass a third What’s up bro? What’s going on man excited to be here dude I’m so excited to dive in on how you got your first deal and how you got to where you’re at right now closing 50 deals plus in 50 states that right and you did it twice twice yes twice now 2020 and 2023 you know RJ I’m a pretty spiritual guy you know I love Jesus and I’m always about like preaching the gospel and talk to people about it almost feel the exact same way about what you just did with 50 deals with 50 states plus how are we not preaching this to the whole world bro How does that everybody know this? You know, I will say we do have kind of a cult following around it we had people both in 2020 and 2023 so a three year gap then showed up every single day all eight hours every single day along with him and they were donated monies to get coffee and energy drinks. Yeah, man there’s a cult following around it for sure. But I would love to see more people hop on there and see because dude, how can you not get more actionable advice than watching someone work eight hours a day for 50 days straight?

That was the thought process behind it Yeah, I think if you’ve ever struggled being able to get on the phone with sellers there’s your opportunity to figure out how to do it absolutely incredible absolutely incredible we’ll dive more into that because i i honestly it’s amazing absolutely amazing because I so you know about the strategy I teach wherever like you get to deal with no marketing spend brand new sorry your buyers so I did a challenge is one deal. It was get a deal within 30 days with no spent bro you did 50 deals in 50 states is 50 days. Is that right? 50 days. Yep. Bro. I did what I did one deal in 30 days. Come on dawg, you rocked, but I was spending money. You weren’t spending any money. There’s a difference. But still, it’s amazing. Absolutely amazing. And I think everybody here it’s like, Hey, if you do that model where you’re like, Hey, let’s go pay for some leads. Let’s get some deals like you’re the only guy in our industry that shows actually has done that’s why I respect you is there’s so many people out there, bro, they talk but when’s the last time you actually close the deal? are you even doing the business?

Are you just teaching it right radically? Well, I appreciate that. Man. I appreciate the shout out for sure. Well, I love it. We’re gonna dive in deeper. Okay, so everybody, just stay tuned, because we’re going to be getting into how he did 50 deals plus in 50 days twice, you know, unheard of. But let’s let’s talk about your first deal, man. Because a lot of people listen are people that haven’t done deals yet. And I want them to know RJ how he got his first deal and how he scaled and how he’s where he’s at right now. So let’s talk about first deal, Tony. Yes. So you know, you and I both are educators. And we’re passionate about helping people and my one of the many reasons why I’m passionate about educating people is because my entry into learning wholesaling was $65,000 in debt to pay for education. So I went to one of the big box educators in the hotel seminar, go to the back of the room, well, we’ll call your credit card, we’ll get your credit limit up. And I basically begged my mom to put the education $65,000 on a credit card for me. And she did and essentially what we got taught was to place offers on properties that are listed on the MLS, and then when you got them under contract, you sell them on Craigslist, like that. I mean, essentially, like if they just said that sentence was pretty much what we got for the 65,000 and you would have been like, I’m good, right? Like if that’s all you got to tell me why I appreciate it.

Now, can you believe people just like live with themselves at that type of a ticket price and giving you that info to be honest with you, man, I don’t know who actually like ran that what the name of the company was because everyone we ever dealt with was just a failed student that they converted over to a coach. So that’s, that’s all we were dealing with was a I attended this exact same thing like three months ago, and now I’m a coach. So it was rough. But essentially what happened is, is you know, I I have no analysis paralysis, I immediately started taking action. I mean, while I’m in the classroom, and they’re saying here’s what you do, I’m on Zillow, I’m finding the properties Hey, as is okay search as is. You know, it’s got to be cheap. All right, this house is pretty ugly. It seems pretty cheap. And I got a property under contract here in Arlington, Texas, for $92,000 went through a realtor and got the contract accepted. The seller was a very experienced investor and basically he was like, Hey, I just don’t want it was wholesaling it.

I just I don’t want. Do The Work put it listed on the MLS, I got it under contract. One of the best benefits of this first deal was my escrow officer at the title company that the seller mandated that we use basically become became my best educator, because I was told that you don’t do assignments, you have to do a double close, because you have to use our transactional funding company. These guys are double dipping everywhere, everywhere you could, they also wanted us to set up an LLC and all of that, right. So, you know, I’m thinking I have to do a double close. And after you transactional funding, she was the one that was like, No, we can still do a double close, but just a pass through fines. I’m not going to charge you anything extra had your back. Yeah, she walked me through that. So immediately after I got it under contract, I did what they taught me to do.

I went listed it on Craigslist, and within 30 minutes of that property, being on Craigslist, I got a call from an old guy, investor. And he’s like, hey, I want to walk the property. Like this is how he’s talking to me. I want to want the property. And I’m like, Okay, well, let me call my realtor and I’ll get it scheduled. When would you like to log in? And he’s like, No, I’m here. Now. I want right now. And I’m like, I don’t think it works like that. I’m pretty sure I need this get my new, I’m completely ignorant. I don’t know. And I’m like, No, I think I need to go call my realtor and get this scheduled. And he says, Don’t worry about it. One of the back windows is on like I’m crawling through right now. And I’m freaking out. He walks through about four or five minutes with me on the phone. He’s like, alright, I’ll take it. Wow. So called My realtor said, Hey, man, I’m so sorry. Someone you know, crawled in, you know, I already told him I was wholesaling it. Yeah. He wrote the contract out, we didn’t double close, made 7500 bucks on it. The best part of the story was from that moment, until closing every single day, I would call Dana, the escrow officer. And I would say, Dana, I’m just just letting you know, I do not have $92,000. So I’m gonna show up to closing and I have no money.

But I’m walking out $7,500. And she’s like, yes, RJ. And every single day, I’d call her just to verify like, I’m just making sure. Because I don’t want to be embarrassed. I don’t want to mess this up. Yeah, that’s amazing. And the day that I closed, got the $7,500 I’ll never forget, because Cassie and I and my partner were contractors, we were doing a roof for around $7,500 total was our like, entire contract price on this house to do the roof. And I remember thinking to myself, I have to go pick up an extra bundle of shingles drive over there swinging in the car slinging in the you know, take it to the guys. And I’m going to make probably $1,200 for doing this roof. But I did nothing but just push a couple pieces of paper and I’m making $7,500 And there’s no body to pay. I’m getting to keep all $7,500 Forget contracting. I’m sold on wholesaling, and we never looked back. That’s an that’s an honestly, that’s an incredible story, bro. That’s amazing. Have you told that a lot? Or, you know, we don’t really tell that one so much. Because for and I’ll give a reason why. I mean, we kind of neglected the the contract the business from that moment.

That was August of 2014. And essentially, we know cells know anything. And I was still trying to figure out wholesaling because you know it got a little bit harder. Yeah, it wasn’t as simple as like, hey, just go get a deal off them. Alas, no, not at all. So it took us a couple of months to get the next deal. And in that deal when we had to put our earnest money down pushed us to $11 in our bank account total and that was the make or break moment where I said trust me Cassie, let’s put put the earnest money down. And we sold that deal. That was the moment that was like our back is against the wall moment. The first deal was kind of like, is this real? Is this happening? That was the moment where it was like I’m going to believe I’m going to trust in wholesaling. So yeah, it was only a two two and a half month time difference, but that’s where it really kind of Alright, we’re doing this for real now. Wow, incredible. You know, that story the first deal you got I feel like sometimes when it just happens I don’t want to say was easy for you. But I feel like sometimes people like they get that first deal. They’re like, Oh, wow, I didn’t really do much.

And then they they don’t get anything for like six months a year and they’re like then they flame out right but you kept on you stayed strong. So sometimes I worry about that deal. That first deal for a lot of people especially when it’s like a giant one and super easy. People like think it’s like that and it’s like hey, brothers, you probably got lucky on that list or cold calling. Right? I think you also you probably don’t do that strategy anymore. You’re probably like that was I got lucky. Yeah, and listen, I believe the same thing where, you know, you can almost handicap yourself with those first couple deals, assuming that whatever happened is like truth, like, this is how it’s always gonna be. But because we were consistent with our actions, we learned very quickly like, Okay, this is what wholesaling really is. And we never kind of relaxed and said, All right, you know, we’re making a lot of money now, because that first year 2015, we did about $750,000 in assignments, strictly off the MLS. So because we didn’t know any better, so it was all MLS deals, but it took five, six days a week of constant action to get there. Amazing. Yeah, and a lot of people don’t have that kind of success in their first year either. So that must have felt pretty freaking good. That was life changing. We had never made anywhere close to that type of money. So yeah, absolutely. So let’s kind of talk about You’re the king the, the king closer, right? That’s how they call you. Is that self proclaimed? Or is is that?
Not so Brookley? It’s hard to see. But they these are the closers when banks belts, they said, Hey, if you win the closers, Whippets, then you’re the king closer. So it actually says came closer. Come up with that I just keep winning the damn thing. So that’s one thing. Yeah, exactly. You didn’t not self proclaim you freaking got deemed the knighted side? Closer. So tell me about this. So you have the experience through contracting? Got your first deal? Have you always been the king closer? Have you always been great at sales? Or is that something you had to learn through your journey? I think there was probably a little bit of natural ability there. You know, it kind of got passed down to me and my genes. My mom and my dad are both great salespeople. I’m gonna go all the way back to my mom’s dad, one of the most charismatic characters of all time, I definitely get a lot of my personality from him. And I think that plays a huge role in the fact that I’m super comfortable just talking to people and being on the phones. But I have learned a lot through getting my teeth kicked in. I mean, it wasn’t always like, Hey, first dial, you know, I’m just getting deals I learned a lot through through trial and error. Yeah, I agree.

When I first got into this, I had a sales background. So I was like, Oh, I can convince people to take a low offer. And then you soon find out, you know, not so much convincing was finding the right opportunity. Right. And, you know, I’ve done tons of sales training like John Martinez, I did a Franklin Covey sales training, you name it, like, never split the difference. I’m sure you read all those through that. But it’s interesting to see. Yes, it does separate. Like when you’re, you know, whoever’s against you on that phone. They don’t stand a chance. Right? Yeah, I know. You probably feel like that. Yeah, I will say because we’re about to talk about the 50 5050. I did meet a guy. He was out in Delaware. He was he was my one contract that got in Delaware. He was a car salesman. And I basically just begged them at the end. I was like, Hey, man, just give me $1 off of your asking price. So I can just at least tell my team I got you a little bit lower than your asking price. And he was like, No, it’s gonna be a hard pass. Like you’re just gonna give me my number and I sent him the contract. We signed it up. We still maintained outdoor assignment fee on it. But that guy, I will never forget him. He was my match. I couldn’t get him to even come down. $1 Bro, you got those guys that just like they know how to play the game that like Sorry, man. I’m like, I’m gonna move on. That’s the master of the walk away. The clothes. He closes the book and walks away me. Dude, I find that difficult to walk away. That’s that’s something I need to work on. That’s definitely a skill set.

So let’s let’s dive right into where you’re at right now. Because again, in this podcast, I’d like to talk about where you started. Now where you’re at right now you went from you know, when you first started sending 500 of Free and 50 deals and 50 states could you have ever imagined when you first started in that that room, you know where you’re in the back running up that card or getting that first deal? Could you imagine being able to do 50 deals in 50 states, not the first deal. But I will say April of 2015. I’ll never forget it because I decided, hey, if we can do this in Dallas Fort Worth, and we’re not going to walk these properties. We’re not seeing them in person. We can do this anywhere. So we quickly went virtual to Austin, San Antonio, Houston, the other major cities here in Texas, and we started doing deals and and so mind you, we had only been full time for months.

And we’re already going to other cities. And then it was well let’s do Phoenix. Let’s do Portland. Let’s do Baltimore. So we started expanding. We went virtual pretty quick. And it was always like yeah, we’re gonna be 50 states. We didn’t really attempt all 50 states though until 2020 When I did the first 50 deal challenge in that was all through SMS marketing. So huge difference right so 250 day challenges 20 to one a all SMS marketing got 86 deals in 49 states and 50 days got my teeth kicked in though I share the story you go watch day one and then you go look at day 50 I looked like I ran a president like a four year presidential campaign I visually age yes learn those 50 days because it was just so brutal in some markets like the Colorado’s the Utah to California has pretty much anything on the western side of the United States extremely brutal especially with those outbound well, your your state, Utah, I mean, dude, just your brutal out there. You ‘all hate me.

Thank God, you like me, but I like you. Well, when I found out because I’ve done deals in the West markets as well. I just feel like they’re a little bit what do you say that a little bit more investor minded like their little savvier? Or what do you think it is? They’re just rude or what I think for me, my avatar, my motivated seller avatar is the tired landlord. There’s a lot less like cash flowing, savvy landlords in those places, because property values are so high. So why in Utah, hey, I’ve got a $500,000 house, but it can only run out for 2800 a month. It doesn’t cash flow.

It’s like, it’s difficult for me to talk to my avatar, because they really just don’t exist in those locations, right? Like in Ohio, I can talk to that tired landlord pretty much every other phone call because it’s like, yeah, I own this house. It’s $50,000. And it rents out for 1200 a month. That’s a no brainer. I could do that. I get to have that conversation. So I think that’s my main issue with the western United States. Would you say those are most of the people that you text and you’ve marketed to? We’re tired landlords? Yeah, for sure. Okay. We’ve always felt like tired landlords was that’s where we got majority of our deals when we marketed a lot. Yeah, finding the right opportunity. So was your marketing more of like, let me find the tired landlord, we find the right opportunity or was it like convincing? You’re trying to find a way to get people to want to sell so it again? 2020 does I see Clive asked me he says, Hey, I always see talking to people from your website. You’re right Clive, because in 2020, I was doing all outbound it was all SMS right? And it was, hey, I wanted to talk to I was pulling the list on batch leads. I was going after the tired landlords, the vacant properties, the pre foreclosures, the tax defaults, all those but basically centered around the ultimate filter that I used after I stacked everything was absentee owner.

So I hit the landlord now and 2023 My main avatar is still tired landlords, it’s just with inbound not with outbound marketing. So that’s where you’re seeing Hey, people on everyone I’m talking to it’s pretty much come to my website on some level because I’m doing a lot of the pay per lead models through like speed to lead and lead Zillow. So Google PPC, Facebook, YouTube ads, it’s pretty much all of our leads are coming from Yeah, love leads. Oh, they’re great. Let me ask you this. So do you still do a lot of the outbound or is it all inbound now? So all of our lists that we pulled on batch are still cold called daily by virtual assistants? That’s the only outbound that we’re doing if you could, would you just get rid of that if you had to pick one but just be like man, let me okay, it would be strictly the inbound the paper lead model if I had to choose Yeah, it’s so interesting that how the market marketing has changed because when I started to text was just like it was money bro money.

But now it’s you know, obviously there’s a lot of regulations making it more difficult so the inbound model I think that’s where they’re all trying to push it that’s you know, Facebook Google you know, the regulations on call cold calls and texting they’re all trying to push it to inbound. Yeah, absolutely. Which which is nice because same time inbound leads, they they come to you right, you’re not chasing them. Let’s say you go listen now different I talked to sellers now and 2023 than I did in 2020 and 2020. It was like we had to fight tooth and nail just to find out if they wanted to sell now it’s I’m making sure you still need to sell because you came to my website and then it’s what is your price set? The question out of my mouth is what is your asking price because they’re coming to us, right? We’re not going after them and it just puts us on such a better position in the conversation where I’m getting an asking price out of them early on and then from there on, it’s all about understanding their pain point their motivation and why they need to sell and it’s easy to navigate the conversation. Yes, let me ask you this about the price because a lot of people they teach like hey ask for that later. Get them to make the offer. Well actually, you do get them to put their their offer first so they’re asking price. So what if you know houses ARV is one 150 And they’re like I want 120 or 130 When you meet really like that’s not a deal for a flip? Do you just hear the price no matter what they gave you and just nod your head and then go into motivation? Or do you try to immediately be like, what you’re asking too much like how? And that’s a very, that’s a great scenario because that is a very common statement. They see Zillow, right, they see, like, I’ll give you a little bit of a discount for the agent Commission’s right it says 150, no agent commissions, and I know the floor needs to be replaced. So I’m giving you a deal at 120. Right? Yeah, very common conversation. So what I do there is, is I get the price immediately. So my spread here is I’ve got four monitors, on my far right would be my CRM. And on my third monitor is where I have my comps. So I say What’s the prize?

One 120. I’m copying and pasting that I’m putting it into my comping system. My next question is, tell me a little bit about property what you got going on very open ended question that from there is going to tell me where their motivation where their pain point is, because I didn’t ask them anything specific, they’re going to talk about what’s the most important thing to them with in regards to selling the property. So this is where they’ll talk about the condition, financials, anything like that, if I don’t get a lot from that answer that they tell me, I’ll ask them, especially if I’m confused by how we got the 120. If they started saying the house needs work, or something, I will flat out ask them, How did you come up with 120? Because people don’t really ask these questions, of course, so it differentiates me from the other conversations they’re having. And so at that point in time, they just answered just like when I asked, Hey, what’s your asking price is the second question 98% of time I get a number when I ask them that they fully explain it to me. And so at that point in time, it’s either I’m killing the deal because it doesn’t work or on explaining why we need to dive deeper on price and kind of go into it where it’s like hey, well, you are motivated and houses distress, but 120 is not going to work out and this is the reason why that’s where I go with kind of educating the seller a little bit on how the numbers work. I love it. So I’ve heard you talk about this and I agree fully about the marketing in the states of the West West Coast like the west side of the United States it works but you just have to spend more money right you make more money we got to spend more money and when new investors are in those areas they don’t really understand when they hear like that you got to cold call certain amount of people they just don’t get it just requires more. Yeah, so do you mess in those areas knowing that it requires more spend more effort or do you try to just stay where it’s a little bit less so I break it down into I tried to simplify everything because we are nationwide we teach nationwide. I tell everybody hey there’s a essentially three types of markets. There’s the extremely low income markets low price points. This is going to be like your Jackson Mississippi’s your St. Louis, Missouri’s your Birmingham, Alabama’s those are going to be super easy to get deals also going to be difficult to dispo. Okay, so you really don’t want to do too many deals there because that’s where your termination rate could go super high. Then your bread and butter markets, right? This is gonna be Midwest, sunbelt states, places like Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, places like that. That’s where you want to do like 70 80% of your deals. And then you’re going to have the super difficult places with your highest assignments.

And this is going to be your Arizona’s your California is your Washington States. And even up in the northeast, New Jersey’s New York’s places like that. You always want to be marketing and all three of those, but you need to understand that it’s going to take more time less volume in those super difficult markets. But yeah, you absolutely don’t want to miss out on I did, New Mexico could be considered a more difficult market for most people. But we’ve kind of cracked the code there. And and, you know, we’re averaging, you know, 30 $40,000 on an assignment in New Mexico. So we don’t want to miss out on that just because it’s a little bit more difficult to get deals there. So that’s kind of what we teach is like you need to have your bread and butter markets, but you always want to be dabbling in other markets as well. Because you never know when those markets are going to change either right market gets is going to shift in some of these locations and you want to be in there when it happens. So let me ask you about the 50 days 50 deals and 50 days no one in our industry has anyone ever challenged you on that be like bro, I can I can do that.

Never Never. So what can we do? Or what what are you thinking? Because I know you’re you’re 50 days 50 deals in 50 days you’re thinking your mind is going you’re like Okay, I got to get so what are your thoughts on getting this thing out there more you think about doing it again? Are you thinking about just you know, making more videos? I got to know what’s the plan with that the plan is absolutely keep doing it. Because I enjoy it and also I use it as a way for me to gauge what needs to change and where we need to pivot in our business because on a day to day basis, I’m not doing acquisitions and dispositions, unless I’m why. So pretty much at this point, you pretty much see every deal I ever talked to, because I turned the camera on. So it’s a good way for me to kind of dive back into the business to see where we need to pivot where we need to change. So I think at this point, I’m going to do it more frequently. As far as getting it out there. I mean, dude, I need people talking about it, right sharing it.

You know, people love to talk about great stories, to be honest, Nathan, what I think the problem is, is people don’t have the attention span for it. It’s eight hours it’s very long. So what I’ve done is I’ve got chopped it up made shorter videos of specific conversations that I’ve had those do really well the problem is, is that what you’re missing out on that is is all of the work that I do in between the good calls? Yeah, and I think that’s really the the actions taken there are what differentiate the people that succeed in this business, the one the ones that don’t succeed in this business. That’s why I love sharing it, but I also they the reason why it hasn’t blown up or you know, they’re getting 20 by 30,000 views a video is because people are like, No way. I’m not watching eight hours, just like they’re not willing to work eight hours a day, Nathan, let’s be honest, very true. Do you feel like people don’t believe that it’s true? Like even though it’s all out there? Do you think they’re like I know he said he did. I don’t believe it.

Do you feel like people don’t believe it? Oh, I think people say that about when they see it on reels and shorts and they just see like the one minute conversations I get that pretty frequently. I’ve never had anybody come on one of the wives and be like This is bullshit. Like I’m not buying this because it’s too real. There’s there’s too many noes waiting. It’s not like I’m picking the phone up and it’s just like contract contract. You know, I’m getting into so that a landline? You got there, bro? Oh, yeah, bro. We got it. We’ve got that all hooked up in our exit everything. Yeah, I got the old school landline. Hey, that’s that’s that’s baller status, right? Landline. That’s how we know you’re real. You wouldn’t be rocking the landline unless you’re doing deals.

So wow, I’m really impressed, man. Because I’ve been in this space for a while. And I haven’t seen any educator, whatever you want to call it, coach, dude, what you’ve done, right? That’s like, let me put up or shut up. Why don’t you think that is? Why don’t you think more people go live? Is it because they’re out of that seat? And they’re, they’re just like, not in the business. What do you think’s going on, I begin to because of the risk risk to reward, right? The consumer marketplace doesn’t demand that the educators and the influencers prove that they’re actually doing it. Because that’s not what the consumer is actually looking for. What they’re actually looking for is, is to be coached, right? But they’re not necessarily looking for it from a player, which in this regard, when I’m doing it, I am the player. So I think that’s part of it. And it’s just not really demanded from the marketplace.

I think if more people said hey, I would like to see you actually talk to a seller then we would be forcing coaches and influencers to get on the phones and do it more often. But to be honest with you with as many people that I know in this industry, and after attending family mastermind I feel like I pretty much know everybody I don’t think anyone’s going to do it, bro. I mean, it’s the risk versus the reward. Am I get on the phone I get my teeth kicked in. That hurts. The brand doesn’t look good. It could really hurt me. There’s very few of us that are willing to go live and show it. Yeah. And I love it too. I love going live to because it’s for me as a as I learned the most important thing for me is like, are you even doing this? This is even legit. So when I see you doing I’m like, there’s respect. But there’s also like, that’s how I’m gonna go reach out to and learn from so it’s I think you definitely attract the right Avatar the right people that are probably action takers as well. Right? Yeah, I think that’s the case for sure.

And then also as the ones that are hungry to learn, like the little tiny idiosyncrasies about talking to seller about pulling list about you know, cold calling, like how do I upload my batch leads data into my batch dialer, why these are things that people don’t really talk about haul a whole lot. And when they see me doing it live, that’s where it’s like, okay, I want to learn from that guy. That’s why I love doing it. Because I never really have to sell myself if they’ve seen me. It’s like, yeah, you’re the guy that does it live, so I trust it. Okay, and last question I have for you is how much of your success Do you feel like is from knowing the knowledge of the market like knowing how to market when you said, I go for the tiny landlords, I understand where I’m going, how much you feel like it’s that versus sales. Do you think it’s both what would you have to say? I’m gonna I’m gonna have to say it’s got to be sales, just to be honest with you the ability because it If I say my preferred avatar is the tired landlord, because that’s the conversation I prefer to have, because it’s more efficient, it’s quicker, I could get that deal closed in 10 minutes. But as we can see, you can go watch my videos now where there’s me being empathetic with like, I just posted a video, a woman lost her husband, tragically to a mass shooting that was on the 50 day challenge, I made an offer to a brother who the seller, I made an offer to them.

And I got a call back about a week later from the brother and he was murdered. And these are extremely sensitive conversations that I have to navigate where yes, they lead to contracts being signed and deals done, but very sensitive, time consuming. And to be quite frank with you mentally exhausting on my side. To have that were dude the weight of hearing someone like I’ve never actually spoken to someone who lost someone in a mass shooting to have that conversation was like tragic. Like it brought me to tears. And and so for me, it’s like I can have those conversations. I can still close a deal. But I’d much rather just talk to the guy. It’s like, hey, I want some a vacant house for $60,000 Take it or leave it by that’s a lot easier to add it is. Yeah. So I think going to the to your point, it’s sales. It’s not so much the marketing side of things. But I can navigate any conversation at this point because of the skills that I’ve developed through sales. Man, that’s, that’s impressive, because I agree with you in the sense that like when you deal with someone that lives in the house, and they got to get out and they got to move, and there’s the heartache like, Oh, my son died here or something happened. Those are those are definitely definitely difficult to navigate versus Hey, get this tenant out of here or it’s vacant. I don’t care. Right. That’s those are those are definitely a lot easier. So you What do you think you’ll do the next 50 day or next year? You know, I’m working on it. We we wanted to knock out we have our two day boot camp this week.

Going right here. Well, you got this guy. Yeah. Hey, yo, I don’t know who it is. It says Facebook. Excited to see it.
So yeah, we’ve got that coming up this week. We want to knock that out. Because this this past week, the day challenge. We did a crucible right in the middle of it, and I’m gonna be honest, we I think it almost killed me and Cassie, like, that was a mistake. We went live Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, did the boot camp Friday, Saturday, and then immediately rolled into going live the next week, and it was a lot. So I think we’re starting having that conversation. So maybe towards the end of the year rolling into 2024. I first see that being the case. And I’m assuming when it’s 50 deals in 50 days that’s under contract, not all of them closed within those 50 day period. Correct? Actually, great question. 125 contracts were signed. Well, let me give you this 164 were sent in the 50 days 125 contracts signed and then 65% of those closed when you remove the JV deals that I got from like crucible students or someone on the live saying, hey, let’s JV it or even call in saying hey, let’s JV it the our direct to seller was 70% closed from the 50 day so I’m really proud of that.

That’s a high metric. Especially sight unseen virtual 70% Close direct seller that was that was probably the most proud metric I had from this past 50 days. 70% is excellent close, right. You know, I think when I started going nationwide when I first started I think my close rate was like 15%, bro I didn’t know and that’s everybody when they go on so don’t feel bad about it. You’re like Hey, I offered 50% And they’re like dude, yeah, deals in Peoria, Illinois. Nobody’s buying that for at least only 20% Right? Hey, I love Peoria Illinois. No, but but you’re right you got to buy deep there. Yeah, buy real deep. Yeah, exactly. Well, RJ has been a pleasure man. Thanks for staying with me. And I know we’ve had a lot of you know, a lot of engagement and people are loving it out here. So RJ where can people go to learn more about your process and how to do deals the way you do it? Man, YouTube, I mean YouTube channel go, go subscribe on there, RJ Bates and third. All these busy days are on there. In I’ve chopped them up, you go down to the playlist. It’s live call playlist and you can see them they chopped up some of them are short is eight minutes. Some of them are as long as two hours for one conversation with seller. So just a blend of different types of conversations. I’d say go start there. And if you’re really vibbing what you’re seeing then a connect with us, you know, send me a DM on Instagram or something like that. Let’s see how we can work together.
Amazing. All right everybody. We’re here to hear first RJ Bates go work with him. He’s going to show you how to close more deals. He’s the King closer. Right? He’s out. Have a good one, everybody