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In this video, we’re going to have a special guest, David the Truth LaMorte. David has been wholesaling for a while and made $70,000 in wholesale fees in one month! Know how he started real estate investing and how he got started on his real estate journey. Check out this video to learn more.

Yo, what is going on everybody? This is Nathan Payne. I’m here with David the truth.

I put it in there for you, bro.

Hey bro. I love that. I love that. Hey, so for everybody that’s watching this you need to listen up because I got David on here. He’s been wholesome for a while and we’re gonna dive into how you just did. David, how much how much did you do this month?

70 grand Bro.

Bro, how does that feel saying that right now?

It’s new. It’s kind of weird. It’s almost like if I’m being completely vulnerable and honest. It’s like still getting past like whatever imposter syndrome or whatever the same time. It’s like, I know that I really worked my ass off. And for these and these particularly that we’re going to talk about to

dude, amazing, amazing job, man. I think it’s incredible. And I’m glad to have you on here. Give us a shout out this is live for everybody we’re also going to put on my podcast was give us a shout out where you’re watching this. My goal and having you on here man is to not only get you out there to kind of let people know how you can help everyone out as you do deals, but also to so people can learn from you, right because we all got to learn from each other. I’m not at a point where I’m not learning every freaking day. And we’re all we all can just get so much out of each other. So that’s why I want to have you on here. Congratulations, man. $70,000 Plus amazing, amazing job. And if you’re watching this from any other platform, come join the Facebook group payneless wholesaling group, make sure you’re in here and so you can watch this and participate but David let’s get to know each other a little bit deeper before we get into the deals and you know how yet in wholesaling. Tell me a little bit about yourself, man.

Yeah, man. So obviously you see me here in the music studio, when I’m not you know, doing deals a lot of my my love and my passion goes to here. And this is also like I’m in a new world. So I just left my w two last month, I was working real estate for you know, well over a year, year and a half plus before doing that. So I was in I was in purchasing, I kind of worked my way up at that company and started being able to handle more, which is kind of what I think helped me on the phones more than even just number wise because I was dealing with you know, hundreds of $1,000 millions of dollars and that was like that was new to me. So it’s like when I came into real estate like okay, 300,000 500,000 even just that mindset of being able to kind of be there. Honestly, I feel like I kind of had a leg up because of the work I’ve been doing since I was pretty much a teenager Yeah, so I’m I’m out here in Long Island, New York, I’ve done a shout out to will and Shai at UNC solutions. I started off on their team through sub two shoutouts A sub two community and I still work with them. We’re in dispo but I started doing acquisitions with them Did you know More than five plus deals with them and that’s kind of how I got going and I still work with them on the Dispose side but now I’m starting to build out my lead generation for Long Island because I’ve always wanted to be out here I love it it’s my home I always plan to have a home base here even if I’m not literally going to always live here myself as maybe living in you know I’d love I love love the especially now where I’m asking abundance of like maybe go to Arizona for a little bit maybe go to

Arizona is big for wholesaling.

You know that Arizona is big and yeah, bad. So that’s kind of where I’m at. Me, my girl my dog in our, you know, one bedroom apartment just plugging away. It’s getting to a place now well, we’ll be able to do a little bit more and you know, life has just changed right now honestly. So it’s all new,

amazing and proud of you, man. So you’re at your studio is that is that, uh, is that like in your apartment or you gotta you know,

this is a this is my separate there’s a separate studio we have here. We all chip in bro. So I’m super lucky bro. Like, honestly, I come here just to be grateful, bro. Like, I don’t even want to say like we all chip in. So we pay like $100 each. Like my other members like they don’t live as close and most of them here. So I come here all the time, especially now that my w two is gone. Like it’s I use this as like my you know making calls. So it’s such a blessing, bro, like, and I’ve had this place for three years. So it gets me excited. And you probably hear my voice like I’m pumped for you bro. I’ve been like manifesting this for a long time. And every day like I would talk to my band members. Like I just want to be in the space during the daytime. Like, if I could do that. That’s a dream because I didn’t know that means that means I’m not at my job. That means like I have time that means I’m being more creative. So like literally that’s why I wanted to have this here too. Like I was at my house before I was like let’s go here because the studio is the vibe and it’s like all bring manifesting together from like years of what that 70,000 Looks like because a lot of people like in 70 Bam, easy wholesales like yes I appreciate it and like there’s a way to make things easier but like the easy part like yeah, I’m still figuring out the easy part you know

I mean, bro that’s that’s the thing though. Like people see the highlight reel right? They see that you you’ve dropped those checks and that’s awesome. That’s awesome. You did that you shows your results, but they don’t don’t see the blood sweat and tears and what it took to get to that right to what it’s what it took to learn those skill sets that got those deals done, man, right

100%. And even like we were just talking before, right before the started, like it felt weird posting those checks. And it was like, even my background, my family I come from like, Don’t post that. What do you crazy? Like, that’s why I even tell them I’m doing you know, I honestly was doing real estate over a year before I started telling my loved ones because I just needed that momentum. And I didn’t want any energies getting thrown in any doubts. It was like, especially for me and being honest. And like I just told everybody recently, like, because I knew I was going to close a couple deals. And they’ve been supportive, but at the same time, like, you’d be surprised, like, everybody loves you and will say how great like, they believe in you. But like nobody believes in you until literally you do what you say. Yeah. Like even your mom, like who loves you to death. Tell your wife, your girl, your wife, like your neighbors, your best friends. They don’t believe you until you do it.

You know, and they still they doubt sometimes they’re like, let’s do it again. Yeah, man, amazing. And dude, what you just said, I want everyone to just really hone in on what you just said, you kind of kept it a little on the low key before you kind of let everyone know, I read a book called 10x is easier than 2x. And it talks about how sometimes letting people know what you want to do can be determined, it can stop you from like achieving that, because a lot of people will bring you down. So it doesn’t you don’t always need to seek approval. Yeah, so I get what you’re coming from. And that’s what I think a lot of people are like that, bro, they’re like, let me let me get there. And then I’ll tell people, you know, that’s kind of how it was in the beginning to, you know, I’m saying,

I hear that. And so like, he was kind of more than the empathetic side. You know, that’s something to be more aware of, especially when you lean towards that. If you’re leaning towards more than narcissistic side, like, you’ll be okay. But you need to bring that empathic in, you know what I mean?

Yeah, and for me, dude, I had a hard time kind of like letting people know my results in the beginning to when I started doing this. I’ve been coaching for about almost two years now. And when I first started posting checks and letting people know about my success, I was like, Man, I feel like a frickin phony. Or I feel like, like, I’m just bragging, I’m, that’s not my style, you know? And the thing is, you find out that when you’re allowed, and you tell people what you do, just support comes your way and you’re able to help more people out. So right now, David, the truth right here, you’re gonna be able to help out more people by kind of going out and just saying, Hey, this is how I did and that’s for everybody watching, you know, so don’t be afraid to be loud. And don’t just be aware, some people might doubt but don’t don’t let them stop you, you know?

And that’s the only way I’m here literally right now. That’s why it’s so exciting. You know, it’s like, Should I post it boom, Nathan’s hit me up to do a podcast. I’m like, bro, and you know, like, I’m Loki Fanboy and Nathan too, because as soon as I jumped into TTP, I connected with him and bro, like, like, I feel like we just started taking action right away, like, you’re like, Yo, check this program like, boom, check this program, check this CRM, like, boom, I got to do it. So when you’re gaining momentum with certain people, like just go more towards that, like, especially people like Nathan, like that’s the energy you’re looking for. And if you want some other energy, you could go somewhere else. But like, I already know the good energy is coming to this to this spot bro.

You’re manifesting. You’re saying it and it’s so true. Let me to kind of give you an experience I just had today. So I joined you know, Jerry, do you know Jerry Norton? Oh, of course. Alright. And you know, you’re in a sub two right? So I joined Jerry Norton’s program like two years ago Right? He’s mentorship and my thing was like bro i don’t really even care what necessaries got to teach me when I joined the program. I just want to get tight with Jerry like I want him to be my mentor so fast forward now like me and Jerry are tight I helped him on his calls and I just today I just would paste more be in Jerry Norton I just set up a meet up next week in Utah that I hope bro Look at that man so I’m saying so like because we’re you’re doing the thing you were talking and obviously you’re gonna get you’re gonna go up Level Up up up that’s just how it is you put yourself out there things happen in the universe. So everybody is watching David is a great example of like what where it’s at you do a couple of days you let people know you help people out and you keep it going you keep the momentum and you’re always willing to give out give give to others so amazing job man. So we want to dive a little bit into some of those deals maybe some cool stories how it went down but uh we got some people from the Facebook group you know giving you shout outs man, we got congratulations from Lovington New Mexico can’t see exactly who’s writing that but we will shout out Yes, yes. Sup? And we got a guy right here same play as some guitar bro. Can you do that?

Are we let’s see. I don’t know if I have the acoustic to be honest. Probably not to set up for

don’t even trip right now.


what the fans want to get they want the what do you play by as a guitar driver?

I do play guitar but I’m mainly on vocals. I’m the vocalist hey got least Oban at least a band we slow down for last year but we’re about to come back come back stronger. So bro. Here you go.

Not only are you gonna do real estate but you’re gonna promote your band do the love at least Oban? Is that what you said?

Yeah, it’s the names least though but our handles at least Oban le as to

is is that like on Instagram is that on Facebook, Spotify, only fans now just kidding.

You might even make money on their you know, play shirtless or something. Let me see about music though. I’m kind of curious what kind of music do you play?

It’s a mixture of rock hip hop. There’s definitely funk and reggae. So I would say like kind of those fused together. I’m a huge Molly fan. You know, I’m a redhead you probably can’t see too much, but I got my dreads tucked away, you know, and I’ve always loved hip hop. So my style I kind of like sing and rap, so I mesh those together. And vocals is like, Man, that’s a journey in itself, like real estate’s a journey, but vocal because, like entrepreneurship, it’s like strips away everything. You know, you can’t just rely on the guitar to make sound like it’s literally your voice. So if you’re feeling shaky, you’re feeling weird. Everything comes out like there’s no hiding in the voice, especially like if you’re just in the room, no reverb, which is like the extra echoey sound that makes it sound like a good room. But the other good thing is I could practice more than anybody. Because I practice in the car or practice here. Even now I’m practicing. I’m making sure that my diaphragm is full.

So that’s the instrument is always with you. That’s that’s sick, because I don’t know if you knew this, but I owned a music venue in college for a little bit. And I love music, bro. I had people I had bands come every Friday and they’d play and I charged like five bucks ahead. I didn’t make a lot of money. I was in Rexburg, Idaho in the middle of nowhere, but it was fun. Dude, it was ahead of time in Utah. This was an Idaho Yeah, so Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho. Every Friday, it was called skinnies and we would have music and it was a music menu. And we would also sell cereal because I love cereal.

Yeah. Well, don’t you have like a bunch of cereals or something? I’m like, visually like, yeah, right.

Like, I posted some pics in the past, but it was it was a cereal bar where we had a bunch of cereals on the wall. Okay. dollar idea. And it was it was fun. Dude, I didn’t make a lot of money, but had a good time. But I love music. I think it’s amazing. So is that something that you you might want to do? Um, well, obviously not. Not might not not the word might want to do is that what you’re going to continue to do? Is that the goal or is it real estate?

Tell me Yeah, music is big. I’ve been doing it for years. And film. I have a bachelor’s in film. So that’s like my background. I was a videographer for many years, weddings, music videos, especially because my friends did music, and hip hop. So that’s kind of how I got started. I was like, in the background, like studying and watching filming everybody’s music videos. So minute, the recording studio, and then only like, maybe six or seven years ago, I started playing in a band and singing. I always did guitar and stuff. So I always I would like maybe play on their tracks or something. But I was kind of in the background. And yeah, so definitely music and film is like my heart. I take a writing class every two weeks still for film. I’m writing the series right now that I’ve been working on for about a year. And music big time. Yeah. So even though I did music venues, I think of myself like that we let’s put on events. And then of course, it just excites me because it’s connected with real estate. Like, yeah, I’m on Long Island. So I’m even visualizing like, my boy who has an Airbnb glass house. Like, they want to do a meet up. I mean, maybe playing at that meetup or something. Like I love connecting all my things like that, because that’s like so satisfying. Because I have like a puzzle like mind. So when I can connect dots and things align, like that’s where I’m, I’m getting that satisfaction and that, you know that meaning, like deeper meaning in my life.

Yeah. And my advice to you is, this has helped me a lot is 10x If you’ve got an idea 10 exit, like just think even bigger, right? So that’s something that I’ve been doing because normally I wouldn’t be like, Oh, let me in by Jerry and paste to an event for example. So when you’re like, hey, let’s do a meet up in the glass house and I’m gonna rock out for everybody like think big, like, who can I invite in and it’s just going to continue to grow. So awesome job, man. I love it. And dude, and one thing we might be able to collaborate on later is I think making a music video about wholesaling or real estate would be dope. Hell yeah. Yeah. So maybe we can work on something like that. I got a buddy in Atlanta, that I was like, Hey, you should make a rap but you know about wholesaling I’ve seen actually since raps about real estate and they’re pretty funny seeing that

the realtor the rapping realtor, I just met him. I don’t know if you know, I didn’t see. It was cool Ben and it’s like, he’s got like this really too. Can you do something for me? Like he has like he does? Like, what is what’s it called? Like we used to do, what’s the word? parody? Or like, parodies original but yeah, man, I’m up for that bro

Because it’s things like that that are different that get people’s attention. And as you know, as you do as business as you mark it being different is important. You can’t be like everybody else. You can’t just be like the talking head. Everybody’s like, oh dear, I’ve seen 1000s of those videos. Now. I’m forgetting that it’s gotta be different. So just we’ll think about that. But let’s dive right in. Tell me how it was three deals that accumulated to 70k

Right? So it’s really two who, for some reason, they wrote two separate checks. And then one the lawyer like had it in escrow. So I guess he had to write me out like an additional check. Okay, then, technically, there was a little extra because so this so we can get a little bit into the the I’ll give you the simple one first.

Go ahead. Yeah, I think people all want to know, I think when people talk about deals, there’s two things they want to know how you got the deal? And like, where do you find it? How do you get it and you know, any, any stories getting it done?

So awesome part about these is referrals, which never expected in my life, something like that to happen to us. And it only came because of, and this has probably happened to people like a conversation. That’s not really anything that’s like, Okay, throw it out there. And then it connects and connects to another person, right. So I got referred to a seller. So this is the big house I just did. Over here. This is my first Long Island deal, congratulating it was tired landlord 50k tax lien tenants were in there, even though at the time because I spoke with the tenants. They’re like, yeah, we’ll get out no problem. Later on, that did not happen.

They never get out, bro. They’d never get on time, not my experience.

So honestly, this one is not this was not a straight up wholesale deal. It started off that way. But like the beauty of like wholesale, when you’re learning you learn, and then honestly, I joined TTP, and then things change. So what happened was, I was going to wholesale this originally, right? I was gonna be able to lock it up at you know, 250 and then maybe sell it for 272. Ad. Close, right. So But then what happened was, first of all, the seller didn’t want to sell. So they decided to list it, even though I told them bro, don’t list it. And then they listed it four months later, that tax lien because now it’s three years. So I know it’s the same everywhere else. But in New York, you could have three years tax lien before they’ll take your house. So this is the third year tax. And that’s why it’s 50k Li taxes are expensive. And they’re even more expensive when you don’t pay so their tax, they’ll tack on extra payments, fees and crap. Yep. So it was like 48k for three years. And as that was going out, of course the sellers waiting for the realtor to and I’m like listen to realtor like they’re not going to probably find anybody for you. The seller was down to like work with me instead perfect and but of course they signed a year long.

So that’s that’s evil on that agent side, bro. That’s evil.

And it’s going to be evil because and I. So I ended up relisting this, ultimately, and the agent told me there will probably try to push for a short sale. They’re trying to get you to a place where you the seller had to do it. And that got me really angry. Yeah, because the whole reason I got into real estate was because I saw my family’s assets get taken. I saw my grandma’s piece of land and in Pennsylvania get taken because over $300 And then I saw her house and queens get taken that should have been like 500k to the family that taken but they did a reverse mortgage and not aware. So when it came to this, I was like, let’s let’s do it. I’m gonna I want to do the right thing. I want to do what’s best. So I started talking to people, and I realized that they’re like, hey, like, why don’t you just like you could buy this. And like, do sort of a burn. It was scary as hell, right?

Yeah, it’s the first one right

Yeah. First one. I’ve done wholesale deals. And I’ve done wholesale deals out of state. And I haven’t done wholesale deals like that. Yeah, this was a this was a wholesale deal.

So yeah, it sounds like you double closed it or you bought it you took exactly

Yes. So I was planning to hold it, put money into it, and then read it. But honestly, as I started getting to the program, which is why your shout out to everybody’s coaching, like you included bread, because everybody where they’re at is different. And it’s like, I was like ready to leave my w two, especially because they left to North Carolina. And for the last year and a half. I knew they were going to leave which is why I got into real estate like to prepare myself. Yeah. And so when it came down to it was like, Okay, I could like relist this literally right now on the MLS, or I could spend another four months building permits maybe and then funding more, right? And if it’s even good to sell and that you don’t know what the market right, especially now, so I was like, Okay, let me just I’ll buy it. Yeah. So I bought it. I paid the taxes. Let’s go.

Yeah, how’d you come up with that money yourself? What did you haven’t saved up? Or did you get used hard money?

So because I was going to buy it, which this is a weird deal. I ended up doing a conventional loan. Oh, okay. And got the seller to give me a gift of equity. Okay, so that I’d have to pay PML ideally, yeah. Because they were gonna literally gonna lose the house and get Duffing, and I was breaking that down to them. And if not that, it felt good. It seems to be weird to say but like, I was just telling the truth. Yeah. And this is the type of thing I want to get investing involved with because it’s like, literally they can’t listed they’re gonna get hurt if they do because they’re gonna have to do a short sale though realtor literally isn’t going to do that thing. Not to Ehsaan realtors. I love them. And they’ve killed it with me too. But it wasn’t going to happen. So as I got into it, and then But the tenants wouldn’t leave. And in New York they have if the tenants been there more than two years, they have three months that they can stay there before you can act on an eviction while bro. Wow. Yeah, so I pushed on the eviction got a lawyer. It was like, you know, 2100 just to set up to do the

Did you try Cash for Keys? By the way, were you like,

Hey, guys, I offered four grand, and they didn’t get out. Which is stupid because they ended up not getting anything. Yeah, yeah. Except they kind of got free rent all I guess technically.

So leave that I can’t believe people are like that man.

This like bro, this changed like my life this experience because you hear about it and you can’t believe it. And that the same people because like not to like dive into the story. Because there’s so much that happened. It’s good, man. It’s good. We like it. So this tenant was subleasing to two other people. So and I don’t even know their name. So I had to like skip trace slash guests on who I’m putting on the eviction.

Luckily, I got it, right. This is a wild, bro. This is crazy, right?

So I’m like guessing all the eviction who I have to do so I’m like, and at the same time, like, I’m kind of like being cool with them. And I’m like, bro, like, You’re gonna make me evict you. And these are type like, hood dudes. So it’s like, what type of dudes like if you’re gonna, like, start going to the threat way, they’ll just hit you harder. So like, I’m not even trying to go there and be like, Yo, like, I’m gonna have to pick you out. And that’s what happened. cool about it? Yeah, I tried to bro and I lost my cool a little bit. And they flipped on me. They freaked out. And they’re like, they just bugged out. They’re like, well, you think you’re gonna come in? You know, he said to me, like, what’s gonna happen? Like, because this guy was playing tennis playing landlord, because he’s subleasing. So he’s not really investing. But in his mind, he’s the investor. And he has the audacity to say to me, you know, like, if you come in here by the house and sell it and make money, I’m going to lose out.

And I would like so he rented, he rented it out from the actual renter and subleased it to his his homies or whatever. He was house hacking, because he lived there, too. Got it. Okay. And that was like paying his amount and then paying rent with like, whatever he got from them

but he wasn’t making enough payments. Obviously, he stopped making payments when he knew the house is getting sold. Oh, gosh, okay. And so the seller lost their last month. And then I offered Cash for Keys. They didn’t want to do it. And so I followed I followed the eviction was gonna take three months had the had the attorney start going on it, they put it out there, they got the mail. I think they got the mail because their tone changed. But this took, you know, over a month, right, so as this is happening, I gotta pay holding. There’s other things popping up. Right? So you already took this thing down? Correct? You already know exactly. I closed on it in February. Got it. But this is this is kind of telling you like right before the close technically, I’m kind of mixing and matching with my storage.

It’s all good, man. I get it. I’m falling in if you’re following a call David up here, hit me up, and I’ll explain it because I experienced this in depth.

Yes. I learned a lot from it. So what happened was we tended to don’t want to get out and we fall with the eviction. The tone started changing on the tenants. He was like kind of cool, and then disappeared. Mia, yeah. Went to Dominican Republic and disappeared. Not only that, but he was still subleasing to the other people who I don’t have contact with. I finally got contact with the sub lessor because I finally got the first tenant out who was like now being cool, because I evicted him, even though he was the same dude cursing me out after we were like homies for a second. Yes. Yeah, you know, and so now he’s out. But now the sub leasing tenant, he didn’t want to get out. And he also just left and went to Dominican Republic. So these dudes switched. They’re not even related. So he now goes to Dominican Republic. I can’t get in contact. I can’t get in the house inspectors are calling appraisals are calling. People want to know and I’m not trying to tell them that the tent about the tenants because that spooks everybody. Yeah. Especially appraisers, like or whatever. And I’m new. So I’m like, trying not to say exactly because I don’t know what it’s gonna. Yeah, yeah. Which it does affect stuff, even though you try to talk to me like, oh, what does this mean? You don’t really know until the end, like, not everybody’s gonna tell you what front, you know what’s gonna happen? So we ended up the tenant like, after correspondence and I could probably go another hour on like, just the tenants because they left and then came back I’m testing them on what’s happening. Like you’re my dad is sick and blah, blah, blah, about you. So he came back. They finally moved their stuff or most of their stuff out, but we’re still there. Air and row like this is like three months and and now we can’t do the eviction because the courthouse went on fire.

Oh my gosh, are you kidding the courthouse on fire for real?

So the courthouse went on fire the lawyer calls me we’re gonna have to push the eviction. We’re gonna have to push the eviction date. Who’s

Who’s lighting this on fire? I’m sure it’s it was. I don’t know if it was then but somebody that wants to extend their their process?

Yeah, right. It was the agent trying to get a short sale. Yeah. So we can’t follow the eviction. I’m not trying to tell the tenant this, because they’re still spooked. And I’m like, bro, I need you out. Like, I think it was April, April. And so they’re not getting out, we’re already getting into May, they finally leave. But they didn’t take all their stuff. And I’m legally not allowed to move their stuff. Legally, a sheriff is supposed to come and move their stuff after the court date, which can’t happen because the court went on fire, my goodness. So finally, at this time, insurance is calling because I will the house now you and they want to see the house. And then that became an issue. Because insurance. So technically, for anybody who doesn’t know, when you buy a house, at least here, your insurance comes afterwards. So you’re gonna learn things after. So you might, you might have everything set, but then your mortgage insurance technically doesn’t come until later. And then you might learn you have to repair stuff and repair the roof because they’re not going to insure you. So now they’re coming in, they’re checking stuff. And they’re like, You got to repair this. So about 10 grand later plumbing, heating, and then a little bit of roofing, just to hold it while the process because at this point, I’m still trying to get the tenant out. But technically I closed on it and I’m good to move forward. But I can’t really get it’s hard to get people in there. And so I went to two meetups that kind of pivoted me, I went to an investor meetup. And I went to a realtor meetup. So the realtor and the investor meet up with kind of, along with TTP, I’m doing this all at the same time, you know, momentum wise, and basically it comes to where I’m learning. Hey, like, you can just put this on the MLS literally and resell it and make money. Right, which was pretty accurate. The estimate was like 80k, which ended up being 7070 automatically in my mind, I think 50 Because taxes so anybody doesn’t know account for taxes. 70 looks great. But automatically, I’m thinking 50 right away in my mind. Understandable. So we ended up you know, we closed on it. I closed on a February. We’re still getting tenants out, I relisted So finally, timing just worked, where the tenants finally got out. They don’t even know about the courthouse thing. But like I was just begging them every day finally move their stuff out. So now legally, I’m able to go and change the locks now.

It’s officially mine, man, they got to change those rules in New York browser that’s making too hard for you.

It was pretty hard, man. So you can imagine now I’m four months, almost past budget. So now it’s like now am I going to start construction? Another three months maybe and then hold it and then relist. So it’s like, I might have to hold this for seven more months. So at that point, I was like, Nah, bro, I need to I need to leave my job to I’m gaining momentum. Let me resell it. So that’s ultimately what happened. I connected with a realtor who I knew honestly from a video gig that I did almost over 10 years ago. And I saw him that he was doing a meetup. And I was like, let me go see him. And I went to the meetup. I paid for the VIP which is like $500 which connected me I met two more investors were two of the biggest investors here on Long Island. I met reverse wholesale. And at that time, we’re talking and we’d be so honestly, bro. Like, I feel like I’m yelling because I’m like, amped up. Yay. Yeah. It’s just all happening at once. And then I’m talking to realtors at the meetup to like kill you can make money just right now. And I’m like, that’s what the investors said. So I was like, You know what, I’m all in on relisting this on the MLS. So that’s what I did I relisted it on the MLS we had a few offers come in and then honestly that was like a two three month process in itself which I could probably talk another half an hour on because things came back and when you sell on the MLS, it’s not like a cash buyer it has to you know for conventional finance it has to approve so I put a little bit more money into the property I had to make sure it was you know cleaned. So I got the landscaping company who cleaned it to also do a clear out sweep everything but ultimately I feel like everything was worth it because I learned a hell of a lot and sounds like you you got a full two year tenure education

I really did and there’s so many people that’s why like I think so many people when I posted it because like it’s not just my win bro this is Nathan’s win to like everybody listening that for real bro like from my heart like yo man shout out to you because this doesn’t happen without the same momentum from investor thrive from Dayton from his ideology of reverse wholesaling which honestly got me thinking which got me thinking to like bro, sell this and get back into wholesaling, which is literally what happened. So now what I’m doing is I’m hitting dry For dollars heavy setting up with launch control, hitting them heavy and you need a website to set up launch control just so people know the EIN number so I have the EIN button.

By the way, when you got out you got the MLS sorry the CRM I told you about. They can you can do a website through that.

Yes, you can. Yeah. So your boy, your boy talks? Is his name Brandon my bed.

I think it’s Brent Brent. Yes, either.

I can’t remember Brad. What are the bees? You know? What are the bees? Chad type name? Brad. Yeah, Brad. And yeah, so Otto, shout out to you again, bro for hooking me up with that CRM and which which we can go into more like because I’ve already actively reached out to agents in MLS all the time, dude straight daily. So that was one of the checks of two of the checks, honestly. And yeah, bro. So that’s what happened. And then there’s another Florida land deal in there. But yeah, that’s that’s what happened with that one, bro. So I kind of digress there because I said a lot.

Hey, that was good. I think the more detailed the better. Right? Because people they’re like, this data guy didn’t make it up. And when we first I started promoting this, I was just like, hey, wholesaling is not a scam. See why. So you basically just went in, you’re just like, hey, I had to go through all this to get it done. But I learned a ton. And that’s a month, buddy. Yeah. And that’s important. That’s the thing too, sometimes deals, you can get a deal that closes in 14 days, you can get a deal that closes in a year. You know, I’ve been following up with this guy named Buddy. He’s a deal I’ve been talking to for like two years about his house that he’s trying to get through probate. And when that happens, it’ll be maybe like a 30k deal. But in when I posted I talked about people that wow, you made that. But again, it’s not so much about you know, I did it real quick. It’s just like you’re learning as you go. You’re improving as you go, you know?

Yeah. Sounds like illusion of overnight success, you know? Yeah, mine is like the, you know, hundreds 1000s of hours, like, you know, 6am before work or after work and you know, girl being upset or like boys like what’s going on and your family like what’s going on, especially because they don’t know what you’re doing? And like, Oh, you’re being shady. It’s like not like, I’m literally building wealth for everybody here.

Yeah, man. And congratulations to you again. And that’s the thing is like people, they when you’re on social media, you see the highlight reel of everybody, right? So everyone kind of compares to like, oh, man, look at that that’s working. But they don’t understand that, you know, it takes time to master skill. We’re not trying to just do something overnight, because everybody will do it. We’re doing something that’s gonna is a skill set that we can take forever, right? For the rest of your life.

Maybe can’t fight the laws of the universe that that’s like a theme that I’ve been going with more and more especially with closing shout out to decide Marlon Johnson while a mindset that’s just been reoccurring, over and over, like, like gravity, like, you can’t find gravity Good luck. You mean, you might with a couple billion dollars or whatever, you know, NASA wise, but I mean, there’s just certain laws that you can’t get away from, and I think consistency and energy and going out there and making things happen. Like you can’t get away from that relationships, building relationships, like you can’t do without it, dude,

and look at what you did there that helped you make that decision. I advocate and I say get in the room of people that are smarter than you always be the dumbest person in the room right? And you went in there you join those real estate meetups in your local area and you said hey, this is what I got going on. And those guys gave you advice you’re definitely putting yourself in the right rooms and that’s how you progress that’s what you’re following exactly what I do what I’ve been following what others have done it’s not we’re not making stuff up but we’re not just make making up as we go we’re we’re literally following the footsteps of success right

100% And you got to do what’s best for you because like for somebody else, that would have been a great hold because it was like $500 600 cash flow in New York and that’s like real cash flow because I got it low but bro like do I want $600 A month with potential you know, a 20k 30k repair in some way or do I want frickin 70 60k Plus like could leave my job and now put that money back into wholesaling so like 100% or else I would have held it Good thing I went to the rooms Good thing I talked to Nathan good thing that happened or else I’d be not in a good position. I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. I wouldn’t be this like my energy wouldn’t be this lifted, I’d be stressed I’d be dying for the next deal. I’d be like Yo my job like working remotely they’re mad at me. I have no leverage. I wouldn’t even been able to leave my job with the dignity in the way that I did like so much came of that because I’m so grateful like then

let the world know let the world know i love it man. Well everybody I’m so proud of you David man I think it’s amazing and you’re you got the tools you know what you got to do go out there continue make it known and I think me having you on here and I think you just continue to be louder about what you do is your next step and continue to do your game. tell people how you did this deal. Let other people come to you and say Hey, David mega deal just like the one you did in Long Island know what to do. And you’re gonna say, All right, let’s I can help you through it. Let’s split it. You’ll split those JB on it. There you go. That opportunity will come.

That’s why I made sure to put my number right here. Hey, buddy. See, feel free to Hit me up I mean this is this is challenging and I just got off the phone with a really cool investor who is like collaboration over competition and I think that’s what we need to all do here you know sir

keep sharing your wins with the group this has been in the Facebook group but wherever I got a platform if you got to share when you do it I’ll hype you up man because I’m proud of you and that’s that’s all that’s what I want to be I want to be like a conduit I want to be like a place where I can help others grow

you’re doing it bro literally doing it right now for real no BS no scam. Like truth Yes A shout out let let Jerry know. I said hello, you know? Yes, bro. What are we go I got family out there. So you know?

Yes. I’ll say hey, Jerry. Yo, you gotta watch my pot my interview my podcast the truth here did maybe I get you on his show dog? Yeah, bro. All right. Of course but let’s let’s get ready to sign off anybody that’s been watching this. Of course this has been in the Facebook group if you’ve been watching it other platforms. Just join the Facebook group. We do stuff like this all the time. Reach out to David the truth right here. He’s got his phone number hit him up if you got deals in Long Island. He’s he’s done land. He’s he knows how to deal with evictions with the brothers. Attorneys, too. Yeah, he’s got attorneys. He’s a great connection. So make sure to reach out to him. And if you are watching this, you’re like, Hey, man, I did a deal. I want to talk about it hit me up. I’m down to help you I love talking about deals because personally it pumps me up to see you get a deal. And anytime I I’m assuming you feel the same way bro when you see it, see someone get a duty like all day,

And anytime I’m not you gotta check that you gotta check that why? Why don’t you Why aren’t you happy for them? You know?

Yeah, exactly. It’s that in usually it’s that mindset that I’ve had. You’ve had everybody kind of starts with it’s like the scarce they’re just like, oh, man, that they’re winning. I’m not that means if they win, that means I can’t that’s not how it works. We can all win. You know, I’m saying so, everybody, we’re out. He’s out. Come to the next one. Peace.


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