How do I find leads for Real Estate using Privy

Are you in the real estate game and you’re struggling to find qualified leads and you don’t know where to look? In this video, we’re going to talk about how I find leads for real estate using Privy. By the end of this video, you will learn what Privy is and how it can benefit you. We will give you a step-by step guide on how to use Privy to find leads, and we’re going to be showing you a live demo of how I showed one of my students how to get deals on Privy, so you can watch it step-by-step and apply what I did. Check out this video to learn more.

Are you in the real estate game and you’re struggling to find qualified leads and you don’t know where to look. Today we’re going to be diving into privy and how you can find Real Estate Leads using their system, and it’s going to blow your mind. Let’s dive right in.

In this episode, we’re going to be demystifying privee. A platform that could be your new best friend for finding deals, and we’re going to even show you how to do it, I actually have a video of me showing one of my students how to find a deal using Caribbean his own market. Let’s check it out. By the end of this video, you’re gonna learn what privy is and how it can benefit you, you’re gonna get a step by step guide on how to use privy to find leads. And we’re going to be showing you a live demo of how I showed one of my students how to get deals on privy, so you can watch it step by step and apply exactly what I did.

So first, let’s talk about privy What the heck is privy privy is a platform where it lets you find deals, whether you’re looking for them off market or on market with off market, what I mean is you can pull lists for tired landlords, you can skip trace, and you can hit them up. Now, what I’m usually using privy for is for finding deals on the multiple listing service on the MLS that’s listed with real estate agents. And what we do is we reach out to those agents and we make offers.

And that’s how you do it. So what privee does, it has a really cool tool that it will show you really easily what properties are good opportunities and specific markets for flippers and for wholesaling. If this idea of finding deals on the MLS excites you and getting leads that are qualified, I’m privy, be sure to subscribe to the channel. So now that we know what pervy is, let’s talk about how you can use it. So what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to pick a market, if you have not picked what market you want to use privee makes it really easy to determine what markets are high and what have a lot of properties to use and flip

Okay, so you’re going to want to pick a market. So let’s say you pick Atlanta, Georgia, so you zoom in on Atlanta, Georgia, and you’re gonna see all the opportunities that privee gives you that say, Hey, these are good opportunities for flips, they meet the criteria. And once you do that, you’re going to call the real estate agent, and you’re going to start talking to them and making an offer. Now what you’re going to want to do, the way I do it is you’re going to want to have a buyer in place already.

Because if you just call the agent, you’re like, oh, I can do this, but you don’t know you lock it up, then you got to find someone, you’re risking a lot of problems and you’re gonna run into a lot of issues. When all you need to do is find some buyers first find out if they’re interested in that area, then you go look in search on privy, and then you just tie those back and forth and you asked your buyer what they would pay the painless way. So theory is great. But instead of me just yapping and talking about it non stop, let’s actually see it and let’s see the true application so you guys can implement this the payneless way.

Let’s watch this video. Alright, bro. So there’s plenty of different ways to find deals on on market for free online through networking to Facebook groups. So today I’m going to show you how we can look for some deals to make offers on in Pasco County in the Tampa Bay area, because that’s where we’re looking right to Pasco, what was the other place?

Yeah, weN were looking at PASCO he liked her dando County. And if that one we can also look at today as because that has the st. St. Pete in it. So what are those two? Or what else if you have any other criteria while we’re looking for how do you spell Pasco County, PA FC? Oh, Pasco and her dad was the other one.

All right. So right here, brother is what it’s showing us when we look for deals. So we want to look for fix and flip opportunities. We’re looking for deals, and this is what it’s showing us. Okay? So all this is saying is these are potentially good opportunities for fix and flips, okay, like it meets the algorithm of like, what it thinks it’s listed for and what it could be, you know, what it can be flipped for, right? So, if we want to filter it, we want to filter for specific buyers that you have. So what is the Buy Box criteria buzz word single family, family active he wants to fix and flips let’s just say 75% Let’s see what it gives us. All right, what is it he did he tell you kind of under what purchase price he wants. And you say like under half a million or some other half.

I mean, the big range is like 200 to 500 just to have like a range but like purchase price 100 to 220 seems to be like a good purchase price area with something that has an ARV of like 320 or 350 Okay,

so let’s just narrowed it down to half a million under price per square foot. We don’t need to worry about that square footage. Did he say anything about square footage?

He said I’ll do smallest to one so I would say you know maybe 600 feet is a little small but if at 800 feet it up.

Okay, let’s go let’s go 600 feet and I guess it doesn’t really matter on the square footage up in here. So basement, any HOA any bathrooms, we’ll go with all just because I don’t think we’re going to get anything really smaller than two ones baths stories. days on market. We don’t care timeline date range. Okay. And this is for like if you’re gonna pull this but right now we’re checking MLS so we’re checking passcode County for everything that meets that criteria. Does that make sense?

Yes, definitely does. There was one for I think 225 That I was looking at before. There was curious what your thoughts are.

Okay. Well, we can look at that one. But let’s just take a look at some of these right now. So I can show you like what’s worth making an offer on. So usually, when you’re able to usually I’m seeing usually, usually, when you’re able to get a deal on a property, it’s there’s some kind of value add, it’s either been on the market for a while. So there’s something going on, or there’s value add this one looks like obviously, it’s not like a brand new flip, but it looks fine to me. And we go down here, and we can see some comps. So it’s listed for 365, you can see that, you know, a couple of these other homes have sold in the area for around 340. Let’s see, it’s saying that this is a potential comp that sold for 500,000. So this is it saying that this might be a cop. Now you can’t always go live and die by what it tells you because you never know.

But I’m looking at this house. And this one’s sold for 500,000. But the difference in the house is the two the difference in the houses are three two, you know the square footage, similar lot size 55,000. So let’s go back and see if ours is kind of similar. So immediately, why did it sell for much more? David? I can see that. Yeah, it’s a seven. Yeah, the the law the lot size is what got it and this thing. So for me, it would I would say it’s not really a comp. And this is what it’s it’s basically, you know, saying, Hey, this is an investor that flipped his house. Let’s go over here. So we’re seeing some 460 fives in here that are saying that they’re decent comparables is going to move? I think my partner’s coming in.

So let’s see for for two. So I’m looking at this property. And I think because of the other comps that’s at 500,000. This thing, you know, kind of distorted this, I wouldn’t say that this is something that I’m interested in. Does that make sense? Okay, so let’s go this one. So two bedrooms, two baths, we’re gonna look at this. Okay, is there a value add here? It looks nice. And then you go to the comps, if you’re looking for truly turnkey home, so they’re selling as a turnkey.

Now, we could always call on these and be like, pitch terms, like, especially if it’s been on the market for a while and be like, hey, you know, I can, I can put a little bit down pay your commission, blah, blah, blah. But it does look like it’s sold for 2623. And someone went in here, David just cleaned it up and is trying to relist it for 289. So someone already tried to do you know, a little bit bitty flipping it. Does that make sense? Definitely. So 426 And then bam, right there. Okay, so let’s go to this one. Okay, this see there’s there could be some value out here, you know, I’m saying crappy. Yes. Yes, sir. Okay, so now you look at this, and you’d be like, okay, he’s saying that if it’s in the 150 range, right. And it can sell for around the 300.

He’s probably interested. Is that what he was saying? Right? Yeah, yeah. So this one actually, probably will sell if you’re looking at this comp, Irene loop. It’s pretty similar. But the guy did like, as you can see, like a pretty nice flip on it. And it’s, it’s sold for 270. So let’s just say that this 150 We have is can sell for 270. Okay, I like to put in my calculator. So we got 270. This one is listed at 150. And you guys 14, sorry, hard money 1%. The loan payment, the loan points, five months 3%. He’s probably an agent. So we’re good closing costs. If the rehab is let’s just say medium rehab, I’m actually going to put the actual numbers in here. Let’s say it’s a 40k. Rehab, and you want to make 15k on IT Pro versus the deal. Right here. According to the numbers, you could make 15k wholesale to 165. And he could flip it and wonder why this thing’s

set up a light rehab. He usually is around 30 Pay and then a full rehab is close to seven.

Okay, so this is a light I would say this is not such a light rehab. Yeah, it’s not this is more of a I would say like medium. So I think 40 is probably spot on. So this thing is active bro. It’s been listed for three days. I don’t know why no one’s why it’s still on MLS. According to these numbers, let’s freakin call. I want to call the agent. Sometimes it gives you the agents information. We’re going to just put it here. We’re gonna look her up by show but Zillow. Okay, so we’re gonna go Brian grant, you want to call them or do you want me call them prefer

Have you called bro? I’d love to see how you talk to the agent because I’ve been mostly doing titles and buyers.

So let’s do it. Okay, so we found an opportunity that makes sense about at 150. From what we can see if we lock it up at 150. According your numbers from buzz, he’d probably want it or we could find a buyer just because the numbers make sense. So let’s find out what it’s going to take to get this thing done. And you know, I’m obviously don’t want to come in at asking price. We’re unrepresented. So that that gives us, you know, some pool because we don’t, you know, we don’t have a buyer’s commission involved, right? Like, it’s not the 3%. And they can save that, or the agent can make that. So let’s make a call.

Brian grant, which is the home, we’ll be able to take your call your name, number and a brief message, turn the call and soon as possible.

Hey, Brian, how’s it going? This is Nathan. I’m calling about the house on Irene loop. I’m an investor I’ve actually I’m out of Salt Lake City, Utah, but I’ve recently left, you know, stop flipping that area. And I’m looking to flip in Tampa, just because, you know, there’s a better market and it’s less expensive where I’m at. So I’m looking and I saw this property come up looks like, you know, the price point seems about right. You know, I’d like to make an offer. But I’d like to ask you some questions. I actually don’t have any really relationships out there not to have an agent. So I don’t know if you’d be willing to represent me on this one. But yeah, love to call you ask you a little bit about it. It seems like too good to be true. Almost. Because seems like the numbers make sense already. Unless there’s some maybe I’m missing and I’m not seeing on the listing. But please give me a call. I’d love to chat with you. And toxin like bro, you never in Utah, like just see a listing. Yeah, it just makes sense. already.

Yeah. Like, this is nuts. To me. I’m like, Whoa, hold on 150. ARV is like 270. And you’re telling me like it needs a medium rehab. Like, I can relate here in New York? Yeah, like, this is nuts. So anyway, that’s what we’re talking about with finding deals. David is you’re looking at privy you’re making your filters and you’re making calls and, bro, I would if I were you, dude, I would I would call on this one too. We can both work it dude. Because it doesn’t matter if you get it a monkey hooking you up if you get it. It’s like it’s all good. You know, I’m saying so that’s a good one. So that’s one way to get deals the way we’re doing it by doing payneless wholesaling, you’re literally just looking for opportunities that meet the criteria of your, your investor. And if it doesn’t work, if like you don’t find very many things, you can always you know, chat with them. If your offer doesn’t work, you can network with them and be like, Hey, do you have anything else that comes up? I can make you an offer within 24 hours I can make you offers like super quick so you don’t have to wait on me. Wow, wasn’t that insightful? If you liked that video, there’s a lot more where that came from. Hit the like button and throw a comment in there. Tell me if you thought it was good. Tell me if you thought it was trash. I’d like to hear from you. And we’ll see on the next video.