How to buy a pre-foreclosure house using Batchleads

Want a step-by-step breakdown on exactly how to call leads and sellers that are in pre-foreclosure but are not sure how to do it? I’ll breakdown the whole process of getting leads, calling, sending text messages, using AI “Chat GPT” to guide and make those conversations, and knowing what to say. In this video, we’re going to talk about how to buy a pre-foreclosure house using Batchleads. Check out this video to learn more.

Want a step by step breakdown of exactly how to call leads and sellers that are in pre foreclosure but you’re not sure how to do it, check out this live call where I literally break down the whole process of going in and lead calling, seeing how to send text message, how to use chat GPT AI to make those conversations or even know what to say, check it out right here, I got it for you.

Let’s talk about pulling the list because I know batch has Pre Foreclosure information on the platform too. But this is this is how Pre Foreclosure lists work. Everybody, depending on the county, depending on where you live, some of the data is like, you know, you have to go to the county to get it like immediately and then batch and every other service. It’s not just batch, it’s like you name it, they get the they get it a little bit later, right. Whether that’s like a couple hours later, a couple of days, I don’t know depends on the county, but I actually just reached out to my title company and got it directly from the county. So they email it to me and you know, Landry, she’s gonna show you how we skip trace it, and then we’re going to call it we’re going to see if we can get ahold of these people and you know, be empathetic to their situation to say, Hey, I’m calling to see if you’re selling your property, whatever, I’ll take you through that once we get there. But that’s how I got these lists. But again, you can get them from batch. But if you want to be like super, super quick about it, depending on the county, sometimes you can just go directly to the county. So

what I did, guys for these lists that Nathan sent over to me is I imported them first into batch. And once again, everything has to be blurred for YouTube. But if you guys get into we’ll share the link later today, if you want to get into the batch community or anything like that. And if you need to reach out to me for any questions that you have, without having the screen blurred, you know, absolutely let me know. But basically, I came into my list is just an area where you can manage and stack all of your data, do everything under the sun, I imported the list in bowl, took a couple minutes, grabbed it in here, and I’m just going to filter out one of them. Let’s do like Davis County, for example, after it was uploaded, it looked just like this within my account their addresses and everything. And I could definitely dive into the details. But I selected them. I clicked actions, and then it’s kind of blurred here. But there’s an action down here that says just skip tracer, what like three clicks to get it all skip trace takes a couple seconds, and then I exported it out of here as well, I export and then you download it from your reports. So not a ton that we can show you guys with everything being blocked and blurred out but kind of just to show you the simplicity in terms of getting the phone numbers and emails so you can start those conversations and then pulling them off of your account if necessary, or working them right here within your batch leads account. That’s

simple. Yeah. This is if someone answers you know, someone calls in, right hey, how can I help you this is Nathan with offer and homes really like these are just the bullet points of how to talk to someone you want to call set the stage. Let them know why you’re calling get their contact info, if you don’t have it already. That’s if they call in you want to dive into the property condition, the motivation dive a little bit deeper into the motivation, why they’re selling their timeline, if they owe anything. Now, if these people are pre foreclosure, they obviously owe something they have made payments, right? And then home value, what do they think it’s worth? What do they want for it? And then the next steps this is leads manager script. So they would be setting it up for an acquisitions rep. Which would be you know, me I’d close it. But you know, this is kind of that’s why I’m saying scripts for me. It’s whatever. It’s just the general flow, just letting everyone know what like don’t live and die by the script. Because it’s whatever just, you know, get on the phone, start talking to people. Yeah,

if you had a conversation with somebody, you don’t want it to sound super scripted. So I think that they can be a really good kind of guideline to be like, Okay, I gotta make sure they asked this or have the answer for this frequently asked question, even from sellers. Let’s pull

up these lists. A lot of people would be like, well, let me look up the property before I call because I don’t care. That’s a good point. Like, I don’t care, what’s the address, I don’t care anything about that. Only thing I care about is getting them on the phone and seeing if they’re open to selling or seeing if like, you know, they’d be wanting to have conversation because a lot of people do like let me research it really quick before I call because I don’t want to do anything wrong. The chances of these people answering is very slim. I’m just letting you know, because they’re probably getting blasted. So I’m going to call text and actually batch gives them an email. So I could do that too. This is the dialer that you can use it’s free. It’s Google Voice you just can sign up through your email as you can see, I sign up through mine and we’re just going to take these numbers and let’s see if we can just copy and paste because I got on my other tabs and fields give it a call and

what list is this from again? I’m going to make notes just off to the side might as well this is pre foreclosures Can you guys hear that?

Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system. 8017930 Steve nine everybody zero not available. Looking at the tone Please record your message. When you finished recording. You may hang up or press one for more options. Hi,

I’m looking for Skyler. I got your information? I’m not sure if I have the right number this actually when I call this as as CO excavation so might not have the right data, but I’m calling about the property on 2424. West. Apparently it’s for sale or I’ve heard that potentially you’re thinking about selling it, I’d love to make an offer. If that’s not correct, please call me back. I don’t want to keep bothering you. I do call multiple times. So if you could just text me back or let me know if it is or if you’d like an offer love to chat. And then I want to just say, Hey, call me back.

I like how you do that too. And your voicemails just like, hey, like just giving you a heads up, I usually do reach out a couple of times to try to get a hold of you. So let me know like definitely call me back to let me know that, you know, I don’t want to bother you essentially, I think that that tells people like oh, I’ll call them back because I want them off my list which or want to be off your list and have that conversation then so yes,

I’m gonna warn them like I ain’t never gonna leave you alone unless you get back to thanks. Leave your message for 809 She went been ring that long so potentially she just ended I don’t play guys. Like let me just talk to someone. Hello. Hey, Kristen. How you doing? Good. How are you? Good. I’m doing really good. Hey, you know sorry to bother you. I I think I might have the wrong information here. But I was calling because I believe the house you own a house on 1226 North 450 West and Clearfield. Okay, I was calling because I got your information from a list of pre foreclosures and I’m just curious if you’re open to selling or if that’s even correct. It could be wrong. No, I was gonna keep the house. Okay. Is the data wrong though? Are you in pre foreclosure is that we who are you? My name is Nathan. I actually buy properties all the time off of this list. And I Oh,

yeah. No, I’m good. You can put me on like a do that call this or whatever you have to say not interested. Okay. Thank

you so much. There we go. Just straight up. Because I am playing. This is cool. So you guys just saw I called her three times she was there. Why did she not answer? I’m sure she’s getting called a lot. She said she’s not interested. She’s gonna keep it. So what would I do in this situation? Guys? Do I believe that she’s going to be fine. I could just take her word for it. But I have her number. I know she’s real. I know that she’s probably Pre Foreclosure just from the way she reacted, or people just be like, No, that’s wrong. So me, I’m just gonna keep maybe try from a different number or text or send her a mailer? Or maybe even go knock. I know. She said no. But like, that’s to me people all the time that are pre foreclosure. Oh, look, we just got a text. There you go. So all the time, people that are in pre foreclosure, like Nah, I’m good. Because they’re in pre foreclosure, right? Yeah.

It’s already taking care of my church is helping me like you get all the answers under the sun, or somebody’s helping me next week, like anything that can become possible

that it doesn’t work out, right. I’ve had a lot of people lost their houses because they thought everything was taken care of. So for me, I’m gonna highlight that and say, okay, got the I got the right person. I’m just going to check in, okay, because you never know. And we have the right person. That’s cool. Got it. Alright, so I will take this and I’m going to highlight it in green, because she answered no, I’m not going to bother her, you know, hit her up, like, in a couple days. She said, No, but I’m at least gonna say, okay, got the right person.

Would you say what, like? Because I can’t? How long does it take? I know it can take it depends on the area. I don’t know how it is in Utah or that county for pre foreclosures, you know, for it to actually go to auction and for the whole process, because I know it can really drag out for a while. Yeah. So when would you potentially try to reach back out to somebody like that. So

90 days is when the pre foreclosure process usually takes 90 days, right? So we could be so check this out. So this list just came out. So this is potential that you know, this just happen and they’re like, they’re they think they’re good. Or maybe it’s like they aren’t good, and they just missed the payment and they got on the list. But it takes it usually takes they have sent a lot of warnings to you before they put you on a pre foreclosure list, but she probably has a while that’s why a lot of people aren’t like always motivated on pre foreclosures, especially if they’ve been multiple times. They know that they have several they have a couple months before they have to catch it up. Right? Yeah. You

kind of maybe like 60 days, would you say maybe like a month before? If they’re still sitting there on that list, then reach back out? Because right now maybe at that point, they haven’t figured it out? Yeah, like again, you’re kind of looking for the right opportunity. And you know, who knows? Alright, so let’s look at this text message. It’s not for sale yet. We stay I think, and even if we do sell, it won’t be till after the repairs are complete. So guys, what would you do in this situation? Would you just say okay, would you kind of try and figure out how to provide value? What would you do Andrew? There’s no right or wrong answer. I might do something to complete differently. What do you think?

I mean, what comes to my mind anyway, is that I don’t know exactly how I would go about saying it, but they’re talking about that the you know, we have to take care of these repairs first. You’re like, Okay, well, we don’t care about that. We’re gonna flip it probably anyway, probably put the repairs in ourselves. So it’s like that’s not an issue. And I would probably just try to get a little bit more information because they’re saying I think not yet. So it seems like they’re interested at some point. And they feel like the repairs are in the way, when really that’s a non issue, depending on the condition of the property. But you know, I don’t know exactly what you would say. But is that at least on the right track? Yeah, yeah, that’s good. More. Yeah.

For me, it’s like, I want to kind of press on the fact that they think they’re gonna flip it, right. Because if they’re in pre foreclosure and don’t have money to pay the bills, how are they gonna pay 20 30k on repairs? Right. So for me, I’m going to talk a little bit more about flipping. I’m like, Oh, okay. Are you planning on flipping it? Do you have a contract? Are you going to do it yourself? Because for me, I can provide value and say, Hey, I flipped to, I have some great contractors if you need them, and I’m gonna go the value route. The people that win is quality over quantity. You can make 1000 dials on a pre foreclosure list, and I can make maybe 20 and probably have better conversations than if you just call call call and just know you’re not trying to get personal and like work with people, right. I actually, I have a problem of like being too too wordy. I have to actually use chat. GPT they say, Hey, shorten down this text message. And I’ll actually have you know about chat. GPT yeah, I’ve

used it a couple times. There’s been a few it’s given me some good. Oh, yeah. Yeah, let’s use it on this. It’s given me some good I can help everyone out. This is good ideas for things. Yeah, guys, chat. GPT is a game changer. Let me show you guys. One more thing. Yeah. So you go here to new chat. You type in how should I respond to this text message with empathy and showing that I want to buy the house? Buy the house, and I put it out there. Thank you for letting me know. And it whips it out. Okay.

So cool. That’s good. Yeah, really comes in handy. Get kind of I kind of forget about it sometimes. And then the script as well. So make build me make me a script for calling sellers that are in pre for because this is cool. I was just talking last time I talked there. Starts whipping it out. Yeah. Pretty cool. Yeah. Cool. All right. So this guy didn’t respond. But again, I’m gonna highlight it because we got the right person. Yeah. You know, out of the two people that responded, they both been the right people, which is, you know, freaking great data from bachelors. Let’s freakin go, Hey, check this out. Text just came through from our guy right

here. Let’s I was I was curious about what they’d say. We had a fire in the garage. So the insurance is paying a restoration company to fix everything. I’m an excavation contractor myself. So if you ever have any excavation needs, I’d love to have a chance to at least give you an estimate. I specialize in underground utilities such as water, sewer storm drainage. So we have a situation awesome. Like, see, he’s gonna be way more willing to respond to me because I lead with value. And I’m not like just trying to like, yeah, want to sell Do you want to sell like,

yeah, and who knows, you know, and now he’s trying to turn it around and also provide you value here as well. Hey, if you liked that information, like subscribe and hit the bell icon so we can send you more information on how to do deals. Right now.

if you liked that information, like subscribe and hit the bell icon so we can send you more information on how to do deals. Right now.