How to call for sale by owner house? [PART 1]

In this video, we’re going to call my man, Christian’s lead, a for sale by owner house. He decided to take action after seeing a property up for sale by owner immediately next to his residence. We’re going to show you how to call the seller and what the next thing you can do is. Check out this video to learn more.

Today we’re gonna be calling a for sale by owner house. My main Christian was going on with Bobby. Yeah. So what he did is he saw a house that was for sale right next to your your write down where I live yeah down where he lives and he’s like, I want to call that house and I said, bro, let me call it. I’ll call. So you know, I’m gonna be calling a seller right now that listed their house for sale by owner and you want to kind of get a little bit of a backstory on the property

Yeah, to be honest. Yeah, I don’t know what you’re about. It’s on the main street in the town where I live. And it’s just this old shack, it’s not even, I don’t even think anyone’s living there. It’s kind of beat down and kind of falling apart. And I saw the sign so you saw the sign. But the sign was clearly their data have made him give it a call

where she’s saying though, like you’ve always seen it, you’re like, man I wish for

Yeah, and I kind of felt bad actually, this is maybe a hard lesson learned. But I thought about calling in. Probably like 50 times. Right, right. Right, you know before but and then I saw the For Sale By Owner sign go up. I was like, I should have done it.

Yeah, you’re gonna have some competition, which is fine. You know, we’re gonna, we’re gonna rise above the competition, right?

You rise above. That’s it with the painless method.

But so next time, if you see a house like that, all you got to do is number one, you can just go leave a note right on the corner. Or you can knock it and just be like, hey, you know, I’m an investor, I’m looking to buy it and see if they respond. And if you can’t get a hold of who owns it, like by knocking or leaving a note, you can skip trace it right. And are you familiar? Skip tracing? Oh, yeah. Yeah, so skip tracing. So they left the number on for sale by owner. Let’s go to right here. Let’s call and let’s see how it goes.

Let’s see. Here. They’re gonna answer.

That’s the goal. And we call three times just in case because I have out of state phone number. So hello.

Hi, this is Jerry. I’m not available right now. Because calling Okay, well, Jerry, what am on Jerry?

Well, we know that she hit the fu button. So that means that she’s there and alive. So we’ll give it to her. And yeah, so she’ll answer.

Hi, this is Jerry

One more. Hi. Oh, so so the next thing you do is you you send a quick text. And you know, we’ll see if she responds. So hey, Jerry in this is Nathan Payne calling about the house. In Santa Quinn. Is that right? Yep. To Quinn for sale? Do you have a quick minute to chat? I could have left a voicemail too. But I’m hoping that she’s just hitting No, no, no, that she’ll just do quick response. So let’s talk about this. What am I going to do right here? The first thing I want to find out is the options she’s explored, right? Because if I call her and I just assumed that she just wants a cash offer that can be a waste. You know, that’s probably not true. Maybe she’s looking for a renters. Maybe she’s looking for top dollar. So the first thing I want to do is be like, hey, you’ve had this sign up here. The house looks like it needs some work, what options you’ve explored. So I don’t you know, repeat something that you’ve already like, explored, right? Like, I don’t bring up a cash offer. And you say, forget all cash offers. I’m not even looking for that. So that’s the goal. I’d want to find out what she’s done already. Get on the same page, start with the end in mind and let her know, hey, this is why I’m calling looking to buy the house as an investment or pretty much any to find out any way I can make money on it, and see if that’s something we can work on. Like we can work together. And if she’s open to that, then we have a good conversation. If she’s not, then she’s looking for something else that I can’t provide. Yeah, so that would be the goal for me. You’re looking for the right opportunity. You’re never trying to like force anything. If she’s not the right opportunity. Then it’s all good. Exactly.

Don’t get too attached.

Never get attached. make bad decisions.

Let’s give this give her give this a try here.

She’s gonna do you really want my house?

Gosh, call me. Hi, this is Jerry. I’m not available right now. Well, it was worth a shot.

I guess what we can do is we can leave everyone with. Look, if this happens, the what you can take from it is call. Usually they don’t answer the first time because they think it’s might be a spam call. If you call twice. They’re usually like okay, this is a real person three times they don’t answer. They’re busy my opinion. Exactly. leave a voicemail if you can, which I forgot to do and a text and then just follow up now. It’s very possible that you know, she’s in the middle of something or maybe she put that sign up and she’s getting lit up and she’s like, I can’t take any more phone calls. Exactly. But we’ll find that out to be continued. Keep watching us and we’ll let you know. We’ll let you know what happens.


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