How to Call Realtors in a Competitive Market | Deal Flipping Friday with Privy

Picture this, you’re in a fiercely competitive real estate market. You’re calling realtors, and they’re not answering your dang phone and your strategy seems to be failing. What if I told you that just with a little few changes to your approach, you could turn those ignored calls into profitable conversations.

Today, I’m not just going to tell you, I’m going to show you exactly what I’m talking about. My name is Nathan Payne, your navigator in the world of real estate on deal flipping Friday, let’s get right into transforming your call strategy. So when we got coming up today proven techniques to make Realtors want to pick up your call, also a live real time demonstration where I apply these very techniques that I’m talking about today.

If you’ve ever felt your calls are going nowhere, hit that like button for me and subscribe to the channel. Let’s change that together. All right, everybody, time to cut the fluff time to take action. You’re about to witness a live call where I apply game changing tactic. This is where theory meets practice. Let’s check out this live call. If it’s a good market is usually gonna be competitive, you know, especially deals where there’s buyers.

There’s a lot of activity. So I’m going to share my screen real quick and show you guys the process of how we do this. First, a lot of people out just go out pick up privy and they’re like, let me go search for deals. What I’m going to tell you guys to do is use privy to find buyers, you can use privity you can search for buyers and pull that list but what I like to do is I like to network and find title companies that are investor friendly.

In New York, there’s attorneys so you can network with attorneys, hard money lenders, agents, you can find agents offer privy people that have listings on privy and then you can ask them if they have any buyers that are buying buyers lists social media posts, Rei Meetup group so once you find these buyers and you build up a good network, the next step would be talking to them providing value, letting them know that you can look for a deal with what they’re specifically looking for. And then you search for deals. Okay, and that’s where we have privy because preview we can go specifically to areas and say okay, what opportunities are there in this area that I can go and get some deals?

Alright, so this is the area that David is working right now. So let us look for some deals around here. So David, let’s let’s uh let’s call on this one broke is a it’s definitely an opportunity. I never let the list price kind of dissuade me or push me from calling I always think it’s you know, if it looks like a good opportunity for a flip. Yeah. Cool. All right. All right. All right. Let me call it brother. Let’s let’s give it a shot. Why not? Now if you have Peruvian, you’re an agent. They usually have the details of the information but when they do not I just look up the information on Google.

So let’s see. So agent is Preet all right and let’s see list property professionals Realty. Oh, they do have the office number but I like like to actually get the cell phone number of my boy M and Preet. All right, so let’s uh, this seems to be the phone number of an amen Preet. This must be like kind of an you looks like you gotta be a certain ethnicity to work with these guys. Bro, I know New York is just so diverse. Diverse. Tell me that this dude ain’t sold millions of dollars in real estate.

He’s sitting on cash right now. Right?

They got a squad here, bro. Are you need to hang out with these guys? Yeah, like,

I got the beard man. Right here. Bro. This dude looking this guy’s looking like he’s got a strong jaw. Strong gentleman right there. Hello. Hey, is this I’m sorry. I don’t wanna mispronounce your name is Ahmed PRI. Okay, this is Nathan. I’m calling about your listing on burns Avenue. Yeah.

Do you have a couple minutes to chat about it? Yes, I’m gonna I’m an investor. I have done a deal in Riverhead in Long Island and I have my software that I use alert me of like deals in the area. And this one came up as it just listed and as potentially like a good investment property or flip. So I’m just calling on it to get a little bit more information and see if it would be good to call and cancel your five five
o’clock today?

Yes, yeah. Yeah. is would this be a good property like to fix and flip? I don’t want to waste your time. No, that’s okay. More of like a buy and hold? Yes. Okay. All right. Well, thank you. Yeah, call me back. I appreciate it. Thank you. Yep. Thanks, Alan pre ROM that to go on to closing boom view. That’s an interesting one. And I think we should call about it. That’s cool. Lenny, at Douglas Illman real estate again guys with private you have the office phone number, but I like calling the cell phone.

And I’m convinced bro like if you don’t care about how many calls someone makes a day. It’s it’s how many offers and how many conversations you’re having. If you’re having conversations and let’s say 10 to 15 a day. You’re in the right you’re in the right way. You’re in the right path. Hey, looking for Lenny loses.

My name is Nathan Lenny. I’m calling because I saw your house listed on 15 Maga lane. Yes it’s only the contract oh it’s already under contract it’s going into Yeah, well I’m Is it too late for me to make an offer if I can beat the offer, you know Are you gonna have to consider the commission so throw it out there Oh, I’m sorry you do sorry You said something before that you said about commission was
she she sold it on a rolls and they put something in a mailbox so she sent me some money on commission but if you have an offer throw it out there got a lot of offers on it.

Yeah, well, I’m assuming and then the wording alone in MLS details was like shouted Hey, come get go come get this property. Right.

What was the value of the property? Not the house? Yeah, so iS

I’m assuming most people are just gonna tear down and build. They’re gonna do that for sure. Okay. Well, I don’t want to waste your time is are the offers 28 years I don’t want to lose your time with my time. So yeah, so the offer Yeah, the only question I have. Yeah, the only question I have is, is the list price where are the offers coming above list price or Canada? That’s what I was assuming I didn’t want to you know, offer less than then you’d be like, come on. That ain’t gonna work.

But there are above it. Okay, what she has is above it.

Okay. Well, it looks like I gotta go to the drawing board and see what it would cost to buy the land when would you need an offer by for her to accept it the buyers probably had to sign the contracts again, it’s the private buyer probably lying early next week. Okay, so we got some new I had a full price offer a lot of it’s not in my opinion.

And again, I’m doing 20 is not worth what the price offering wants it so let them buy Well hey, little sloped it’s nice size property, but it’s not even know

I’m looking at the backyard alone. That takes some work to even it out. Yeah, it looks like the the backyard you can already kind of see the slope. Yeah, what you’re saying? Well, I appreciate you being like straightforward with me about like, not really being totally transparent. Okay, well, hey, Lenny, I also so just to kind of let you know who I am. I live in Utah but I invest I all over the country I look for properties and you know, sometimes I bind sometimes I wholesale them and sometimes and I do off market like I do market so you know, is there any way we can? I’m assuming you work with guys like me that like look for properties that all the time

I get something I always get something. I’m the guy that played middle Bethpage. I’ll reach out to you. Okay, and what can I do to help you out? What can I bring to you that provide value?

If you bought a house, give it back to me. Okay, all right. Well, I want you to do shoot me your email address. Okay. I have all the information. Okay.

And I do. Sorry, I do work with some people that live in Long Island. Do you live out there as well? I
live out there as well. Absolutely. I wouldn’t be doing it for 20 years and I don’t live out here. That’s nice.

Well, yeah, I think it’d be nice to meet you know, sometime I don’t know if you go any meetups around there go to the the RIAs. Okay. All right, well, I can send you my email, or text me. Text me your email information or shoot us an email and we’ll stay in touch. Hi, Lenny. I appreciate your time. Thank you. Bro, that’s a straight shooter right there as somebody that I think you want to meet with David. I like that. That guy’s a baller. He’s like, come on, bro. It ain’t even worth that. When I do that usually just gives me the office number and I got to look it up anyway. But let’s see. Okay, let’s let’s see. Let’s give it a shot. Hi, Dallas. How’s it going? My name is Nathan. I’m calling about your listing on Harrison Street. And contract. Oh, it’s already under contract. Contract. I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you’re saying.

You’re saying have sinned contract. Right.

Dubai just signed check is delivered. We’re going back to the seller.

All right. Well, it seems like you happy Homes Realty comes a lot across a lot of distressed properties like this. Do you have any other ones that you have currently listed? We have. We do have some in queues? Realtors, so I’m gonna
go ahead Sorry, I interrupted you go ahead.

Fire Nestor. Yeah, yeah, so I’m not a real estate agent. I actually I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. But I have done a couple of deals in Riverhead, and Long Island. So I have like a little queue set up on my software that sends me deals to call about when something comes on. So that’s pretty much it. I’m an investor and you know if I either I buy or if I don’t have a network of buyers that I work with, I’m sure you know about wholesaling. I do I do. It all just depends on the deal, right? I was just on the phone with another wholesaler.

But of course references the same property. Yeah, I get a lot of Oreos, I’d sold probably 200 Whatever. But sometimes I get two months sometimes. Sometimes, you know, it’s one every three months, you know, but I handle a lot for out of state banks. You want to give me a call in a week or so or something and see if this deal goes through. Fine. I’ll give you my you’re calling from a 404 number. Yeah, I
grew up in Atlanta, but I live in Utah now. It’s just the cell phone number.

Okay, gotcha. Give me my email address you used I don’t know how to find it. Where did you say it?
So I have a software it’s I don’t know if you’ve heard of it’s called privy. Basically what it does is it pulls up opportunities like for flips and stuff So that’s, that’s how I’ve got I got an alert telling me about it.

Gotcha. Okay, so you have my contact information, my email address, I think, yeah, I pulled it up online. So I also I can text you as well. And you can just send me your email and we can we can connect there.

I have it in my phone. Okay. I will send you a text with my information.

Okay. And let me ask you this. I’m curious. So Arios, as you said, you work on those are you? Are you do you believe you’re going to be getting more of those as time goes on? You feel like those are gonna pick it up, you know?
For 20 years.

Okay, so pretty consistent lead flow from that. That’s awesome. Yeah.

I’ve been doing this a long time. Like five, five different out of state banks still send me their non performing assets, you know, need eviction.

I got a lot to learn from you. I wouldn’t even know the first place to start to build those kinds of relationships. That’s awesome. You got a lot of good relationships. It sounds like you build up again. I’ve been selling real estate for 20 years.

I love it. I love it. Well, yeah, let’s definitely keep in touch because I’m always looking what I kind of do. Just kinda let you know Dallas is like if some doesn’t work for me, I really try to develop really good relationships with like flippers and cash buyers. So if something doesn’t work for me, since I’m looking all the time, I tried to bring it to them. And I asked for like a little assignment fee. I don’t ask for anything big.

Sometimes it’s like 1015 103k I’m not trying to you know, make bank on everything more. It’s more of a volume play. So if you ever run into something that you know, you don’t list or you want to move super quick, you know, I’m kind of the guy and that’s what I tried to do. Okay,

I’m sorry, your name again? Nathan. Nation. Okay, Mason. So your hard money hard money flipper? Yeah, I
do. I do hard money. Also try a lot, a lot of what they call wholesaling. That’s not the only thing I do. Sometimes I get paid through like invoices and stuff, but really, I just know who’s buying and what they want, and I look for it. And if it works for them, give it to him. If not, then I take it. Okay.

I will I’ll shoot your text. Like you said, I’m in the field right now. But I’ll text you my email address and I can still find new stuff.
Let’s see if we can do some deals together. I appreciate it. Dallas. All right. Thanks. So cool. Yeah, have a good one. So did you notice how I approach the conversation how I talked to the agents think this method could change your game, drop a comment as we go. So it’s your turn to make a move? Use these tips in the next call and check out privy for more strategies that work. That’s all for today, folks, deal finding Friday hit the subscribe button for more Real Estate strategies every week.

See you in the next one for more Real Estate wins.