How to contact an agent about a pocket listing

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to contact an agent about a pocket listing. We’ll guide you through the steps to find and contact an agent who specializes in pocket listings. Whether you’re looking for a more private transaction or seeking a property that hasn’t hit the market yet, pocket listings can be an excellent option. Check out this video to learn more.

So anyway, it’s pretty cool if you guys look at the response these are all the people that have already responded and that we’ve talked to, like we respond to my VA has. So it’s really cool like Johnny Rotten. I haven’t even looked at this guy’s Hey, John god, my name is Nathan, I found your number online. Yes, I am great. I’m looking for another investment. Yes, but I don’t often have low deals right now I have a listing coming up in West Valley that might be at 350 I’m not quite sure yet. I know won’t go for above that. But I also want don’t want to lowball it. It’s on a great lot and nice break inside blah, blah, blah. Alright, thanks for please share what is up and coming. And so we could run our numbers and come up with a decent offer. We don’t lowball we try to make our offers. That’s amazing. I didn’t even send that this is a actually this is a shot. This is my virtual assistant. Because I was like, Dang, this is pretty good. This is the shot. My VA will do. I’ll be working on this today. Tomorrow. I’ll get back to you. Sounds good. Good morning. I have the property that you might be interested in. It’s in West Valley and I plan to list it for 350 that addresses look guys freaking this is just rolling. She’s got the property for him and see if it’s listed yet. And this is awesome because this is a pocket listing that’s off market maybe we can get it done before even goes on the market because I texted her. The inside totally needs redone but the outside is great guys. Who else is pumped about this lead? Come on. Let’s go. This is a pocket listing. Let’s freakin color

all right, Jodi, let’s go. You better pick up Jodi, you got to show the people I got to show the rhinos how it’s done. Man, everybody, let’s cross our fingers that Jodi answers the dang phone.

This is Jodi.

Jodi, how are you?

I’m good. How are you? Doing? Good. Good.

I’m doing really good. This is Nathan. We’ve been texting back and forth about the property that you were talking about West Valley.

Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Hi, Nathan.

Hey, do you have a couple minutes to chat? Or are you busy? No, I’m okay. Awesome. Jodi? Well, nice to meet you. I know, we’ve just texted a little bit. But, you know, I want to introduce myself a little bit more. I’m an investor. I’ve been doing it for about five years. And right now I’m specifically looking for you know, fixing flips, buying holds. And if you ever come across any multi units, I’m looking for some some multi units as well. So I’m not sure if you use what you focus on. But that’s kind of what I do. Okay.

Yeah, I kind of just get all sorts of things. So yeah, yeah, I’ve done what my clients are doing. Yes. I love it. Yeah, come true. I’ve been doing this for a while. So most of my business comes from past clients and referrals.

So it’s kind of all over the place. The best way to do business, in my opinion, because otherwise it’s very expensive.

The market and seven people don’t know you. They don’t trust you. Yeah. So yeah, this is that’s my preference for sure.

Well, can you tell me a little bit about this West Valley City house, you said it totally needs to be redone inside? And that’s that’s good news. For me. That’s what I do.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I figure so yeah, the home and I can give you some MLS numbers of couple of comparables that I found, which is where we came up with the price. But I think it’s a great investment is that across the street from my daughter, and son in law. They’ve been living there for quite a while. And it seems like a nice neighborhood. I mean, they like it there. They haven’t had any issues. Because you know, people say West Valley City, and they’re like, oh, no, but this seems like a nice area.

Waves are nice. So I was saying, yeah, the West alleys. Got great areas. Just kind of depends where you’re buying. Yeah, they do. Yeah.

And so it has a nice brick exterior. And it has a really huge yard. It doesn’t need the sprinkler system started to dry out. But I wanted to water it more. But the yard by the way.

It is 1.350 my gosh, that is big.

Yeah. And it’s in the back. I mean, big backyard, and it looks nice. With the front of the house and pull up looks nice. It’s brick, the roof looks good. I mean, I don’t think it’s like brand new. I think it’s like 10 years old. If the gentleman I’m speaking with is his sister’s home, she’s in a new understanding of retirement more like at home. And so he’s taking care of all everything for her but he doesn’t know much about it. So he’s kind of getting the information she’s coherence and things but he’s basically doing that for her. It was kind of being sold as is yes. 1967 or so and passed away. She’s now in this home and so they’re known.

Do you know how soon they want to sell it? Like his speed and convenience? Like really important to them? Are they okay to just list it and wait,

I don’t think they’re in a big huge hurry. You know, so it’s just that I don’t know if they’ve ever rented it or just said no, it’s time to sell and have to see if they’ve rented out first or not. I’m not sure she went straight into the home if she had been living there or if someone else you know they’ve been renting it for a while but I’ll find that out. But yeah, I don’t think they’re in a big huge hurry. I think they would like something solid though. Yeah. No, it’s good to have that they can count on it.

If you don’t mind me asking, When do you plan on listing it?

Well, we’re getting sick just tomorrow, and it’s going to listed on Thursday. Okay. Now, if you wanted to run over before, then I do have a super lock up. I’m actually headed over there when Oh, tomorrow Oh, yeah, as well. It could drop off some papers, it’s easier for them to sign, you know, of course, I need to get everything’s fine. So you know, we can make arrangements, do something like that?

No, that would be perfect. Because I’m just curious, like, I understand that once you put this on the MLS, the it’s good for the client, I totally get it. But for me, like, I always want to act fast. So my question is, if Yeah, if I’m able to give them you know, either that price or come close to it and tell them that, you know, I can pay all cash, there’s no financing involved, where they’re, you know, we don’t need to, you know, wait a month or a couple weeks for the bank to come back and tell sell the land on it. Like I’m all cash, and I’m unrepresented. So that would save 3% to them from having to put it on the market. And you’re welcome to, you know, represent me if you’d like and take both sides of the Commission, or you can just give them that discount if you want. It doesn’t matter to me. But do you think they’d be open to that if I were able to go by there tomorrow? Give them a solid answer. Quickly.

Yeah. Because yeah, I mean, the the commission is going to make a difference. I but I have learned to give myself on these some commission because I’d really liked it more of a pain than I think even with cash

it really, I you know, you definitely need a commission.

Yeah. Yeah, because I’m only doing I did them at 2%. Because basically, it’s I kind of didn’t really know them, but people across the street. So I did the 2%. If I was able to get, you know, three and a half or something to do both sides, that would still be savings to them.

Because most most agents are probably going to take you know, 3% on the buyer side. But you know, if you’re able to present both, you’re definitely going to save them a couple of fouls. Yeah, in the headache, like you said, if it needs to be totally redone. You know, it’s probably going to do you think you’d have any problems in inspections? Or Not really?

Well, obviously the house, you know, I mean, the appliances, they’ve redone those types of things. carpets and Odile needs redone, the bathrooms, cabinet did all needs to be done, but it says have you noticed furnaces find AC probably 10 years old, the roof is probably 10 years old. They’re not like 1967, not Wales, but those types of things I think will be fine. But all the cosmetic on the inside would need redone.

Okay, well, let’s do this. You’re gonna be there tomorrow, you said? Yeah. Okay, can you just let me I don’t know if you know, at the moment, or you can just text me later today. But I can plan on either me being there or having one of the so I also work with a community of buyers as well, like, either I buy something myself or I go in on a project. So I don’t you know, overextend myself with some other buyers. So I can either go or I can send some of the buyers that I work with. And, you know, we can meet, we can look, we can come with our final offer tomorrow. And if they like it, we can just get it done. And you don’t even have to worry about listing it. Yeah, that would be that’d be great. Yeah, those are always easy. We love those.

Yeah, that’s for sure. Yeah. Do you can go without me. Do you want did you have access to super?

I’m not a real estate agent. But that’s some of the buyers that I do. You know, flips with they do. Go ahead.

I might be like, hey, if I fail to show you today, because I just remember it. I’m going to I don’t know what time yet. I’m going to be showing at home in Herrmann probably got about we’re going to look at it tomorrow, and they just wanted to look at it today. I just haven’t I mean, just barely. Before you call me that. So I kind of forgot this. I was talking to you. And I’m like, wait a minute, they want to see that today. So you might be able to see it today. Let me get this arranged on your bike and find out what time today

my might not work. I got a pretty busy schedule. But if I can, if you send me the time, and I can see okay, I can make it then. Yeah, wouldn’t ya?

All right. And then otherwise, they tomorrow like to wish and you know, give or take an hour. So we could work around your schedule to some degree tomorrow.

I love it. All right. And hey, I’m your go to cash buyer. If you need me, I always respond within 24 hours. Like if you have a deal that, you know, you run into a seller who’s like, what would a cash buyer pay? And you’re not 100%? Sure, send it over to me and I’ll tell you exactly what I pay and then you can always have me in your back pocket is like you know, a way to get you know, both the commission without even having to list it. Perfect.

I like that. I liked it. All right, God

Well, I appreciate you and I’ll look forward to your times to either go today or tomorrow. All right, sounds good. Thanks, Nathan.

All right.

We’ll be in touch okay.

Okay. All right.

But what do you guys think let’s break it go whoa, that’s what’s up. That’s that just happened like Look what just happened? The so guys I’m telling you, the key to this business is just talk getting your fishing poles out there in the right pond so you can get opportunities. I didn’t do anything crazy. I just talked to the lady who automatically we sent a text message to that said hey actually do have some Thank you.


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