How to develop a team for wholesaling houses

In this video, we’ll discuss how to become a real estate wholesaler. I have the most straightforward method for instructing a virtual assistant from the Philippines, but you probably already know what wholesaling real estate is. My virtual assistants are actually trained so they can understand what real estate wholesale is like. They had a sound understanding already, but I wanted to make sure they were aware of the steps and the general flow. In that case, if you’re in a similar situation, you might think, “Man, I want to learn more about what real estate wholesale is.” I’ll go ahead and explain it now. I’ll also demonstrate the training my virtual assistants received. Check out this video to learn more.

Today we’re gonna be going over how to learn wholesaling real estate. Let’s dive right in

now look, you’ve probably heard about what wholesaling real estate is. But I have the simplest way to teach that simplest way that a virtual assistant from the Philippines could learn. I actually have a training that I gave my virtual assistants so they can learn what wholesaling, real estate was, they already had a good idea, but I wanted to make sure they understood the process and the flow. So if you’re in the same situation where you’re like, Man, I want to learn what wholesaling real estate is, well, I’m gonna explain it right now. And then I’m going to show you the training that I did with my virtual assistants so you can learn real estate right now, by the end of this video, I can promise you, you’re gonna know exactly what wholesaling real estate is, you’re gonna find a training that’s going to take you through that I actually took my VA through my virtual assistants from the Philippines.

And I can just say at the by the end of this, you’re going to know way more about wholesaling and even how you can get started from the steps that I show my VAs in the training video, so you can take action and get your next deal. Before we dive into the training that I gave my virtual assistants I’m going to show you let’s let’s address what wholesaling is what the heck is wholesaling? What wholesaling, real estate is when you get a property that’s discounted, that usually is distressed, that’s where you’re able to get it for discount. As you know, if it needs repairs, it needs updating, and let’s say the house is you know, fixed up, rehabbed, it’s worth $400,000. But the house needs carpet paint, it’s kitchen needs bathroom needs all this work. And the seller is like, Look, I know I can fix this house up and get 400,000. But I don’t want to put 60,000 $80,000 in this house, wait six months and then sell I want to sell now and I don’t want to fix it up.

So that house is not worth $400,000 it’s actually worth probably 250 300,000. So what we do is we go to that salary, say, hey, look, you’re gonna make more money to fix up yourself. Are you sure you don’t want to fix it? And they say, No, I don’t just give me just pay me what it’s worth right now. So then we say, okay, I can give you two. So the seller says, Okay, let me say, Okay, we’ll pay cash, we can close in 14 days, then what we do with the payneless flipping method is we already have our buyers in line, we’re not messing around, we’re not just locking stuff up that we don’t know, we get under contract, and we reach out to our buyers and we say, Hey, we got a property, how much would you pay for it, they give us their offer, you make that assignment fee, we get it to 50, we sell it to them for 300,000 or 275, whatever you make that that assignment fee, you did not buy the house, you just have to contract. And of course, if I want to buy, I can just close on that deal myself. But that’s not wholesaling. You’re buying it at that point.

And I can flip it. But in wholesaling, you look at it and you say does it make more sense for me to make $25,000 in 14 days, or maybe I can make 50,000 I can double it in six months. But you know, you just have to weigh that risk, maybe you need the money now maybe you don’t want to do all the work and you know and take on the risk of the market not knowing what’s gonna happen. That’s why wholesaling exists, making the money now or you can wait and double it and you know, run the risk of it going up or down. Who knows it’s a gamble, right? So that’s what wholesaling is. And I actually have virtual assistants that have hired from the Philippines, where I teach how to go through the whole selling process, so they know what the company is about. And we’re about to show you this training.

But before I go into the training of you know how to learn real estate that I taught to my virtual assistants, I want to invite you to something I think will also help you learn how to wholesale the payneless way how to flip houses, do painless, flipping, go to investors Right now, and you can register for our masterclass where we break down our exact process of how we flip houses, how we flip contracts with literally no marketing spend, I just did a 30 day challenge and got a deal. My other employee that works with me, Nathan Valley, he also did this 30 Day Challenge he did a $20,000 deal and split that deal with a wholesaler that he did a deal with the payneless way. We didn’t spend any money on marketing, we got these deals done. We explain it all in the master class and we show you exactly how to do it.

So I wanna invite you go to to go check it out. But let’s not do that. Let’s dive right into the training and you can see exactly how I teach my virtual assistants to understand wholesaling. So real quick, guys the strategy I’m calling I’m calling it the painless wholesaling method, right your strategy and what is the payneless wholesaling strategy guys it’s it’s literally reverse wholesaling. But I just think I like to call it payneless, because my last name is pain. And that’s like, that’s why I want to call and I believe it’s painless. I’ve wholesaled for many years, and doing the traditional way wholesaling. It’s kind of painful. If you just go out, get a deal under contract, and you do not know, like, if you have a buyer or if it’s a deal, or if you’re doing deals nationwide, you lock it up and you’re like, hey, I think this is a deal. And then you send it out and nobody wants it. That’s painful. It’s painful for your team. It’s painful for morale. It’s painful for your pocketbook.

He’s like, Dude, I thought we were gonna have a deal. So I don’t do that right now right now. And I’m not saying don’t mark it a ton. I still mark it but just doing the random blasting shotgun approach is too expensive right now and for the way the market is what we’re going to talk about today is targeting in a specific area that your buyers want, I’m about to call one of my cash buyers net worth. And he’s the man and he’s going to tell me Nate, go to this area and go get me a freaking deal. And I’m going to show you guys how I can do it. So right here in the payneless wholesaling, it’s a 10 step process to get in making money. Okay, that’s all you have to do. It’s just 10 steps, nothing crazy. The first step is you gotta hear Mark, and it’s really easy to pick your market, you work your own backyard if the markets big enough.

So after you pick your market, you find cash buyers, you find like your top 10 cash buyers, I’m not telling you to go build a giant wholesaling buyers list. That’s not what I’m telling you. I’m telling you to go get tight with 10 people in your market who are actively buying and go find what they want. So they buy it from you like this. Now, after that, you’re going to find out what their criteria and what their buy boxes. That’s what we’re about to do. Right now I’m about to call Nate and say, Nate, I’ve known you for a while, what do you actually want, let’s go find it. Number four is once you find out what they want, you go find it with paid marketing, or you go find it with free marketing. Today, I’m going to show you how to do the paid marketing through doing lists and skip tracing with batch, I’m going to show you the best lists to pull from batch how to stack them what are the top lists to stack anyway, this is going to show you how to go target these specific areas. And then you can put them into batch dialer. You know, batch leads, texting, Target, pay per click. But these are just different ways to target you can send mailers through batch you can have your VA is like I have mine crushing it.

But yeah, so that’s that’s kind of the process once you find out with the reverse the painless wholesaling model, what your buyers want, you go find it once you find it, you analyze the deal, you see if it’s a deal, then you bring it to your buyer. And you say what do you want to offer, you take their offer, and you already have a buyer, so you’re not guessing. And then once you do that, if your buyer doesn’t give you what you really want, you can market the deal out anyway and send it to other people to blast it out with like an email text blasts, you can do the traditional dispo route. But the cool thing about the painless wholesaling method is like you don’t have to dispo and have a giant dispo arm, you just need to be tight with 10 to 15 people in your one market and crush it and send deals to them. And that’s what I did yesterday. So after Step nine, after you market it, you set up a walkthrough super easy. Here’s all the ways now it’s time to call the buyer. So yesterday guys, what we did is we I went to my email, I saw this mobile home that a wholesaler sent me and I said, I have a buyer that loves mobile homes, he loves those mobile homes, let me see if he’d be interested, my buyer is on this guy’s list. But this guy had his deal for 35. So I did the calls. And I found out that they could go lower. So I went to my buyer and talked to him. So I know my guy wants mobile homes. So now I’m gonna talk to him today and say where actually do you want mobile homes? I’m never familiar with the mobile homes that you want. Let me go find them for you using batch. Let’s call Nate. Let’s see. Let’s see if he answers he should answer because I told him I was doing this call to train my bas. There we go.

Just hung up on me like, hey,

so this is what I’m doing. Today, I’m training my virtual assistants on how to use a software called batch leads to literally go in to the mobile home parks that you want us to I’m going to pull lists in those areas. And I’m going to hit those people up. But I just kind of need to know what mobile parks you want.

Okay, cool.So the ideal mobile parks are where they allow rentals. Okay, but there, I only know of one. So that’s fine. But you’re on speakerphone.

Yeah, that’s fine. I mean, if you could give me the address in there or somewhere, I can search it. I’ll pull it up on the map. And then I’ll literally go to town. I’ll mark the area. And then I’ll pull lists in those areas and start getting some deals brother. So basically, you want a mobile home park where it allows rentals, right? That’s ideal. Okay, what I’ll do is, I’ll get these areas going and we’ll see what we can do man, that’d be awesome. If we could start sniping some of these deals down for you. That’s the bottom line. You know, we just call you and see what you want. We gotta go find it. Oh, let’s go. No problem. All right, hit me up if you anything.

All right, thanks. All right. All right. All right. So in seven minutes, I found out what my buyer who’s willing to buy three to four of these a month what he wants so either need to go drive it for dollars, pull a list in that area using batch and then skip trace and put into a dialer text to even just go I already probably already said this but go knock it say hey, who’s selling in here? I’m ready to freakin go. And I already brought him this one and he made me an offer. I went to the wholesaler told him Hey, this is my guys offer. The wholesaler said let me go renegotiate it. I’m just like that guy’s like there’s nothing crazy here. This is what you do. So you don’t have to call get on the dialer and cold call 1000 people every day and blow one up just scream because I’ve done that for three months. My first deal I got from cold calling took me three months of cold calling.

It works. You can go make big money you can you can hit it big but I’d rather do this. I can do it part time. I can do it really quick. Not because I run other businesses too. Now there’s one thing I’ve never tried mobile homes on batch so I’m not sure if they do it but it looks like you know and honestly if they don’t I’m sure there’s a different way this what I’m showing you guys is just the way to do it in general. Okay, so this is the thing, I actually pulled up multiple tabs because I’m actually going to go and do this area do this. Do this for Nate, my buyer. I’m going to look it up. So we’re gonna go boundary. Okay, let’s see. Okay, so it does it looks like it is pulling up mobile homes. That’s legit. I’ve got seven found.

So seven found that meet a specific criteria. Okay, so let’s filter and then you know, according to this strategy you I mean, I might as well just pull every mobile home park in this area and call them right because if you do like houses or a bigger range area, you can you go here and you won’t only want to pull specific data. So when you’re pulling a list on batch, you want to pull specific lists, or stack them so you can really, like get really tight on what you want. Let’s just do an example. So let’s just say I talked to Nate, he wants this neighborhood. So Nate’s like Oh, Nate, if you can get me some deals over here on the end and I would say great, I’d filter for the specific qualities that he wants a so there’s 11 property so guys the cool thing about what I just did is as a sniper, I don’t have to call the whole neighborhood I can just say okay, these people are pretty that fit the criteria.

So let’s go ahead and skip trace these people it’s selected all once I save it I go pull the list skip trace it and then I can call it and instead of having to call all these people in the world be on the phone you know specifically have a buyer in this area and another cool thing about it guys is if you want to drive for dollars in this specific area, it’s as simple is this so then all you have to do is go to driving routes. Let’s look and see if there’s any distressed homes in the area little nice little neighborhood right here we pick let’s just let’s just for example, it’s I know I can find a house okay, this this one might need some work, like the grass needs to be done.

You know, so this is an example so if I click on this and press Save, I can create a list called Nate’s my buyer Nate Nate’s neighborhood right and then after that I can create a new tag well I would go to the tag that says driving for dollars and then I’d save and then I’d be able to go out and skip trace that list and call it so guys I meant that that’s the sniper way to do it. Okay, that’s it. You don’t have to go and call 1000s of people just to get a hold you know someone that you can do a deal with like you can target an area that your buyer specifically wants and and get it done guys thanks for supporting thanks for watching I’m here to help you painless wholesome method using batch leads is going to make you more money with less marketing spend and less time I know it because I’m doing it go out and do it go get some awesome vas. I hope you enjoyed that check out investor Like I said to join our masterclass and if you liked this video and you want more please like subscribe and hit the bell icon so we can alert you have more videos and look if you have a specific question or a video on me to make even throw in the comments I love I’d love to make a video if some you’re curious about peace out