How to find liens on a property and use them to your advantage

In this video, we’re going to show you how to find liens on a property and use them to your advantage.

hey guys what’s going on? It’s Nathan Payne and we got my man Dylan Rogers and sup doing Hey, how’s it going man? So guys everybody that’s watching this is the batch call this is where we kind of show people how to use batch to get deals and guys I’ve been getting a ton of questions right now about like solar like liens, right like what do you do if a seller has a soul has solar panels on their house and it’s not paid off right and you know Dylan Have you ever experienced that like bought a house from someone that have solar on it actually have not okay, just it’s gets kind of crazy and crap and so what I’m going to do today is I’m going to show you guys that usually if there’s a lien on a house bachelor leads can tell you that like if there is one right and that usually you’re able to ask sellers about that and find out you know, hey, you know, I see there’s a lien like what’s going on? Okay, so I’m going to show you guys where to find that in batch leads and how that may be can help you with negotiations. Okay, and I’m going to tell you guys how to overcome seller having a sore lien and you wanting to buy the house for cash this house.

I’m working with guys has a soul has solar on it has it’s in pre foreclosure and or it’s about to get into pre foreclosure, right. And it’s just got some issues, right? It’s got liens. So before you can sell a house, that stuff all has to get taken care of, right? Unless you do seller finance, and you assume someone’s mortgage, and you’re assuming their liens, right. So if you take on someone’s property, subject to seller finance, you would have to catch up their pre foreclosure, like what they’re behind the bank is going to take you so this this house is interesting situation. So this is what happened, the seller wanted $250,000 for her house, and I said, Look, I’m going to be at 180, I need to be lower. And she’s like, I can’t accept 180. So I said to her, I said, Look, I might not be able to pay as much as you need. But I can send this to my cash buyers that can Okay, if so I’m going to send this out. And we’re going to wholesale this and if I’m going to bring you all the offers and you can accept one so I told the seller, I was going to wholesale so now she’s messaging me and like hey, I’m seeing someone came to me and said that you’re trying to sell my house for lower than what we agreed. So she’s kind of like what’s going on. So I’m gonna call her and explained to her what I’m doing. So you type in the address and then the details of the property come up, you go to details and then you see under distress indicators that this is it says it’s not an act of pre foreclosure. But that’s not necessarily true, because it’s about to happen, right? So get triggered and then the property liens it says yes, so it doesn’t really tell you what the lien is in this case, it’s you know, they have a couple and then you have divorce not getting divorced, no bankruptcy. So the cool thing about batch is it not only tells you the owner that we’re dealing with how long he’s owned it, so I when I talked to the seller, so there’s two things that can happen if there’s a solar most people will want you just they just want to buy it out. The other situation is leave the solar in place and then the person that takes over the mortgage, rent out the property keeps the solar in place keeps making the solar payments through the rental right like just charging them a utility bill, you just haven’t been paid the solar until it’s paid off completely so you don’t have to pay 18k up front that’s what it is. But like if you sell your property to open door or pretty much any institutional buyer like on these I buyers, they if you have solar, they may want it paid off before they buy that’s the thing was so that’s how to deal with solar. So you can still do deals with solar but don’t put a lien on your house if you don’t pay it. So they’re they’re gonna get paid right? No matter what, which is kind of frustrating. So let’s call it let’s give it a shot. Right here that Yep. Hi, Anita. How are you heading home? How was vacation? Oh, it was okay. Okay, well, hey, I hate to worry you, you know I feel like you know, you’ve been sending some texts. Like maybe you might be concerned about some stuff. So I want to just call it out call you and clear it up. Right? Well, let me explain what so I don’t I’m not a wholesaler I wholesale and what that means is I buy properties and I flipped them I rent them out I you know get have rentals, but an exit strategy when I come across people in situations like yourself where it’s like, hey, I need to sell my house quick for cash. When I make an offer to someone, it doesn’t work for them. I say look, you know, I might not be able to pay what you what you need. But I have a network of people that I can run this by and see if they can get your offer that you want. And that’s that’s all I’ve done this whole time is said hey, my offer is you know, not going to be something you want. But I’m checking with my network. And I’ve been I’ve grown a cash buyers list of people that buy and close in with, you know, little time with their own money or hard money. I’ve grown it up to like over 6000 people. So I know everyone in Utah right now that’s buying and I’ll tell you right now, a lot of people are not buying they’re nervous because of the interest rates. They don’t know if values if they’re going to buy your house for example, and then it’s going to be less worth less when the Feds increase the interest rate. So that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s just
that when I got the phone call or the text today, he texted me and said here and saw about your house and why wanting to know if you’re going with that or what I’m going with. So I texted back and asked, you know, what’s what’s going on? Yeah, yes. Everything. He said he received an email. Yeah. And the I don’t know if he heard it or just saw it or whatever. Yeah. Utah.

Yeah, yeah. So that’s a virus or something. Yeah. So I work with them. And that’s kind of what I meant is like the network that we’ve built, we reach out to them, right. So we say, Hey, guys, this is an opportunity. We’re looking for the highest and best offers. And it’s that’s kind of what we did. So he probably just got one of our emails, he’s probably on our lives. And he called you and said, Hey, I saw this, you know, this got sent out. Are you going to accept that? And is he saying, like, maybe you can do more saying like, Oh, I can do better than that? Or? Well, his his offer was 200,000. And I find it Yes. Because that’s not what, that’s not what you want. That’s not gonna get it done. Oh, he wanted to know what the offer was. I says, Well, I’m not gonna say what the offer is. But I am stating that I’m asking for more than what this is saying.

Yes, yes. Well, I get it. And I don’t think you need to flip flop between between us. Because, you know, like I said, I’ve ran this by everything. And I’ll explain exactly what happened. So when we first signed the agreement, I sent this your home out or about 235, because I wanted to try and get as much as I could for you. Right. So we’ve had, you know, we’ve probably talked to several people. And what’s going on is, you know, some people have seen the house, some people just don’t even want to make an offer because of the condition. So what’s happening is, I think the best cash offer that we have currently at this moment was like 205, then someone came in at 185. And we’re like, that’s not going to work for her not even close. And I know, according to what we talked about tool five doesn’t even work for you. So we’re trying to negotiate with someone right now who is willing to take over the mortgage, right? Like we talked about assuming the mortgage and get you your equity, what you’re looking for up front. So it’s not that, you know, we haven’t been trying to get we’re just working with what we have. And unfortunately, the market, you know, there’s some, the buyers are just kind of scared right now, cash buyers are like, hey, you know, we don’t know what’s going to happen. And what I what we thought was originally sent out for a lot didn’t get a lot of interest. So when we send it out for less, like he said, 200,000 not saying hey, you have to buy it, everybody, or I’m gonna make you do it. I just send it out for less because I thought maybe by sending out for less, we’ll get a bidding war, we’ll say, Okay, this is low enough where people say, Okay, I’m interested, let me start making an offer. And then we can bid people up. Right? So that was the strategy. And I’m sorry, if you know, maybe I didn’t explain all this to you fully, but it’s just really psychology and trying to go high. And then, you know, go low, and try to bid it up. Because unfortunately, people are just they’re trying to lowball us. And what does that mean? That means, you know, I’m gonna have to come and tell you what the offers are. But I want to get you as much as I can. I need to Okay, so right now we are in the negotiations with someone that can take over the mortgage, and we’re just telling, so this is what they wanted us to do. They said, Hey, we can bring money down to give her her equity, but we want her to pay for the solar and to catch the property up at a pre foreclosure out of the money we give her right. So they’re talking about giving like something like $40,000 down to you to give you that much, but they’re saying but out of the 40,000 that we would give her we need her to catch up with what’s in pre foreclosure in the solar. So that doesn’t work for you because you have $12,000 in pre foreclosure, right. And then you have the solar lien, which is 18. So that’s 30,000. So if they gave you 40, but you had to pay 30 out immediately, I meant you’re only getting 10. And that doesn’t work for you, right? Yeah. So that’s, that’s kind of what’s going on, though. I mean, this this is I’m gonna I’m gonna go and call and see what the best they can do. I’m keeping you in the loop on what I’m sorry to bother you as you’re driving back. But I’ll talk to you. I’ll talk to you soon. I’ll let you know what happens. Oh, boy, my goodness, she doesn’t understand that you’re going to foreclosure and all their fees that she’s going to have to take care of is gonna be way more money. Well just take a walk.

Yeah, so the thing is, like, that doesn’t make logically makes sense. Right? Just to let it go. Because not only that, but her so it’s her son’s home, she’s helping him right? He’s gonna have a foreclosure on his record, and he’ll never be able to buy a house again. Right? So she just needs to take as much as she can get. That’s like why would you take zero when you can take even if it doesn’t pay off all your debts, right? So anyway, this is what’s going to be happening a lot and I’m just showing you the conversation to have and I’m not pressuring I’m not saying hey, you need to go so someone’s saying sub two. This is what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to figure out a way to do sub two but there’s a problem it’s there’s there’s too much money that she owes there’s so she’s in a position where she’s going to give to the bank and make zero or she’s going to work with me and she might be able to make 10 Right so when you work with a seller and you’re in a wholesale their house you send them a real estate purchase contract to buy their home so simple as that right but when I wholesale tells a seller I’m going to wholesale their house I have them sign the same agreement but in the addendum in the terms I say I’m going to look for a buyer for this home and you are giving me 14 days to do it. So contract versus residents blah blah so so it’s the purchasing the property I sent her another demo I’m going to drop the price but anyway seller is giving the buyer me the right to market the property in order to find an end buyer to purchase the property the seller has given the buyer until a certain date to for it to do so and For due diligence taking over existing mortgage subject to is an additional minimum required if finance is agreed upon. So it’s as simple as, hey, I’m looking for somebody to get you this price. I come back, say, hey, you know, unfortunately, nobody wants to buy your house at that price. This is these are the offers on the table, you want to take it, take it or leave it because this is the best we can do cool, guys. Well, this call has been brought to you by batch and I know I combined the batch and you know I’m doing but this is like this implementation. This is what people need to see they need to see the raw, the dirty, because I can just sit there and say call a title company or I can do it and you guys can see it’s easy. It’s not hard, you know, you can do a deal and you could call and be like, Hey, I’m new to wholesaling but I want or you can say whatever you want. You can say, hey, I’m new, but I’ve done a lot of flips. I just need to I’m trying to find a buyer. He’s hooking you up all day. Awesome, man. Cool. All right, man. Well, it’s been great. Thank you. breaks that this guy right here says breaks down the fear. There’s no reason to fear brother. You can do this. Everybody can do it. Let’s do our guys calculator.