How to get on market deals using privy

You want to get deals that are on market, but you have no idea how to talk to real estate agents, check out how Nathan Valley and David Lemoore Tay, who we’re working with are striving to get deals using privy and getting them on market, check out the exact process of how we do it right here on this call. Alright, so these are from from David, I had him forward me the email so that I can look at what he’s got. And we’ll walk through so this is from yesterday for all the filters and stuff you got set up in Tampa and the Tampa areas. So let’s start at the bottom here. Now your buyers have they given you a range as far as like price point what prices they like to be at?

So there’s kind of a big range of three to 600 as far as ARV, but as far as purchasing price, it seems they want to purchase between one HUD like purchase at 100 to like 220 seems to be like where they want to purchase that especially for flips and like the 350 area.
Okay, gotcha, gotcha. So sort of similar to Orlando, they want to be at that like probably ideally that that three 400 ish ARV sounds like you got a few people that are willing to go a little bit higher, and ARV that’s awesome. They want to buy at 100 I’ll be honest, man, I think I think everybody wants to buy at 100. Yeah, similar to Orlando, that if we’re able to get stuff on that probably realistically want to be closer to the low twos would be my guess. So guys, these are all things as to why we want to kind of establish relationships with our buyers first, because these are important things we want to learn before we start spending a bunch of money trying to find deals, okay, this is not really what we’re looking for houses in great condition. What I’m doing here, David is I am looking at what properties in the email when we click on 13 properties, you know, it’ll bring up the Preview tab with all 13 of those properties. And so what I’m doing is I’m going through and I’m like, Okay, which of these properties look like there is an opportunity for there to be some motivation, there’s a few things we look at one is you know, as a wholesaler as investors, the number one thing that’s the easiest is it needs work done to it. So as we’re looking at these I’m not seeing a whole ton now there’s also my first time kind of really getting a feel for Tampa. So I’m looking for our you know what properties look like they have an opportunity for us to add value to it.

So this property you know, kitchen could definitely use updating not a bad house by any means. But this thing could you know, use a little bit of TLC a little bit updating. Yeah, I like this a lot. Now I price is the last thing I ever look at number one thing I look at is, you know, first I just double check and make sure it’s a property, you know, beds, baths, square footage, all that good stuff that my buyers would be remotely interested in. So firstly, I’m looking at his pictures, right? Is there is there an opportunity for us to add value. Second thing we want to look at is how long has it been listed? Right? It’s only been listed for two days, and then I’ll take a peek at price. Now this has been listed for 60 days, you know, it just gives me a lot more information. And then I take a quick peek at the property remarks. I love that Kirby has this right here Clearwater home so look at for things just like this great opportunity for your next cosmetic remodel project. Boom, this probate property I’ll even throw it in there being sold cash only. So literally, the description is inviting us to give them a bid. Hey, cash buyers, hey, wholesalers, investors, please give us a call You are the people we are looking for awesome. Love it love everything that’s going on here. The sale is subject to final probate approval highest and best offers due by 9am Monday. So this property, probably not going to have a whole lot of room for us to really be able to negotiate, but we’re going to call them up. And we’re going to call Jamie up here. So down here is where they’ve got the brokerage and the agent that is listing the property. And so we’ll just copy that.

And then we’re going to paste that right into Google. And then you know, I’ll click on like one of the first ones here And we’re looking for their their mobile cell phone number don’t typically want to call the office. I want to get directly to him. All right. Well, Jamie here. All right, come on, Jamie. This is Jamie. Hey, Jamie. This is Nathan. How you doing? I’m doing good. Thanks. I was calling about a listing I saw here of yours on on hold if Yes. I guess is your phone’s probably been the melting. Oh, you might be worried about that. I was just calling to see if you had a couple of minutes chat about it. Sounds like it might have caught you in the middle of something though. Okay, perfect. Yeah, Jamie, I’m looking at it as a potential investment opportunity. I was wondering if you could just tell me a little bit about it. Anything in particular that you think would be important for someone like me to know its highest potential is a total incomplete remodel roof. Windows, AC can roll up the kitchen, new flooring, and paint. Okay, so you’re thinking for this property? Yeah, it’d be best to kind of go with the full full full rehab. That’s what I would do. What do you feel is kind of the best fit for a? Do you think it’s a better fit to rehab it do it really nice. And then you’ll look to list it back on the market after kind of everything’s been done to it? Or do you think this property might be a better fit as a rental.

I think you can actually go either way, if you were doing it as a rental, you’d probably make more money long term by not going quite as high end on the remodel. But there’s money to be made. Either way, it’s in a nice enough location that you could go Martha Stewart and get top dollar, which, between my research in the comments of other agents that have talked about it, some of them think it’s gonna go to 431 person thinks higher, I’m confident would go to for 20, possibly higher. Okay, so you think if it was if the rehab was done well, and done nice, it could list and sell on the back end for around 424 30 ish. Yep. professional opinion, and I don’t have a horse on the race. So
got it as they’re been kind of any recent properties in neighbor neighborhood kind of similar to this one that have, you know, kind of pulled some prices like that. Yes. Okay. Nice. Yeah, you wouldn’t happen to know the address off top your head by chance? Would you
know, I wouldn’t? I wouldn’t go into that much detail with you over the phone, if I did, just to be completely honest. Oh, got it. What was that?

Well, I mean, you’re you’re picking my brain. I don’t want somebody else relying on information that I’ve given, I’d be more interested in hearing what you have to say and have happily agree or disagree. I’m very, very old school when it comes to that. Plus, I’ve got probably 70, phone calls from investors, all similar conversations to this. And ultimately, anything that I tell one person, I’ve got to tell every other person because I’m not going to be in a position to willingly or unwillingly give any one person an advantage over the others and put my own real estate license in jeopardy. Got it. Got it. So I’m catching at the tail end of the 100 conversations.

Yes, I’m a little a little worn out. But I still have three more days to go totally, totally. I see. And Jamie, I promise I’ll do my best to make it as painless as possible. My goal isn’t to waste your time. And I’m sure you know, especially when it comes to investors, I’d get it out of 100 calls, probably half of them are making offers at like one ad or just, you know, something silly? Well, the
majority of the offers have been in excess of the asking price, which only makes sense. That’s fantastic. The MLS price is just a sign that says Come look at it.

Yeah, for this property. No, I mean, kind of twofold. One, you know, I’m interested in it, I kind of perfect fit for what I’m looking for. But of course, at the same time, I know, you’re gonna have absolutely no trouble selling it, you know, you’ve already got kind of a bunch of offers, and we’re asking my goal is I don’t want to waste your time, Jamie, you know, or mine, you know, my goal isn’t to insult you or the sellers, you know, with with a low offer or an offer that’s less than what they were looking for. I guess my question is Where Where would I realistically need to be at in order to be competitive, the most specific I will be and I won’t be any more specific than that is that the first number is going to have to be a three.

Okay. No, that’s, that’s totally fair. I appreciate you giving me that much info. Because yeah, like I said, you know, my goal isn’t to waste your time or mine. And then aside from price, obviously, you know, doing the highest best prices is the number one thing that’s my goal. Other than that, is there anything else of importance, you know, other than nothing whatsoever, you know, it’s everything where is as is so there will not be any input from the seller regarding, you know, cleaning up the property or making any repairs, as you might expect, and the probate court will dictate whether it takes two weeks or three weeks or four weeks for the judge just to have it on his docket to rubber stamp, the approval. It’s strictly in a state there’s no emotion to it. And my job is strictly to present the highest net to the probate that’s real. I do have a couple of offers that are not real, but I’ve been in the business long enough to know the difference.

When you say that not real What do you mean somebody comes up with a unusually high number and a low good faith deposit with a inspection period to do is be able to prop you up and then attempt to renegotiate it that’s what I call not real right now right there with you. Yeah, all these all these play. You know, tamp I know you guys got a ton of them, where you’ll get wholesalers, they’ll call you up and they’ll be like, Oh yeah, we pay you know 400 or something and they’re like, oh, but we want to do $100 earnest money 30 day due diligence period. No, I should title company. Yeah, right. They also will not allow any wholesaling anybody that makes an offer that is subject to reassignment will not be considered. Yeah, nope, totally understand. No problem there. The one last thing I love throughout to Jamie is yeah, I gotta I gotta crunch the numbers and look at things on my end. And I think if I’m able to get in that ballpark, I’ll definitely be given a call back and let you know where I can make my offer at when I do that though I am calling unrepresented. So I, if it’s okay with you, I would love for you to be able to, you know, represent me and keep both sides of the commission or if you’d like to offer any of that as a discount totally up to you. But if that’s okay with you love love to do that.

We’ll just take it as case basis. I’m fine to represent anyone that told me I presented my goal is not to increase my commission, but I will gladly make more commission if I can. So I love it. You aren’t any more transparent than that. Right? Right now, I love it. Jamie, I know I appreciate your time. Don’t Don’t let me take up any more your time. I know, you probably got a couple of missed calls already. One last thing, I you don’t happen to have any other properties, maybe anything similar to this weather, I don’t know if it’s listed or it’s going to be coming coming up soon. Anything that would be you know, similar to this or could use a little bit more work.

I do have another one that’s very similar to this. But the seller has already gone three months longer than what he told me he would on our brother and a sister like a daughter. Both of them have some emotional attachments, and they’re just dragging their feet. I really couldn’t tell you I’ve had people call me for the past four months, as we’ve done it. And as far as I can tell, it’s probably good to take them another three or four months, at a minimum, would it be helpful to you at all, if I were able to make an offer on that property that you could present to them, but it was contingent on them, okay, that wouldn’t help them at all got it. They’ll continue to move on, they’re fully aware that the property is most likely going to be worth more money whenever they get around to turning me loose on it.
So let’s say they don’t have too much kind of motivation to move their feet kind of thing.

They know that most people would but they have other things that are more important to them than how quickly they can split up the money. Well, yeah, I’ll tell Jamie, I’ll tell you what, um, this is my personal cell phone number. If it’s alright with you, I’ll shoot you a text when we hop off here this so that you have it, feel free to hang on to my number, you know, love to chat with you if you ever have a property or switch and I do a lot than just kind of purchasing cash is just one kind of thing I’m able to bring to the table but you know, any properties, any situations, you know, and it’s I keep things very simple. You know, I don’t kind of tag things along, you know, I can let you know, hey, if I’m able to make something work, here’s what it could look like. And if not, you know, I’ll let you know that too. But yeah, I’d say please save my save my cell phone. Let’s keep in touch and, you know, love to reconnect at some point and see if I can put together a strong offer for you on this property. That sounds great. Let’s do it. Alright, Jamie, thank you so much for your time. I hope your phone’s not too busy this weekend. Thanks for the call. All right. Have a good one. Jamie. Hello.
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