How to get Wholesale Real Estate leads with a CRM

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to get wholesale real estate leads with a CRM! I’m going to show you how to use your customer relationship management software, or “CRM,” to get leads, especially the CRM that I use, the Payneless CRM. I’ll show you how to use this CRM to get deals for wholesaling. Stick around to learn more about why having a CRM is a must-have tool in your wholesaling business. Get tips on what features to look for in a CRM and see a live demonstration of how I used the Payneless CRM to get leads. Check out this video to learn more.

Welcome back. Today we’re gonna be going over how to get wholesale Real Estate Leads with a CRM, stay tuned

I got some really cool cooked up for you guys. Today we’re going to be showing you how to use your customer relationship management software or what they call CRM to get leads, especially the CRM that I use, which is called the paynless CRM. If you go to payneless You can see how it works. And I’m going to show you how it works later today. But we’re gonna show you how to use this and how to get leads and get deals for wholesaling. Let’s do it. Stick around and learn why having a CRM is a must have tool in your wholesaling business, get the tips on what features to look for in a CRM and see a live demonstration of how I use the paynless CRM to get leads. And this one is actually an off market lead that came from a pocket listing, I’m gonna show you exactly how I did it. If you’re already intrigued by how a CRM can help you revolutionize your wholesaling business, go ahead and subscribe to my channel. So you can see more content like this. So why the heck is this CRM critical for your success as a real estate investor and a wholesaler, it helps you streamline your processes, manage your contacts, and keep track of all those leads that are coming in.

Look, I’m telling you, once you get past like 1020 leads, it’s extremely difficult to manage the tasks which you have to do to follow those people I know because I used to try and just run it out of a spreadsheet. And after that after like 1020 people, I was losing track of everyone. And I eventually got to CRM, and it was a game changer. It helped me follow up with my leads told me when I needed to reach out. It depends what kind of CRM you have. But CRMs also do automation and can streamline the process of the follow up, which is huge. Now when choosing a CRM, what should you look for, for me, it’s all about automation, I only have a limited amount of time that I can work every day, it’s not even eight hours, you know, with lunch and everything and they’re driving, you really have like six, seven, and it depends how effective and efficient you are. But we all have the same amount of time to work, we got 24 hours in a day. And I need a CRM, a software that can automatically follow up with sellers that can do automations reach out to people if I miss a call, it tells them Hey, I’ll call you back it tax. That’s what the payneless CRM does. There’s a lot of other CRMs out there that are good, but they are getting they can get extremely pricey. Salesforce is one I had is very expensive HubSpot, the more context you have with a lot of CRMs like that, the more expensive they get. But anyway, the paynless CRM that I’m using right now, I like it, because it automatically reaches out to agents for you, you can put them in a drip campaign, it automatically makes offers for you on the MLS. And right now the strategy that I’m using, because there’s so many sellers on the market that aren’t selling their homes at the moment that are sitting there, I’m leveraging the MLS to make offers and get deals. So let’s talk about getting leads, because that’s why you originally came to this video, what I do is I upload a list from batch leads into my CRM that will reach out to all the agents have listings. And it can you can filter for agents that have listings that are on the MLS for over 30 days, or 60 days, you can filter it for bedrooms and baths. But that’s what I do. So I input this list into my CRM, and my CRM automatically will send offers at a 70% discount. And you know, usually they don’t accept the offer, but they do respond. So I’m getting tons of responses from real estate agents, and then I network with them. And that’s the goal. I’m not always looking for them to accept my offer, most of the time, they do not and they just laugh. But really, you’re just trying to get a hold of the agents that are responsive.

. So that’s how I’m getting leads I’m sending out offers, and I’m getting responses. And also at the same time I upload a list of agents in my area that I want to network with. This is called an agent outreach campaign. And what it does is you can put agents from a specific area, it will automatically text them and say, Hey, are you still active agent, I’m looking for deals, and it can go back and forth and text them automatically through AI. It’s pretty freakin cool. These are the two ways that I’m using my CRM to get leads I’m sending out offers automatically. And I’m using an agent outreach campaign. Both of these bring me in leads. And I’m about to show you a video right now of a lead that I got in my CRM from sending one of these texts, automated texts out and a call I had with one of my students, actually my students watching me, but I called the agent, check it out. It’s really cool. And this was a pocket listing. So I didn’t spend any money on this. And I’m all about getting things done profitably and efficiently. And if I don’t have to spend money on the lead, I can make more money because I’m not having to pay for that marketing overhead. So let’s hop right in. Tell me what you guys think. Leave a comment if you’re like, hey, you suck at phone calls. And if you think it was good, let me know I’m always looking to improve. Let’s hop right in. So now we’re going to go and I’m going to show you auto so what I did with auto is I went to batch leads and I and this is the CRM that we’re going to be going over so I went to batch leads and I pulled all the listings that met the criteria and this thing has just been sending out those automatic offers for me and I’m just having Zhi Shan respond, but you would respond you know if you don’t have a VA so for example, like right here Hey, Julie, I sent you an offer on blah blah blah, can you let me know if you got it? She said got it and responded. Okay, so I don’t know where she was. responded, let’s see, maybe it’s

you have to open it up like within those emails. Yeah, that’s all there. Okay, let’s see, sellers are in a rush to sell and need to get more out of the property they aren’t interested in your offer. Okay, so then you can go, I would just respond and say three ad and it was a I guess it’s listed we can see what it was listed for offer the three ad has to offer that you’ve made based on like the 70% or whatever automatically set?

Yeah, yeah, you dang right. So then I’m going to just respond and be like what would make do because if it’s if she accepts your ad, it’s a done deal. Like, you know, if you have anyone that ever says Yes, like this cuts them so low that you’re like, oh my gosh, I would ask her but I can email her I’m gonna say got your response. What price would would make sense for them? If I were to buy it for cash and close in 14 days with no inspection? I’m looking for a rental. Okay, so we’re just taking shots, bro. It’s all we do is take shots. So this thing is taken shots for you automatically with 20 responses that I did not have to call anybody. I didn’t have to do anything. Now check this out. Laurie Jackson. Let’s see how this went. Hey Laurie. My name is Nathan. I found your number online I was wondering if you were still an agent. Yes, I am. How can I help you? And by the way, bro, this is the AI doing it. Like I’m not responding. Yeah, great. Yeah, it’s sick dude. So great. I’m looking for another investment property to buy and hold you could buy and hoping you could help out. Do you work with investors? I do. But I don’t have anything at the moment. And so that was sent. Let’s see June 14, bro. Okay, she hits me up August 30, bro, it’s been what is that? Two? Three months? No, that’s two months right? Are you still looking for an investment property? So she remembered me I don’t even Brian didn’t even send this message my VA did so I’m shocked right now like okay, yes. Hi, Laurie. Do you have something available right now? Yes, I may have my seller needs to sell but the house needs a lot of work and he can’t do it himself. Yes, sure. I would be interested please share the details. I hope you found that helpful. If you did, don’t forget to smash that like button for me. It means a lot to me as it helps the algorithm get this in front of more people that need to see this video. See on the next video.