How to make it in real estate sales

In this video, we’re going over how to be successful in real estate sales. Everybody wants to know how they can be more successful and close more deals using their sales process. So as a wholesaler, real estate investor, or agent, you get paid by how many deals you do, so everybody wants to improve their sales skills so they can do more deals. By the end of this video, I’m going to explain exactly how you make it in real estate sales and how you can improve so you can do more deals. Check out this video to learn more.

Everybody wants to know how they can be more successful and do more deals through their sales process. Alright, so today what we’re going to be going over is how to be successful in real estate sales. Stay tuned. So as a wholesaler, as a real estate investor, as an agent, you get paid by more deals, the more deals you do, so everybody wants to improve their sales skills so they can do more deals. So by the end of this video, I’m going to explain exactly how you make it in sales and how you improve so you can do more deals. So on top of explaining how to make it in sales, your sales skills and improve and do more deal flow. I’m also going to talk about what are sales skills? Why are sales skills important to doing more deals? can you convince a seller to take a lowball offer? Can you do that? And what is the best way when talking to a seller or buyer to negotiate so you can get the deal done? Is it convincing? Is it negotiating? Is it what is it we’re gonna go over that so by the end of this video, we’re gonna know all those additional things. I’m excited. So let’s hop right in.

So what are sales skills in real estate? Well, all sales skills are as being able to communicate effectively and efficiently with a buyer or seller to convey how the opportunity you have for them is going to benefit them. So for example, if you’re talking to a seller, and they’re thinking about selling their house, or they are selling their house, they are faced with many different options to sell their house, but your job is to give them the best option that will fit their needs. And that’s what sales is, a lot of people think sales is just convincing and making someone do something that they’re not sure that they need to do.

That’s why they’re talking to you, and you’re gonna give them the best option. That’s not what sales is sales is providing the best value opportunity for that person to take. And then giving them that option. That’s what sales is. And you need to be able to improve your negotiating your sales, your communication skills, so you can do more deals. So if you want to master getting more deals and increasing your deal flow every month, instead of just having it not be consistent the amount of deals you do, you need to master your sales process.

So when I first started, I came from the door to door sales industry, I thought you could just like with door to door sales where you knock on someone’s door, you could sell them and convince them that whatever you were selling was something they needed, and they needed to make a decision that day. So when I got into wholesaling real estate, I had that same mentality, I was like, Oh, I’m gonna go to the sellers. And I’m gonna say, Hey, I have a great offer for you, I’m gonna offer you this list lowball offer, and you have 24 hours to accept it. And it’s going to benefit you because yeah, it’s fast, quick cash, it’s gonna solve all your problems.

That’s how I approached wholesaling through my sales process in the beginning was I was trying to convince everyone I was trying to convince the sellers that it made sense for them, okay, as you can probably guess it did not work. So what sales skills really mean? And what you need to do as a wholesaler, as a real estate investor is you need to be become more of a consultant, you need to be able to talk to sellers about the options they have, and find out what works best for them. You’re not trying to convince anyone of anything, you’re trying to find out if your options that you provide provide value to them. So for example, if I’m talking to a seller, and they want to sell their house, and they want to get top dollar, for example, I would say, hey, great idea, what options have you explored to get top dollar? Have you thought about listing it, then they would say, I don’t want to list it. They say I don’t want to list it because my house it needs some work. I don’t want people walking through that, then I would say to them, okay, I understand if you want Top Dollar Listing, it is a great idea.

But in order to get top dollar, you’re gonna have to list you’re gonna have to have people walk through and you’re just saying that’s not something you want. So are you willing to do those things to get top dollar? Then the person would say, No, I’m not actually i It’s not worth it to me. What else is out there? So I’d say well, you can fix it up yourself. Have you thought about fixing it up? Oh, yeah, I could do that. Okay. Do you have and I’d say, hey, let’s talk about the house. Do you? Have you told me it needs about $20,000 worth? Do you have 20,000? I don’t Okay, well, you probably don’t want to fix it up, because you probably can’t fix it because you don’t have $20,000 in a couple months to do it. So that okay, I can’t list it. I don’t want to list it. And I don’t want to fix it up myself. Okay, then I’d say can you keep it? No, I can’t keep it, I have to sell it. Okay, well, that kind of takes out those options.

The next thing you could do is you could sell it to a cash buyer that’s going to buy it for at a discounted price, but they’re going to buy it, they’re not going to have to walk through it a ton of times, you’re not going to have to fix anything up. But there’s give and take and all things right, you’re gonna have to sell it at a price. It’s not retail because the house is not retail and you’re not willing to list it or fix it up. So that is in a nutshell how I go through the process with a seller since I talked to them about their options they have instead of just going out immediately, like when I first started, I was like, Hey, here’s my offer, you have 24 hours to accept it or I’m gonna go buy something else that doesn’t work, okay, or it doesn’t. That doesn’t work a lot of the times and if you’re getting deals that way, you’re missing out. If you’re doing it like that you’re gonna miss out on a lot of opportunity because people are just going to be talking to me or someone else on the phone. They’re going to do a better job than that. So you have to have a good sales process.

And that’s it. actually like what will help you increase your deal flow and that’s why it’s that important. Now, I actually have a process of video of the process that I was showing Jessica, one of my students that I have how to call and he’s 19 years old, the brand new to wholesaling. And I showed him, hey, look, if you want to get deals, you got to make some calls, and you got to make some offers. Now, it was his first time calling and he actually got a deal under contract with a guy in Arizona. Now check this out. We’re going to go into that video. But before we dive into that video of how to improve your sales skills, and how to actually call someone and take action, I’m going to ask you a favor, please like subscribe and hit the bell icon.

It will really help me as I’m trying to give this content to as many people as possible that we can help them improve their sales skills so they can get more deals. But before I get into that video, also check out Because I will be able to take you through my masterclass and my masterclass is actually going to show you the exact process how to do this wholesaling thing, the right way. But let’s dive right in. Let’s check out how Joss Kaye talks to a seller and gets them under contract has literally his one of his first calls he’s made and he’s only 19. So let’s check it out. Okay, so the first thing we’re going to do right now, Jay is I’m going to show everyone where I got these leads, let’s go right into it batch leads everybody everybody knows that batch leads is the truth you gotta play. So batch leads if you want to list it’s super simple, you go to the area you want do you choose the filter, you choose the boundary so if you want a specific area and what I teach guys is reverse wholesaling.

So you go to a specific area where you have buyers you use the filters and I’m not going to go through all the filters you use pretty simple just pick the filters you want. You also have quick filters here of expired listings. That’s a good list that’s how I got my first deal you select all you add it to a list you skip trace the list and you start calling alright so what I have here everybody is a list from my cold calling company I work with a company called Wazoo okay they’re out of Egypt they’re six bucks an hour if you want to get hooked up with them let me know I use them I have I think I’ve too cold callers right now I take the list from batch leads. I give it to the cold callers they can use batch dialer.

They can use call tools they can use any cold calling service he manages them he trains them he makes sure they’re making calls and you can expect about two leads a day he gives me these leads and these are the agents John and Anna Thomas as whoever is calling them and then I call and I determine if I can get a deal done that’s something that I was planning on doing but Jay in my program in the club he said hey Nate, I got a deal can you help me with it? And that’s what I do you know I’m definitely down let’s do it. Let’s call this lady Let’s lock her up. Hey Jay. You There was basically can you give us a rundown of the situation this lady is facing right now the house is in like terrible condition right now as I know like he just told me like he said there’s some water problem in the kitchen. He says the I think the basement ceiling is like falling apart because you know there’s a cat problem in Chicago or something there’s a lot of cat like in the basement with plenty of cats. Cats and more cats it’s a kind of like I’m telling you I’ve been down there is like baby cats down there there’s baby cats in the ceilings. I don’t know how to get up there

What bro I had no idea there was a big cat problem in Chicago right now is that for real?

Yeah, it is it’s like I think they like said something about it in like 2021 or 2020 a lot of cats like walking around the street.

But bro we all know cats They’re fierce and they can survive bro I watched something on Discovery Channel that said like if everyday humans were to go away cats would be like the dominant species because they can just like survive and hunt and do all that stuff. What’s happening right there in Chicago? Hmm

Yeah, so she got a few broken doors I’m not sure about like exactly what needs to get fixed but I know there’s a lot of problems to the house at this point. She’s like willing to go down on the price to sell it because she just need to get out of there like they’re already packed up. They’re ready to leave like I just talked to her grandson. He’s like yeah, he was like nobody’s in the door right now. Oh wait it’s in the rooms are all packed up they’re trying to take over the House.

Alright man. So let’s uh, let me you want me to call her and kind of get down to the nitty gritty and see if we can do a deal with her you got and for everybody that’s watching this this is how you do real estate deals you make calls that’s it you call you make offers you see if there’s any problems and you get you get this done. That’s about it. All right, let’s do this man. So let’s give this lady a call. And again, this call is about how to find wholesale leads to do deals. Well, let’s talk about how you found this one. Jay, how did you find this? This opportunity?

I think about like two months ago I called my friend and we were just talking and stuff he was like Yeah, but uh yeah I need to find a partner cylinder something he says Graham was trying to sell the house now I wasn’t really into wholesaling at the time and he not heard about it but like a month later, like I’ll say beginning in November, I started getting into it. We remember that he says Update cuz he was telling me about it you’ve been talking for like the past few weeks he was telling me about like, oh yeah, like you need to find a place or something because his grandma’s trying to move. I was like, maybe I could try to help. And that’s how I kind of like got the opportunity to like, get his number because at first he wasn’t really sure because you know, you know, I’m new to this, so there wasn’t really sure if I can do it. They don’t want nobody to like fuck them over. That’s yeah, I’m gonna clarify me.

You’re good man. No, no, I hear you is true. So But you told me that you’re like, you’re 19. And you maybe you feel like they might be think you’re too young. You got to change that mindset. And that’s okay. I know, you got what it takes. You just gotta be like, Man, I can do any deal. I can do anything, you know. So it’s not that you’re too young. You just need a little bit of guidance. And as you know, let’s do it. You’re going to be able to be doing deals in the next couple weeks. I promise you, bro. Yeah. All right, everybody. So this lead did not come from batch leads. But if we can find out more information about the situation using batch leads. Okay, so let’s let’s go right into it. Let’s see what information we can find out from Batchelor. j&j, you remember this? We did this the other day? Yeah, we did. We found out a little bit information on this situation. So we’re going to put in the address. So what I found out guys, is that the seller, according to this has a mortgage on the property still, she has a little bit of equity, according this estimated values 170, it believes it has, you know, 48,000, so the mortgage is about 122. Okay, and she cancelled a listing that she had at 1107. So last month, it was just November, but last month, she cancelled the listing at 165. You know why? Because she couldn’t sell it. No one was buying the house. So all this information, I’ve been able to find out like that, from batch leads, I know that she can’t go lower than 122. Or she’ll owe money to the bank. Let’s give the seller a call. Let’s try to get her on the phone. And let’s see if we can work something out. And it’s all about getting people on the phone and just asking them how you can help them sit, have conversations. So that’s what we’re going to do is give her a call. And according to this her name, Sheila, thank you batch leads. Hi, Sheila, how are you? Okay, hey, Sheila, my name is Nathan, I’ve got your information from one of my business partners about your property. That’s for sale. You have a couple minutes to talk.

Right now. I’m gonna probably put it back on the market.

Yeah, of course. So you’re gonna list it again? Is that right? Yeah, I saw that it was listed. How come you took it down? Here as I want to take care of, well, hey, I’m a cash buyer. I buy properties for cash. And you know, it would require that you wouldn’t have to do any work to the house, I would actually take care of everything for you. I could just buy it is that something you’d be interested in is if I could just make you an offer and buy it right now?

Well, I can’t say make me an offer. It definitely has to be opened with an old because I have a mortgage on it. What do you owe on the mortgage? The 130 535,000?

Okay, so I’m on a software program right now called batch leads. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of batch leads, but it lets me know what you owe? Well, it’s like an estimate, it says that you might owe around 122. Does that sound about right? Or do you feel like you owe a little bit more than 122?

I feel I might need a bit more. Are you behind on the mortgage at all?

No. So it might be maybe some other things that they I am not able to see on the records. But anyway, I’m assuming when you had this listed on the MLS, you probably got a lot of offers that were probably lower than your mortgage, right?

No, no. Oh, you haven’t gotten offers. I didn’t get really any offers. You know, I did get some feedback, you know, but I didn’t get any offers.

No offers. No one made you an offer. Hmm, that’s frustrating. I’m sure you just wanted someone to make you an offer. Hmm. Like just give me an offer?

Yeah, this time? Yeah. But I’m sad. What I do is take care of couple of things that may attract buyers to be listed as a higher amount. You know, I don’t know.

Okay, well, let me ask you this. If I were able to just buy it right now and get it done where you didn’t have to put any money or time into it. What would you sell it for?

As is I had this before? I think it was 165?

I say yeah, I saw that 165 around here. Yeah. So I mean, if I bought it I would you wouldn’t have to pay any Commission’s or fees or any anything from an agent. If you list it, then you got to pay 3% to the listing agent 3% buyer’s agent closing costs, I take care of all that.

Okay, well, I mean, I need to run this. Can I run this to my lawyer? You can run this by

Yeah, you can run this by anyone you want. It’s but this sounds like you maybe you’ve never dealt with an investor before to buy your house. Is this the first time? No.

So you know, I’ve never dealt with it. I’m willing to write you know, but I’ve never got one.

Yeah, you just probably want to make sure that you’re doing this all by the book and nothing. Nothing crazy happens, huh? Right. Okay. Yeah, I get that. Yeah, please. I would love for you to talk to your attorney and just say hey, I wouldn’t even talk to him. I’ll talk to him too and just say hey, I have someone that’s interested in buying my house so I don’t have to do any work to it as is but I just kind of curious when you were going to sell for 165 After commissions and fees. How much were you hoping to walk away with after paying off the more Originally, you probably weren’t going to walk away with that much. Right?

And no, I didn’t think it would be there. But well, what was your goal? In like, making 20 grand?

Yeah, I mean, after fees and commissions it probably sneak up on you probably have to pay a little bit more, you know, you know how those agents are always trying to get their commission. Look, what do you think we should do from here? I would love to, you know, maybe work with you a little bit more see what I can do to buy the house. Would you rather talk to your attorney first and then we can call? Yes, I would definitely might do that. Okay, because my thing is, I just don’t want you to put any money into the house if I’m going to buy it and then have to fix it up anyway. I just don’t want you to waste your money.

Oh, I understand what you’re saying. Okay, you know, what, can you email me your information? Of course. Okay. Sounds great.

Okay. And your name is? Just to make sure I have a correct it’s Sheila Randolph? Yeah. All right, Sheila. Well, my name is Nathan Payne. It was a pleasure talking to you and hopefully maybe we can work something out.

Okay, great. Thank you so much. You have a good one. All right.

All right. All right. All right. That was it. What do you think Jay?

I mean, isn’t that kind of expected because he did tell me she was kind of stubborn.

She doesn’t really know what investors are she might think this might be a little shady.

Yeah, I mean, she just she just odors so she don’t really know she don’t know that much.

Yeah, and honestly if I lived in Chicago, maybe going to see her would probably be better. That’s why like nationwide is okay. But if you’re going to be able to do deals in your own backyard it’s always better because you can I can shake her hand say she could see that I’m a normal guy and she probably feel a lot more comfortable. If you liked that information and you want to learn more go to To register for my live masterclass I’m doing so I can teach you exactly how to do this step by step. Alright, talk to you next time.