How to overcome obstacles Amindset of a champion with Kyison Garcia

In this video, we’re going to have a special guest, Kyison Garcia. He’s just a good all-around athlete, especially in wrestling. His injury, in many ways, was just another trial to overcome and one that taught him several important life lessons.

Good people are like, Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Like, you know, your season’s over. Like he kind of just sat me my brother’s down. He’s like, look, this is something that we’re gonna go through and this is really like, it’s gonna be really hard, but I will not let this moment define who you guys become. I’m gonna shoot the Olympic champion too. So that’s the goal and I’m I’m chasing I’m hungry for it and you know I’m gonna go get it

what is going on everybody? This is the Payneless flipping podcast. I got my man here Tyson. Is that right? That’s right. Oh, man. What a pleasure. So everybody. The reason why I got Tyson on here is because this man, he’s going to Penn State. Is that right? That was right. Yeah, for wrestling. And I when I met him, I was like, Man, this guy’s a winner. And you all know that this is about real estate. But I also want to bring on winners here. I want to know what makes them a winner and what makes them in that mentality work for them. So we’re going to talk to him about his life and see how you know, his journey, how it’s been and what its gonna look like. And, you know, we can relate this to business because, you know, in order to win a business, you got to work hard. So Kyson right I don’t want to say wrong. You got it. Alright, bro. So let’s kind of get into your your life right? Like, where should we even start man? We want to talk about wrestling. Right? So let’s get because that’s how we get to know each other. So you started when you were five?

Yeah, I was about five years old. Yeah, so my dad was good high school wrestler he was a three time state champion here in Utah and then you know I was a junior college all American ended up transferring division one and then ended up losing in the in the round 12 Blood round to be an all American Yeah, so he was up for zero got thrown to his back with like 30 seconds left end up losing five for speed all American division one and then that guy ended up being like a two time all American placing in the next year.

Those videos could you watch those? I’ve

seen like it that’s like pretty like internet. But we got we have like, there’s like, like on VHS like I’ve seen. Yeah. Good handful tapes. So yeah. So it’s been cool pops kind of taught you and got you into wrestling. Yeah. Oh, yeah. 100%. Yeah. And so he was actually going to chiropractic school in Iowa. And I mean, wrestling’s huge. And I was so and I was born there. And so I think it was just like, is us it kind of just was meant to be a little bit. Yeah. You started wrestling. You’re born there. And you started there. When you were I? Oh, yeah. Yeah, correct. Well, how long have you been here in Utah for so actually, no. So I actually started I first started wrestling actually in Utah. So we moved when I was like about five. And so the the first memories that I had, so actually, my dad started at Brighton wrestling club. And that was where I started wrestling, too. So yeah, so my dad ended up was like, the was like the youth coach there because we were living in Midvale at the time. And so yeah, that was like, where I first started, I guess, like I was in a wrestling room for the first time was so I

got a question about that. Like, did you always like wrestling? Or was there a point where like, dude, I’d rather freakin go hang out with the homies or, you know, go do baseball, or what have you always been all in on?

So when I was first there, I was just a little kid who had energy and I was just rolling around, you know, kind of hanging out mean, like, you know, mean, little kids kind of just playing around. And I was like, when I started, I wasn’t like, very good. I wasn’t like, I kind of like, didn’t know what I was doing. And I like I had like, good, like, focus, but I wasn’t like, aggressive really, or anything like that. Just messing around. Yeah. And so, you know, like, I liked it. But like, I didn’t really know what it was about. And then I like I in like, a one year gap. I went from like, not placing it like youth state to like making the finals and like one year, so I just like had a pretty big jump in one year. And then, yeah, about like, you know, I was like, progressively doing good. And then about two years after that. I started you know, beating a lot of the top guys like in the state like, regardless of weight class, and then we started traveling and then from there on was like, when I really fell in love with the sport. Yeah, because it’s fun to be good at some too. yeah yeah for sure.

So what do you think helped you, you know, make that lead? Because you said like, within a year, you started seeing like better results?

Right? I think, um, I was able to just like focus on technique a little bit more, I think there was like a gap where I was like, a little too young to where like, I kind of didn’t know what I was doing. But like I kind of like matured like had a little like some mental maturity growth in that time period. And then, you know, kind of just a ball for the night you figured it out.

And then you start traveling. What around what age do you start traveling, we

wrestle. So the first big tournament I ever did was called vacuoles it’s in it was in Richmond, Virginia that year, I was probably 11 years old. And so yeah, we when we went did that, and I had I mean it was like It’s like all the top kids in the country from every state basically in one like, one building right one tournament and I went I went like seven and three, and I had never traveled nationally and I was a first time first time and there were I mean I had been multiple kids that like placed at Nationals and and whatnot and then from there really took off we were traveling. That next year we traveled everywhere.

Okay, and let me think so started crushing it. And how much time would you say you were devoting to like wrestling every year? Like at that point? Where is it like a full time?

o one thing my dad did really well was I did I never overtrained when I was young, like, up until I was probably 14. I only practice like two, three days a week. Max. Yeah, was an hour and a half practice. They were really intense for that hour and a half. But yeah, we would usually practice Tuesday and Thursday every week. And then depending on the week, maybe we’d have another one was typically like two days a week. And so there wasn’t a lot of burnout. But we were, you know, I was competing, and I was getting better. And that was I was using tournaments as practice, you know, to get better. So,

so folkstyle Greco. Freestyle do you do at all?

Yeah, so I was mainly folkstyle, I started doing freestyle Greco pretty consistently about 1312 13 was like, basically that year was when we did it. But freestyle Greco wasn’t taken like super seriously because I was playing baseball. And then I would play football in the fall as well. And so in all the sports Yeah. Yeah. Busy. You’re freaking busy. Yeah, yeah. Well, I mean, I don’t know. You’re a kid still. So yeah, yeah. So it wasn’t like wasn’t too ridiculously serious. But

I feel like this be right. Yeah. That’s your focus, right. It’s what you’re doing. So did you still do those sports like growing up?

So I played, I played that that year, I played football and baseball until I was about 13. And that was when I really started, like, kicking into gear. Yeah.

When you when you hit that age and started kicking into gear, do you feel like you’ve just hit another level? Like what? Oh, yeah. Tell me about your journey. Because we’re right at I think right now we’re at, like, 13 years old

right? Yeah. So I just I knew I kind of like knew, I was like, I want to be I want to be a national champion. And like, my, I had kind of chatted with my dad. And, you know, he was like, you know, the thing that I like about wrestling for you is, it’s gonna give you the opportunity to get your your school paid for, which is, which is really cool. Because I was like, you know, what

has happened with Penn State? Correct. So he’s talked to you and actually happen?

Yes, yeah. So that was that it was really crazy. But I realized, you know, I kind of sat down with my dad, and there was this kind of life plan. And my dad’s like, I don’t care if you ever, I don’t care if you ever place a national as a college at all. But if you if you have an opportunity to get your college paid for and set you up on a on a path to create future financial success, like I want you to go chase if that’s what you want to do. And I was like, amen on that. And so that was, you know, he’s into existence spoken into existence for sure. Yeah.

Okay. So you started getting all in on this. So what what was the difference? Like, what what changed from you know, when you went pretty much all right, I

think it was just, I got I got the extra time wrestling. So let’s say even maybe my practice load didn’t go up. It was still two, three days a week. But now I’m doing two three days a week from beginning of September until until June, right at that time. And so we’re more reps. I’m not I’m not like missing tournaments, or practice for baseball or football. And that decision was made one year because we went to one of the years I was playing football, we went back to those duels in Virginia. And I ended up going six and four. So actually did worse than I did the previous year. And it wasn’t necessarily like I mean, the matches were close. They were competitive, but it was like had I had that extra two months of training. You know, it would be I think it’d be a big, like a big help. Right? And so, no football that year. Or sorry that next year, we train for Virginia Beach. I go nine and one. And so now I’m like, Okay, you see the result? Yeah. And so and so that was like that really clicked and so I was like, We got I gotta just stay with this. Like, there’s there’s like real real you know, potential here.

That’s awesome. And you believe in yourself. Sounds like your pops had a big, you know, play in that like, you get better.

That’s awesome. Yeah. 100%.

So did you see but since you’ve been residency, you’re five and you were wrestling on a high level. When you’re young. Did you see a bunch of guys that were really good. They just kind of flamed out that you’re just like kind of gave up? Yeah. All kind of stick around. Like from being good. From 13. Did they still stay consistent? Yeah.

yeah. So yeah, we definitely saw that and I don’t know if I’m supposed to share like a name or some. But they might watch this. Yeah, they might. But so there was this there was this kid I’ll tell you his. His name was Tristan Smith. He killed me real every time. Oh, yeah. He used to win nationals when we were here. And he was here and you’re here in Utah. Yeah. And he used to just crush me. What? Just

curious what was he crushing it? Was he really good on his feet? Good.

It didn’t matter what position I was in. He was killing me if I was on bottom, he was putting me in an armbar or if I was on if I was on my feet, he’d shoot this like outside fireman’s carry take me down every time. And, and yeah, so but he was like, one thing my dad always used to tell me he’s like, I don’t like I was never allowed to cut weight as a kid. And he was always way bigger than me. Like we’d be in a bracket and he’d be giants. Yeah, and my dad used to tell me he’s like, if you just stay on the path, like, people are gonna fade out and you’re gonna jump levels, right, and you’re gonna keep jumping levels and we never like got to wrestle, like in a tournament really after those years, but just like, you know, credential wise and just like, you know, we compete alongside each other and I was just kind of, you know, I was climbing up and he ended up to Oh, yeah, yeah, for sure. So yeah, I mean, he’s a great kid. We stayed friends.

Of course. Yeah. Wow. Okay, so you were able to see the competition and your your hard work and your ethic work ethic? Kind of separate, right from the pack. So let’s go. Is there anything else you want to kind of let us know about your journey up into you know where you’re at? Because I think we’re just talking about like, 13 Now you’re leveling up. Yeah. Tell us.

Yeah, what else you got? Well, I think one of the things my dad has always been big on like, physical fitness, like, you know, kids are like, be grounded or like, get their phones taken away. We did like runs and burpees and push ups and sit ups and just Oh, yeah, that was our punishment. Like if you were like, if you did something bad yeah. For like, we had chores weren’t ons like, we used to have this our punishment was like 100 burpees and seven minutes. 100 burpees. And seven, like that’s like, pretty hard, especially for like, burpees period, harbor periods. Hard but like in a seven minute window. I mean, you’re going out a pretty like, that’s, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, it got up. It got up to six. But when we were younger, that was like the, that was kind of like the punishment right? And it was like you because because like in hindsight, like what, like you take the phone away, right. But then they like you get it back. Right. But like, the burpees it was like, that was like really hard. And it sucked. So one, I’m like, probably not going to do whatever I did again, but like also, that’s like, I mean, I’m like getting stronger. It’s like growing my conditioning right? There’s like there’s like a benefit to it. You know what I’m saying?

Like a really jacked brother sister that just always got in trouble because they had to do so many burpees

do my like, all my brothers are are pretty fit because of that. Like, like if you if you put like, like even just like a pretty hard workout in front of them. They’re probably going to crush it just because troublesome. Yeah. My brother Parker’s he’s, he’s stubborn. And so he’ll he’ll take the he’s willing to, like for me, I’ll just keep my mouth shut. He’s too prideful. He’s like, he’ll keep talking. And he’ll just he’ll rack up those. He did, like he did like, was 1600 burpees in one day one time.
1600 Yeah, but I don’t think I’ve ever done 1600 burpees in my life. Yeah, I

1600 Yeah, but I don’t think I’ve ever done 1600 burpees in my life. Yeah, I

mean, either. Maybe life but not a day. Yeah, but that’s

amazing. So I’ve never even heard that, bro. That punishment. Like that’s me. Dude, it works. sounds like from what you’re saying? Worse and keeps you in shape. Right? Like you said that phone. They’re gonna get it back. But you know, least with the punishment of the burpee, they’re gonna be

right, right. And if you don’t have the phone, like, you can go watch TV. Like, you know what I’m saying? Like, there’s just little things that like, I don’t know, that punishment was like, was beneficial. You know what I mean? I liked that. Let me

let me ask you, this is just the thought I had. So are you a student of the game? Like you like watching what wrestling matches and studying? Or do you mainly just like to go practice and train?

I love to watch wrestling? Yeah, probably one of the biggest I think it’s probably when I made some of my biggest jumps was when I started to watch and I still watch a lot and I’m always like, I’m always constantly learning and I think that’s part of, of loving it. Because the thing that’s cool about wrestling is you never really reach your ceiling. Right? And so you’re always watching somebody that’s better than you in specific areas. And I mean, I like watching especially the guys that are like, you know, in college and upcoming

favorite like college wrestler.

I’m a big Jordan Burroughs fan. So I know he’s past his college days, but yeah, big Yeah, just I mean, just like the chance bars chance beating them. Yeah, I would do that. Like that, like hurt my heart a little bit and like, like chance has an amazing story. And he’s worked so hard. And you know, like, all like kudos to him. Great, dude. I’ve actually like he’s a club coach. So we’ve like run into him before a super cool guy. But uh, yeah, Jordan Burrows is like, you know, it’s like my guy like, I’ve chatted with him, you know, like in person and I don’t like really like know him or anything like that. But you know, like, I’ve had conversation with them just seeing him at tournaments or whatever and just super cool guy. I mean, he like, basically kickstarted like American wrestling back up like 2000 2013 Istanbul Turkey, I believe he was the he was the only metal that the US had and he won and now and now it’s like weird if we’re not like in contention for a team title. And he was like the I remember that. I
remember they even tried to kind of almost get rid of them wrestling and Olympics like back in back in the day. They were almost like trying to like change the rules or something. Right. But he I feel like he You’re right. Like he not only kick started here, but just got people more excited. Yeah. That’s so cool. All right. So you met him. So yeah, Jordan burrows. Awesome. Okay. So anything else as we talked about where you’re at right now and how you got to Penn State have anything you want to cover? Until

remember they even tried to kind of almost get rid of them wrestling and Olympics like back in back in the day. They were almost like trying to like change the rules or something. Right. But he I feel like he You’re right. Like he not only kick started here, but just got people more excited. Yeah. That’s so cool. All right. So you met him. So yeah, Jordan burrows. Awesome. Okay. So anything else as we talked about where you’re at right now and how you got to Penn State have anything you want to cover? Until

I told us all sorts about Yeah, I guess just in the in the, you know, like the middle school scene. I started like getting I was like, you know, I was like top three in the country around this time. I was like, There’s tournament called Tulsa nationals, like I was middle school tournament the country and I was like, I made like the finals there like it was, it was like getting to the point where I was starting to, you know, like, like it was recognizable that I was starting to become one of the better guys around you know, which was really cool. So

what do you think separates yourself on the mat? Like I know your preparation, but did you have like a specific go to move? Or did you were you really good at writing? Like something that like you? It’s like, hey, if I can get to this position, or if I can do this, like it’s good? Yeah, yeah. Is there anything like that? Or is it just all

around your? Yeah, when I was like, when I was younger, my dad always told me he’s like, speed kills. Like it was just like kind of a, like a genetic thing I always had, I was always really fast. And so a lot of what I was doing on the mat was just like a lot of fakes. I was like a big like, low single ankle pick guy. I was, like, my real attacks were really sharp. I think that was one thing that made the biggest difference. I wasn’t like a super like good hand fighter. But I was like, really good from from space when I was younger. Yeah. And a lot of people like we wrestled actually

like to tie up, right? You don’t you? I could tell that you don’t need to tie up in order to do attacks, right, which is like for me, I’m like, oh, man, the guy just want to pat,

you know, so close the gap. Right? Right. Cool. All right. So

let’s talk about high school man. So you get into, you’re doing well. Tell tell us about you know, your high school experience.

Yeah, so high school was, was kind of a crazy time. So right before so I guess backtrack just a tiny bit. My, my mom got sick with a rare autoimmune disease. And so she was sick for like, two, two and a half years in high school. So just before so this is like sixth to like eighth grade. And so she’s progressively getting more sick. We don’t really know why. You know, like, different doctors get all this figured out, we ended up going to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. And that was kind of the last straw like we you know, that’s a world famous clinic, right? They kind of deal with this type of thing. And we get there. And they think that her reason for being sick is a mental disorder, like an eating disorder, right. And there’s, there’s tests that you can do for that. We have a doctor here that’s been testing her for two plus years. Like, that’s not the problem, right? And so we have this doctor who’s just not listening, won’t even have a conversation with her doctor back here. And so we get we get done, and and basically gets sent back home. And that was kind of like where all the all the hope was kind of lost. Right. And so we get back and within like, two weeks she had passed away. Seriously. Yeah. So
still don’t I’m sorry about that. No, did they find out? Whatever was

still don’t I’m sorry about that. No, did they find out? Whatever was

so I mean, not really, I think there was something there was a thing called the like the Nutcracker disease. I believe that’s been pretty common in females that they that it was kind of like a newer thing that they had only found out within the past, like year or two. So it was kind of just after her and we honestly still don’t even know if that’s what she had. And so yeah, so she passed away, like a about a month, three actually, like three weeks before my high school season ever started.

So kind of tell me if you don’t mind like, like, how did that? How did you move forward? Are you are you still like, you persevere, obviously persevere. But like, tell me how how things went?

Right. Yeah, it was, you know, it was really hard. You know, my, I mean, obviously, you know, you lose your mom. I was only 15 years old, right? It’s really hard. So we have, you know, my dad, my brothers were really close. We have really good support system, good family, great friends. And, you know, we just kind of gathered together and it was really hard. And, you know, I kind of just like, I kind of sat down with my dad. And it was like, this one, my dad told me he’s like, she so she passed away on a Wednesday. And he’s like, he’s, like, look this, like, he kind of just sat me my brother’s down. He’s like, look, this is something that we’re gonna go through. And this is really like, it’s gonna be really hard. But you I will not allow you guys or I will not let this moment define who you guys become. And he’s like, it’s Wednesday right now. And he’s like, take till Monday, and we’re getting back into life type of thing. And, and I know, like, people say that, and they’re like that, like, people hear that. And they’re like, that’s crazy. But it was the best thing I could have, like ever done. Like, it was it was really hard. Also would want you to like, of course, but the worst thing I could have done was just sat around. Like, that was the worst possible thing I could have done. Like, I still had goals like, life goes on. Regardless of the unfortunate events that yeah, that happened around you. You know what I mean? Wow, man, so

you’re at a young age had to you know, overcome adversity. Oh, for sure. Man, for sure. Your dad really was there as like a good support.

Oh, yeah. 100% He’s the best. Yeah. It’s amazing. So So yeah, we got back in the wrestling room starting that Monday, and then high school season came, you know, like two weeks later, and that’s kind of where it all took off. So

And was it hard to focus at that point, or were you that was

the thing that kind of saved me like I needed to I needed to be in a wrestling room. That was yeah, that was an outlet. It’s I was really, really dialed in. Like right at that time was when I like fully fully just like When one zero to 100 on it, you know, I mean, like pedal the metal

and you’re seeing your freshman year see obviously made varsity

right? How’d that go? Yeah, so we’re going through high school. I was like, I was a really undersized, like the lightest weight class is like 106. I know that’s really small. But I was like, I was like 98 pounds, right? So luckily, like the biggest thing was just focusing on my skill set, because I wasn’t gonna be able to rely on size, strength, anything like that. So I just really had to dial in. And so high school season was going well, I was, you know, I like I hadn’t lost I was, you know, I was winning all these tournaments. And we’re like, halfway into the high school season. And we’re competing at Wasatch tools up in up in Heber. And my uncle is there to watch me, right. And so we’re getting ready to go into our like, last match of the whole tool tournament. And my dad comes up to me and he’s like, he’s like, what’d he say? He just like he says, he says, My name is like Tyson. I’m like, I’m looking at him. And there’s like, a weird look like at his face. And so my uncle’s name is Steven. Yeah. And so he like, looks at me, and he’s like, Steven just shot himself. So my uncle, my uncle, he had come to watch me at the tournament that day, and left and went five minutes away to the Heber Valley Hospital. I don’t know the name of it. And and, like committed suicide right in front of the hospital.

Was that even remotely on anyone’s mind?

Absolutely. not. Absolutely not. And he just was watching just was there literally just was there. And so not only are we like dealing with this, like crazy, like family thing with my mom, like, we’re like, still, like, you know, having a hard time from that. And then we have like another event like that happened. And you know, all my cousins like his kids are there watching along with my aunt like that. They’re all there. And so it was just like, you know, it was like, What is going on?

You guys decided there I wrestled.

I wrestled one more match. I wrestled that last match really good kid kid end up being a two time state champion. Yeah, Pleasant Grove kids super tough kid had like had a good match beat him like seven zeros. super tough kid. And then just when

Yeah, well, he’s a tough kid, right? And well, and it was like, the whole match thing. Like I just get told that and now I’m, like, supposed to step onto a mat, which with the best kid that I’m gonna wrestle that whole tournament. And, you know, and still had, like, it still won that match, like in pretty dominating fashion. So that was like, even still to this day, that was like a pretty big, like, personal victory. Because,

like, I cannot imagine hearing that news. And just then, you know, having to write that matches,

right when he was a state finalist that year. So I mean, yeah, so he was six, eight that year. We were five but yeah, he was like, he was two times a champion. Four time finalist. integrates like five days. Yeah, yeah. Correct. His was a Duel Tournament. Yeah. So yeah, yeah. So

take me from there, man. I’m sorry. That’s, that’s, that’s tough. It’s almost like what else you got?

Right? Yeah, so I guess we just like keep rolling with the season. You know, I’m doing good when some big tournaments ended up. Like by the end of the year, the weight was like 108, right? And I’m still like 98 pounds or whatever. So we Russell state that year, I end up being a state champion my freshman year. So it was it was super cool surprise, a really like dude, I knew I set out to achieve that as a goal. And I knew I was the I was the best guy to go when that when that bracket and the Keto I wrestle in the finals, I’d actually be in the divisional finals, like two weeks prior. So I mean, obviously it’s like a big deal when you went but I had like, like the mastery Russell divisionals was like was pretty competitive. I hit like a big move kind of toward like, I was winning by like one and then I like threw him to his back. And that’s what like kind of separated at divisionals so it was like a close match up until that like you know, kind of exchange. But state finals had a really good match. I end up beating him like nine one. I had a good tournament like three tech falls to the finals and then beat him like nine one is just like, and I was like way underweight. So it was

you weren’t even worried about that’s a good thing, though.

It’s great. Another worried about cutting away, right. So yeah, good tournament, and then, yeah, so yeah, good, good freshman year, for sure.

Sophomore year. Also,

sophomore year. I’m not I don’t want to say well, right. So sophomore year, it’s a little different, you know, like, you’re like returning state champion, I guess. And, but like, it didn’t really waver me much because I knew like I had bigger goals like outside like, everybody says, like, yeah, I want to be a four time state champion. But that was never really like, my like, goal. If that makes sense. It was the only reason I want to do that is because my dad won three. So I wanted to win four. Like that was the only relevance that that had to me. Like my goal was to be the best in the country. And so I’m like, you know, I don’t think I’ve taken a loss a year I think I was undefeated going all the way through like January given it was like the weird COVID year so we didn’t like travel nationally. But You know, I was beating the guys here. And we’re wrestling at this tournament called the called the rumble just UVU big tournament and that year was really stacked because it was one of the only tournaments that were that was opened during COVID. So you had a bunch of guys like all from the West Coast come in there were some East Coast guys that came down. He was really tough that year. So I was ranked sixth at the country or six in the country at the time on flow wrestling. The kid I was wrestling was fifth I believe it was Isaiah Kitaro is committed to Purdue now a really good kid. He shoots a single leg and like goes to sit me like down and my legs snaps. Oh, no boobs sophomore year. So lay completely breaks. He just like was in on a single leg and he just went to like run the pipe just to finish and like for whatever reason my foot didn’t slide out. So like my butt sat down with my legs still in front of me and my leg just

boom, and when you say leg is neither so I

here right? So pretty freak it was it a freak act freak accident. completely freak accident did something like Yeah, yeah, just for whatever reason my foot didn’t slide. And so one thing that we were told was there was the like, have like a shortage of mats. And they had to get like jujitsu mats that were there. And then they just put circles over them and like the GCSE maths are like, a little more sticky, right? And so if you weren’t shoes, right, so for whatever reason, my foot didn’t slide. And so like Yeah, the whole like that the term director then they were like really worried about like a big like lawsuit or something like that. You know, I mean, we’re not those people right? You know what I mean? They they had to do it they had to do you know what I mean? And so that’s like crappy now because I break my leg. The first thing I say I’m literally getting carried out all my friends are right there and I look at them like, now I can’t beat my dad and when four and they’re all just laughing their head off. Because they’re expecting me to be like crying or whatever. And you know, in the, to the hurt, I’m sure. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. hurt. Hurt super bad. Yeah, just brought out the dark.

All right now you’re like, Hey, guy. Yeah,

brought out the dark humor a little bit and everybody else was laughing at least but okay, so

sophomore year, we were able to get back in time. Were you?

I was actually Oh, she’s so? Yeah, so this was like the stupidest but like craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life. So I get I have. So that night they I get my leg reset. And they give me this stuff called ketamine. And it i hallucinate it on it so bad. Like I like saw a clock. And like seeing like ticking down I saw my dad like in front of me saying my name leaving the room and he was to the side of me the whole time. I was like, outside of my own body looking down at myself getting worked on like, it was really trippy.

You feel like you’re actually outside of your body.

I have no idea. I have no idea. But it was really gnarly. Sorry, that’s kind of off topic a little bit. But so then I’m supposed to have surgery the next morning, but I just had a weak Cup for the tournament because it was like an actual big tournament right. And that sophomore year was like the first time where I really started to cut a little bit of weight. And so they wouldn’t let me do surgery for another 48 hours because they wanted me to recover after my wake up. So now I’m literally I’m just sitting at my house, taking ibuprofen, my leg is completely broken, like it’s set now. So it feels better, but it’s still broken. So I’m just waiting to get waiting to go into surgery. So I go to surgery and we’re watching I get done we go watch the I miss like we dueled like Mountain View or something I had to miss because I was like, I, I just like gone out of surgery, right? That night or so it’s like two three days later we go and watch. We do like alto right? And we shouldn’t like never like it should never be like a close tool. And we had like three guys that were out. Like not including me. Like we had like a weird, like sickness come through and like we had some guys that were just like taken out by it. And then obviously my leg was broke. So I couldn’t compete, but we ended up losing the door and that just like lit a fire me. I was like how soon after your leg was broke. Like this tool is like three days after. And so like this happens in January. And so I’m just like furious. I’m like how and they’re like, super like over the top like cheering like it was like yeah, it was like spiteful, kinda. Yeah. Yeah. And so like, there wasn’t even like a rivalry. But for whatever reason, like on that night, they were just, oh, yeah, yeah. Anytime we wrestled out, I was like, better smash these guys. Right, right. And so I’m just like, I’m kind of furious. And I’m like, my dad knows it. And I’m kind of telling him I’m like, like, this is bugging me. Right? And he’s like, Well, do you like think you could find a way to Russell and I’m like, No, like, like no. Right. And so he’s like, Well, like, I think you could do it. And I’m like, like, I’m like, yeah. And so I’m like, now, like, I there’s no way. And so we start driving, like driving and like we’re kind of just like sitting in silence me and my dad because I think we’re thinking, we’re thinking the same thing right now. Yeah. And I kind of just look over at him. I’m like, I think I could do it. And he’s like, he’s like, I know you can. So we like the next day. We kind of just like put together a plan surgery. Yeah. Have you know, I’ve had surgery? Yes. I’m like, Yeah, I’m like, you know, two, three days out of surgery. Yeah, like, we’re kind of just thinking of ways we could do. He’s like, Well, what have you like, I’m like, I think I could like wrestle on a knee, right? And like, we just wrap your leg, whatever. And so we’re this banter is going back and forth. And it’s between my dad, and me, and nobody knows, obviously. But us too. Yes. And so we like we show up in the wrestling room one day, and none of my teammates even know Coach is nothing. And so I have like this my boot that like this big black boot, right? And so I get it, we like bubble, wrap it and then we like tape around it, right? And so me and my dad are like, in the corner of the room. And we’re just like, like messing around, like of what, like how we can make this work. And so I’m just like, I’m like, kind of like getting a feel for it just like moving and circling. And he’s kind of like, you know, like, you know, he’s just doing like stance motion. Basically, I’m kind of just following him getting the feel. And then I started like shooting like low level shots, which is what I’m good at on my feet anyway, but kind of just obviously doing the same thing, but just without a leg. And so we’re kind of just like messing around. And, but like, it’s like feeling like, not that bad. Like to where I’m like, at a point where I feel like I could like defend myself. And so my dad’s like, do you think you could do this? And I was like, Yeah, but the one thing now I gotta like, consider is I can’t like cut weight, because I’m still in my, oh, sorry, I’m not even in my boot. I’m in my hard cast right now. So I can’t like lose weight because I can’t even really be like sweating, because I can’t like clean this out. Right? Right. So we like go check my weight. And I’m the way that I was gonna wrestle was 113. And I was like, I was like, one and I was like, this is even with the cast, right? Yes. And so for whatever reason, like I was, I wasn’t like really cutting weight that year, but like, I was at least 113 pounds, like, at least and and so he’s like, do you think you could do it? I’m gonna probably like it. I don’t know, you know. And so we make the decision, I’m chatting with my coaches. And they’re like, Hey, if you think you can do it, like we, I mean, we’d love to have you obviously. And so

this is for Red Raider tournament, or is this for state or so divisionals

is the qualifier for state. So this is like, right, when I’m back to get back into this, I got to just get right back into it. Like I don’t have time to like, progressively do it. And I think that part of like, that was a bad thing, because I didn’t have more time to practice, but also, like, I wasn’t just gonna wrestle a whole season with my leg broken. Like the fact that it was right around the corner was the only thing that made it like we could do it. You know what I mean? And so, I’m at divisionals. And I’m sitting down in my chair, I have my crutches. And I’m kind of just chatting to everybody. And people are like, Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Like, you know, your season’s over and I was like, little do like little do you know, also so one one real thing where one thing real quick. So I told you I missed that mountain. You do? Well, I couldn’t go watch this kid. Super nice kid. His name’s Gable Stoddard. Sorry. I’m like calling everybody out this video. He writes me this like, share with him all he gives me this like letter with a like, has a Coldstone gift card in it. And it was like he said, he was like, like, I’m really like, I’m really sorry. Like, we didn’t get to like, compete against each other. I was like, looking forward to it. Like I’m so sorry about your injury. Because I think it was like meant to be as like a nice gesture. But I took it as like, Thank you for being injured. I can like I’m going to be in contention to win state now. And like, I might have been a moment so grateful that Nate I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t he was a nice kid. So I don’t think that’s what his intentions were. But that is exactly how I took it. And I was so spiteful. I was like I’m coming back. Like what was it for

15 bucks.

I didn’t even use it. Never use it. I couldn’t do I could not use that gift guide didn’t use it.

Shadow Gable started on those really nicely. Thank you. But yeah, so I’m at divisionals now and I’m sitting with my crutches in the in the chair. And everybody’s you know, saying like, you know, I’m so sorry, you can’t compete yada yada yada. And I’m kind of just thinking like little do they know like, they have no idea. So they call my weight class to go weigh in. I start I take all my stuff off. I get in my singlet and I’m crouching over and I hear everybody like, like gasp like what is going on? Right? Like it’s it’s silent and it’s so apparent that every eye on that building is like on me right now. You were out and thought I was out and so they’re like super confused, right? And, yes, super cool moment. And so so it’s like weird because like, I hear the Gasp but then it just goes silent but like I can tell like I’m, I’m like, I like I like look to my side and like, everybody’s just staring at me so much surprise everybody, right? So then they’re doing like the seating meeting. Pacing is trying to get me thrown out of the tournament because they think I’m here just to screw up the seating and make it beneficial for somebody, like, I don’t even know what they thought we were doing. But they thought like, my intention wasn’t to compete. It was just like, first show. And then little do you know, like, I was out on the mat, like 20 seconds later. So the goal for divisionals was to only qualify, I wasn’t trying to like win divisionals I was just trying to make it to state because without getting hurt. And so you just needed to be top eight, and add. And then now I would have had a two week there’s two week gap between divisionals and state. So I was like, I just got to qualify, and then get there right? So I wrestled my first match. Get a takedown put them on armbar pin him like I’m like on a knee right. I have to crouch onto the mat. I can’t walk. So wild row. Second man, I’m in the quarterfinals. Now, wrestle my second match kind of similar, like, get like taken down. Get them an armbar pin him. Qualified. Done. So now I’m done. I got that two week gap to train.

So you got the quarterfinals one and you’re like, hey, let

me just forfeit. Yeah. So now I’m in the semis right now. And you’re like, top six, you need top a I’m done. So like, I don’t care about my seating for state because I’m either, right. So I just, I’m just done. And so like, obviously I’m there watching my team, but like I’m done, like I’m done competing smart. And so take that two week gap. I’m like kind of training but like how much training can I actually do you know what I mean? It was kind of a lot of it was like practicing how to like possibly score without getting hurt in the meantime. So we get to stay

did it hurt by the way as you’re training someone to like lay on your leg or did something happen where

it was like it was pretty sensitive? Like if it was to get pulled out all it was pretty sensitive, but the way that I did it was so like you’d expect me to put the one that I had hurt back. But I actually put it forward because then it was tucked right here. And so like it was pretty hard to grab. So we get to stay. And everybody’s still like, like no way he’s going through this. So first match goes out, get on leg. Take the kid down, put them an armbar pin him. Boom. So if there’s first match, I’m in the quarters. So now I’m wrestling this kid, nother pace and kid going to the wardo Cabrera like kinda like new, like tough kid but just like he wins a lot of his matches just kind of based off of aggression. And I got my leg towards so many times in that match.

He probably knew he probably was going to write

100% here and here’s the thing is like, people were like, oh, that’s dirty, but it’s really not like I’m the one choosing to be out there injured. Like you grabbed my leg all you want like that’s free game. You know what I mean? Like, I’m not going to be spiteful that because I’m not like, I’m for you, man. You know what I mean? Like, I can’t be angry at that word. Oh, come
on. BBT beat me without pulling on my throat. Yeah, that’s the thing is

on. BBT beat me without pulling on my throat. Yeah, that’s the thing is

like, he’s he’s out there trying to trying to kill me. Like, regardless of if I’m hurt or not. He’s trying to be a state champion. I’m trying to be a state champion. If he’s gonna hurt me. That’s, you know, I mean, like, I don’t props to him for that, you know what I mean? So he gets in he like to the point where like, he’s like, in a front headlock. And he like let go to leg pass me to like, torque my leg and I was like, I don’t know. Like I said, I didn’t get too mad about it. But so we’re kind of like in a crazy match. I’m down like two to zero because my leg is killing me. Yeah, he’s like, popping it. It popped mid match. And like, I like call injury time. My dad’s like, we’re like, my dad’s like, we’re pulling you and I’m like, No, you’re not like, I’m like I’m finishing this match. And so I end up getting a takedown with like, 10 seconds left. Now we’re in overtime. Nobody scores double overtime. I put them in a till rolling through. I haven’t there for like, seven eight seconds. I don’t get a single count. The kids like flight like way past where he should be. So then he rides me out. I can’t get off a bottom. I can’t stand triple overtime comes back on your feet, right? No, so it’s Ride or Die ultimate tiebreaker and he picks top. So I’m like, shoot I might be done like I don’t know what to do. So I just like I like post my leg try to Granby he follows I rotate on my head circle and I Peterson him to his back and reverse him to his back when the match Crazy the whole buildings going nuts. It was like the weird COVID here too. So state usually is at UVU. But they had to do it at Wasatch High School. So you have like a ton of people in this like small gymnasium and people are just going livid. Yeah, like freaking out.

Did you have that? Gotta watch that?

It’s on YouTube. It’s on YouTube. Yeah, yeah, you can find it. It’s uh, you have to like go back and run like through the whole tournament because it’s like live streamed or whatever, but you can watch that match if you find it like you probably send it to you. So now we get to the semis you know, pretty solid kid. This I end up wrestling my match. I’m like, down by like a point. And or I’m down by like three points. I like Peterson the kid again. I was like my move that day. I don’t even do that move at all. reverse them and should have gotten nearfall didn’t get on top of these reps. I don’t know, dude, it was weird. It was weird. And so I put him in an armbar and a half. And I’m literally like about a pin him. He posts his hand and crawls me straight out of bounds from the center to the edge line. And I can’t post my leg right I have one leg so I’m like trying to like drag him in. But there’s nothing I can do. No flee call. Nothing. That was like my chance. So I end up losing the match out of there. Like I end up losing the match whatever ended up going for third place pin my kid for third. And I’ve taken third, right? Obviously, that wasn’t the goal. But the guy that you lost to the crawled out? Did he end up winning pin this guy and like the first round in the state? Yeah, in the state finals? Yeah. And so like I trained with that kid after and
does that bother? But it probably doesn’t bother you too much.

does that bother? But it probably doesn’t bother you too much.

I was I was there like, like, literally 75% Like my legs gone. Right. And he crawled out on it. Right. And so I almost I mean, I still took Thursday, like it was I did all I could do right. And I mean, I wasn’t like happy that I took there like I That wasn’t my goal. Right? So yeah, next two years go by. I went to more state titles after that. And then it sounds

ke that sophomore year, you really is a big was a big moment. And like for yourself like, right?

Well, and it did a big it that that moment, regardless of like, like, the goal was achieved. But that helped me with recruiting a lot because there was some schools that saw that and we’re like, like, he’s, like I showed like I was able to show like, I was able to show grit, like, I don’t know, who else would have been willing to do what I was willing to do on that. So

Penn State looking at you at that point. No.

So yeah, so recruiting first started kind of opened up, I was talking to like, you know, a good handful of schools, you know, in total probably talk to like, about 20 that were probably Division one. And so, yeah, it kind of just, you know, I was talking to other schools, I took some other recruiting trips, I took one to Navy, I took one to brown. I took in I took one to Penn State and then I was gonna take one in North Dakota State and then possibly one to Nebraska also. But, yeah, so I Kyler Sanchez, my club coach, so obviously, his brother kales is the you know, and his older brother Cody, though, those are the coaches at Penn State. Right. And so yeah, kind of just, you know, obviously, the, you know, the connection was there. And, you know, I got a call from Cody one day and just, you know, he’s like, hey, you know, I heard you’re interested in going to Penn State. And like, of course, I’m interested in going to Penn State, you know what I mean? Yeah, like, so yeah, the opportunity, you know, the, that was kind of when the whole recruiting process came and went on my visit there. And I was just like, top on

your list always? Or did you have something else?

So I was always an Iowa fan growing up, because I was born in Iowa, but I had this like, I’ve had this weird feeling since I was like, 12, or 13. I wasn’t a Penn State fan. But I had the weirdest feeling that I was going to end up there. And I don’t like know how to explain it, but like, very, very strong feeling. And then when the opportunity presented itself, it was kinda like, like, I gotta take advantage of this. Yeah, you know what I mean? So yeah, I ended up going greatest coaches out there. Yeah, do all those guys are. And so I guess the thing that really sealed the deal, too, was I was, you know, I was kind of like, I’ve been interested in the military, right. So that’s why I took a a recruiting trip to Navy. But Penn State has an ROTC program. And so they have like, you know, like the the ROTC four year scholarship or whatever. And so I was like, I’m going here. I’m gonna like I’m gonna apply for it, right. And so I ended up applying there’s like 96,000 applicants only 2800 get the scholarship, and then have the nationwide nationwide and then of the 2800 it’s split into three groups between a two year three year and four year winner, so end up getting the four year scholarship. And so I was just like, that sealed the deal. I was like, shit that you got as you’re going to Penn State. Yeah, that’s the one I’m gonna primarily be on right. And so

the Penn State hook it up to with like any academic,

they can’t even offer academic scholarship because they have so many students. So that sort of thing that’s hard. And when you’re in a room where you have you know, eight returning all Americans and then now you have two transfers that came in 10 returning all Americans, right? I mean, how much money can you really How about uh, you know what I mean? And so yeah, once that once that, you know happened I kind of just sealed the deal and I was ready to

ROTC thing is what enabled you to get better at the papers. Well, really,

it was like almost better than any scholarship. I could have gotten like it pays for everything right?

You probably honestly got it too. From your your story, right? You probably told them a little.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, for sure. For sure. For sure. Right. Well, and it’s like, it doesn’t really matter how your how the school is getting paid for it. It’s free. It’s free. You know what I mean? So,
so cool. Okay, so So got recruited, and you’re heading there and

so cool. Okay, so So got recruited, and you’re heading there and
eight days? Eight days? Yeah. Yeah, so Wow, dude, that was a,

eight days? Eight days? Yeah. Yeah, so Wow, dude, that was a,

that was a lot. That was a lot of good stuff, man. So I think it’s amazing. I was able to get you here, chat with you, because you’re gonna be able to look back at this interview. So why when you’re freaking champ, and yeah, for sure. Look back at this. And that’s the cool thing about doing podcasts like this, because you can see your journey. I mean, you’ve kind of documented it for us so far, but we got a lot more to go. So kind of tell us right now speak it into existence. What’s the goal? What are you trying to do in college? What’s after? So we can look back and be like, hey, that happened. Yeah. So

I mean, the main goal right now is be NCAA champion. And so, you know, whether that happens, this upcoming year, whether it happens, you know, sometime in the future, like, that’s, that’s the goal, and I’m, I’m chasing, I’m hungry for it. And, you know, I’m gonna go get it. And then, you know, after college, you know, kind of depends with what I want to do with career, but, you know, if the wrestling always pans out, you know, like, I mean, I’m gonna, I’m gonna shoot to the Olympic champion, too. So okay, go Olympics. Yeah, yeah. So

is the you said you’re interested in the Navy, right? Or the army? Yeah.

Right. Right. Is that do you

have to fall through the career with that, because you’re using

that scholarship or so that was the thing that was really cool is I can part of my service can be competing for the W cap. And so that’s like, kind of the nice thing. It’s the it’s like the, it’s the wrestling club that the Army has. And so it’ll give me the opportunity to still train at Penn State, and then have that compete as my service. And then I’d have like sponsorships by the military. So it kind of just all really made sense. And, you know, plus a good opportunity to get government clearance and like, you know, all the access that you have, you know what I’m saying? So it’s all kind of panning out. Yeah, for sure. It was the best possible route I could have taken like, of, of any of the, you know, any of the paths I could have had.

So pretty exciting, freaking been a pleasure to learn about your journey you have anything else you want to leave with listeners, the viewers that are say some to your fans, that are gonna be watching this, you have anything you want to leave us with?

Yeah, I think, you know, I think the biggest thing is, you know, you’re gonna have trials and tribulations that come up all the time. I think the biggest thing as far as you know, you’re talking about being a winner, I think the biggest, the biggest thing that you can do is set goals, right? And just don’t let anybody get in the way of them, you know, set your goals, create a path on how you’re going to achieve that goal and just stay consistent with the process. You know, there’s ups and lows. And, you know, I’ve had tournaments where I’ve done well, tournaments where I haven’t, but, you know, when you stay there, like, you know, you stay the state of flow, right, and, you know, you’re gonna get what you want.

So, now, I’ll add to that. It’s amazing. And that’s like, that’s the good thing about sports, right? You’re wrestling. It’s like, we all had to lose, we all lose, like at least in the beginning, right? So you know how to overcome the trials and tribulations. Sure. There’s losses even, you know, when you’re amazing, sometimes you get caught, right? So it keeps you humble, and you stay in the past. So, Dude, I’m so excited for you. You’re gonna go out there, you’re gonna become a champion. Champion. That’s what you want you you pretty much have the blueprint because you’ve done it on how to achieve what you want. You just go for it. Go for a consistent, so excited to your journey.

Appreciate it. And next Thrive we’re out


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