How to talk to an unmotivated seller in real estate

What is up everybody, we are live right now. And guys, every Monday from right from now on, I’m going to be going live at 12pm ESD. This is mainly for my people that are my mentorship, I’m doing this. So anyone that’s watching the mentorship that hasn’t seen the message can see it, but also just so everyone can learn. My goal is to help people do deals, right. And I want people to do deals profitably and ethically and for as cheap as possible, like not spending any money. Now I’m kind of I would say I’m the master of getting deals with little to no marketing spend, I hate spending money on marketing. If there’s a return, it’s fine to spend on marketing, but I just I’d rather not. I’d rather work less time, spend more time with family, and, you know, not work all the time. So my goal and what I do is I do real estate pretty much part time, and I get leads for free because I know how to get them.

Next lead. Let’s call the next lead. Okay, so I got one right here. Oh, I’m not racist, obviously. But this name is hard to say Iad mazet. Get? Yeah, that’s a tough one. All right. Let’s give it a call, though. So this one says this is one of the leads that I have. And again, if you’re in my mentor mentorship, hop into this call right now, I don’t have anyone on because I just started doing these Hopkins calls, I’ll give you any leads that I have that I need help working.

Because again, I do this part time. So I leverage people and so can you you should be able to leverage other people’s well, and I’ll teach you how to do that. Okay, so this is a Miami perfect owner occupied, is it Listen now how soon do you want to sell one or two months relocating? Okay, so what you do is you call the seller, I don’t run comps on the deal until I get the seller on the phone, you know why it’s a waste of time, they might never get on the phone. But if they do, then I pulled the address to start talking to him about the property. Let’s go for it. again, two calls text email. And the reason I do that is because my phone number is from a different area code, they might not they might think it’s spam. Sometimes they can do three calls.

Thank you for calling off stop courier. We’re not here to take your call right now. Please leave your name number and a brief message. And we’ll get down to that. Well, I don’t know what that number was. But let’s give it a shot again, then sound like a person selling a business?

Thank you for calling off stop courier. We’re not here to take your call right now. Please leave your name number and a brief moment of stock career. I don’t know I don’t I don’t know if I like that. But now it’s the third call. I’ll leave a voicemail and send an email and a text.
And if you have canned messages, you can just be super quick with your texts. You can just say you just copy and paste something you’ve already said.

Hey, is this IED? Yes. Yeah. How you doing? Sorry for calling so much. My name is Nathan, I saw that you fill out a form about wanting to sell your house. Is that Is that right?

Yes. Yes. I’m just looking around. Yes. This the CD offer. Okay. Yeah, yeah. So you’re just checking out your options at the moment? Is that what you said? Yes. Do you Do you by chance? Have like 510 minutes to chat right now? Are you busy?
I’m pretty busy.

But you want to call me tomorrow? I can but I just kind of want to make sure I’m not wasting your time. You said you’re checking out your options. Are you are you like in a need to sell or is it just like you’ll if you get the right offer? You’ll think about it like what what’s the goal? Yeah, yeah, I get the right offer.

I think about it Yeah. I’m not like an immediate to sell but but I mean, I thought your website gives you I got an offer on like, instantly. It doesn’t. Yeah, no, no, it should. I don’t know. It probably went to your spam or probably what’s your email but what I do is I call I’m an investor I look for investor investment opportunities to purchase person people’s homes. It’s not always, always cash. Sometimes we buy on term sometimes we partner with sellers and we flip their home with them.

But I just I just didn’t want to like waste your time if you are like, I’m only looking for like above retail. And if I can sell for that then then I’ll think about it. You know? Right that’s what I’m looking for a book retail. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Do you Do you by chance know anyone that is selling? That’s like needs to sell because that’s kind of like what we specialize is Oh, okay. I didn’t know um, you know what, maybe? Maybe? Yeah, yeah. Is this your number the email One number. The right number is if you could just text or call me like what we specialize, like I said, is buying homes like really quick, like within 714 days and we give a fair offer, but you know, just really depends on the condition of the home.

Got you. Okay, I’ll do that. That’d be awesome. I appreciate that. You best wishes. Best of luck. Thank you, brother. Thank you. Bye bye.
All right, so I get down to the nitty gritty. I’m not following up with someone for like, you know, 10 By the way, he answered on the third call. Was he upset not at all. So forget that. He’s, he’s, he’s not motivated by it in the least bit. So what does that mean? I’m bumping that’s what it means. You know, Zayn, we not even worth it. Oh, in my CRM, I would edit this and put it as not interested. Right? Hey, we got Peda Kim, what’s up dude, my first viewer from

my first viewer from what is his twitch? I just started my Twitch account. I’ve appreciated Pelican thanks for supporting. Please watch this. I’m showing you how to do deals part time you got another laugh? I don’t know if you’re laughing with me or at me. I hope you’re laughing with me. And I hope you’re doing good. Thank you for watching brother.


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