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Imagine this, you’re on the brink of losing your home. It’s a situation filled with stress and uncertainty. Today we’re delving into how to approach and talk to homeowners in pre foreclosure with the compassion and expertise they deserve. We’re going to be discussing the crucial but sensitive topic of talking to people that are in pre foreclosure and the best way to go about it.

I’m Nathan Payne, and I want to welcome you to the call today so you can learn how to master talking to people in pre foreclosure. What we’re going to be covering today in this live breakdown is how to effectively communicate with people in pre foreclosure so you can be sensitive to their situation we’re also going to be going over how to use bachelors to identify and approach these homeowners and key strategies to provide solutions and benefits to both parties.

But before we dive into this call that breaks down all this I want to invite you to my free masterclass that I have at painless pa ye like my last name painless flipping, we do a free masterclass where we teach you exactly how to work with sellers and buyers and get deals in rapid, fast time with little to no investment. So go ahead and register for our free masterclass, I’d love to see you there. All right, everyone. So without further ado, let’s dive into this call.

So we can see exactly how to talk to people that are in foreclosure with empathy, and being sensitive to their situation. Let’s talk about getting a hold of these people. Let’s get talking about getting a hold this list. So there’s multiple ways to get a pre foreclosure list. Obviously batch leads has data that you can get it from, you can also get it from your county, I get mine from my county for free. I just asked my title company I just said,

Hey, Tao company, can you send me the Pre Foreclosure list every month, so every month they send me the new Pre Foreclosure list, okay. And, you know, notice the default, that’s kind of the list that I get, just let you know, that’s when they start making payments, and then they get a notice that they’re in default.

And I think there’s 90 days, I know all over the United States, it might be different processes and stuff. But that’s the list that I get. So as soon as someone hits that list, that doesn’t mean that they’re like ready to go. A lot of people just chill, like, the whole time. And they’re like, well, I’ll figure it out. And when I’ve called someone on our last call about this, they were like, Nah, don’t talk to me, you know, because they’re getting a bunch of people just like you want to sell you want to sell we want to sell so we’re going to try and approach this from a different way.

And we’re going to show you how it’s working for a lot of people I’ve talked to a lot of the top marketers that send marketing messages out they say this is the best way to approach people in pre foreclosure probate these these situations where Look, you’re not in there, you’re not in their shoes, you got to put yourself in the shoes, they are losing their home, they do not want to get a call from someone saying

Hey, my name is John you know you want to sell that could really sensitive, you know, time and and topic to just bring up. Yeah,
and not only that, but if someone’s in pre foreclosure, there’s probably some like cross, things that are happening like cross motivating factors you would say is like a wholesaler and investor like they might be going through divorce they might be someone might have died in the family, someone might have died.

And the property now is in default, because they haven’t been able to make the payments. So if you just call and you’re like, hey, is the house for sale? Like there’s probably a lot going on where you can be insensitive, and you might not get the reception or like the response that you feel like you you would normally think you could get from asking that question. So let’s let’s go. I just told you where you can get the data. Let’s go right now and just showing you what you do once you get the data. Alright, Landry you got? You’re going to show us how to skip tracer, right?

Yeah, absolutely. And real quick Nathan too. Because if you guys do have a batch leads account where you guys try it out and get into a trial, you just literally go to this property search section and then just type what you know your market and then you can pull up your filters and find people right here in the pre foreclosure and auctions before skip trace the list.

Nathan, I just wanted to ask you in terms of like, for example, the people that you’re reaching out to and starting conversations with you mentioned our notice of default, so people brand new in the process, you know, it’s been 90 days since they’ve made payments, and now they’re getting an official notice. What’s the difference in reaching out to somebody that is brand new and in that compared to somebody that maybe already has like an auction date would you guys can filter in here too. But what would you say on
auction date is just it’s coming up sooner? Right? They have a date for the auction so that those people you could say maybe might be further along the process and might be more motivated.

Yeah. Do you notice sometimes with I guess it’s kind of just like a mix with the people that you’re getting people that are maybe maybe a little bit in denial in the beginning of the process of Oh, yes a lot of people there’s actually people that are like masters of staying in pre foreclosure or they get in and they get out they get in and get out I talked to someone that bought a house that had been going through that process for like 10 to 20 I think he said 20 years I don’t want to like get too crazy really it’s like getting in and out of that process or okay that long they they played the system and eventually they like weren’t able to do it they lost the house and then that’s why he bought it at an auction but there’s there’s just people who like they’re not that worried about it they’ll catch it up they’ll they have family or they’ll just sell it on the MLS and that was happening a lot during the pandemic when properties were worth a ton people that were in pre foreclosure could have just they could just sell it but now way things are now you can just store your house and just sell if you’re in a bad spot. So anyway, to answer your question, it always depends. And that’s why you have to approach it when I’m going to explain to you guys on how to approach it the right way versus the insensitive way the pain, the painful way. You don’t want to be painful with people painless.

You name the game. Yeah. Okay. So once you guys get the data, whether you import it, you know yourself, if you are like Nathan and grab it from the county, you know, I love that way that you’re having your relationship with your title company, and they’re able to get you that list as well, for people just brand spanking new and that that process it or if you guys get it in batch leads, once again, it shows up the same way.

So all you have to do in the My List section is just select them, of course, you’ll filter them out and find them. But you’ll just select those guys, I’m just gonna grab this first page, click Actions and skip trace. So super straight to the point. So I’m just going to click Skip trace never turns the charges you for duplicates or properties that don’t return info, which is really nice. It’s going to name this pre foreclosure skip trace, and these are in Arizona.

So I’m just going to label it like skip trace takes a couple minutes. And then eventually you’ll get the info over to the right of all of these contacts and in each of their details. And then you have a skip trace section like this. So it’s currently processing and then you can just download the results. So it takes less than a minute probably to do it. So Wow. Impressive. Yeah, that’s it. There you have it.

So how do you reach out to these leads now? So look, there’s going to be a couple of solutions, right? You can text you can call you can mail, you can our our don’t do RVM. But you can RVM you can smoke signal. You know, I’m just kidding. You can’t. Oh,
I was like I mean, because I wasn’t thinking of the like legitimate smokes. Yes, is a joke.

But one thing that is working a lot right now guys is door knocking, okay? You got a door knock with the right message. If you knock on someone’s door that’s in pre foreclosure. And you’re like, Hey, I’m here to see if you want to sell this house you haven’t made payments on, they might be like, Get out of here or not give you that warm response that you feel like you deserve as an investor, which you probably just, you know, again, you got to put yourself in their situation, you got to put yourself in their shoes. So let’s talk about how to respond to people the right way.

Okay. And this isn’t an opinion, right, like, but this is what I’ve done a lot of research and I found a lot of people that are doing deals this way are having success, because again, they’re not approaching it as like, Hey, are you a seller? I’m here to buy your house, right? Yeah, they’re here, they’re there to solve the problem, right, they’re there to help out and provide value. And if you can approach every situation that you find yourself in as, hey, I’m here to provide value to the other person, not take advantage or get what I want. It’s gonna work out better.

So let me show you guys how I leverage AI, artificial intelligence chat GPT to write me a message, I kind of have a good idea of what to write. But I asked chat to help me out sometimes. So let me show you what it said. And I’m actually kind of amazed that is exactly what I wanted to say. But they said it even better than I could. So I said, What is the best way to text someone in pre foreclosure and let them know you are there to help?

That’s all like not buy their house with the help. So it says when reaching out to someone in pre foreclosure sensitivity, transparency are and as transparency are essential, these individuals are likely going through a stressful period. And it’s vital that your message is clear, concise, respectful, and non invasive. Here’s a suggestion. Wow, I was really good. I’ve never seen any idea of what’s going on then most wholesalers do. Right? So this is a letter, this is a postcard. This is a text, this is a call, or you knock on the door and you say this, or you leave a note on the door, whatever.

This is exactly what I’d say maybe I shorten it down. I’ll show you how to do that. But basically you say hey, you knock on the doors to say hey, Joanne, I hope this will this is a text but it says I hope this message finds you. Well. My name is real estate Nate and I’ve worked with homeowners in your area to find solutions during challenging times like pre foreclosure. I understand how tough this period can be. And I’d like to offer assistance whether it’s discussing potential options, helping navigate the process are answering any questions I’m here to help without any obligation on your part. If you’re open to a conversation, please let me know if you’re available. Your privacy and comfort are my top priorities.

Wow, that is a really really nice message. Yeah, very nice. Right? So Landry, you’re in pre foreclosure, you just got you’re going through a lot of crap in your life, for example, in this situation, and someone texts you saying, hey, land, use your house for sale? Or just says that you’re probably not going to respond? Correct? Right?

I don’t think so. In that type type of period in my life, you know, we might be tough, right? Especially we’ll look at especially if you’re getting like 10 or 12 of those texts a day that says same thing. It’s overwhelming already. In general, even if you did want to it’s almost like I don’t even know who’s legit here. I don’t even it’s not even worth it to me to reply to anybody at this point. Right? But you get
a text message like this and this is what I’ve been talking to a lot of marketers about and people that are crushing it and doing well with pre foreclosure is they approach it as like,

Hey, I’m the expert at pre foreclosures. I’m the expert at stopping foreclosures from happening. I’m here to help if you need help, right. I’m here to give you some advice nap Get through the process. And those people are like, Well, how do I get out of pre foreclosure? How do I stop this? How do I stay in the house? They have those questions and then you’re able to navigate there’s there’s guys in the industry that will actually even call the banks and negotiate the payoff, they’ll actually try.

Oh, wow, Sham, how much is there? Now, it doesn’t always work, but at least they’re able to help out and help the seller in a time. I keep on saying seller because it’s ingrained in me. Right. Yeah. Right. Right, that wants to, you know, stay in the property or at least know their options, right. And that’s the best way to work it so everybody, if you you know, if you type something in like this, you can even ask chat to be like, can you shorten the message a little you can ask it to improve it right?

It’s so I always forget about it. You know how cool I think we were talking about last time you could tell it to do it in the tone of somebody, you know, somebody out there, which is kind of cool. So switch in the tone of David Spade. That says what it was Yeah, and let them know I am an expert at stopping foreclosures.

Let’s get really specific with this stuff. Yeah, let’s see channeling David spades. Typical car sarcasm Yeah. Who Emerson so guess who’s become the go to expert stopping foreclosures? Yep. It’s shocking right? It’s your turn if you’re tangled up in that foreclosure web let’s chat I promise no pressure and all privacy and who knows?

Maybe I can actually help but I totally can I kind of I kind of like that. Hey, that’s actually not bad. You know, I think this is super helpful to have like if you had different templates you know to switch it up different tonality see what works like for anybody in any part of their business, it’s always really beneficial to see what marketing method is working best what list is working best, so why not with like your messaging, so that’s super that’s Yeah, that’s really cool.

And like you said, Hey, it’d be cool to have a couple different templates. Oh, there you go. Like give me 10 different templates right.
Oh, that’s awesome. Super quick no brain power no brain power so guys, this is it. Like I’m kind of trying to change your mindset and it’s not just me that’s like preaching to you guys.

This is me too. I used to come off and just say hey, do you want to sell Do you want to sell Do you want to sell and I would approach it like that and I would it was like a numbers game for me. I was trying to do as many texts as many things as I want but if you want to be most successful in this business, and lower your marketing spend, you have to be strategic you got to be like a sniper you got to go and really make the most of what you have.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed that video. And if you did leave me a comment or a like I’d really appreciate it more of a comment because I’d like to hear what you thought about the video. I do read these myself. So if you say something I’ll definitely respond myself or I’ll have Jackie my system respond to you. I’ll check you on the next video. See you next time.