How To Talk With A Cash Buyer About A Wholesale Real Estate Deal

Oh, hey, real quick. It’s the the agent from that deal. Hello. Hello.

Hey, is Tyler just giving you a call about your property you had down the street from Brian.
Yeah. Tyler right. Does that make sense? Yeah, totally

Yeah. Tyler right. Does that make sense? Yeah, totally correct

So Todd, I was calling you because I have this property that I’m trying to wholesale. And I figured out what my strategy is I usually call like agents or flippers that are New York properties that I have to see if they’d be interested in more flips. So, my question for you is, are you just representing the flipper on the property that I called you about or is that you? That’s flipping it actually.

I’m actually a buyer that represents a few different investors on a whole bunch of flips and a couple of them that do over 100 A year wow, amazing though mainly mainly in Central Florida and a lot in Volusia County, so that’s definitely right up their alley and I get it. I deal with a whole bunch of wholesalers. Oh, of course. I’m definitely familiar with process I love it. Okay, so the one that I have that’s why you’re just like hey, send me it and I’ll see what I can do. I totally get it. So Central Florida, you’re saying Central Florida like whether it’s just it’s an outside of Orlando like it’s mainly when it’s outside of Volusia County, they mainly try to do some higher end ones kind of the retail kind of about 500,000. Okay, so but in Volusia County, they go to around retail 200 to 2 million. Oh, wow, around that area.

So what? This one that I have this right next year is that main issue that we’ve been having with it is it’s a two one and most most buyers that we’ve sent, they’re like, Hey, this is pretty small. But does that is a two one is do you guys mess around with stuff? Or do your buyers still do work with those? Or is that like, is it it’s a single family home? At the two one? Yeah, yeah, it’s like 1300 square feet to one.

Yeah, me if it’s all says Krushi Road area, something they would take a look, I just kind of just give me the address. And I’ll I’ll know by the end of the night of the Sunday want to bother with. Okay, so, um, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll just text you the ones that I’m working on. And if there’s if you’re like, Hey, I’ve already seen that or whatever. Just let me know, the reason why I do work with some other wholesalers. And they specifically reached out to me because I actually call people and talk to them versus like an email blast. You know, I just don’t say. So. Yeah, I’m more of a relationship kind of guy. So maybe we might be able to do quite a few deals together. If you know, I can send you some good stuff.

Yeah, absolutely. Just send me addresses and I’ll know within 24 hours, something they want to mess with. And normally, if it’s something they want to mess with, and you got plenty of pictures, I almost give you an offer if they just want to look at it for 10 minutes to be able to get an offer. Okay, and last thing I’m gonna say about these two is they just, we just want offers because we’re at the point right now where like most people that have looked at, they’re just like, not interested. So if your guys are somewhat interested, they just make an offer that even if it’s lower, that’s that’s what we need. So we can go back to the seller and renegotiate. So I don’t know if that helps you. But the people I work with, they’re used to just kind of given a number and their numbers and numbers are gonna go up or down. That’s just you know, they’re happy to do it. So okay, perfect. Well, any questions for me, Tyler?

No, my I think I got it. All right. Let’s
see we can do some deals together. Thank you. Absolutely.
Thanks for calling. Yeah, but it’s freaking go boy.


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