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If you’re brand new to real estate, you’ve probably heard of the software called “FlipSter” from Jerry Norton. In this video, we’re going to learn how to use FlipSter to get deals and crush it as a real estate investor. By the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how to use FlipSter because I have a video that I shot with Jerry Norton himself where we go over how to use FlipSter, what FlipSter is, and how it can help you get deals. He’ll show us how to navigate and use FlipSter, as well as how to find deals on the MLS. Check this video to know more.

If you’re brand new to real estate, you’ve probably heard of the software called Flipster. From Jerry Norton, shout out to Jerry Norton, he’s awesome. Today, we’re going to be going over how to use Flipster to get deals and crush it as a real estate investor. Stay tuned. By the end of this video, I promise you, you’re going to know exactly how to use Flipster. Because I have a video that I shot with Jerry Norton himself, were here we go over how to use Flipster. I’m gonna explain a little bit before I go into that video, what Flipster is and how it’s helping people get deals. So let’s dive right in. Not only am I going to go over what Flipster is, but I’m going to explain why software is so important to get into business and how it can help you succeed. Let’s go right into the video.

So what is Flipster? Well, Flipster is a software company that Jerry Norton, one of my mentors started, where he basically built a product where he has helped 1000s of people find deals on the MLS, it also gives you tools, it gives you access to contracts, it gives you access to ways to raise private money and do many other things. It’s basically built out so wholesalers can succeed.

Now, there’s a lot of software out there that helps people get deals, but Flipster is actually one of the ones that I really use. And like because it does give you a lot of tools and resources even kind of gives you the outline step by step of the sales process to go through to get a deal done start to finish on market or off market. Okay, so if you haven’t checked out Flipster definitely give it a shot. I’ll put down the link below in the description so you can check it out.

But yeah, Flipster that’s basically it. Is this a software product that Jerry Norton has created that has helped people find and identify deals on market and off market. Now why would you use Flipster over any other product? Well, it’s really up to you a lot of people prefer certain software’s Flipster is very easy to navigate. It’s not I’ll be straight up with you if there’s it’s not as intense or as in depth as a lot of these other programs out there. But it really depends what your threshold is. I think it’s a great tool for beginners. I even think experienced people use it a lot too. But for me, I like it just because it’s easy to navigate and gives you a lot of tools, but I did tell you that I was going to break down this how to use Flipster with Jerry Norton himself in a video I did so before I get into that I want to invite you to my masterclass, just go to

You can just type it in or go to the description below and register for our free masterclass where we show you exactly how to get into wholesaling, doing deals with zero marketing spin. hope you check it out, because I’ve literally that’s why I do it. I want to help people succeed. So freaking go to right now and check it out. And let’s dive right in the video. I promise I tell you about let’s go. I just did a deal with someone in your program in Salt Lake City I was telling you about it. So originally the they had listed the property at 450 really distressed and I reached out made my offer 325.

And the agent kind of laughed. He was like, come on, I got an offer 100k above what you just offered. So like for 25. So I was like, no way that guy can’t buy it. There’s no way that I can buy it at 425. It’s not a deal at 325. It was a deal. So I saw one of your students post on your Facebook group, hey, I’m looking for a buyer. So I went and reached out to him. And it was that exact same property I made an offer 325 on but they had locked it up at 370. Right? Talk to him, I said, Hey, look, I made an offer on this property already actually did a video of me make an offer. So that seller I have the video and everything opens with the agent. I said, Hey, you guys do i are 370 I made an offer 325 You need to be around 325. So they went back and renegotiated it. And you know, back and forth back and forth, we found out that the property had a property line issue where it was like, you know, the record said that they actually like the property line was going over the house. So if they didn’t fix it, it was going to be a big problem. So no one was touching it.

So we got it fixed. We paid $3,000 for a survey got it fixed. And we actually got the deal down to 320. So we got the house down to 320 5k lower than my original offer 325. And we hold sold it to one of my buyers for 345 for 25,000.

So and then JV with the student like you work yeah, so but you also I mean, that’s pretty cool, Nathan, because you didn’t only help that student in my program, but you you actually renegotiate you did the whole negotiation with them,

told them the I said, hey, you need to come down because we ran the numbers, you know, and we saw that’s where it needed to be. And it’s really interesting because that 450 where they originally were, if you look at that, you’d be like, Man, they’re not motivated by that price all the way down to 320. Can you believe that?

That’s, that’s insane. Yeah. So that tells you that there’s extreme motivation with that seller, even though they’re listed with an agent, they’re extremely motivated, they want that property sold. That’s the beauty of on market is there’s lots of distressed properties, but it is work to go through those listings and make the offers and have the conversations but so as off market off markets, a lot of work too.

So and honestly what’s been happening over the last two years is agents have listed properties way too high and now they’re they’re still kind of doing a lot of them are still listening too high and they’re doing their clients a disservice because people aren’t making offers on properties that are listed at a decent price per Even right they sometimes make an offer. So if they listed too high, they’re not getting any traction. So if you guys see something that looks like it’s listed way too high, and then that might be a good opportunity to just be like, hey, they’re probably not getting any hits. But yeah, guys, so what we’re going to do right now is I’m just going to kind of show you a little bit of the process of how to make an on market offer.

And then Jerry is going to show us, Jerry, you cool to show us the process and Flipster. CO lead, let’s go real quick into the mind map that I shared, I shared this with your group yesterday, Jerry. And basically what it is, is it’s just outlines like the whole process on how to wholesale from pretty much everything and everything, anything. Alright, so step eight of the process of how I teach it, Jerry is making offers in the sales process, there’s two different sales processes, I believe in making deals you get on market off market, right off markets a little different than on market. So if we go to on market making offers to properties that are on market, this is actually the video of the call I did with the agent, that of the deal that I did with the student, right.

So if you guys ever want to see how to make offers that will get rejected, check this out, because it got rejected. But we later did the deal. And it was a 25k deal. So it doesn’t, you don’t always win in the beginning. But it’s the follow up that gets it done. So I made that video for you guys. So when it comes down to doing deals on market, here’s a script on how to do it. This is a script that Jerry Jerry uses. And he teaches it’s the double dip strategy, proof of funds, you’re going to need that and then I usually the way I do it is if I can’t get the agent to accept like an assignment. In the beginning, I usually find the buyer and quickly and then I asked them to sign an addendum allowing me to wholesale it.

So there’s two different ways you can tell them up front, or you can just have them sign addendum saying, Hey, I have another property and closing on but I’m having someone buy from price, same everything. Nothing’s changing just the end ended entity. But let’s go the process right here. So here are the steps, guys. So let’s go over really quick. So the first thing you have to do when you’re doing this process, and I probably should actually put the numbers in here, you start looking for deals, and what are you looking for most of the time, and when I look for deals that are on market, I’m looking for distress, they’re outdated. So distress just listed her old listings Agera saying Jerry’s got a software called Flipster that we’re going to dive into. And this is the link if you want to do a five day sorry, a seven day free trial. So once you dive in and you find distress, the next thing you do is do a quick discovery call to the agent, I usually don’t run too big of numbers on these deals, I just kind of get a good idea of where I need to be.

And if it sounds like an opportunity, then I analyze it deeper. But that’s step two, step three, after you find out you potentially have a good opportunity, then you further analyze you call and say hey agent, let me let me call you back and give you some real numbers unless you can just knock it out on the phone for call the agent back get the contract sign five, send offer terms via email or have them write it up. Usually you can just say hey, I need seven to 15 days uh you know closed a seven days due diligence, whatever you know, you can get the deal done, you need to send them the terms that you want six, get contract, check it, sign it, send it back seven follow up can make sure every everyone signs the contract, you know, you the seller, then you just market it, you send it out to your buyers. And if you guys have buyers already in your market, this should be easy. It shouldn’t be done deal by this time if you if you already have good relationships, and then nine is you agree upon the price and assign it to your buyer. Pretty much you just wait for the clubs. It’s a pretty simple process. I believe Gary, I think it’s pretty easy. Like if you find the deal, you should have buyers in place. Or if you don’t, that shouldn’t be hard to find them if you you’d negotiated it the right way. Alright, Jerry, go ahead if you want to share your screen.

Alright, so you can see I’m in Flipster right now. Do you guys see that? Yep. Okay, so the idea behind the way we created Flipster, which we built this in 2014. And we’ve been constantly improving it since then. And so you see here, you got the sidebar with all these different things. First thing you’ll do is you’ll go to find deals and you’ll go to the lead finder dashboard. And one of the questions I saw was can Flipster replace prop stream? Yes, we actually have just as much data as prop stream now and more. And we actually update our data more frequently than prop stream does on a lot of the leads plan.

So what will happen is you’ll go to Yeah, we have over 150 million records. So let’s say 33604. So let’s say I want to go to 33604, which is Tampa. I’ll put the zip code in. And then what it’ll do is it’ll show me how many how many leads we have in all these different categories. So 105 MLS, look at how many absentee owners and so on. There’s even a cash buyer category. And then you can say, well, let’s take a look at some absentee owners, and then it’ll give you you know, this list. And, you know, clearly it’s showing the only one out of 50 out of 2000. So you can do some things now where you can go individually, like let’s say we wanted to take a look at this one. We’ll click on it. I’ll just go through it real quickly. Let’s say this one rampart. If I pull this up here now it’s gonna give me all my data on that property as much as is available.

And you can see here it’s got owner name and state absentee. Here’s a Google A map. So pretty cool. It gives me some equity and things over here. So I can get an idea what’s going on there. And I can start to go through a process here. If I want to work this lead, then I can add this to properties. And then what’s going to happen here is you can create custom lists, but I’m just going to add it to the general properties category. Okay, so if I open this, well, oops, let me go back here, I can do what’s called a workflow. So I can go to property workflow. And then what this is going to do is, this is now going to allow me to work through this lead. So you guys remember, Nathan showed you like 10 steps, it’s kind of that idea. So first is here’s all my info about this property, again, kind of high level, I can look at owner and equity information, I can look at a map view, if we’ve got any reports, we can do a report, we can actually create a folder and create images.

But the next step is going to be making contact. So here’s some scripts, if you were to call, it’s like, here’s a text script. If you’re doing some text blasting, it’s an email ringless, voicemail cold call. So it walks you through whatever level of marketing you want to do. Here’s your deal analyzer. So you can run your numbers. So we have a custom deal analyzer, you would decide, okay, what do I want to do here? Is this a fix and flip light, average heavy, I’ll just go through this real quickly. And for now, I’ll just say no, I’m not wholesaling, we can add that later. And then going to open up and create a deal analyzer, it actually has all the numbers in here based on those preset formulas. So it took the average price per square foot and told me the ARV is 329. Now is that accurate? Maybe maybe not. Because it’s ballparking based off the zip code, but at least it gives you a ballpark number. If I wanted to make a $15,000 wholesale Fiat, I add that in and now my buyer is 177. So right there, I could be on the phone making an offer and have an idea. This is basically the 70% formula. So whatever you’re you can adjust these numbers. But see, I’m still working in step two, I can skip trace, now I can go to my motivated seller site, if you’ve got that level, you actually have your own site.

And then I’ll go to analyze this, we already did it on the quick because oftentimes you need to do your analysis before you can contact the seller. But here’s your formal analysis step, then we get to the contract Flipster has built in digital contracts. So you can create your contract, email it over for signature, this is where you would work with your buyer. So here’s where you could mark it and find your buyer. So it’s got again, all these different steps to find your buyer. Step six would be your contract with your buyer.

So this would be your assignment, create your assignment, again, digital right built into the system. If it’s a fix and flip, then you would have that. So right now this is on, you can switch this between wholesaler fix and flip, it’ll change the steps because one of them, you’re wholesaling. One of them you’re keeping but you would decide that right here. And then you know, how are you getting this funded, and then you’re closing and getting paid. And again, so it’s got all these different built in tools, this is just your workflow. So it’s really nice, because you can keep yourself on track and move along your leads, hopefully, to closing. So that’s kind of a big picture, you know, you got all these other things in here on the tab. So you can go through and do all these different marketing things.

And so some of the things that are in the workflow are also over here. So you could go straight to some of these options. Under managing deals, we’ve got a bunch of tools for fix and flip, like a rehab scope of work, a budget tracker, things like that, we have funding solutions, if you aren’t doing fix and flip in the training tab, we’ve got a lot of resources like Nathan was showing you, if you go to like the Resources tab, we’ve got like all these different things every time we every time I create something new and useful and helpful. That gets added in here to your resource tab. So it’s pretty powerful. It’s very customed to flipping so wholesaling, and flipping. So like if someone were to say to me, well, what’s the difference between this and prop stream? Well, prop stream is primarily just a data source. So you’re just getting your data that you’re what we’ve done with flippers, we’ve got also data, we’ve got the data as well, but then also custom tools just for your wholesaling and flipping that makes it Yeah,

Jared it’s been a while since I checked it out. But this looks like you guys revamped the data site. That’s awesome.

Yeah, we’ve been doing a lot with the data. Yeah, we’ve been really working working hard on making it more functional you know, better UI to move through stuff more leads better leads and then we’ve got our custom stuff. So we’ve got also our let me just go real quick back to 3360433604 back to Tampa. So then here’s our MLS so we’ve got and then we’ve also don’t forget we’ve got these flipper scores so what we’ve done is we’ve created an algorithm that kind of will score the properties so it kind of helps you know, you know which ones are really worth going after higher the score the better and then you know select this one you could click on this should be able to click this MLS link there’s that property. Yes, we so yeah, cool. That’s kind of big, big picture down and dirty.
Yeah, that’s awesome. And Jerry would love to love to have you back. I know you’re super busy but a lot of these questions that are coming through I think a lot of them would be answered if you guys just try I’m gonna have the link for you guys is just try it for seven days you don’t it’s free right very like they don’t the link that I’m sending you guys. Yeah, yeah, that

Yeah, that’s awesome. And Jerry would love to love to have you back. I know you’re super busy but a lot of these questions that are coming through I think a lot of them would be answered if you guys just try I’m gonna have the link for you guys is just try it for seven days you don’t it’s free right very like they don’t the link that I’m sending you guys.

Yeah, yeah, that link will get you a seven day free trial test drive it you know, play around in there. There’s three levels basic pro prime, and each level gets you access to just a whole bunch more tools like We have a cash buyer website to post all your properties. We have a seller site for doing marketing to sellers. We have funding solutions and all these different things. If you are doing on market and you like Flipster I would really consider Pro or prime because that gives you that proof of custom proof of funds letters, which is huge.

Yeah, Jerry, I appreciate your time we want to honor your time we said an hour so you know, we’d love to have you back I think everyone learned a ton from me. My goal would be to do as we work together as show people the process of actually applying the whole thing you know, try and get some deals this way and show people that it’s not scary to call agents maybe it can be a little intimidating but you just gotta go for it and then we could do where we look up some of these on markets and call right on the right on the training we could try to call some off markets Yeah, skip trace and then cold call less chance of getting a hold of somebody than an agent but might be fun to do.

Yeah, no, I think I think that’d be a great opportunity to show people the power you know the flips or what you can do and also show the process like the sales process because it shouldn’t be that scary. You know, if you liked that information, please like subscribe, hit the bell icon so you can get more free content and help this channel grow. Talk to you later.


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