How to use Investorlift to Get JV Deals

In this video, we’re going to show you How to use Investorlift to Get JV Deals!

Alright guys, so investor lift is another way we use to JV. And what investor lif is it’s a community, a marketplace of wholesalers that they post their deals on this website and try to sell them. So you can go on here and look at deals that wholesalers have, and analyze them. And see if you have a buyer forum.

So you can either sign in and go by area, or you can just look on the right side if you don’t want to sign in. So for example, Peoria, Illinois, if I wanted to take this further, I see that they’re asking 25, I would get the address by signing in, take that address, run some comps. And see if I feel like there’s a big enough spread, if there isn’t a big enough spread, you can message the dispositions manager and say, Hey, Alyssa, I have some buyers out there, would you be interested in you know, JV, if I can bring a buyer, and usually they’re always open, if they’re able to make their money, you can do the split, 5050 split, or you can just add your fee on top, you got some pictures to help you analyze the property, whether you think it’s, you know, the repairs that would need to be done.

But the step of the important step of this is being able to analyze the deal, run the comps and see if you think you can move it and having relationships with buyers in that area that you think you can quickly sell it because if you go to Peoria, and you’d have no idea what’s going on in Peoria, it’s probably gonna be hard for you to find someone to unless you know, or you have a good list there or you know how to pull list and market to it

. But before I do any of that I would contact do a quick investigation analysis of the property, see if you think it’s at a good deal, and then contact them because they might have already moved it. So it’s important to talk to the dispo manager before you get into doing a ton of work. So, investor lift, a great place to find JV deals along with you know, getting on people’s buyers lists, and Facebook groups Craigslist. So that’s just another way to find yours.


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