How to work with another wholesaler to close a deal?

Welcome back to the channel, everyone where today we’re gonna be talking about how you can help another wholesaler find a buyer for their deal for a deal.

You didn’t have to go find the seller and negotiate all that you basically just need to find a buyer. So let’s dive right in. And let’s see if we can help you get your first deal from learning this strategy. Before we dive into this video. Let me talk to you guys about my free Facebook group. It’s called painless flipping paye any LIS painless, flipping, just go to Facebook, join it, it’s a free community, get free resources, we want to help you succeed. And we will help you network with other investors in your market around the United States. So it doesn’t matter where you’re at,

I’m sure there’s someone in there that you can network with and meet up. So guys, let’s talk about this video. What I do a lot if you’re new to this industry, basically, I do what’s called JV. And that’s helping another wholesaler that has a deal under contract find a buyer. Now, what does this look like?

Well, basically, you would look at deals that other wholesalers have. And you’d say, Hmm, I think I have some buyers that would be interested or hey, this is a good deal will be bringing to some people that I know that would want to buy it. Then you bring the deal back to the wholesaler and you say,

Hey, I have a buyer, we can either split this the assignment fee 5050 of of what you have an under contract for I can have my fee on top doesn’t matter. You can negotiate anything you want. And then the wholesaler accepts it, then you just write up some paperwork or they just pay you depends what you want to do if you trust them or not.

And you don’t you don’t always have to do paperwork. I don’t do paperwork a lot. But other wholesalers just pay me because we’ve done several deals together. So what is the conversation look like? I’m about to show you right here in a video where I recorded myself talking to other wholesaler she had a deal in Provo, Utah, where she needed help finding a buyer.

She had somebody and I navigated that conversation talking with her about what we can do you know, is it worth my time is, you know, what’s the situation. This is how you talk with a wholesaler. You’re just open and transparent and you try to find out what’s going on. So let’s dive into this call and see what you can learn from it and how you can negotiate and navigate the situation with wholesalers when you’re trying to bring buyers to their deals. Let’s dive in. Hey, Amber, how’s it going?

Good. How are you doing? Really good. So I wanted to get back to you. I have a buyer that’s running their numbers, and they’re gonna get back to me. We’re just waiting. You said that you already have someone that’s committed and they can close Monday. Yeah,
of course. Sooner or has something that’s super concrete, like? Yeah, just like, what I feel bad for the seller in this situation. I don’t want to drag them along. I wanted to close you know, of course.

Yeah. So I’m curious. Just because obviously don’t want to bring you an offer that’s not better than the one you have, or wouldn’t make sense to work with me? Are they? What price are they doing? So, obviously, I know, you know, I gotta do better or whatever. They’re at 350. Okay, so the 350. So you have a 335? Is that right? Yeah. So that’s that there’s a 25 this case, right.

So we have a 335. Oh, sorry, I did my math

Okay, gonna tack into this one. Okay, so yeah, we’re just splitting the assignment.

Okay, so if I brought a buyer, I would obviously have to come in higher than 350. Right. In order for it to make sense.

Yeah, or, or, you know, they can close sooner. Yeah, they can come in a little higher than 350. And then if you wanted to add whatever, like if you wanted to take, like a bird dog fee or whatever. Yeah. Okay. The numbers aren’t there. Honestly. Like, you know, it’s close. It’s close to like, a seven. I think that could push. Like there’s constant support, like, high fives, bro six, but this one is on a main road. It’s not a busy main road, but it is a four main road. The cops?

Yeah, so my buyers, you know, every buyer is going to try and beat you up. And a lot of them are like, oh, you know, I just don’t see the carpet. There’s 570. So it just really depends who’s looking?


My buyer.

I get it. If I’m conservative, like when I look for myself, especially in Provo right now, because prices have kind of changed a lot recently. Totally. So I’ll let you know. I’ll probably I should let you know by the end of the day. They’re just waiting. If I can’t do it, then obviously I’m in 350. Yeah, go with that. That’s great. Yeah,

just let me know. And then if it doesn’t work out that this time, it’s good to just have this relationships of course, you know, we always are bringing in deals, I probably really should buckle down and invest and build out my buyers list to have this whole operation but like, I kind of like I totally get that. Like for me is honestly worth it.

Suddenly you don’t even think about you know, you don’t have to worry about it. Well,

I have so much going on. It’s like oh, somebody else is like finding it. I totally get it. Yeah. That’s kind of how I felt when I was new. I was like, This is great. But then eventually, you know, you move on. But yeah, I’m kind of do the same thing. I have a giant list. I don’t really blast out deals, I just reach out to my key top buyers, and, you know, kind of get their feedback. So every show, I’ve got some feedback on some that just aren’t interested or the numbers don’t make sense, but I’m waiting on one. So yeah, I will keep you posted. And if this one doesn’t work, yeah, let’s see any more anything you send me I can at least get you an offer on or tell you yes or no. Okay, that sounds great.

Cool. All right. Well, I will. Alright, and I appreciate I’ll get back to you as soon as I hear back. All right. That’s a wholesaler has sent me a deal and I’ve sent it to one of my buyers see if we can get a deal done. They’re running their numbers right now. So let’s see we can get a deal done. If you liked this video, please like subscribe and hit the bell icon for more info like this.