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In this video, we’re going to have a special guest, Musa Al- Sulaimani. He’s an Athlete, MMA Fighter, Business man, and an Inventor. Find out how an Inventor and fighter teaches keys to success in business and in the ring. Check out this video to learn more.\

Hey we are live right now with the payneless flipping podcast. What’s up investor nation? I got my man right here Musa I’ll sue. Oh shoot, I practice Musa al salami. All salami are sulemani I saw I tried. I tried but it’s close. I’m curious real quick what? What nationality are you man? I’m curious.

Yeah, I’m a mix. I get that question a lot. So it’s a Middle Eastern name actually, my dad traveled to the Middle East when we’re young, but I’m actually mixed with a few things on my dad’s side, Eastern, a little Eastern European, Russian, Italian and then my mother’s Indian, but you know, Indian and she’s Israeli as well but but she from her ethnicity is Indian. So pretty much mixed with a lot but Indian, Russian, Italian it’s a few different things.

The reason why I asked you that bro is because I get that asked all the time to me. And you know, when when you’re Brown, like us, people just like they don’t even know they’re like, Mexican. And then you just kind of told me and you’re like, No one’s ever guessed in that, right? Like, that’s just it’s hard to guess what people are like, for me? I’m half Chilean, half white, like straight American. Oh, so and I look depending on how big my beard is, you know, I’ll get Muslim right. I’ll get Middle Eastern and then I get it short. And then people are like Hispanic, you know? Yeah,

mine’s the same way but it’s it’s a blessing though. You know, you can go whatever way you want to go you know, you know, get in a little bit so yeah, I think it’s a blessing. No, it

is man. It’s a blessing and I honestly think as time goes on everyone I’m everybody’s mixed. Doesn’t matter how you break down you look at the DNA, everyone’s you know, mix unless it’s just, you know, some person is just pure. Actually one of my neighbors is I think I’m saying this right. She’s 99% Ashkenazi Jew, just 99% like No, no mixtures, I guess all through that hurt DNA, which I thought was amazing. Anyway, Hey, man, really happy to have you on here for everybody’s watching. You know, I brought moose on here because he was referred to me by Anthony Kozar. And, you know, I always love getting in front of winners getting in front of people that we can learn from and you know, as you know, the payneless flipping podcast is about real estate’s about entrepreneurs about winner the winner mentality and Musa, this guy’s a winner. You know, he’s got he’s got a business he’s got he’s, he’s, he’s up boxing people. He’s a fighter. And I love learning from people like this. And I think everyone can. So today we’re gonna dive into what he’s about what he’s doing right now, his journey and a little bit about his business too, right? Because you’re an inventor, right? Yeah. So

yeah, I’m an inventor. I have a ton of different products. This logo here, Amazon FBA gorillas, I have a course teaching others how to do product development launch product from scratch, invent products, come up with creative ideas for products come up with solutions for problems that exist in the market, how to develop it, how to manufacture how to find those manufacturers, just really, you know from ground up on how to not only choose the right product to sell on Amazon, but how to actually invent and design and manufacture products as well. So that’s from the business side, we can dive into that but

no, we definitely have to. Yeah, we definitely have to dive into the business and the fighting aspect. That’s amazing. So let’s kind of start I got so many questions about the business because I’m in the real estate world bro. I’ve never honestly even heard about like inventor Well, I’ve heard of mountain ventures but I didn’t know about courses about I don’t even know the first thing you would do to like if you had an idea how to develop that product no idea so I’m going to ask you a lot of questions and I’m sure a lot of people watching this will definitely be interested in reaching out and I have in the description are going to have his Instagram is moose underscore 777 Is that right?

That’s right Musa underscore 777 Moose like the animal that say that’s it. Is that like your nickname or something? Is everyone call you that or everyone asking you know how I got that name. It’s just my name is Musa so just naturally people call him moves. Like you know when people when people hear like yo Musa come in and they haven’t met me they think it’s this big guy come in and I’m not a small you know, thinking like a big fat boo coming through. Yeah. Just loose, loose.

Yeah, no, okay. Well, hey, everybody hit him up. But let’s kind of dive into the nitty gritty of it. So before we even get into like your business, I want to get to know a little bit about your background and how you then got into product development and fighting like I know the box and you press have been doing that for a while before even went to college or got into your business. Is that right?

Yeah, definitely. I’ve been boxing all my life. I’ve been boxing stuff. Since I was a little kid. My dad was a boxer and kind of you know, taught me I grew up in Philadelphia and Boston is kind of the sport in Philadelphia. So I grew up boxing in Philadelphia, my dad was a boxer and just from a young age, being in the boxing gyms training, fighting, and then I got to a point where I had a lot of success as a kid, it got to a point where you know, I started playing football in high school and I wanted to play football in college as well. I had a few injuries and things like that. And then coming to Penn State, I won that box and at Penn State and kind of fell back in love with the sport from you know, my childhood and things like that and just you know, Last box throughout college and you know won a national title while at Penn State, and that’s what you want a National Title Boxing, bro. Yes, sir.

That’s sick. That’s awesome, man. Thank you. Dang. Okay, well for everybody that’s watching this and you got you got a boxing champion right over here. That’s six. Okay, sorry to hit your interrupt your flow, man, but I didn’t know that’s cool.

No Yeah, so then, you know that’s kind of where I ran it you know met bo bo Nico and Anthony Kozar. And you know Philadelphia, where I’m from, they don’t really, wrestling is not a big sport. So I never really heard or I’ve heard of it, you know, you hear like WWE and things like that. And there’s a distinction between real wrestling and fake wrestling. But you know, we didn’t have it in high school. So coming to college and meeting those guys, this was where I started really getting exposed to wrestling. And when I kind of saw it, kind of saw it live, I was like, Dang, this is this is cool. Like this is real additive, and, and tough. And it reminded me a lot of boxing. So then that’s when I started getting with them and was talking about this kind of MMA dream and kind of transition them from wrestling to MMA and then me from boxing and MMA and MMA is is really on the rise now. So it’s on the climb. So it’s just something that you know, I got interested in and then Bo open up the gym here and Happy Valley and State College, just right next to the Penn State facility. It was just a perfect situation. So you know, from then for, you know, about two years now, we just been training full time to make this MMA run and it’s been like a you know, an awesome experience. Wow,

that’s amazing. Is the gym pretty, pretty busy. They got quite a few people that go out there and train over there. Oh, yeah, it’s a it’s an awesome gym. Like if you’re in State College, heavy Valley or, you know, round Penn State. This is definitely the gym to pull up. We have a world class a fifth degree black belt teaching did jiu jitsu class we have another guy he’s coming back and he’s like a four time four or five time world Muy Thai champion and obviously, a lot of those guys so it’s a really good gym is open to the public as well for for you know, open classes and things like that jiu jitsu kickboxing, and then we also have our pro class that we, you know, we train in the morning guys that are are looking to compete and fight professionally. So yes, it’s definitely busy. It’s popping off and it’s a young gym. So I’ve been around for a couple of years. So you know, we’re only growing. That’s

amazing, dude. So I got a question for you about fighting in the gym. If you were to like, just pick one skill set. You might be biased to boxing, but we’ll just one skill set Adam let’s just say wrestling jiu jitsu muay thai boxing like, let’s just say those four. Which one? Would you want to be the best in the world at it when it comes to fighting in the ring? Because I don’t know.

I thought you’re gonna hit me with the Bradley Martin question. Is that is that the same? Does he ask the same thing?

Oh, he goes, he’s awesome. I’m 260 I’m 260s want to ask you he has like a professional fighter. He’s like, can you beat me up to 60 It’s a clip that’s been going viral. But I have to check that out. Yeah, I guess for me it’s a I mean, I’m biased but I would say I would say boxing is a great base. I think you know for me boxing is just a great base especially just to just learn that these basics learn that footwear about who think boxing is all about your hands but it’s I would say about it’s about 70% You know footwork and your mind it’s a it’s a chess match so if you if you understand really good positioning and footwork and everything like that, I think a lot of that a lot of it translate so it’s kind of a funny like, like debate people like to have like which one’s the best in the street? Yeah, I think there’s there’s no there’s no good good fight in the street you know, with this nowadays, you know, obviously people have weapons and things like that. So for me, it’s good to have your hands you know, let a couple let a couple of go and then get out of there. You don’t want to be customer with anyone on the ground and somebody just be able to land a couple shots be there with throw your hands and get out of there and also you know, teaches you a ton of confidence and discipline. The same thing with wrestling just being up here and wrestling with these guys is wrestling is a sport that have grown their perspective. It’s tough like you know you get in there and you’re there to work there’s guys that are been doing it for a long time and you’re not coming prepared and ready you’re gonna you’re gonna pay so well yeah. All the Michigan or the all the martial arts you got to once you once you really get in there and do it you grow to respect and have a natural respect for it. So

definitely no I love that and I love the fact that you brought up the chess game right? Because like whether it’s wrestling jujitsu, boxing, it’s all like a chess match, right? Like countering you know trying to figure out what what what strategy to use so let’s go back to you know, growing up as a boxer and then obviously you you won the championship and Penn State but how did that your mindset like how did being a boxer growing up? How did that affect your mindset like throughout your life, like Were you always motivated to do whatever whatever you went out? Were you ready to crush it? Like just kind of curious like how, you know, being a boxing helped you out?

Yeah, I think it’s one of those things that you know, I think as a man, everybody should challenge himself. You know, man woman wouldn’t Everybody should definitely challenge yourself and, and for me stepping in like a ring stepping into a cage is probably one of the most challenging things, you know, mentally physically. It’s not just, you know what everybody sees on the night of the fight, obviously, you got a ton of preparation you have, you have a ton of hard work, and it’s also a mind game. So you’re, you’re fighting with yourself, it’s not just about, uh, with the guy funny, a lot of times the guy that’s gonna step in that ring, He’s the least of your worries, right, the least of your worries is yourself. So you know, for me, it’s like those months leading up to the fight, you’re dealing with, you know, the, the mind tricks that your brain plays on you, you know, you’re about to get in the ring with this guy that you know, wants to kill you, you know, wants to knock you out in front of everyone. So you have to understand that you have to live with that. And you have to control that in your head. So you have to be able to control your emotions, you have to be able to be able to prepare in the right way. So yeah, all these things kind of just teach you like a baseline, you know how to be disciplined how to prepare for something, not just because you know, fighting, boxing, whatever it is, it’s not like, I don’t know getting ready for chess or something like you can seriously get hurt, you know, you can, you can walk in and then walk out a different person, you know, you can seriously get damaged and it’s not a joke. So you have to be prepared as no, like, I’m gonna kind of have half assed this camp, or half assed training or cardio, isn’t it right, you have to make sure you’re you’re fully fully prepared.

And a lot of people they don’t have that consequence going into like business, you know, until it really sets in, like I’m dead broke. And the consequence now is like, if I don’t, if I’m not successful, I’m not going to eat. And so you know, just having that consequence at the end of the tunnel, like, I’m going to be in there and forcing yourself to do it. Like a lot of people, they, maybe they say they’re gonna go and do a fight, but that never happens. Because it’s like, when it really sets in, that’s when it becomes different, you know, yeah, that that consequence becomes real. And so that’s kind of translated, you know, over into business where it’s like, you know, maybe the consequence, maybe I don’t need the money right away, but I’ve already instilled in myself, that preparation for something that can be a big consequence at the end. So it’s really taught me how to prepare for things, how to, you know, mentally beat discipline and how to, you know, instill that hard work and dedication and everything like that and, and also confidence, a sport like boxing or, or wrestling or you know, Jiu Jitsu, whatever instills confidence to where, you know, you can you can handle your stuff wherever you go. I think that translates over, you know, in life.

No, that’s, that’s, that’s interesting, because I also have, like, extreme confidence in myself to the point where, like, there was this guy in my gym who, you know, I looked at him and I was like, I’m a great wrestler, in my opinion. I think I’m good. And I went and he craved me, bro. And I was, like, later found out that, you know, he was he was in the MMA for like, 10 years older guy, right. But you know, he was MMA fighter, but like, in my mind, I was so confident rose, like, I can do this, but it’s interesting how, like, getting into sports doing what you did, like, yeah, you pretty much probably go into, I would say anything with confidence, right? Because you’re like, hey, I’ll figure it out. I’m gonna work hard. I’m assuming you’ll figure it out. Or it’s not that

bad. Like, you know, it’s not this guy’s not gonna be punching me in my face. You know, like doing like doing a podcast with you. It’s like, yeah, you’re not spanking me right now. So not swinging on you. This is better than you know. You can handle this.

That’s so cool. Like, obviously, you can get like worked up and we get psyched up but for me, I’m like, oh, like I just I just walked out and you know, front X amount of people and got locked in a cage and we went at it so now it’s like, I let’s go do this podcast are no big deal.

interesting, though. But, you know, sometimes it’s not that way. Because you know, a lot of fighters they deal with just the fighting aspect. And they don’t they don’t branch out into you know, academics or communication or anything like that. So sometimes it can be you know, they can find themselves in deep waters. Just like the other way around where if a podcast host maybe steps in the ring or something. I’m not saying you got some experience, but you know, whatever. Like some guys just don’t care. Don’t care for that. And it’s tough. But do

you know it kind of I didn’t watch this fight because I don’t really get into this but I look like I saw like highlights Nate Diaz versus that Jake Paul guy look like Nate didn’t even train bro. I don’t know if you saw any of that. I don’t know if you’re cool with Nate Diaz. But I watched it actually. Did it look like Nate was like, I don’t know. I just saw highlights. I was like, Man look like Nate’s just like not really even trying that hard. I don’t know. What’s your opinion?

I think he definitely tried I think he I think he’s an MMA guy. You know he’s he’s boxing is a different sport. There’s different rule sets there’s a different cardio. So when you have a guy like Jake Paul he’s taking a serious he’s he’s training every day with the with the best. Best trainers best you know, athletic trainers.

Best training with you guys to right train with you guys. Yeah, exactly like our guys like you know BOGO up there and, and train and things like that. So he’s he’s doing all the right things and he’s he’s not he’s not a slouch. He has a lot of power he and and By the way, he’s moving around in the rain, you could tell that he has been getting the right advice and things like that. But

anything people just take them? Do you think people just take them? Like they don’t take them serious? Or do you think they do what people

will take him serious now, I think they see what because, you know, in the beginning, he just had a lot of power, you know, anybody could just naturally have power. And, you know, he’s a YouTube guy with some power and you went in and knocked a couple guys out. But now you can see the progression to where he’s not just throwing power, he’s setting the guys up, he’s moving his feet, he’s throwing a jab to the body, you know, he’s setting the guy off for though ran, I mean, he’s doing a lot of the right thing. He’s rolling with the punches. So he’s done a lot a lot of things that you know, high level boxers, you know, high level, it takes a long time to master but the thing is, he’s kind of fast track because he has one he has the best trainers, you know, the best sparring partners the best facility people don’t understand how how powerful that can be. And he also he’s, he’s in a situation where he has the money to invest in that and not worry about a paycheck or, or not worry about, you know, how he’s going to pay the bills he can he can do all that and also just focus full time on training. So you know, like I I’ve been doing MMA now for a while, and I just went back to Philly and just got pure boxing work and it almost forgot the intensity, the level of detail that a boxing trainer will point out versus like an MMA because it’s more to it right can’t focus on boxing the whole camp or you can’t focus boxing, when you’re specifically focused on boxing, every little detail matters. Every little detail is crucial. And if you know you you let your guard down for a second Are you are you start biting on a fake like that, you know, you can you can get caught and that’s just something that a guy like Nate Diaz, he’s he’s probably not training specifically boxing for that longer period of time. And I think he actually looked a lot better because he probably been boxing for a little bit now for the fight but mainly all his life. You know, he’s just focused on on like, Jujitsu, boxing, and that’s a sport in itself. Yeah, that

makes martial arts will make bro maybe I should watch him and maybe I’m just one of those guys just talking before he’s even seen it. But I have. One of the comments that just came through is do you think the fights are fixed? I personally just gonna say I don’t think so. Just because you can tell that he’s far superior. Right? And I would say fix is like they don’t try but you probably heard that too. Right? Like, hey, these

These fights are fixed. Yeah, no, they’re not fixed. I mean, even like earlier in Jake Paul’s career when he knocks I think you’re knocked out. Woodley Tyrone? Yeah, yeah, there’s no way you’re fixing that. I mean, you like I can guarantee I can bet someone right now to put your arms on your side and fall facedown on like, you’re on like a mat on a heart. For $1,000 or 10,000 hours, you probably will naturally flinch. And if you watch him on the camera, he fell straight down and landed on his face. Like there’s some things that you can’t really just left this stuff on the back end that you can do to make things, you know, go in your favor. And I definitely think that happens, like in terms of just the clauses and the the time that they place them on arounds. There’s all types of things that you can kind of coordinate. But at the end of the day, the ruleset is the same for both fighters. So and they both agreed to it. So nothing is fixed there. And you got to be both to court to coordinate both fighters to fix a fight like that. It’s very tough

No, I agree. I don’t I agree with you. So a few questions. So far, you know, if a guy takes a fall, and obviously Jake, Paul’s not taking a fall or anything like that, man,

no, no, you’re right, bro. And like you said, he’s in he’s all in, you know, you see it and looks like he’s, she’s straight, like he’s bought and he’s focused. So that’s sick. So let me ask you a question about business and fighting. Do you think because I’ve been reading a ton of business books, and pretty much all the masterminds I go to they’re always like, focus on one thing. Do you think like, just kind of curious to be honest? Like, is it going to be difficult for you to run your business, your courses and your inventions? And be a top level fighter? Do you feel like you’re gonna have to choose between one? Tell me what your thoughts on that are? Yeah,

I think it’s definitely tough, especially in the beginning when you know, United stablished. But I’ve been doing the business business thing since I was in college. And I’ve done a lot of the hard work, you know, when I was in college, and when I was doing all the product development myself and things like that the manufacturing myself, but now I got to a point now where I think at a certain point, to be successful in business, you have to you have to understand how to delegate and I think somebody said, you know, you have to learn how to work on your business, not in your business. And a lot of times people get caught up with with an ego or you know, thinking that they’re the only ones that are they’re going to do the best job at everything. So like in my business, there’s a ton of different tasks that I can of course do myself and I feel very confident doing myself or I can outsource I can hire I can do all these different things and trust that you know what, maybe this guy isn’t running a full blown business, but maybe he’s really good at, you know, 3d design, or maybe he’s really good at PPC campaigns on Amazon, or maybe he’s really good at XYZ. So just understanding how to delegate in your business especially as a young business owner, just having that mindset. And obviously in the beginning, maybe you don’t have the money to outsource everything, you have to kind of do some of the heavy lifting yourself, right. But as you grow, you have to understand how to how to delegate and how to use other people’s time, you know, to your advantage,

no great answer. Leverage. Leverage is the key to wealth, right? I think I was watching Alex Hermoza. Video, I don’t know if you watch him, but he was just talking about leverage, you know, you want to make more money, you need to leverage more more things, leverage time leverage people, and you’re exactly right. Like the E Myth, you know, you can’t do it all you can’t in the beginning, you’re almost got to write and then you can start delegating sounds like you, you’ve been doing it long enough that you’re starting to delegate. So let’s go back to how you even got into this industry. Because to be real, bro, when I was a kid, I was like, Man, I want to I want to invent stuff. And I was like, I don’t even know if that exists. I don’t even know if that’s a career. So I’d never really thought of it past eight years old or 10 years old. How did you know about this path? Did you find it in college? Tell Tell, tell us about you went down that

to, like, look outside of colleges in some degree. But you can, you know, for me, you can really use college as a resource. But you kind of have to do a lot of the heavy lifting outside of college. And but for me, the, you know, where I got started, was actually in college, I was an I’ve always had, like, an entrepreneurial mindset, you know, he’s always thought about different products and things like that, but I never really, I guess, devoted myself to making a product or, you know, reality until I was in college. And at the time I was boxing, and a problem that I came across was a lot of guys start to drop their hands, you know, in training. And so I started working on this product to where it’s a proximity sensor on a headband. And when you raise your hand, and you start to drop your hands, it gives you just like a quick alert. So you’re able to pick your hands up and things like that. And it was just a training age. So I just kind of dive, dive into not knowing anything, right, just kind of researching different things. Again, seeking knowledge from from other people who are, you know, this, this guy was a electrical engineer, I seek some of his knowledge and things like that. And then it took a while. And then finally, I hit a point where I guess I realized all the hiccups in terms of developing a tech product. So I had to get all these certifications. And obviously, you’re putting a product with a battery on top of people’s heads. So there can be some liabilities. And that’s where I kind of hit the ground running in starting with a product right? I just kind of just started messing around with it. And then you got to grow. Let’s see this thing. Yeah, well, this is actually another product. So you know, while I was boxing, a big headache, a lot of people they have, they have these hand wraps, right, you have the hand wraps to start to wrap your hands up when you’re when you’re when you’re boxing and whatnot. And so, you know, this product here, simply you put you put the hand wraps in, or you put the hook in, you close it, and you roll up the roll up your hand wrap and then it’s for your hand wraps.

So this so you know, going back to the other product, it took me a while and then I started working on this product started diving into product design. And I didn’t know anything I’m talking like I knew nothing but I was just determined again, like just like in boxing determined to learn determined, you know, to learn about product development, things like that. So I just started learning about injection molding, and even a lot of people will take for granted some some design or some engineering that comes with some of these products that are ketchup bottle, they have this little hinge here, and it’s basically just a plastic piece that’s connected, but it’s called the Living hinge and I had to do a ton of research on living living hinges and understanding how they open and close and understanding the mechanism hooking or hooking groove mechanism and how to close and how to snap these these things close. So there’s a ton of research learning from the ground up you know, plastic injection molding how our products develop, how to how to design a plastic product, I guess these were just one of the first products that I’ve developed and a solid product bro

that’s a sub product right? I just got to stop because I box to growing up not like not like you’d, but I would the hand wraps, man, you gotta wrap them back up, you know, they get unraveled. That’s a great invention dude. mazing Thank

you. Yeah, you know, first, I guess the first product and so I was working on this product and then I started branching out into some other sports so I branched out into basketball. And I came out with a product hair is called the flick glove. And basically this product you put it around your wrist and your head and force a follow through when you shoot the basketball. So you Hooper timber Throw you Hooper to play for fun. But I knew a lot of guys who played at Penn State and things like that. And I kind of, you know, sought out their expertise and some of the issues that they would have. And I see a lot of a lot of young basketball players, they push the ball instead of flicking the ball and that flick force forces a backspin on the ball. Yeah. So I kind of a funny story with this with this product, it was one of the first products that I that I actually launched on Amazon. And so I basically didn’t have any money at the time. And I was like, You know what, like, I want to make this product, I know, it’s gonna be a silicone product, it goes around my wrist. So I taught myself SolidWorks, I taught myself 3d design and have designed this product. And at that point, I knew nothing about, you know, manufacturing, but I just did a little research, learn about injection molding, and things like that. And so what I did was I just 3d printed the mold. So I 3d printed the negative of this product. And then I had a bunch of silicone, and I would pour the silicone into this mold, like in my dorm room. And I would squeegee the silicone off between classes and pull them out in between classes and packaging them up. And little by little, I started little by little I, I got to a point where I had to decide where am I going to sell this product? Am I going to sell it retail online. And that’s where Amazon FBA, that’s where I got to know Amazon FBA and you know, Amazon, like we all know Amazon for just buying products. But there’s a ton of small businesses that they make a living selling products on Amazon. So I got into that I launched the product on Amazon. And literally within weeks, I started selling hundreds and hundreds to hundreds of units. Yeah, to a point to the point where I was like, You know what, I can’t, I can’t manufacture this product in my dorm anymore. Like this is this is getting crazy. So then I 3d printed like six seven molds. I had buddies helping me like pull them out and packaging them and ship them to Amazon. And you know, and that’s what I’m

Real quick. Like, did you do marketing? Or did you just launch it and put it on Amazon? All sudden, people were buying it like how’s that?

Yeah. And at the time, this was eight years ago, eight years ago, nine years ago, I didn’t really know much about Amazon FBA on you know, the the SEO, the keyword research, all the different things, the perfect listing, you know, things like that, I just knew that. I gotta take a few pictures or whatever, it just kind of did the, the just a rough launch. And so yeah, it was really nothing like I launched a product and I put the keywords and then people were just searching up like basketball training aids or shooting, just finding the product. Let’s go ahead. Yeah, so at a certain point, it got to the point where I was manufacturing, so many are selling so many that I had to seek a manufacturer overseas, and they, you know, had to do the injection molding. And that’s where I have this, this more professional version now that I sell online, and it sells really well. So wow, it’s just one of those.

I’m sure it’s not Yeah, what would the margin be like what you sell it for? And what it costs to make and get it out? Yeah, so

I think right now we’ve kind of got it down with it just depends on the bulk, the number of units you buy, obviously, the more units you buy, the lower your cost is going to be your landed cost. So a product like this, it really it also depends, like for this is a little more expensive, because we have these rivets here and the snap buttons, and it takes a little bit more technology to get the snap buttons in each one and then the amount of snap buttons in it. So it’s a little more expensive product, but you get efficient all silicone, you know, it’s just an injection molding, you have the fixed costs of the injection molding mold. And then after that, I mean you can get silicone products like this for I would say less than $1 And you know, selling for $20 $15.25 Whatever it may be. So the margins are really good Amazon, Amazon takes a cut for fulfilling it, but it’s really competitive. And yeah, so it’s good, really good margin at the end of the day.

That’s awesome, bro. Do you ever have anyone come to you and say hey, man, I got an idea. Will you make it and sell on your thing? Give me a cut. Or has that happen? Oh yeah

yeah, I actually have a buddy of mine he he had an idea. And I told him anybody else I would I would just say like, I would just say like buy my course and I’ll walk you through a to z on how to do it yourself because I have a ton of different products and I have like I have the course and I have fighting and everything like that I’ll have too much time. It was a buddy of mine and I wanted to do business with him. So I said Alright, well let’s go in this together and it’s actually one of my one of my best selling products. So I have a product and you have it with you but yeah, we’ll have a so here’s one of the products called the drip pad. And this is actually a refrigerator drip catcher. So you put it in the fridge, the water dispenser and integrations orbs all the extra drip so you don’t have that calcium buildup and things like that in your in your drip product. We got a design patent on and there’s a ton of not gasa came on Amazon after us and we’re waiting on this live chat and then we’ll be we’ll be set but it sounds really good. And so what is the design pen has that work is that like the knockoffs the knockoffs like get you paid? Well,

it gets a design patent is purchased protects the design, the utility and protects protects the utility of it. And anybody else that kind of see the product and try to knock it off, you can, we can get rid of them off of Amazon and kind of control the market. But in the beginning, yeah, just like a tip. Like, in the beginning, when we have these knockoffs, we, we actually like to leave them up, even if we have a patent. So I have this product here. This is actually one of my other products. It’s a it’s called a back cover. And it’s a baby accessory products. I just recently had a kid actually have two kids now. But kids like to stick their fingers in the event, you know, they can stick their fingers in a bag, get their toe caught an event, and they can get you know, badly injured or cut themselves on the side of the vent. So all these are is just protective. covers that way can be improved the vent, cover and protect the baby. So we launched this product, we got the patent on it, design patent and utility patent. But there’s a ton of knockoffs that came into the market. And in the course, we talked about, you know how to prevent how to prevent that and prolong that. But there’s a ton of knockoffs that came onto Amazon. And in the beginning, were like, yo, let’s just get rid of them, we have the patent. But we decided to let them stay because it’s a new product. And in the beginning, we have a new product, you have to educate the market on the product, like you may or may didn’t know that we could be dangerous, right? Maybe someone doesn’t know that event could be a hazard. Or maybe someone doesn’t know that this product exists. So a ton of these sellers that are knocking off the product, they’re actually going out there and they’re educating the market for me, they’re paying that ad spend, they’re paying the ad spend on Amazon to expand the market to advertise in niches such as baby safety, or maybe advertise on other listings, just maybe like a outlet cover and things like that. So they’re spending a lot of ad sets. And all we do is advertise on their listing, because we have them the most established listing and things like that. Yeah, the reviews and

all that. Yeah, we have a ton of reviews. And it’s a, we make sure that ours is quality. And we have the branding and everything behind it. So and then eventually, once the market gets big, then we’ll we’ll get we’ll get rid of come after. So

let’s talk about your course really quick. So if someone was like, Man, I want them that something. They buy your course. So there’s the investment right there. Is there any other investment that they need to build a product? Like do they need? Do they need to like research the product they’re wanting to make before they even make it to make sure even someone will buy it? Like how much money would someone need in order? Do you want to talk about how expensive courses and the investment they would need to make? Or do you want them to kind of reach out to you?

Yeah, right now the course is $2,000. But right now we it’s not open to the public. We have it for like a small group right now. Because we’re, we call it the founders program. And basically, we’re gonna use, it’s a small group of basically friends and family that want to launch products that have sought out my expertise and things like that. So we’re launching, we’re making the products now we’re launching the products. And soon, they’re going to have products and numbers to show for everything that I’m talking about and, and how successful these products can, can can be. And then we have that we’re working on the website and everything right now. And then it’ll become available. But there are also other courses out there other FBA courses specifically that you can purchase just to understand how to sell on Amazon. And then there’s probably also other product development courses that teach how to develop products. But you know, my course is specifically to sell products on Amazon, but to gain an advantage over the over the competitors. Because right now Amazon is really saturated, but they have the markets like social media, there’s everyone’s just going on Amazon going on. So you definitely want to get a product on Amazon for that passive income, but you don’t want to compete against all the other sellers. So you have to find a way to differentiate yourself. And just from me being creative and launching these different strategies, I think creating these different products, I’ve been able to come up with these unique strategies that I haven’t seen before. I’ve seen versions here and there. But obviously you have like a new product strategy. We have three other we call it gorilla strategies because FBA gorillas, we call it gorilla strategy on how to choose the perfect product, or how to make an adjustment or just there’s different strategies like we talked about before, and how they can get an edge over the competition and also understand the manufacturing side how to manufacture product like you said, if you have an idea or if you don’t even have an idea how to come up with an idea, right? Because there’s a science for everything. We all have a niche in our life that we have expertise on. We know like I just had a kid so I understand the market, right? So understand, like, what are some of the problems that arise within my daily life watching my kid or seeing them move throughout the day so then you can start using those problems to then tie it back into Amazon tie back into a solution tie back into the manufacturing tie back into all these different strategies.

Before you know it, you have a successful product like this spin cover product here. product here that it’s a baby, another baby product. You know, whether it’s a sports niche, like something I’m familiar with, like boxing, basketball have a ton of basketball products, kitchen accessory products. So you know, a lot of people they teach, they teach this stuff, but they’ve never really launched a product from scratch, or they’re just reselling products that already exist. So that’s what what differentiates our course, only confident that anyone that purchases the course or anyone that wants more information, I think if they make that investment, they’ll never regret it. Like for me, you know, I made an initial investment in some of these products. And it’s now peanuts, you know, compared to what I make now. And yeah, in the beginning, the initial investment, it really depends on the product you’re trying to launch, obviously, you don’t have to buy any course you can just kind of do it yourself, but then your time is your investment. And that’s the biggest investment you can you can you can make. So if you’re going to want to invest, like I did 1010 years, where you can just piggyback off of everything I learned in the course, that’s going to be super beneficial. So yeah, obviously it depends on where you’re at. If you’re young, if you’re only 15 You have no money, you have nothing but time then just you know, start learning start start researching on on YouTube and everything if you have a little bit more money, like you’re in college and you got maybe a couple $1,000 that you want to just put put aside or if you don’t even have that maybe invent maybe partner with someone else who has some some more money but you have a little more time to take a course. So maybe they buy the course for you learn everything, you launched the products, run it and then you you know profit share like that, there’s a ton of different opportunities that you can you can you can leverage and take advantage of depending on where you’re at. Obviously, the more money you have, the bigger the investment but for me, like this product here, the flick love I had, I had close to no money, I started off with about, like 60 bucks for silicone and packaging, and things like that. So I paid 60 bucks. And I think just just alone last year, this product did over $350,000 Just as one product. Wow, started on 60 Yeah, striving 60 bucks 60 bucks, I made these and I wish I had the original one here it was just a silicone there was no there was no buttons or anything it was just went around your hand. And when around your fingers. I sold those started selling those. And then once I launched this 123 years later, first year, we did maybe like 6565 grand in the first year, but with a combination of the product that I was manufacturing in my dorm, and then the professional product. But then after that everything was kind of streamline. So you definitely have to take a little risk in the beginning. But again, it gets depends on the amount of time you want to spend on it, versus the amount of money but again, you can with the strategies if you have the knowledge that it really won’t cost that much because I think knowledge is one of the most I guess costly things right? If I’m gonna hire time here for him. Yeah, I’m gonna hire an engineer to design me a product, they’re gonna charge me $10,000 If you take the course and you’re you know, that’s a little middle ground. So now you’re doing the work yourself. So it just depends on how much you have to invest in. And your goals. Dang,

well, you here to here first everybody if you want to build a product mooses your guy, you gotta hit him up on Instagram. go to his website. Once it’s ready. He’ll he’ll help you out. Wow, that’s amazing, bro. I friggin learned a lot from you. I’d like to keep on talking. But you know, maybe we got to have you back on here, bro. Maybe we got to have you back on in the future. Because I think I want to follow your journey, bro. You’re boxing you’re fighting? You’re building products? Dang. Like, I think you got a bright future. How do you man, there’s a lot going on. I do have one last thing to say. So I’m really into personal development. I actually built my creative my own planner that like kind of takes people through planning out their life, then it reverse engineers any anything from their life to a yearly goal to a quarterly goal to their weekly planning to their daily. So I have everything built out and I give away the PDF for free to my students and stuff. And just anybody that wants it. I’m curious, is that like, Would that also be a product? Like if it was? Or is that like a book is a planner? Would if I printed that out? got that all set up on Amazon? Just curious. Would that be like more on Amazon books? Or would that be a product that you could sell as a planner? And like on Amazon kind of like how you do it?

No, it’s a great product. It wouldn’t be on books, you’d launch it as a product, because it’s not it’s not like a set. It’s not like, you know, text. But it’s a product, it will be a planet. Yeah, I think it would be a perfect product. And

therefore I have to I have to send you the PDF and you can check it out. Maybe we can, you know I can take your course or we can figure something out because I’d love to get this thing out. I don’t know who would buy it but I think it’s dope. I use it.

There’s a ton of different so Amazon has Amazon has a market. So if you understand how to do the PPC campaigns, you understand how to do keyword optimization and people are going to be searching for planners and things like that. Yours grow up so

I print mine out Like I have this is my life goal, like the life plan and objective. And then I bring it down into like, what are my quarterly goals and then it goes into my weekly planning. So it’s all built out and I just have tabs, but I feel like if I put this into like actual, like a, like some someone could buy in, it’s just ready to go. I’d be like someone buy it.

I can put you in touch with some manufacturers that can that could that can manufacture that in a really cool looking book and have it packaged up really nice. And I think that would be awesome. That would, that would do really well on Amazon. Yeah. Again, there’s something sold, man. I’m sold. On an angle. Yeah, cool.

Well, hey, let’s uh, let’s, you know, let’s wrap up because I feel like we got some good stuff. If anybody again, if you you learned I learned a ton. I asked questions I was interested in and hope you guys if you want to ask more questions, hit up, Musa on moose underscore 777 on Instagram, hit him up. You know, definitely got a lot to teach you. You can learn a lot from me. So I’m glad that you came on. You’re on here today, man. Let me before we wrap up. I want to ask you one last question. Is there anything you want to leave our listeners with? You know, that like a gold nugget, anything you want to say before we end tonight? Or today? Yeah. Well, somebody

said y’all both cute. So I appreciate that. Yes. Jacqueline? Yeah, Jacqueline, Mary, you know, he’s got a kid, he’s got kids, but hey, we appreciate you.

That’s off the table. But yeah, I think just, you know, anything, just life’s a balance, you know, you got to be able to balance your balance, balance everything. But then again, you know, find something that you really, really enjoy, and try to make that your income. You know, I think, you know, whether it’s fighting product development or anything like that, like my wife, she, she was a stay at home mom for a while, but then she had a little more time. And she used to do ballet. And she wanted to kind of find some stuff to do. And I was like, why don’t you go teach ballet? Like, why don’t you? You know, she was like, Oh, that’s not really like, she didn’t have the mindset to think like, that’s a real possibility. Why not? Why not, it’s something you love to do something you’d be passionate about, that’s something that you’re going to, you’re going to grow in, you’re not just going to go work somewhere and not have any any stake in that. And so she started working there, and she loves it. So she’s grown within there. And like, it helps me to start her own thing and start all podcast. And I would say just, you know, try to find what you love to do, and try to find a way that that’s going to make you money, you know, with social media and with even Amazon, like with Amazon social media, just the communication that we have, they can how we’re connected, you can turn anything into income, you can turn anything into cash. So just find that niche that you’re passionate about. And then start thinking about different ways that you can capitalize on it.

Rom, I’m passionate about this planner, bro, I gotta teach people how to get into real estate, but I love planning out my life. I love being like having a direction or you’re going, I think I think that’s you know, I’d love to do something like that. Give you

one more thing like with the planners, like you know, like you have to you don’t want to sell the benefits of the or you don’t want to sell the features of the planner. So like people get caught up. They’re selling the features of this planner has this section, this section. Alright, well, there’s 100 other planners that probably have that, well, you have to sell the benefits, what is the benefits that this plant is going to give you you have to sell to the customer that they need this planner? What is this planner going to give you it’s going to give you X amount more time throughout the day, it’s going to give you peace of mind it’s going to make you more money all these things are the benefits that planner is going to going to give to you so you don’t want to be selling like whether it’s advertising or social media or Amazon. You don’t want to be selling the features of your product or whatever you’re selling. You want to be selling the benefits to the customer how it’s gonna improve their life. Yeah, the problem it will solve right? That’s right. Yep. Yeah,

I mean, you know all about them and you solving problems all day. Love it. Alright man balance is the key like Jay Cole says, Life is a balance. lose your grip. If you don’t, you could lose your grip and slip. That’s like one of the lyrics that like for political, but anyway, all right, man, later. Appreciate it. Thanks for having me.