Shopping at Costco Live: Getting a Gift Card for the Best Escrow Officer in the World!

What’s going on everybody? I am here at my favorite store in the whole entire world. I don’t know if you guys can see that Costco Wholesale baby just like painless, wholesale, painless flipping. That’s what we do. Costco makes it painless as well. But you’re probably wondering, What the heck are you doing in the Costco parking lot? Shouldn’t you be working? Check this out.

We just did a $10,000 deal. And thanks to working with one of the greatest escrow officers in the world, she was able to help us get it done. She helped us through the paperwork. She was awesome. Okay, because this was a subject to deal now look, I’m back to go into Costco got my executive membership where you guys see that executive don’t play around guys been a member since 2015. bout to go into Costco. Why am I here? I’m going to get her a gift card. I want to say thank you to Christina for being awesome for helping us close deals helping us navigate.

So if you want to join me on my journey right now I’m here live I figure one, why the heck not just recorded. I love Costco if you guys want to see where you can get the best gift cards to thank not just escrow officers, or just people in general, it’s like $80, you spend $80, they give you like $100 gift card. So it’s like it’s a great deal. So let’s go check out what gift cards they got. And got my Costco card ready about to go inside.

By the way, guys, you always also want to write a nice little note wrote her a nice little note saying, Christina, you’re awesome. Thank you for everything you do. Let’s go. Let’s go going into Costco. Why am I going to Costco again, gift card, I’m going to get her gift card. Because we just did a $10,000 deal. And I would say it wasn’t for her it would have been tough to get this one done. But she was able to help navigate it. Now if you guys don’t ever have ever worked with title companies, escrow officers, they can make the world of difference. There’s a lot of ups and downs that go along with deals. But yeah, they can help navigate the paperwork.

They can help navigate any issues with title. So definitely, you got to make sure you’re rocking and working with a nasty title company. But let’s go check out those gift cards. I know they got some stuff to Ruth’s. Chris. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Ruth’s. Chris. It’s a really nice restaurant, not yours. Maybe we’ll get into that she was like food, you know, so it’s time to get to get my card check. Let’s go. Hello. My favorite store? Or we got? And I always like seeing the TVs right when I walked in. Because I’m telling you, they’re just getting cheaper and cheaper. 379 for a giant TV? Ad six inches. 949 Are you kidding me? I bought a 55 inch a couple years ago for like $700 Now I can get me a freaking giant one for like, what? 900 bucks. It’s nuts.

So we’re going directly to the gift cards again, we’re here because I’m getting my escrow officer that helps us do. You’ve done tons of deals with her. She’s always awesome to work with. So I’m gonna give her a freaking gift card. And then while I’m here might just get some maybe a rotisserie chicken costume. Maybe get a hot dog. We’ll see where we go find them get oh, those. Those are the gift cards anyway. But yeah, you’ve never gotten gift cards here. Costco. They’re great deals. But show you guys right here.

That the gift this gift this oh, maybe you guys can help me decide. So as you guys can see, it’s like, they’re like 79 bucks. So it’s $80 but you get four gift cards for 25 bucks. So you pay 80 But you get 100 What’s the deal? Alright, so we got to commerce Brazilian grill.
I’ve been kind of decide not that good. cup up on eBay cam. You know I love a good Ruth’s Chris. You guys ever been Ruth’s Chris. That’s do like Einstein Bagels to 40 bucks and you get five. So it’s all like you basically spend. You spend 30 You get a $50 gift card you spend 80 You get 100 I’m gonna get I’m gonna get her to Oh crumble to crumble cookies.

Those are cool. Dave and Busters. spa finder all of these are great. What do we got stack 5571 never even heard of it. Saw me Vietnamese food. Pig jelly jar. COSTA Vita. Okay, I think we found the winners. I’m gonna get her one. COSTA Anita. Okay, you guys haven’t been to Costa Rica is a bomb restaurant. It’s just like good Mexican food. I live like it’s not like a traditional Mexican food. It’s like real. It’s like Americanized. Let’s get I’m gonna get one of those four gift cards as 100 bucks or $80 I’m gonna get a little nice Ruth’s Chris, you know, shouldn’t go get a nice steak. You know? So, if you guys think that’s legit. Where’s it go we go. Thank you, Christina. You’re the best escrow officer and GT title. You guys are escrow officer.

She’s the one to go to. Anyway, I wrote the hand written letter. So, you know, say hey, thank you got some gift cards and now look, next time you do a deal. Go ahead. Thank you. escrow officers do a ton to help you out. So anyway, you’ll got someone saying that’s legit. I don’t know what you mean by that’s legit. Do you mean like, the Costco gift cards are legit? Like that? You spend 80 bucks and you get 100? Is that what you mean? Because I would say that is legit.

Spent $160 I spend and I get $200 worth of gift cards that that is freaking note purchase two $50 gift cards for yes. 100 bucks spent. Sorry. 200 you get $200 and spend 160 Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no. Yeah, thanks. You’re saying that’s legit getting the gift cards? Yeah, no, totally, totally is legit one so it’s 160 for $200 with the cards, you know, and I think gift cards, you know means a lot makes you feel nice and fuzzy inside if I just gave her $200 Then you know that might not be that exciting but now she can use it on you know Costa Vita Ruth’s Chris they’ll get a nice steak maybe some mashed potatoes get wherever she needs again. So you guys they are huge there but that’s that’s actually not the specific gift card that she’s getting.

It’s just like you take it to the front and then they give you the gift card. So that’s why they’re like break a big alright everybody well I hope you enjoy today hanging out with me while I get that gift card I’m about to go deliver to Christina. I’ll probably do a follow up video just showing you me getting there won’t be live. I’ll just shoot a quick video. Give it to her and hopefully she likes it. Everybody. If you liked this, give it a LIKE, share it. And if not a appreciate you spend your time with me. Peace out everybody.


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