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You have a seller who has a house that’s vacant, and you want to do a walkthrough for one of your buyers? But they’re not going to make it? Well, why don’t you try to walk it yourself? And send them a little facetime or a video, or record it and send it to him. Check out this video of me walking through a house. You can see exactly how to do it! And how I use my phone and technology to send my buyers videos video, virtual walkthroughs. So they can make a decision on whether they would want to buy the house.

Have you got a seller that has a house and it’s vacant and you want to do a walkthrough for one of your buyers, but they’re not going to be able to make it once you go walk it yourself and send them a little FaceTime or a video or record it and send it to them, check out this video of me walking through a house so you can see exactly how to do it and how I use my phone technology to send my buyers video virtual walkthroughs so they can make a decision on if they want to buy the house. What’s up Nathan, how you doing, bro?
Yo, my man, how you doing brother out in the field.

Yo, my man, how you doing brother out in the field.

I’m out in the field. That’s what I wanted to show guys working with agents is money is great. So I’m here right now at a pocket listing that I have. And I’m going to show you guys exactly what to look for when you know getting a house and what your buyers what cash buyers look for. So just quickly, I’m just going to walk through and show you and this is a deal that you get with working with real estate agents. And you know, this is a very I had some buyers through that I work with and I plan on flipping this with so let me show you really quick. Can you guys see this? Yes, we can. Okay, so here is the this is an older home that needs complete rehab. So it’s like a full gut job just because it’s old. You’ve got carpet in these new doors, new siding, the windows are actually these windows are actually a little bit newer, but let’s look at here this vanity you need a brand new vanity mirror needs to be done. It’s painted the wrong color new bathroom the tubs fine it does have central AC Here you go like you’re gonna need mites that are in the main room right now. They just have like little you know a lamp that lights everything but yeah, it’s just like all their home needs like a complete remodel. So even though it’s got great bones and it looks great it needs like brand new kitchen appliances countertops and you know there’s the basements the same so all I wanted to say to everybody that’s watching this is like you have to have your buyers best interest in mind okay for the ones that you’re working with the ones that you’re trying to do deals with and this again working with agents is so cool because and using privy it’s because you don’t have to pay any money for leads you’re literally just working to find deals and see if it works for your the criteria for the buyers you you have so anyway I thought that might be helpful for everyone that’s like what do buyers look for? Well like I said if it’s an outdated home even if it’s got great bones it’s still needs a full rehab right which can be extremely expensive and I talked to the agent about it she agrees she’s like yeah, I guess it’s gonna be expensive because you have to do a brand new kitchen brand new floors downstairs in the basement there’s wood paneling actually go down in the basement but I don’t know if my reception would be bad let’s let’s give it a shot

One thing I wanted to do and that is guys with on market when you’re working with agents one of the best parts is I don’t like walk in houses some people do you know sometimes it’s nice once a while but I like saying right here and just making some phone calls and the nice thing when you work with an agent whether you’re working in your local market or remotely they can do all that for you guys when I was work in Orlando, I had a real estate agents sending me pictures of the inside I asked them to take video walkthroughs of the inside anything that I needed they did it for me I didn’t even have to find somebody to be my boots on the ground and I certainly wasn’t driving all the way from Connecticut to Florida to go walk with Robert so it’s nice when you’re working with agents you can have that choice if you want to walk the property you can but you also don’t need to because you have another professional that’s looking to work with you and for you to help you get this deal done.

Yes Nathan you’re 100% right now the reason why I came to this house is because sometimes it feels good to get out in the field you know sometimes it feels like you getting stuff done but not necessary. But the reason why I came here is because one of my buyers I was just like hey man, I can head over to the house and I can do FaceTime with you. So I came here I FaceTime them and I said hey, this is the house and he was like cool. So it was kind of like me building that rapport plus this is an agent I’ve never worked with before so I wanted to go meet in person sugar hand and hopefully we can do many more deals together but guys again this is just what it looks like when you’re going to see a house your buyers looking for how much it’s going to cost and the flip it so if you can help them do that if you go if you don’t go it’s fine but that’s it and this this place is pretty the bones are great just a full rehab because it’s all right giant yard so if anyone’s watching this the buyer in Salt Lake City, Utah, come flip it with me and just one other thing I want to say is you don’t have to wholesale everything you can say hey look I don’t want a giant I don’t want a big wholesale fee just give me a little bit and then cut me in on the profits of the flip you can structure anything you want so you can actually partner with flippers were like on this one I’ll probably just be like hey man, I kind of want to get in on the action just give me you know five or 10k and just cut me in on the flip or if you keep it as a rental coming in on an equity percentage like mold trying to figure out ways to grow wealth instead of just like taking the quick hit which a lot of people like to do because wholesaling can, you know, just do it quickly, but I might want to keep this home flippers. Have you just gotta look for the opportunities? Yeah, guys.

So the most important step out of all of this, especially with wholesaling, you know, you talked about serving our buyers working for our buyers helping them out. The reason we stress that so much is because with wholesaling, specifically, I don’t care how good of a deal you have on paper, if you don’t have a buyer that’s willing to buy that from you, you don’t get paid. So that is truly our ideal client, that cash buyer that investor. That’s who we’re serving. So that’s where we need to start.

So I’m driving right now. And see some cute puppies, man some puppies on the side of the road. Some beautiful puppies. Check this out. So everybody remember Wholesaling Houses is cool using pretty cool, but you know, you got to enjoy life. You got to love the love the puppies. So anyway, I wanted to share everybody. Sorry, sorry, what were you saying? I didn’t hear what you’re saying. I thought you’re talking. Oh, no, I’m talking to my friend. I’m showing my friend right now.

We will we will call him in today guys. We got some time value. If you are not using privy because use privy find your buyer first, then use property, find the properties and then you can use privy again to find buyers for that deal that he got. So guys, it’s that simple. You didn’t five minutes for you go do likewise and let us know let us know in the comments section us. Questions, comments concerns, obstacles that you guys run into man, we’d love to see it all because every time we come in here we want to try to help you the absolute best that we can. So with that being said, Nate Do you have any closing words all I

gotta say everybody’s Take Action Man life is fun. Go have fun go see houses. Say what’s up the people I’m back to ask her she’s selling her house. Let’s go we’ll see that I’m just kidding. Alright, preview for life. See you guys on next week right now to

end it with Jason. What’s up guys got a property under contract in Chicago using privy Jason my man. Dude, we love hearing that. Thank you so much for letting us know brother. That is as excited to go do exactly what

Yeah, and you’ll find your buyer in

five minutes and then as you get paid.

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