How to get deals from calling agents

Want to get deals that are on market, listed by real estate agents but you don’t know how to start? In this video, we’re going to breakdown exactly how to use Batchleads to get deals that are on market from calling agents. Check out this video to learn more.

You want to get deals that are on market listed by real estate agents but you don’t know how to start check out this video where I break down exactly how to use batch leads to get deals that are on market and take action today. Alright guys, so again, this is an agent that Zhi Shan my virtual assistant has an acronym like to convert sent, he’s the goat. He’s the man what he’s done to network and this is a pocket listing that this agent is giving and that’s what we’re talking about. Sean, you know what a pocket listing is, man, you want to let the world know what a pocket that is pocket listings

just so you know, listing that they know about before it goes on the market. They’re willing to take an opportunity for cash investor to take a little peek at it and make an offer. Simple as that, bro.

Thank you. All right, let’s call it Hello, is this Tamra? Hi, how you doing? This is Nathan I work with Zhi Shan and he, he told me that you potentially have like a property that you’re looking to sell. And he told me to reach out?

Yeah, yeah, I have several properties.

Awesome. Well, I’m good. You have a couple minutes to talk or did I catch it about time?

Actually, I’m driving. So yeah, we can I can talk to you.

So he was letting me know, I’m not 100% sure if this is correct, but you have potentially might have like a pocket listing that hasn’t hit the market yet that we could make an offer on? Is that right?

I have several listings that are on the market. But last time I want you guys to contract and shortly after that you guys canceled on me

that put a bad taste in your mouth working with us on it? Did I totally understand that. So are you are you open to working with us because what probably had happened is we work with a hedge fund. And what happens is we were you know, we get a property under contract, we reach out they say they’re interested because that’s how we communicate with them. And then they run their due diligence to see the house. And a lot of the times like after we go under contract, they dive a little bit deeper, and they let us know they’re not interested. So that’s unfortunately that’s kind of the process we work with when we work with them. But, you know, I understand that can be frustrating. But are you open to working with us if that’s how we work? Or would you rather not not work with someone that has to kind of go through that process

is definitely something that I would have to due diligence

can work with? Of course, of course,

out there who just like sitting ducks because you guys don’t follow through with communicating? I would need time, but yeah, of course.

I’m totally fine. Just let me know what due diligence period or time you’d allow us to see the property. And that would be perfect for us. Like, how much time are you thinking?

I don’t know, four days, three days, you know, you would need to be able to I don’t want to go into contract. I think the last time it was attended to diligence. A lot of times yeah, no,

we definitely we don’t need that much time. And by the way, zhi Shan, he works with me as my virtual assistant. And I’m sure I think he just put along due diligence period just to be safe. But we really need a max of four days, like we can usually see the day of that we go under contract or the next day. And sometimes we don’t even need to go under contract, we can just go look at the property, we just don’t want to waste our time and send our team out there.

That’s the point I like. Property, take a look, then, you know, let us know how you want to respond. Because, you know, putting it under contract is something that, you know, my sellers get a little annoyed about

Yeah, is if we’re on the same page, I don’t necessarily need it under contract as long as we mean you have an agreement that if I’m going to take my time to send my team out there that you wouldn’t just lock it up with someone else because then that would waste our time. And we’re not trying to waste your time and you’re not trying to waste hours but we don’t even need it under contract to go look at it. For the pocket for the pocket listings. Obviously if it’s listed on the market, then we just schedule a time to see it but I’m more referring to the pocket listings at this time. Okay, so I can kind of tell you my Buy Box criteria and what we’re looking for and can you let me know if you have anything that fits that criteria? So we’re mainly looking in Clayton and Henry County in Georgia and we’re looking for rentals that we can update and trying as much as we can to get a 1% return I know that’s kind of difficult now but we’re okay to take on a project that needs to be updated just so we can rent it out. And Henry Yeah, clean Henry the cab Well, we’re actually have a couple of those are the two ones I like to focus on. Okay, my

Okay, my too. So Clayton Henry to cab, the cab will work as well. So you say you primarily focus into cab? Yes. Okay. Well, our price range is pretty much under 250,000, anything under 250 that we can update or even rent as is for close to a 1% return. And again, like I know that that can be difficult. But that’s our goal. That’s that’s our business model. So do you have anything at the moment that’s like come in your head that I can take a look at and making an offer on maybe go take a look at?

You can take a look at what 2048 28

Penbrooke. You said

in VR. Okay, Matt is currently attended in there. So I would have to first of all, you have to allow a 60 day move out. And then I would have to

coordinate? Totally fine. So when you say a 60 day move out, are you referring to after we close? We give them 60 days?

Yeah. Once it’s on the contract, they just need to know for sure that you can do they don’t want the person to move out and they don’t want to get the house.

Okay, no, that makes sense. Quick question. I

work out the main thing for you to go and take a look at.

So with this one is this is a pocket listing. This one isn’t listed on the market right now. It is a pocket. Okay? And did you say fernbrook with FBN? As I’m looking at it right now, it’s a four two. So when you when you do pocket listings, obviously we we want to pay you a commission? How does that usually work for you? Do you just take the like a listing fee or a wholesale fee? And we pay you that? Okay, the 3%? Okay, tell me about this one. What is what does the seller looking to get out of this?

He’s looking to get anywhere between 10 and 220.

Okay, all right, I haven’t looked at I don’t know the condition. And I can do a little bit of research. But is that flexible? Or is he just gonna wait till he gets his number. And you know, he’s not he’s not

The landlord, renting this house out, he’s doing very well with renting it. But if you’re interested in selling it, if you’re interested in making a fair offer, then he would be moved for purchase. But you know, if the money isn’t right, you can continue to give 1500 a month, that’s about 20,000 a year. And he’s okay with that. Do you know what? He doesn’t need the cash or anything like that? Totally understand. That’s why I just really don’t want to waste your time don’t want you to waste my time.

No, I definitely don’t want to waste either of our time. But you know, as an investor myself, we’re trying to get a good return. And I know, you know that. But you know, we’re not trying to offend anybody with like an offer, like at 100 or 150,000, or some stupid that, you know, he’s obviously not gonna say yes to. So I know, I gotta be competitive somewhat. Well, look, this is what I can do is nice getting to chat with you and get to know you a little bit more, I’d like to send you an email. And if you could just respond with me with all the listings that meet the criteria. And I’ll take a look. And one thing that I can promise you is, anytime you send me a deal, I can let you know, within 24 hours what I’ll offer because I know a lot of it is speed. Like you need to know when you’re talking to the seller, like what a cash buyer would offer. And that’s what I can do for you is I can just quickly say this would work. And, you know, I can be that resource for you. If that helps.

Yeah, I just say right now with the market, the way that it is, is we need to make it a win win for you know, the two sides, right? And assuming because of interest rates and the power to you know, borrow money is just really causing some issues right now. Yeah. Because I noticed that most of the investors are not given me some really lowball offer.

Tell me about what’s going on right now. Well, that’s the thing is I’m connected with a couple of the hedge funds in Atlanta that they need to place their money somewhere or it’s kind of just they’re just paying interest on it. So they’re a little bit more aggressive. And that’s kind of why I’m making these calls is to find out what properties would fit their criteria and a lot of the time they do work so apologies again for locking that one up and then taking long to cancel but that’s now that you know we only need a couple of days to find out we won’t waste your time. Okay, well do you have any other questions for me? Oh, before I send you that email with the Buy Box criteria have and everything well, I

think I know I’m familiar with your criteria what I need. What I need to know is what would you offer for Finborough Okay, let me take a look at it. I want to come out and take a look at it before we go into contract. Yes.

So let’s do this. I’ll take a look at that I’ll do I’ll run my numbers. If we can’t come to an agreement on price and we go look or a ballpark range that makes sense. And we go see How soon does the seller want to close? I can say

he can’t close I’m sure you want to deliver they can correct Well,

I know you said that you wanted 60 days right so whether I take it on and I gotta wait 60 days best case scenario for me is if I it is delivered vacant, but you know if it’s a win, win win I take it on and you know he sells it. We just gotta wait and bite the bullet. Either way, I think we can work something out.

Okay, so would you be willing to take it with a tenant? Yes, we would be

willing to take it with the tenant, if it makes sense. You know, like I said, it’s a win win, we would be. I’m sure that helps him too, because that that probably eliminates a lot of the issues that he would you know, waiting,

if you would take on, take on the tenant, then he wouldn’t have to give you a 30 day move out, he can close right away.

And then I can I can do that with the new tenant with the tenants as the new landlord. It’s a possibility we’ve done it before. But again, you know, we just got to do the math and make sure that if we do make an offer all cash and it gets accepted that we have the leeway where if it is a battle to get them out, or there’s a problem we were at least taken care of.

Okay. All right. So do you want to schedule a time to go take a look at it?

Let me run my numbers. I don’t want to see without kind of giving you a ballpark that I can do. I know you said you want it. He wanted somewhere in the 200 to 210. Is that right? Somewhere in that area? Okay, let me see what I can do just to make sure. And then I’ll come back to you. And I’ll say, this is what I’m thinking. Does that work? Let’s schedule a time. If if we do Yeah, yeah, that’s fine. We’ll do that. Okay. Well, hey, thank you save my number. I’ll save your number. And I’ll text you my info. I’ll even send you a friend requests on Facebook if you want to be friends. Because, you know, I like I like people to know who I am that I’m a real person, not just some random person over the phone.

Okay. Alrighty. Well, thank

you so much. All right. We’re gonna be Facebook friends. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye. Bye. So what we have to do now is we have to send them our buying criteria. So they she’s now she’s on the look or hunt. We sent her email, we sent her Facebook requests, LinkedIn requests, we become friends, we add her on batch leads, we add her on as a VIP agent. I would say she’s a VIP, because she’s cool to let us go see the property. She’s got pocket listings. I mean, she’s cool. And as soon as she gets she definitely is a VIP. Yeah. And as soon as she’s my friend on Facebook, she’s gonna see I’m a normal person and she’s gonna go over, he’s GAME OVER bro. She’s gonna see my family and all that, like, I’m sending you stuff. If you like it, smash that like button. They’ll help me out a lot so we can get the algorithm showing this to more people. Awesome. Thanks for tuning in. If you liked that video, subscribe to the channel and share this with some friends.


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