Getting JV deals by getting on wholesalers buyers lists

All right, so here, this is another way to find JV deals. I mean, right now I’m just going to lay out all the ways you can find JV deals that we’ve been doing. You can go on Craigslist, you can see deals you can message, the people that have the listing and say, Hey, I got a buyer. Would you be interested if I can help you move it? Another way is, so that’s Craig’s List. Another one is investor lift investor lift is a platform that has a bunch of wholesalers on there, I’ll do another video on how to do that. Another one is getting on buyers, wholesalers, buyers lists, and then looking at deals. So this is the video I’m actually going to show you on how to get on wholesalers buyers lists, and how to find deals that way. Right now I use an email that specifically that I give to wholesalers to send me deals and they send me so I got rose, Flora, Rose, Flores, Brady, all these ones. So we can look at this one. This is a one in Rexburg, Idaho or near expert Idaho. So you would look at these deals. And you would say, Okay, I think I have a buyer in Teton when we reach out to skier I think I can move this deal because it’s a good deal. So then you could respond, reply. Hey, would you be interested in me JV if I could bring you a buyer ready.

So I know Brady, I’ve already talked to him about this deal. So I’m working on that one. Salt Lake City homebuyers. So I know Salt Lake City very well, because I’m in the Utah market great current slip. So they are asking for air for 310. ARV is 400. So these are more experienced wholesalers, right, these guys Salt Lake salt city homebuyers, I know these guys, I would actually probably have to reach out to them and say, Hey, do you mind if I add my fee on top? If I can be bringing the best buyer and if they’re okay with that, then we would sign a JV agreement. And I would send some my buyers to their walkthrough. Looks like they’re gonna do they usually do a walkthrough vacant, vacant available anytime. So this would be great for me to just say, Hey, do you mind if I bring if I bring someone can I just add it to your the best offer or on top of the 310. So they make their money we make ours? Let’s see, which is actually somebody I’m interested in. Because I think I can find a buyer if it’s vacant.

Let’s see. I’d like to know when. So for me, I’m gonna message him like, hey, I’m interested in the property, when is the close date? Sometimes I act like I’m gonna buy it myself. If it’s something I think I like want for I think I know I can move or I just say hey, I just come right out and say, Hey, I think of a buyer for this one. Would it be cool, right now I’m just gonna just just come in and say, hey, I’m interested in the property. Is it still available? If so, how long before you accept an offer on it? Cool. So the cool thing about this is I know a ton of buyers in Utah. And I can send probably as many people as I want through. If he’s cool with it, I’ll probably I’ll probably get on the call explain them a wholesaler, but I got some good buyers that are actually looking in the current area. So maybe I can make a couple quick 1000. So I’m gonna actually forward this to my disco guy and let him Eric let him kind of check this out
sorry, guys, I usually can pay better, it’s vacant.

So that is the importance of getting a bunch of getting on a bunch of wholesalers buyers list as they’ll send you their deals. And then if you think you’ve got a buyer in that specific area, reach out to him and say, Hey, I got a buyer in the area. If it’s a you know, if you message them and just say hey, if I bring you someone can we split the wholesale fee? 5050 then you know you possibly got something? So let’s see. Yeah, hey, yeah, it’s still available, hoping to make a decision tomorrow. You can go anytime code is. There we go, guys. That’s what I’m talking about. But to get a deal, that’s as easy that’s how easy J being can be right? So I call up some investors and say, Hey, go walk this house. Make let me know if you can do 323 15. Then I go to them and I say Hey, I’m actually I didn’t want it but I have a buyer that wants it if I can get you Return would you be happy with that and if they’re cool with that, then we just made 10k If I can get someone to buy for three 320 So I’m gonna afford this to Eric and see if my dispo guy and see if he can send any of our guys through
Eric cuz I’m over acquisitions and running the company, I don’t always try to sell our deals, sometimes I do if I know have like a really cool the buyer, then I see something that he would want. But in this situation, you guys would get this, you’d start making some calls, you’d send some people over, this is a perfect scenario, the property’s vacant, send as many people through as you want. He just gave me the code, we make the highest and best offer we win it.

Everybody wins. say great. I’ll let you know cool. That’s That’s it, guys. So how do you get on buyers lists, again, Facebook groups, people are like, I need to add people to my buyers list drop us a specific email. This one is called deals at offer on you can have a specific email that you just have filtered, straightforward wholesalers, or you can have a go to your regular email and you can just make folders for it. It’s really whatever you guys decide you want to do. I made folders make offer follow ups, all that stuff in this email. So that’s, that’s uh, that’s how you use getting on people’s buyers list. Now let’s let me show you a quick way to get on people’s buyers list. So if we go Utah house buyers, that’s that’s someone that wholesales here.

And so if I don’t want to click on the ad, because I don’t want them to pay, but let’s go over here so then I can go to contact and I can call them or I can fill out a form and just say, you know, hey, I’m a buyer. I’d met mainly, maybe just text them or call them and let them know, Hey, I’m a buyer, you guys can add me your cash buyers list your fascia or contact. So that’s that’s what I would do. That’s how I’ve been getting me on people’s lists to Facebook groups and just going to people’s websites and asking them to add me to their buyers list. And I got more deals than I know what to do to look at. So are there some deals in here? Of course there are. I mean, I spent five seconds on this call with you guys and I might have one here in Salt Lake and Kearns that we might be able to work on so get on people’s buyers lists through you know, adding your email and then they’ll send you email blasts. That’s a great way to get deals. So there you go.


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