How to find a buyer for your deal using batchleads

So you got a deal under contract, but you don’t know how to find a buyer and you want to make money. And you’re kind of nervous because you got like seven days, four days, whatever left in your due diligence period right here, I got a video breaking down how I use bachelor lead, step by step to get a deal with a man, Sean Young, he’s on there too. So check out this video and hit me up, give me a like to this video, if you find this information helpful. Check it out. Alright, so you’re just gonna get a good idea of what the process looks like. So I got this lead from a buddy of mine. He’s like, look, the house has tons of liens.

It’s a million dollar property and up like it’s pretty expensive, right? So you really narrow down your buyer pool to like who’s willing to do luxury flips. So we’re gonna have to find an agent that represents luxury flippers, or in that sector, like in that realm, right? It’s not going to be able to deal with an agent that’s never listed a million dollar property, it doesn’t really deal with those type of people, you’ll find a buyer. So that’s kind of the goal. Now, there’s something funky about this property. Alright, let’s let’s look at it. So it’s right here. Everyone can see it’s a $2.5 million property. Now, Shawn, and you can’t see extremely well. But the problem here with this deal, is there’s a $2.5 million dollar home in a residential normal, like middle class neighborhood. So the issue that we have here, you probably already know what I’m going to say what’s the issue with having the nicest, biggest, most expensive house in the neighborhood? That’s just middle class cops, cops, right? So we’re in a state where I’m not a real estate agent. So I don’t have access to MLS but I already can already see look, batch is in most services are going to, you know, struggle, they’re going to struggle to find out the ARV of this thing, because it’s a weird property and chunk when I was brand new to wholesaling, this happened a lot, I’d get deals that were the most expensive house and neighborhood and they’d be like, Oh, can you help me out and they’d want a lot or just maybe even a discount, but they’d still there, we’re still way off. You know, I’m saying nobody wants to buy a million dollar home and your neighbors are all just middle, you know, little smaller homes, it’s gonna be hard to resell that. So definitely don’t want it.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go this property, we’re going to take a look at it. We’re gonna go to details. All right, we’re gonna check this thing out, it said that it’s estimated value is $3 million. Okay, that’s what the estimated value is. At the moment. I have the contract right now for I think the the price that we have it under contract for is is like 1.3. Okay, so this is saying it’s worth 3 million that might be true if it was in a neighborhood that was like, you know, more prevalent, right, but it’s just in the middle of nowhere. Well, not not middle, nowhere but middle of the neighborhood. I can see because of batch that they cancelled their listing on the MLS, they listed it for $3 million on the MLS. So they tried to get a lot of money. Nobody was biting on this thing. Right. That’s, that’s the issue. So that’s why I have my friend got this lead. You know, he knew the guy guy listed it. He didn’t want to, he couldn’t find anyone to make offers that he liked. So he’s now going to a cash offer. And my buddy, I told him, he does it the pain this way, too. I said, Hey, bro, tell him that you’re not buying just so you’re gonna help them find a buyer cash buyer. And so the guy knows he’s given us a three months due diligence period, which is crazy.

But what we do now is we just look for people to make offers. So now when I call agents, I’m gonna say hey, do you have any buyers that are interested in that they’re like, maybe like, just make us an offer because the seller is pretty dang motivated. And that’s where we’re navigating this now you got to make sure that the seller is realistic to you don’t want to do this for a seller and just say, Hey, let me go find people that will buy this, if they’re just heads are in the clouds, it’s gonna be complete waste of your time. But if they’re motivated, if there’s anything that’s causing them to go then it’s a good idea right 100% So you can see that it was listed by Jeremy back and he just canceled it a couple months ago.

Distress indicators, active pre foreclosure, and it’s got property liens. So my title age escrow officer I talked to she’s like Man, this has got a lot of issues that we’re gonna have to clean up so on top of paying the price he wants you’re gonna have to get him out of pre foreclosure is gonna be interesting one brother. Indeed. So one thing I’d like to do is you just go right here to comparable right here and we’re going to see if batches got anything for us on the comparable again it’s going to be kind of tricky because you’re this is an area that doesn’t have a lot of bro so this as you can see right here batch does a radius of 25 Miles there’s comp within five miles according to what we have just off of the information here so that’s not good for this. Whoever built on the Hill had move bad move bad move. Bad move, bro. Shouldn’t have done it. Yeah, so there’s some comps out here. So this one that was similar, this is a very big house, seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms Bro this this is a square feet is 15,000 square feet. Wow. Hole, there’s gonna be hard to find some comps of that. 15,000 square feet. That’s nuts. That That sounds a little ridiculous, to be honest. The other one that sold earlier this year, according to batch sold for 4.4 million. Okay, so that’s a cop but you You’re comparing it to the house here that wasn’t, you know, a nicer neighborhood right? At the community, this other one, it’s not so very, very interesting.

So what am I going to do here? I’m going to see, you can do two things. Batch has this new thing that lets you do agent outreach and pull agents in the area. So you could say, Okay, what agents in this area of St. George represent buyers have listed homes in this like specific price range, you could do that. Or you could just filter, do a property search. And you can look for homes that are listed, and then call agents that are listing expensive homes. Now, the reason why I took this lead is because it’s pretty discounted, but it’s going to be a tricky one. And the guy is motivated, amazing pre foreclosure, so he’s gonna have to take something or he’s gonna get credit ruin. So that’s the reason why you would take a situation like this where it’s funky, right, Shawn, would you pass this one on telling me the truth? There is, I mean, there’s definitely motivation, which means that there’s definitely something that can be done because of the motivation, of course. So this is a situation to based upon the length of time that you guys have the the 90 days basically, I would take it on because within 90 days, I figured we could figure something out probably way sooner than 90 days, we’ll notice sooner than later. If this is something that we can actually solve this guy’s problem with, okay, no, agree. Now, again, if there’s no issue, if there’s no motivation, I’m out. Because there’s no reason I’m not going to try to do all this work to find a buyer.

And then the guy’s like, Nah, I’m good, bro. I’m just gonna stay here. Exactly, do all that. So what we do is you go to boundary here, and we want to make a boundary in this area, and we want to see what’s listed around this area at the moment. And what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna see it here on the right hand side once it loads. Okay, so let’s see what 1540 Stone Cliff Drive it’s currently for sale. So that’s, that’d be a good one to call. So I’m meeting them getting higher price homes. So in this area, there are properties that are selling for quite a bit, but the one that we have is just so crazy. It’s so big, and it’s so weird, right? So what I would do guys is I would call one of these agents right here by just clicking on here, click on the property that’s listed currently, and go to details. So what I would do is I would call as you guys can see these pictures to kind of know, it’s a nice house. Let’s see, I would go here to mLs, and I would go to where it has the listing agents information right here under Yael Evans, will may call it bro color.

Let’s see. Let’s see if she’s got some for me. Let’s give her a call. Another thing that I will say before before I call, this could be the number of the brokerage and I don’t want to call the brokerage I want to call her cell phone. So if I don’t find it here, I’m just going to Google searcher so 435 Let’s see if this is her. So says Michelle, but again, if this is the brokerage, I’m gonna be Google searcher because most agents have their phone numbers directly online if you just search. And I have a 404 number. I’m calling a 435. In Utah, I grew up in Georgia, sometimes they don’t answer my phone because they see they might think I’m spam. So I call two three times sometimes they’re out to lunch, or she’s super busy. with Keller Williams, we’ll do she didn’t answer because she thought was spam. I’ll get so caught. She’ll answer this one guaranteed row. Come on, come on. But, man, it’s the one thing I dislike about calling is people don’t answer, bro. I’m like, Look, I got something to say. And I’ll be quick about it. Let’s go.

That’s why CRMs are important man. Because like, you got to put the information in, you got to throw them in a drip, maybe a text, we’ll get them. Michelle Evans. I’ll leave a voicemail. Let’s see what the voiceless sounds like and I sent her a text I can please record your message. When you finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options.
Hey, Michelle, how you doing? My name is Nathan, I see that actually, I saw that you have a listing right now in St. George and that you list properties in the area and I just have a quick question about it. So please give me a call back. Thanks, but vague, you know, I don’t want to be like, Hey, my name is Nathan.

I’m looking for a buyer. I can explain that. And then I’ll send a quick text message. So the goal here the conversation would look like this. Hey, Michelle, what’s going on? My name is Nathan I actually noticed that you list a lot of properties in St. George, do you focus mainly on luxury or do you focus on you know mid, like mid to low class whatever? And then she’s like no, I do I focus a lot on luxury. It’s a great look. I just have a quick question. I noticed they had a listing I have one that’s pretty close to that I’m helping out a friend they had it listed no one bought it I was wondering if you represent or you know any cash buyers the reason why I didn’t sell is because you know it needs to get flipped and it needs work. Do you know any high level any cash buyers that buy in St. George? That’s it. Now if she’s like, Well, are you a wholesaler but like yeah, I am not just a wholesaler I fix and flip buy buy but this one doesn’t meet my criteria. So I’m trying to help my friend out and see if there’s a buyer you know, that I can bring and I’d be willing to pay you a commission for you me to bring one symbols that she doesn’t want to work with me. Forget her. I got there’s 1015 Maybe 20 more listings that are there and then I can also pull the directory and call the agents that represent upper. What is it called? higher tier homes wherever you’re at. Right? Cool, Shawn. So, anything you want to add to that? Any anything you want to say that maybe people are thinking they’re like, oh, maybe I need to go over better?

No, you did a great job, man, you covered it very well that I mean, that’s exactly how you want to do it. And you don’t want to again, like, I know that for the purpose of this exercise we’ve called you know, just Michelle. But guys, you don’t want to stop there. Michelle doesn’t answer you guys got to call somebody else, you know, call and call another call another until you get somebody so you can get some information on this property. Because you want to do things. Now you don’t want to wait for things to happen.

Definitely want to keep calling because the thing is like, you need to get information like I’m I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, I would say I’m a very skilled investor, I know how to run comps and all that stuff. This is a weird property that you need an expert on the ground that can help you with that’s the key. So if you talk to an agent that’s been like, Dude, I’ve been there for like 20 it being an agent for 20 years, this house ain’t selling for less than 900,000. That’s good information for me. Because then I can go up to the seller and say, hey, look, this is what we’re up against. How much do you owe on this property, and you because you’re gonna have to take less, it’s a different conversation than me just keep on looking, not talking to people and just, you know, forcing it information, help you get a deal done way faster than just, you know, beating your head against the wall, one on a percent.

And again, we’re on it’s ominous with data. That was the key point there. We don’t have to go back and hard, you know, like lowball them because we just want to hey, you know, I thought it No, we’re going back with data. Hey, listen, you know, I’ve done a lot of research in the area, this property’s in a peculiar spot. It’s a little different than other properties that have sold, you know, that are similar sizes, based on the community. So this is what we’re up against. This is what we’ve got. Boom. And it’s data. It’s information. It’s not your opinion, we’re really showing them what we’re really up against. And that will help like Nathan said, with the negotiation of bringing up that price down potentially 100%
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