How to acquire $100,000,000 in real estate in under a year with Jordan Lee

In this video, we’re going to have a special guest, Jordan Lee. He will tell a little bit about his story so you can learn from his experience and his secret on how to acquire $100,000,000 in real estate in under a year! Check this video to know more.

We are live right now on the Payneless Wholesaling podcast and we have Jordan Lee, the CEO of Beast real estate guys, we this podcast is the Payneless Wholesaling podcast where we show you that wholesaling does not have to be painful. It can be painless if you do it the Payneless way. And I bring on expert guests that show us how to make real doing real estate painless. So it’s not it’s not hard, because you can learn from their experience. So we have Jordan Lee, he’s gonna tell us a little bit about his story. So we can learn how to not struggle, like what you’re going to struggle with, if you just try to figure it out on your own. Learn from his experience. What’s up, Jordan?

How you doing? Nathan? I’m excited to be honest with you, man, I’m seeing you everywhere. You’re, you’re blowing up. It’s fun to watch it progression.

Appreciate it, man, would you would you agree Jordan? Can real estate be painful? Like if you don’t know what you’re doing?

Yeah. And that’s why I think the first piece of advice I give to anybody is take a partner on like, if I was 18, getting into real estate, even 17. Like, take a partner on for a couple months right before you turn 18. And it’s insane the amount of knowledge that you can get from partnering with people like you, me or people that have been in the industry for 10 plus years.

Is that? Is that how you started rather than brother with a partner? Or did you just go by yourself?

I did it the wrong way? Yeah, I do. By mistake by myself, to be honest. There’s hindsight is always 2020. Right? You look back and like, why didn’t I jump in sooner with somebody and go in full time. I’m not, I don’t regret anything. Because, you know, I got my start and door to door sales and definitely learned a ton there. But the first five years of real estate was a grind, just buying and selling real estate on my own. And even the first couple flips didn’t have any partners.

So that’s impressive, man, you went in all alone, I started with a partner. And just to kind of let you know the importance of starting with a partner, someone that you can work with me and you are working together like I don’t know anything really anything about multifamily. I’m in a little bit right, but not that much. And so you’re gonna help me through that, that transition, and we’re gonna crush it, man. It’s exciting.

Love it, dude. Yeah, you’re you teach people how to wholesale. I’ll sic the commercial real estate. Obviously, we’ll both pick each other’s brains. But it’s nice to have a partner and be specialized. Because, you know, somebody might be really good at marketing. But they’re not a good closer, or somebody might be really good at analyzing, but they don’t want to talk to people or, you know, so I think creating the right team, of people that have different strengths and abilities is so important, especially when you’re networking and doing deals together. So you don’t want to be with the same person as you.

Yeah, that’s actually something I’ve learned when I’ve started my business with Cory back in the day like love my, we’re not business partners anymore. Shout out to Tom Kroll, he was like, Hey, you don’t need a business partner. So we were business partners. But we found out that in the beginning, when we started together, we were just, we wanted to support each other, we wanted to let go and give us the emotional support. But after a couple years, we found that like we’re the same, pretty much the same people, we both like to do sales, we both like to talk. So the strengths didn’t really complement each other that much, just because we both were good at pretty much the same thing. Right? So just like what you said, you gotta find people that compliment you, like can compliment you one plus one, when a business partnership should not equal one should equal for 10. You know, 100 or

100% agree everybody on our team has a different personality and or, or if they have the same personality. Maybe they’re working in different part of sales, right or different part of that. You know, we have single family and multifamily. Right now we’re doing bigger commercial deals, millions and millions of dollars commercial deals. So we’re putting a lot of focus right there. But yeah, it’s important to have a strong team.

So let’s let’s kind of before we dive into what you do and how you raise, you buy real estate with other people’s money. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Give us a 30 Minute. I know before we hopped on this, you kind of gave me your little your bio, but give me like 30 seconds tell people really the nitty gritty what who is Jordan? And, you know, let us know.

Who’s Jordan Jordan is? I grew up in a family with six siblings, four of them brothers five in a row, right? Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, very competitive family. That’s while we’re closer than any family. I really know. Like we’re always together. And even though we bicker and fight because we’re all athletes, and we’re very competitive, we all love each other. So family comes first in my life. I’m a father to two kids one on the way some people might not know that, so they’re hearing this for the first time.

Whoa. I gotta I gotta I gotta hear it again.

But my wife’s pregnant with another boy. So I have a girl boy and one on the way.

Oh, Congratulations, man that is pumped. I’m sure you’re pumped.

Oh my gosh, I am so happy. So I’m gonna have two boys right next to each other and the built in babysitter Piper, right? Yes, yes. But, uh, I think that family comes first and everything. And the only reason that I like to do real estate is because it gives you a platform financially, to buy back your time, and give opportunities to your children, your wife, your friends, your family that maybe might not have been there, right? Like I have some expensive hobbies, right? Like scuba diving yet, I’d like to travel, I like to go scuba diving. And you can’t really do that if you don’t have money. And then as a kid, I really liked gymnastics and wasn’t able to do it. Just because there’s, you know, seven of us and we had to pick and choose our sports, but I want to give those those opportunities to my kids say, hey, like, it’s not a financial burden. So that’s the reason I like to make money. I don’t, I don’t covet money. I don’t personally like the, you know, the $2 million cars, some people like that. And that’s that’s them. I would rather travel I’d rather do other things

experience was that experience is over, you know, things, I guess, right?

100% I prefer experiences. And honestly, having a car is a cool experience. I’ll be honest, but it’s just not the coolest thing for me. Like I’d rather go hundreds feet out of the water.

I gotta, I gotta confess something to you, brother. I am a wimp. I went like five snow Now this wasn’t five this was like eight years ago, when I was doing door to door sales. We went on a trip cruise to like Mexico. And they no experienced in scuba diving at all. They’re just like a bunch of Mexican guys just threw like some scuba tanks on us. And they’re like, Go, and everyone started going in underwater. And I was like, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. I breathe out of my nose all my whole life just because I don’t want like people to smell my breath. So I’m always breathing through my nose. So when I go there, and this thing’s on me, I can’t. I’m like, I can’t breathe. I can’t do it. So I went I was down. Dude. I was sad. I didn’t go under water. I couldn’t figure it out. I was like, forget this. I don’t even feel safe.

The proper training man that threw you probably into a snow day.

I don’t what’s this? No dad.

I’m one of those sinkholes. It wasn’t like a big it was

an ocean bro. They were like, Hey, let’s look at they were like go out and

on your first three ran an open water.

They threw everyone into open water and they were like, don’t come up too fast or you’ll you’ll like explode. And I was like, Yeah, forget that.

Yeah, that’s sketchy, to say the least. But they’re trying to make a good tip. Right?

Well, yes. I felt like a wuss. Dude, I bailed and like a couple of other guys just went and figured it out. I was like, I exploded today.

But yeah, I mean, come with me. You’ll learn but I like scuba diving. I like competitiveness. I you know, I grew up wrestling from I can’t even remember what age.

I wanted to talk to you about that? Because I did you know I wrestled to

I saw that. I don’t know the whole background. But I did see that another podcast, bro.

I love wrestling man. I actually I do jujitsu now, which is grappling. But it’s submissions. And I did that this morning. I do it every, you know, two times a week in the morning at 530. I love it. Dude. It’s so fun. You should get into jujitsu if you haven’t. It’s, it’s just like wrestling.

I did some jujitsu in college and here and there. But it’s it’s a time commitment.

And I got to do it early in the morning.

Yeah, right now. I’m having a tough time between family just lifting weights and, you know, raising capital and traveling but

you definitely got to pick pick what your hobbies that you know, as you get, you know, deeper into this stuff.

100%. But I’m curious.

Sorry, real quick about your wrestling experience. Like, did you wrestle in college? Did you wrestle like, How’d you do in high school? I’m just curious, because I want to know, your experience.

So yeah, so I was one of those kids that just trained every single day. I think as a freshman in high school. I wasn’t the kid that started when I was, you know, three years old. I started in seventh grade, like competitively. I did a little bit with my brothers in sixth grade but a lot of improvement by the time I was a senior I didn’t lose a state match I got disqualified from one from slamming a kid to

you got disqualified and state

I was up eight one and slammed a kid and not purposely you know, of course the chain ball and chain and you have to hit your knee before his shoulder hits and accidentally dislocated the kids shoulder and you rip his arm off. Ah, not on purpose.

Of course I’m just messing with you. I was like my go to bro. I love the ball and chain. Yeah, so So yeah, you’re trying to pack them. You were like trying to stack them in? Yeah, I got you.

So no, I did. I did really well. My senior year. I got better every year my senior A year at the state takedown record. I was really into competitive weightlifting. So I held what was called the exponent record for weightlifting, which is weightlifting times your body weight. So I was lifting over 1000 pounds between squat power clean and bench. And I was waiting, you know, waiting for that competition at 133 pounds. You were a tank. I wrestled 135. So I wrestled 135 Did Yeah. So we’re on the same way in high school. You know, I’m five seven and it was a it was a great weight class for me and loved wrestling. I did you have to cut hard? No, no, I always I did way more cardio in high school right now. I’m, you know, it’s hard to find time to do cardio because I have a bum knee. I’m working out with a physical therapist on rehabbing my knee right now. So yeah, it’s just tough, but

I can say I’m assuming right if you were crying, like picking up 1000 pounds and stuff.

Yeah, yeah, I did. So as I praised third in the state, because I got disqualified against the number one guy and then I play 77 The National Tournament.

Oh my gosh, so you’re an All American?

I don’t even know. Probably I wasn’t I didn’t wrestle in college. Right.

Oh, that’s so college colleges. You please top eight. You’re all American. But you’re saying seven national. So you wrestled national in high school?

Yeah. So there’s a stope. Right. You know, I did pretty good in high school.

I got third in state dude were like pretty, like neck and neck. 135. You know, I got third. You got third. That’s wild. Yeah. So she got out. You probably crushed me right now.

Because there’s something that you you know, the wrestling thing that was a big thing, because I was up eight, one against the number, the other number one guy and did something I shouldn’t have. And you go and cry in a corner, but then went undefeated throughout the rest of the state. That was my very first match is, you know, the whole story is actually really cool. I won’t go into details. But anybody who knows me knows wrestling was a serious sport. I didn’t do it in college because they didn’t have it at BYU. And I was a music major at BYU in the beginning. When I got back from my mission, I went straight into business because the kind of music major that they had there, it wasn’t my style was more classical. And that’s not

what was my instrument you’re playing was it the sousaphone?

No, I’m, I’m a vocalist, I love to sing. If you if you go on my Facebook, you can see a couple of performances.

But can you were saying and I thought you’re playing like some drums or the sousaphone or something?

No, I love I love performing more than singing. I just love making people smile. Ever since I was a little kid, you know, five years old, I’d go sing in front of Walmart, get on the big stage and just vote. You know, turn I remember when I was seven years old, I sang in front of 40,000 people in Reno. And for the national anthem for their big sparks convention and the microphone cut out. I was I don’t care. So I just started singing that top of my lungs. Everybody joined in 40,000 people to sing them national anthem with me. And then the very last line it kicked back on I was like, Oh, it came back on as you know, all over the newspapers, got to travel to New York got to challenge California and do a ton of a LFC

you know, what I’m envisioning? Because you said you’d get in front of Walmart and saying, you know, I’m thinking of the Yo, the yodeler kid the kid that was yodeling that was you that

that was me, man. No shame. That’s funny. Yeah. So but yeah, I mean, I love performing. And I want to do big things. Right now. My My goal is to help other people make passive income, because I think that helps you follow your dreams. Ever since I’ve got into real estate, it’s nice to wake up on the first month and, you know, have a lot of money in your checking account from the champions that are coming in. Right. And it gives you time to do things I I’m not saying I feel bad for w two income. You know, they’re they’ve chose that. And they’re, they’re working from nine to five. But it’s nice. Like yesterday, I had a guy call me and I was able to just go somewhere randomly at three o’clock to meet up with a friend. And then that freedom is definitely what I’m trying to get myself and then also provide for other people. So that’s why I raise money.

That’s a good mission. That’s a good mission. So you’re you’re really raising money to buy real estate so you can help people achieve freedom.

Yeah, so that’s exactly you got these high income earners. We’re working with couple. You know, we’re working with a YouTuber that has over 11 million followers on his YouTube channel.

Who is you can’t say?

I don’t know. I don’t want to say his name. But I’ll ask him if I can say it on the next.

Drop them down. That’s pretty cool, though. He’s, he’s crushing it. He needs to put his money somewhere. Right?

Exactly. It’s just he’s young, 24 years old, and he needs to put his money into real estate. So we’re helping him with that. We Got some CEOs of hospitals, that they know how to run a hospital, they might make a million dollars a year or more. I don’t know how many how much the CEO of the hospital makes, but they don’t know how to make that money work for them. They don’t have the time. Right? Yeah, it’s my job to go out and find the deal negotiated, underwrite it. That’s my forte. I’ve been doing it for over a decade now, just underwriting deals and making sure we get good returns for investors, but they can put their money in, you know, let’s say that have 500 grand sitting in their checking account that’s making nothing, they can hand that money over to me, I can go deploy it for them. And then it makes them, you know, $50,000 a year plus in dividends, and then when we sell the property, they get an extra check.

I got a quick question for you. So someone that has, are you really finding that someone that has $500,000 and has can make that kind of income would just put it in a checking account? Are they pretty savvy, like somewhat savvy enough to invest it?

No, there’s tons of people with over five hundreds of small amount, you’d be surprised. They’re some of these high income earners, they started business two years ago, and they have all this money coming in. And they don’t even know how to reinvest it into their own business, because they’re growing so fast. They’re making commissions either. I mean, you got these, especially, like, been working with the solar industry a little bit. And because I did solar, and I know how lucrative it is. Some of these CEOs, they’re getting, you know, 25 $30,000, commission checks, just off their personal deals, and then they have Salesforce that’s growing nationwide, they have way more than 500 grand. And then of course, you know, a company, they might sell equity in the company, one of one of our buddies is selling 25% equity of his company, which is worth 250 mil. Well, what do you do with 250 million?

Well, you tell me, what do you do a 230 million, that’s a lot of dough.

You have to put in real estate because the thing is, real estate is one of the asset classes that is best for tax benefits, right? You can defer taxes forever in real estate, you can keep rolling it into other properties through what’s called a 1031.

So we’re just keep going until you die, and then you’re never have to pay taxes on it.

Nope. Never never ever, ever can you

can like if you inherit a property that needs to get like once someone dies, does it go away? Or do they would the kids have to pay it?

So know that there’s a certain amount, right, there’s a threshold, I want to say it’s like 13 and a half million per spouse. It’s called Step Up basis, you can Google it. But let’s let’s just say, let’s just say I have a $500,000 duplex, right? I buy it for 500. And then two years later, I sell it for 700. Net, right? Maybe I sell for 750. And you have all commissions, but I make two grand profit off of it. Right? I sell that duplex and take a $200,000 profit check after pay capital gains on that. What is that? 30 20% to undergrad percent? I mean, it depends on your tax bracket. But let’s just say 20%, right? 20% of the owner gets $40,000 in taxes. Do you want to run a $40,000? Check for taxes?

Never No.

So what you can do is you can take that money and put it into a 1031 exchange. It’s you know, you have an intermediary that holds the money for you until you locate another property. I have a guy actually I’m working with right now he bought a townhome way back when it’s paid off, he just sold it he netted 495,000 off a townhome. Okay, it’s crazy to think what townhomes orthotics, but he has $495,000 sitting in a inter intermediary fund with 1031. And he has to deploy that within a certain amount of time, or LTSP taxes on that game. What’s the time? Just curious. I mean, I’m not an accountant. I think it’s like, it’s 45 to locate another property and 90 to close or something like that. I honestly I’ve never hit the timelines, we always have deals lined up. So it’s not a it’s not a problem. Okay, if you Google it, it will come up like 45 and then 90, but uh, you locate the property, and then he uses that for 95 as a downpayment, let’s say on a $1.8 million property. Right? Now he owns a $1.8 million property and because he rolled it into a bigger property, he doesn’t have to pay any taxes on it. It’s called deferred taxes. Right? So that deferred tax, let’s say, he owns that for, you know, eight years, and then sells the $1.8 million property and a half mil. So now he’s made 700 grand, he also made the 200 Grand that says $900,000 he’s made. Now he has paid taxes on 900,000. But if you’ve rolled that into another property, let’s say he buys a $4 million property now, he can own that $4 million property. And if it’s bringing him in, you know, how much a year 150 A year? Who wants to sell that? Right? They can just live off the dividends off the cash flow.

Let me ask you, guys, so let me ask you a quick question for the viewers that might have the same question. When you’re buying this when he’s investing his money with you, is he able to avoid the 1030? The taxes? Is that a 1031? Exchange, even though he’s not like managing it doing anything like that?

Yeah, yeah. It’s called a tenancy in common. Yeah, it’s short answer is yes. So we can take investor funds from 1031. And they can roll that into a fund with us. So because you just the answer’s yes.

Yeah, you’re gonna make me think of someone. So I just did that. I know, one of my family members just sold an eight Plex. Right. And they, I think they have a certain amount of equity. And then they need a place, I’m gonna reach out to him after this. I just thought of him. Yeah.

So with, you can have them rolling into another property. And then what happens is when they die, like my, my estate goes to a trust, and whoever’s the inheritor of the trust, let’s say it’s my child, or let’s say me, and my wife died in a car accident, same time, and Piper’s, the inheritor, she actually gets what’s called Step Up basis. So a certain amount of money is non taxable, that she inherits. So we actually completely defer all taxes into the next life. And then they don’t have to pay the taxes, they get an appraisal, they have a new value. And that’s, that’s what the wealthy do is so and it’s completely legal, it’s ethical into how the tax code is written. And if you know how to invest right, in real estate, you should have little tax liability.

So I always thought when you were like 78 years old, if you’ve been 1031 exchange in your whole life, and then finally, I feel like I thought you had to like get a lease, sell it and then pay the taxes eventually, but you’re saying it can? You can do it forever? until you die? Yes. So you don’t have to pay the taxes ever? No. But I’m curious, but somebody will eventually Right? Like, if the kids inherit the property, they’re gonna have to know is it done once you die?

So once you die, let’s say let’s say I had, you know, $10 million of let’s say, I bought a property for 500. And then over the course of my lifetime, my assets are worth 10 million. Right? That’s under the Step Up basis, right? So when my child inheritance, that $10 million in real estate, that’s her new line for taxes, so but she doesn’t, she inherits it tax free step up basis, the lunar new appraisal, there’s no tax liability on that. But as she makes money, she’ll have to pay taxes on it. So she makes $2 million, she’ll pay, you know, if it’s worth 12 million, she’ll have to pay on the $2 million unless she 1030 ones. Now there is caps, right. Like, I think it’s like I said, I think it’s 13 and a half million per spouse might be 12. I don’t know the exact amount. So you know, much my children definitely have to pay taxes, right? Because our state’s gonna be well worth a lot more than that. But at the same time, you know, having a $24 million inheritance first 24 million, you don’t have to pay taxes on. It’s pretty amazing.

Let me ask you this. This is a little outside. But what’s your opinion on letting letting your kids inherit all that money eventually? Do you feel like that’s good for them? What What’s your opinion on giving your kids a ton of money? Eventually?

I mean, I think it depends on the parents. That’s a loaded question. Because think about some of these parents. There are some parents that do spoil their children. And, you know, you see those those funny TV shows where the like Harry Potter, right, the kid gets however many presents, and he’s like, I wanted more, right? Oh, deadly. He’s the one. Right? But if you treat if you teach your kids, right, I know a lot of millionaires, especially in door to door sales, where they’ve had to grind, right? Like, I know. Want to one guy that I really respect Todd Santiago, right? He’s he was the vice president of sales at Vivint. Stud mazing. Guy, very wealthy, his, his children. He has a couple of children, right? He makes them knock doors. Like he had them knock doors and start where when they turn 18 I was like, Oh, these kids are gonna be like executives that No, like is oldest son went out and knocked doors on a summer sales team and then had to build his own sales organizations. And if you know that kid, he’s had to work for everything. But his dad has instilled that work ethic to where he’s going to be wealthy no matter what if his dad doesn’t leave him a penny. He’ll still be wealthy. Right?

I think that’s the right way to do it. Yeah.

Yeah. So it just depends on the parenting. I’m definitely not going to have my kids be spoiled in any way shape, or form if they want money to, for me to fund them. And let’s say, you know, a gymnastics tournament where they have to go to Hawaii and spend 10 grand on this huge competition all funded, but they better work their butt off to win that tournament.

Because I’m their sponsor. It’s an investment. They’re still up there, right?

Or, if they’re looking to start a business, I’m not just going to hand them a $10 million investment check. I’m going to say hey, you need to learn the ropes. Come shadow me, that’s why I think it’s so important to have a partner, because the partner is going to be invested to you. Because when you make money, they make money. Right? I actually believe in partners more than I do mentors.

I think a lot of our partner to a lot of mentors.

think there’s a lot of mentor ships where people will pay $25,000 for mentorship, right? To be on this call to be in this room with people, rather than having somebody pay me 25 grand, I would be more willing to vet them very carefully, and say, Are you going to work, go do these homework assignments for me? Right? Go do this. And if they show that they’re going to do it, I would rather give them 5% equity in a business, that’s going to be worth $100 million. And say, go hustle with me. Yeah, yeah. Right. And they’re gonna make more in the long run. And they’re gonna learn side by side with me. So going back in time, like, I always tell people, this, whatever you want to do, go serve that person. Yeah, go work for that no work. You don’t have to work for free. You tell them and you pay me what you think I’m worth. And you go learn from them and you create them value, they’re going to be addicted to you, they’re not going to want to ever lose you. And then that’s when you can, you know, go off on your own once you know it all. But if they really like you, and they’re creating value, you’re gonna stay with them.

Well, Jordan, I feel like we’ve had hit on some awesome topics. And I feel like we got to probably do another podcast, bro. This was good. I mean, I feel like we got a lot to talk about. What do you think?

Whoever said, Yeah, anytime this is fun, I love giving back. And like I said, I just want to be of service to people, whether it’s other people getting into real estate, and they’re hitting me up on Instagram, saying, hey, you know, how do I raise millions of dollars? How do I close multifamily? There’s, I could talk to him for hours about it. The people that I’m gonna put the most time into are the people are gonna bring value and say, Hey, like, let’s go do deal together. But I also like talking to people that are not in real estate, that just say I don’t have anything to do with real estate. I love real estate. Just I don’t want to be in the grind. But make me money. Yeah. And then I gotta be like the guy in the Bible, the parable of the talents, right where the master gives the people that talent, and two of them go and multiply those talents and are given more talents and talents were coins, right? And one of them has another floorboard. And he comes back and he says, You Soffel servant, and he takes the talent from that one other guy, and that guy’s left with nothing. That’s my responsibility in life. I feel like I’ve been given, I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to attain knowledge, am I saying I’ve been given knowledge because I do want to credit myself and I’ve taken the time to learn from other people, just to have the desire to learn. But once you have that knowledge, you have to go spread it and help other people, otherwise the Lord is going to take it from you. You know, whether it’s in this life or the next i i believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe that preaching has given us everything I know. I don’t want to like to get religious on preaching.

I’m all about Jesus.

Whether you believe in a higher power or whether you believe in Allah or Buddha or whatever it is.

Look, I got my Jesus statue right there. Do you see it?

I don’t. Where’s that? He’s that why? Oh, yeah, exactly.

I mean, I don’t play so that’s everything I do is for Jesus. I mean, everything

I believe that every we’ve given given everything in this life, our body, our skin, you know, the money that we have literally everything. Moza, you’ll know what I’m talking about right every we’re in debt to the Savior 100% of time.

Breaking up breaking up on me. That’s the devil right there trying to take you down. Oh, man, you there? Yeah, man, you broke up. That was the devil trying to break you down, break break up this.

But I feel I feel an obligation to give back. Yeah. So whether I make, you know, $20 million in this life, or $2 billion in this life, you know, it doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It just matters, the effect I’m having on other people. And honestly, first and foremost is my family. And that after that I still want to help others because I have the capability to

Well, Jordan, it’s been a pleasure having you on here. We’re definitely gonna have to have you back and we’re actually going to be doing an event together. What is it in a week or two where me and you are going to be talking?

It’s a nine day is next Saturday? 13th or 14th? We’re gonna do it. Live. We’re doing it in Orem right? So yeah, Kylan Gorna checks Office Security home mortgage, anybody who wants to come we’re gonna have a good lineup you’ll be speaking obviously I’ll be speaking we’re gonna have my accountant is come in. She can talk more about the 1030 ones. She can talk about setting up s corpse different ways that w two people can save money as well. It’s it’s very powerful to get in those networks. And I’m excited to do that event. We should have a really good turnout.

Sounds good man. Well, I’ll promote it. We got to wrap up. But you know, we’ll have to hop on another one. It’s been a pleasure having you on here. If you’re in Utah, please make it to that event. Reach out to me. Reach out to Jordan if you want to connect with Jordan Um, let me know I’ll put you in touch with them and, or you know B’s real estate.

All right? Yeah. B’s real estate on Facebook or Instagram so,

Alright brother, we’ll we’ll keep doing this. We’ll keep growing this that’s what we’re doing this year. Let’s blow it up later, bro.

Talk to you later man.


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