How I used Batchleads to make a $30k deal through the Payneless Wholesaling Method

In this video, we’re going to show you how I used Batchleads to make a $30k deal through the Payneless Wholesaling Strategy. Check this video to know more.

Welcome everybody to the batch leads call that we do every week to show you guys how to use batch leads to get deals, batch leads is one of the number one services I use to crush it. And we’re gonna show you guys how I just use batch leads to make $30,000 deal. Okay, and let me tell you why it’s so cool. It’s because I didn’t know I needed this information for my buyer to want to buy the property. This is was a multifamily property, I haven’t really dealt with a lot of multifamily wholesaling, I actually didn’t even wholesale this deal. I just had the buyer pay me an invoice, which was a lot easier. I’ve connected the seller to the buyer. And I just said, Hey, buyer, I trust you. We’ve worked together before he’s in my network. He’s trusted by a lot of people. So I said, Hey, bro, you just talked to the seller, you lock it up, and let’s figure out a fee you can pay me

they were just going to talk specifically about what information I needed to give the buyer so he felt good about doing the deal. But let me explain this deal to you guys. So this deal was something I was going to take down and purchase but I had to deal under contract, we were ready to go. And then interest rates went up right, which pretty much killed the cash flow on the deal, there wasn’t very much cashflow at the purchase price, it was like 1.1 million. So with the amount of interest going up to like 7% on a commercial deal, you’re not really making any money at that point, right, because the payment is too high. So I had to back out, the partner that I was working with had to back out and is pretty much dead because the sellers wanted more than a cash buyer was really willing to pay that everyone that I had asked. So this is the power of relationships. So my friend that we’re going to purchase the property together with him partner, he was like, yo, hey, what’s happening with that deal that we weren’t able to buy? And I was like, Man, I don’t think it’s going anywhere we couldn’t buy it’s probably not a deal. And he’s like, I got somebody, do you want to JV on the deal with males? Like, right, let’s go, let’s do it. So because of the relationship I had with my buyer that I was working with in that deal, he had relationships with other buyers, and he knew a buyer that needs to put his money into some asset before the end of the years because it’s just closed, or he would have to pay a lot of taxes. And the buyer had specific questions for me. And I was like, I don’t know these answers. But guess who has the answers? Batch leads, baby. So he was like, what year? Was it? Bill? I had previously looked it up before but I forgot like What number was so I had to go to batch I forgot. So they don’t know, I don’t know, where do I go? Well, I go where you can get data. So I went over here. And we’re just going to do a random property just search a random one. So in batch leads, if you click on search any property and you go to where it says details, you can tell you right here the year bill, so anything why do you think the year built? Is that important? Or a multifamily?

So a lot of good things? You know, do I want to buy something built in? Or what could be the difference? If I don’t know anything else? If all I know is hey, this one was built in 1974. And then someone has this other property that was built in like 1901? Do I want to buy a property that’s over 100 years old, probably going to be a lot of things wrong with like a lot of overdue maintenance. Right? Yeah, yeah, that was the main concerns, the maintenance, he’s like, bro, this thing hasn’t been updated in 30. And also banks, I think there’s certain banks that are will look at multi unit and be like not funding that one because it’s too old. Yeah. And that’s where, you know, kind of having the data, having the information. It’s more than just communicating it to buyers. But it’s actually a tool that you can use in your negotiating, you know, when you’re talking with the seller, and you convey to them and you kind of know these things, hey, you know what the property is kind of this age, whatnot, look, I’ll be honest, because it’s not going to be able to qualify for normal lending, bank financing, we’re going to need to do this price, or we’re going to need you know, an additional reduction on price or whatever the case may be. And you use as tools to get it whatever price you need to or even lower.

Exactly. And he asked another question, and I was like, I don’t know what he’s talking about. Because again, this is multifamily. These are questions that I haven’t been really getting. So I can’t remember exactly the terminology he is, but I was able to find the data so he could find it. If you go to batch, you go to under tax information, he wanted to note the parcel number, that’s pretty much essentially what he wanted. He’s some other term that I can’t remember. But I was like, Dude, I don’t know. But I see a parcel number on batch he’s like that’ll work that will help me like locate the property. So I can see like the land and the layout and just everything on it. So I gave him the parcel number and that helped me out a ton. So batch leads really cool because you know, I was able to use the data in batch leads to pretty much take this deal that was dead give the information that the buyer needed to take it all the way and one thing that allowed me to know is the importance of relationships. Okay, now what can batch help you do, it can help you develop relationships by you looking at the right data of cash buyers that you need. So let me give you guys an example. So if you go here to boundaries, all you have to do is locate them go to the quick filters, and you can check out all the cash buyers that have done deals and network with these people. I mean, if you’re struggling to do deals, it’s probably because you’re not buying the deal and you don’t know what people are willing to buy right now. Well go talk to this guy right here. He obviously has an active house that he’s trying Excel and you can check out another awesome thing with bash if you want to get make relationships is you can go to the owner profile and see other addresses that this guy owns. Certainly it shows that he owns just this one but you can go to other people and see if they own multiple properties and usually oh look at this guy right here the owner of this property seller solutions they’re a company that wholesales out here so that’s the relationship you could make like these guys are obviously you can see the flip they’re doing looks pretty sick looks pretty good. That’s pretty much it guys I’m in I’m just pumped because of batch leads I’m an affiliate and I do rep their stuff but I am pumped just because I literally use their service to help me make no

and that’s awesome man I didn’t even realize that that was a feature where you can just one you can just click and skip tracing right there too you can just click and follow them right then and there if you want to hope you’ll kind of what one of the biggest differences from people that that kind of succeed and people that struggle guys the difference is the person that says I will let me get this list and I’ll put together and I’ll make it all perfect and then I’ll reach and the other person just like oh yeah, I’m just gonna click and call them right now. I think that person’s chances of getting a hold that person are higher than the person who’s like hey, let me put it in this nice styler and then like when it well not Mondays, because Mondays are you know we’re just starting the week Tuesday afternoon good day then I’ll get to it right now it gives you the option to where it’s like when you find it boom go after it right then and there.

Exactly. They just added that feature to to the batch lead 3.0 or 2.0 Don’t call in right from it so definitely useful but guys like you don’t have to get too crazy. You just got to make calls. That’s it like get your phone because I was talking to one of the guys in my mentorship Nick He’s awesome. And he was like, Man, I just got to make some calls. And I’m like you got to talk to 20 Motivated sellers a day that you can ask them why they’re sorry I’ve been busy all day and I’ve already had a couple conversations right and made a couple offers so if you go through the whole day and you’re like dude, I didn’t make a single offer you can go right now to bachelors you can go to MLS you can go to all these images off right now. So never go a day if you want to be successful in this business without making an offer. That’s how you get real estate you think someone’s just gonna come to you and say here’s a house now you got to make an offer on a house it took me a while to click where it’s like oh, that’s how you buy real estate when I first started when I was a new I would like go months without a deal. And I’d be like man this sucks This isn’t working. It’s like how many offers have you made? I don’t think I’ve made a single offer I think I’ve made about 100,000 cold calls but no offers it’s like there’s your problem bro there’s the other guy that goes on the MLS and makes 20 offers a day five offers a day and he’s getting deals with nothing crazy he’s just putting low offers in front of people are trying to solve problems

and you know one of the things that took me a long time to learn right and kind of how I came into payneless way of kind of wholesaling going about it before I used to think it was all about quantity, quantity, quantity and realizing no way. I mean, quantity is great. That’s important. Volume is really important. But quality is far more important. When I opened up in a brand new market here in Danbury, Connecticut, I had three relationships, I started the Payneless way, right connecting with top buyers and kind of the ways that we find them and like when I say relationships, like one of the he brought me to two of his properties and he was teaching me the rehab process. And he’s like, hey man, like ever have a house? He’s like, Look, I’ve never care what the assignment fee is or anything like I’d love to be your best buyer like how can I be the best buyer for you? And then within two weeks I went to like two RIA meetups and within like two weeks I had people Hey, hey, I just got this under contract you know, can you help me on JV with me on this can you help me sell this deal and you know, I’m at a point to where in just a few days I can make an offer on anything because I know I’ve got really good relationships with I don’t need 100 I don’t need 1000 I just need a few really quality relationships to get started you really only need one really quality to get started you know and then you’ll grow it from there but from just having you know a few what you’re able to get done it’s crazy

You know you’re doing the Payneless way I mean all you guys can all do the painful way where you just go pull this and you have no idea what you got to offer who’s gonna buy it but you just try and figure it out that’s fine, but it’s going to take you some more time

the worst thing about the painful way is all the money that don’t know you’re leaving on the table especially when you first get started when you first get started there’s a lot to humping and really knowing what someone will pay for a property and even when the hard way which is through a lot of work you know negotiating with sellers getting contracts and then a lot of them falling through and you losing money on marketing and time and all this stuff. My first deal when we talked about the beginning here that that three unit multifamily that was a deal I almost walked away from because it was like I really don’t I was like it’s in a rough neighborhood I really don’t know. And I got lucky that I was able to sell the house to an end buyer. Yeah, I almost walked away from and there was a number of other houses that were I felt the same way and I was like no, I’m not going to get this under contract. Like it’s just I don’t want to you know kind of make a commitment to the seller and have it fall through and so on so forth. But if I had a relationship with even just one buyer that could say hey, I’m looking at this you know, what are your thoughts? What do you think and how much more money I could have made in a fraction of the amount of time

Well, not to mention it just makes you way more confident when talking to sellers if you have an idea like you really do and the thing is like after you master one market like Essentially you have a good idea without having to talk to anybody anymore right if you master market and you know batch leads let’s go Nate thanks for being on the call with me today guys the information that they give you is necessary to do deals I know because I just did one using the information you don’t have it go get it and hit me up if you don’t have the link I do get credit for referring you they hooked me up I’d recommend everybody sign up to be an affiliate why not and if you use mine it’s free for seven days or a week and you get like 1000 records for free so I don’t know why you wouldn’t do it if you don’t like it you can get rid of it wholesaling does not have to be painful if you do it the payneless way alright everybody remember that? Peace out


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