How to get a house under contract for wholesaling [30 Day Challenge Announcement]

In this video, we’re going to show you how to get a house under contract for wholesaling. A special event that is going on, the 30 Day Challenge Announcement, that will help you do wholesaling the Payneless way. Check this video to know more.

So what we’re doing is I got a connection. You know, through networking. I’m working with Daniel Daniel owns a cold calling company in Egypt. So if any of you guys are interested in cold calling Daniels, your guy pulled the leads from batch pulled the leads, skip tracing, what we’re doing is Daniel is found a potential seller that’s in pre foreclosure, and we’re gonna go and call them. We’re gonna call the seller right now.

All right, so let’s see, Danny, I got that. Got it right here. So we got Matthew. All right. I wouldn’t say how old is he? But I guess it doesn’t even matter.

I didn’t ask him. It doesn’t matter. All right. It just sounded old.

All right. Let’s give him a call. Call right now.

Yeah. Hey, Matthew,

how you doing? I’m alive and kicking. Matthew. My name is Nathan. I just got off the phone with Daniel, one of my business partners. And he was telling me that you’re you’re interested in selling the property. So I wanted to see if he had a couple minutes to chat. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Well, he said he’d kind of give me a little bit of the rundown of what’s going on that you you need to sell the house by February February 2. Is that correct?

Well, I’d like to have a closed before that if I can. Yeah, I think he said that it’s in pre foreclosure.

So is there an auction date on February 2? Where it would get auctioned at that date? Or is there an auction date?

And then there is an auction date set?

And it’s February 7, so you’d like to get it done? Be obviously before that, like February 2 Is the goal or before? Right? Yeah. Well, um, do you have about 1015 minutes so we could go over things? Because I think we might be able to work something out.

Yeah, I got plenty of time. I’m retired. Don’t do anything.

Oh, that’s must be a nice feeling, huh? No. Yeah, yeah. Well, he kind of gave me an idea that it was rented and that renters left in a mess. And now it’s just needs a lot of work. Is that is that kind of the situation? Or is there something else?

Yeah, that’s about it. Evicted the tenants back in November? Because non payment and let’s put it this way here. I had 30 yard dumpster brought in to clean it out. 30 yard dumpster? Yep. And I put a lot of stuff out to the curb also.

Well, that’s, that’s amazing. Because the house isn’t that big. But the house is what, like 900 square feet around there.

No, no, that’s more towards the 1085. So something like that. Okay, gotcha. It shows up as less because they never changed the figures when the front porch was closing.

Okay, so it’s got an addition on it, then.

Yeah, yeah. The front porch was closed in. So that’s like an extra? I think 14 by eight, on top of what the other measurement was.

So with this property, how far are you behind on your payments with the mortgage, like to catch it up, if we were just to catch it up for you and take over take over the property’s payments,

using years and years,

you have kind of an idea, like a payoff of what they’re telling you your payoff is, if you were to get a current.

There’s no getting a current it’s got sale date. So it’s like, I have I have to pay them 43,200 and some odd dollars. Like I told you, buddy, I have a judgment against me, when I’m looking for 50,000 with a judgment against the judgment is against me, not against the house. Okay. And after the sale of the house, all proceeds left must go to that judgment. They won’t pay the judgment or what stops them from coming back at you. And trying to say for wasting, we gotta get our money. No, sorry. You were paid with proceeds. And Mr. McCormick still owes you. Yeah, you’ll get it when he does.

Well, that that makes complete sense. So won’t pay off the full judgment. But it’s at least going to, you know, cover a little bit of a right.

Yep. You’re talking about a little over 7000 No, go towards the judgment. I will point out without a penny, it just the mortgage has been paid off. And the balance goes to towards the judgment. If I don’t send them the money for the judgment, they will come back and try to do something to a follow up paper in the court to try to put a levy on the house.

Okay, gotcha. Well, I’m interested in purchasing

to prevent levy money has to go to them. Well, we can get that joining against you

. Yeah, we can get that all set up the title. So when we purchased the property, they’re going to be able to divvied up to pay off the mortgage and then the rest could go towards the judgment. I mean, we can get that all figured out. Yeah. So I have a couple questions. Because I am interested that did this just creep up on you or were you trying to sell the property like before now and you just didn’t get it like No, no bites are people just like left like what happened? Because I know this. I’m just curious.

I’ve had three contracts. And each time they just drags if he, Greg if he if he, the one contract expired today.

I’m curious because I do like to leverage other people’s knowledge because I know a lot of people in the industry, at what price did they have that contract? Because I’m assuming maybe it was a little too high and they couldn’t get it done. So what price to contract for?

Done? I had one sob offered 25,000. And he will my old situation. Okay, but a lot of them are just trying to screw around because they know I have a judgment against me. Because I have foreclosures left. Pending. Yes. And I know if I lose it, they can go to the courthouse and put a bid on it.

Yeah, that’s really frustrating. So do you feel like that’s happened a couple of times people just wanted to lock you up and waste your time?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because they all insisted on the old try joining system a 30. Day 30 Work Day contract. Why not? Yeah, no, that’s not gonna happen. Well, yeah.

You don’t have that much time. So curious for the person that cancelled today. What? Just curious, what price? Did they have the contract for? Did you say 25,000?

No, no, that was one of the earlier ones. The one originally they were going at 60,000. Okay. And you’re getting close. And well, we can’t see we can only hear they want a gut and remodel the whole thing. Right. Right. Right. I mean, there’s, you know, there’s a building in the back of the property. It’s an old bathroom from a house that burnt down in 99. That was has always been set up as laundry. These guys all say, well, oh, no, you can’t have a laundry room in a separate building. We want to take the bathroom out of here, put the laundry room they’re put into the office area that you have put that into, make that the new bathrooms. And we well, we don’t know what’s you know what’s going to involve? So we’re gonna have to get right down to the studs. The basic basic floor, right, right. Anybody can come up with figures of 7090 to 80 or $100,000. For remodeling. Of course, look, the area doesn’t warrant that

it doesn’t know I looked at the comps and it looks like the properties that are there aren’t like fully remodeled there that looks like people buy them almost at an as is condition. They just have to be somewhat livable. You know, they have to be livable, right?

This is a rental city.

Yeah, of course.

This city is a rental city. Alright, I’ll be I’ll say they’re still good thing. Thing I shouldn’t say but in the United States, the average rentals our rental in any city is about 40 to 42%. Leesburg is the exception. The nation’s capital, they run roughly about 80 to 86,080 to 86%. Rental.

Wow. So it sounds like a great area. What happened? I guess what happened with the renter’s did they just do a tear where they like just terrible to the property what what ended up happening was that

I got suckered into getting it letting them get in on a charitable, somewhat charitable basis, because they were gonna be losing the pledge and gotcha. I knew that he was a minister that was trying to find a place after that. If they got in. It went downhill.

Well, I mean, I mean, I respect the fact that you’re trying to help them with charity. That’s that’s important. And that’s good. But yeah, unfortunate when it backfires, for sure get well.

The Foreclosure started back in, I think 2014.

Oh, wow. Yeah. So to catch this thing up, it’s not going to be possible you it’s either you’re gonna lose it or you got it.

Right. Yeah. My principal balance on the loan was 25,000. towards the goal, interest in penalties and

attorney like lawyer attorney fees and all that garbage. Well, let me up. So this is a this is the information I would like to know. So when that buyer who cancelled the contract, did they try to renegotiate with you and say, hey, I can get this done for 40,000? Or did they just say I gotta go?

They Yeah, they originally started at 60. Then they came back and they said, Well, we can only we can only see 45. Okay,

and what was your response to that?

I was a little bit higher than that. Well, we’ll have to look. And I’m sure we can do something we don’t want to see you become homeless yet. They don’t I never had any contact with them again. That’s interesting. That’s 1010 or 11 days.

Yeah, but you don’t live there. So when they said we don’t want you to be homeless. I mean, that doesn’t make sense because you don’t live there. Right?

es, it does. It does. Because the mortgage when they years ago back around 2008. when the recession hit, Leesburg lost tons and tons of residence because there was no work. Gotcha. That’s when everything started to go downhill on us put in for a mortgage modification, they did a mortgage modification. And I have never used one house as collateral for another. Okay, they stopped getting a contract on that house, they stuck in the modification that this, the house I live in, is collateral for that. And I was not aware of that until December. That’s where I went down to the courthouse. I demanded a I requested a certified copy of the judgment. So I can show somebody that had a contract by when I saw the certified copy that showed the two houses being connected. Okay, one is the one word to get. And they’re gonna take the second one. So yes, that would make me the homeless.

Well, I’m glad that yeah, a little unfortunate, but I’m glad I know the full story. Is there anything else that I should know, in order to, you know, completely understand the situation?

So a judgment I have against me is they say it’s 87,000, it’s actually should be down to about 47,000. And that was from a foreclosure on a different Taos where they would not wait the deficiencies, that when I think is going back to 2008.

So that’s, that’s 47,000.

That’s where the judgment? Yeah, that’s where my comes in. So if I throw them a bone of like, $7,000, they can’t say you’re doing anything about it. Yeah. They have to accept whatever the hell I can pay him got sorted by just over $400,000 in films. No, no, no, they’d be me for everything.

I understand. Wow. All right. I’m sorry. It’s unfortunate. I’m sorry, this, this happened. We got to we got enough time to make this happen. before February 7, attempt to close deals faster. I’m just trying to figure out if there’s any more questions I have for you. Are there any other options you’ve explored to sell this other than to sell it to a cash buyer like me? Have you thought like, is there any other like ways that you’re looking at? Or is it really just this is your only option?

I’ve contacted some friends and relatives and tried to borrow? I’m still waiting on some replies. But at this point, I haven’t been able to get more than the 10,000 hour promissory

Gotcha. Sounds like this is the only option like if we can we can help you or maybe you’re talking to some other people. I don’t know. If you’re, you’re bouncing around trying to see who can help. I just like to know the full situation so I can be most help.

Well, yeah, I am waiting on response from some other relatives and things. Although I’m also my relatives are ticked off.

Gosh, I’m assuming this is your you’re talking to other cash buyers as well. Are we kind of the only ones at this point? And you’re hoping we can get it done?

At this moment? You’re the only one I’ve spent the time talking to sign the contract. That’s it.

So if you’re okay, I can kind of tell you what, what we can do to help. And if it’s something you like, we can proceed, and if not, you know, no no harm, no foul, no pressure. I just want to be completely transparent with you. Because this is a we’re at a point right now where this is like a gametime, right. It’s like Do or die. Yes. Okay. So the way we do business is I personally live in Salt Lake City, Utah, but I invest in areas all over the country, you know, rentals fix and flips, it depends on the area depends on the property. So the way I work is, we sign an agreement with the seller, we send in our partners that work with us to inspect the property, so we have to like pay, we have to send our people out. And for this one, we’d have to we’d have to get working on it immediately. Because I’m not trying to like come up to the my back against the wall and put you in a bad spot. So that’s how we work we would send some people out, you know, just to verify the condition see how much it would cost I would be completely real with you. I wouldn’t say Hey, this is down this duds 250,000, I would say look, this is what we found. Now if it works out in, we’re able to make money or help you get out of this situation like we’ll close on it before February 2 that the goal would be honored before February 2, but I just want to let you know I can’t like sit here right now and just say hey, I promise you I’ll buy your house, I can tell you from looking at the numbers that it makes sense 45,000. If we were to purchase it for 45,000, it looks like we could put depending on like the how terrible the condition is, but put like 30 to 40 in it. We’re in about 80 And we could probably rent it out, we’d probably resell it for an ARV of around like 121 40 Because I did see that there are a lot of mobile homes south of you that are selling in that range. So that’s the strategy and if you’re okay, if you’re okay with working with me, I’d love to send you a contract and get working on this but I just don’t want you I don’t want to give you the wrong expectation that like no matter what, at this very moment I’m buying this house because I have to obviously go send my people and just make sure,

unfortunately all right now it’s down to While where, by the time you get all your people in and back and forth, I’m locked in on something, and I can’t do anything else if it falls through. So

I totally get that. So the only thing that I could say to you about that is you give me less time to do it, I wouldn’t I wouldn’t lock you up for I wouldn’t, we’d have to do whatever you feel comfortable with, because I have to have an agreement so I can get the process going. Because I can’t just send say, okay, you don’t want agree with me, let me send my people out, because you might sell to someone else. And it might just be a complete waste of both of our time. But if you can, if we can work out something where we negotiate a time period, a price where you feel comfortable, I feel comfortable, I can get this done for you, because I’ve done this before, but we just have to both be on the same page.

Well, I’m gonna have to talk to my neighbor right now. And he’s, he’s expressed an interest in the house. And he ain’t I’ve been friends for a long time now. Like I told you, when I lived using this, right here, actually, the house that’s in foreclosure is actually the house I bought when I first moved down here 33 years ago, and

I’m assuming with your neighbor, since you’re probably close to them, you’d probably if he if he wanted to buy it, you probably just sell it to him for what you owe on it. Is that Is that right? or No? i

No matter what I do, I have to show something for the judgment people

something something above what you owe correct or whatever the form is 3000

I owe 44. I have to give them at least three, four or $5,000. Or they will come back and start screaming and trying to and then you it was an expensive court. Lawyer. We paid tuition we have no, we have no responsibility for paying his debt.

Right? We’d want to avoid that for sure. Well, what do you think would be the best way to work together because I am interested in buying the property. I mean, I buy properties in Florida, we work in that area. But I just I hate to just lie and not be honest with you about like how the process goes because I don’t want to you know, make you have some sort of feeling of certainty when it’s it really depends on you know, the process. What would make you feel more confident? In like a perfect scenario, perfect world, what would you want for a cash buyer like me to do,

ike I said, 50,000 would be the lowest I’d go. I had the the first the first person that first contract I had, they backed out and they the gal that was a contact version. She told me she couldn’t believe that they didn’t go the price. But they wouldn’t go 55. So I’m also have a chance to contact they went through the whole process through the contract, and they get the estimating of what the new repairs and stuff would be. And they came back. Although that the most we’ve given restricted five, and they let the contract expire. I can I can contact them and see if it’s still willing to go the pitch five is the off. I’d have jumped on it.

Okay, so So you, it seems like you still have that option available to you. You’re saying you got to 55 potential, but it looks good. Yeah, but with me, but with me, you’re saying if I can do 50 If I can, you know give in a short amount of time go in there said You know, my, my contractors, my partners through and give you a solid Yes, with earnest money, deposit everything where it’s solid, would you be willing to give me that?

Can you do that again tomorrow? And we go from there? Yeah, there’s we talked to the there’s previous questions,

there’s absolutely no pressure on my end, I want you to be able to get this done. So I’m not pulling this off of the table by any means. But the only issue is the amount of time I have, because if we were to agree on something, I would get working on it right at this very moment because we don’t have a lot of time. So you can wait tomorrow, that’s fine. But if we were able to agree on something right now, I can tell you, we would have someone we would we would have an answer to you this week. Well, we’ll hold on today’s Thursday. So I mean, I could you if you gave me until if you gave me until Tuesday, and it doesn’t work out you would have still about two weeks to reach out to the 55 and talk to your neighbor and I would I would cancel the contract and agreement to tie you up. No problem. If you just gave me until Tuesday at what price? You know me sir. I mean, I’d love to be I’d love to be as low as possible. And I know you want to be as high as possible. Can we do 50

I’m willing to go 50 guidelines. Yeah, that’s it. Yeah. Just to put something towards that judgment.

I totally understand your situation. You got to be able to show them something so they don’t come after you anymore and they give you gave you a break.

No, no, no. So it doesn’t go after you. Be free until I die then they’re gonna come into this house to get get whatever the balances of course, but if I don’t give them anything upon the sale, they You know, I own that house and I sell it, they’ll see that I sold it. And if they don’t get their portion out of it, they’re gonna be able to you tie you up. Oh, so you can sell that without,

we’re gonna have to make a deal. We’ll go through title and make sure everything’s clear before we buy it, right? Because obviously, I’m not buying a house that we’re there like, Okay, you’re inheriting this judgment, we’re gonna make sure it gets taken care of. So we’ll probably have to start.

A house doesn’t get a judgment, a house gets a lien. Right, right. But you get the judgment. And that’s what’s against me is a judgment.

Yeah, I know, I just bought a property in Columbia, South Carolina, where the deceased owner had a judgment on so we had to go through this whole process, but we got to clear it up. So you know, I’m not too worried about it, we’ll be able to figure it out. But if you’re willing to get this going and not waste any time, let’s let’s agree on 50. Give me a due diligence period until Tuesday. I’ll give you a solid that we’re ready to go get the earnest money. And we’ll proceed and we’ll close before honor before the second that will be that will be the the goal. The target date. Yes. Yes. You have a deal. Yeah. So all I need to do is send you an agreement, and I’m just going to walk you through it. I’m assuming you’re by a computer or phone and I can send it to you over to you right now.

Yeah. computer illiterate. So when it comes to signing, you’ll have to walk me through it.

That’s the goal. So that’s why I go through this because the deal is, I don’t want you sign anything you don’t feel comfortable with. So I’m going to send it to you right now. I’m gonna fill it out. And we’re going to go through it together while I’m on the phone with you. What’s your email by the way?

Mail i ny a match the two T’s five, three.

Okay, let me make sure I got it when I got LINYFLA ma TT 50 Is that correct? That’s correct.

Yeah. As long as that was like Long Island, New York, Florida. Yes. Is it those

Long Island? Yeah, Long Island. That’s what that’s what it stands for.

Yeah. Long Island, New York, Florida. My name, my date of birth.

Are you from Long Island?

Yeah. Well, actually from the city, New York City. I was born and raised in New York City, but I spent all my summers out in Riverhead, Long Island. My 18 years in the city 18 years and Farmingdale Long Island that I moved to Florida.

Wow. Well, how’s Florida? How’s Florida training?

Oh, I don’t have to shovel snow.

Yeah, I mean, I’m in Salt Lake so it’s been snowing pretty heavy out here. It’s protecting me like an hour and a half to shovel my snow over here is kind of ridiculous. But that’s just how it goes until they make snowblowers you haven’t I haven’t quite splurged on one yet.

Shame on you. But I that’s what I did for living in New York. My last few years. I worked as a lawn mower mechanic for a while I was a truck. And I went back to lawnmowers. And I always sold snowblowers. And there you go.

I got a neighbor who actually takes picks up like snowblowers and all those things that like need to work and he fixes them, and he resells them. So yeah, he seems to do pretty well.

There’s money to be made.

It’s true. Okay, so I’m just writing up the agreement. I want to make sure I have the right information. So Matthew McCormick, you’re the one on title. I’m the only one okay. 20 512. West, no. West Main Street, Leesburg, Florida. All right.

That’s the property that you’re buying. Okay.

Purchase Price. 50,000. And, let’s, let’s hear. So I’m giving myself until Tuesday, for the due diligence period, because I again, I’m not trying I’m not here to tie you up, waste your time. So I have until the 24th. Okay, that’s right deposit. I’ll do $500 We don’t really even lose our earnest money deposit unless we go past our due diligence and, and back out. So I’m gonna let you know on Tuesday, it’s a done deal or not, let’s see closed date Feb on or before February 2.

That way the other bank has enough time to get their money. And the lawyer has enough time to say, Oh, well, we don’t have to proceed any further.

Exactly. All right. Well, I’m sending I’m sending this to you right now. Let me know. It should be in your email in the next let’s say 20 seconds because I just sent it let me know if you pull it up and can pull it up at the moment and we’ll read through it right now together. i And I’ll sign my part and you’ll sign yours if you’re ready to go All right. All right. Can you check your your

other real estate? Yeah. Okay, you got it.

Alright, so let’s go through this. I’m just gonna go over pretty quickly, just kind of a brief summary. I’m sure you’ve seen these before, I just want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident signing this before we move forward. So it just says the contracts today between you and my company, offer the product, the address 2512 purchase and sale of the property is that address purchase price 50,000. Like we chatted about due diligence deadline, Tuesday, the 24th of the month, preparations that talks about taxes, obviously, we’re going to get that all taken care of at title defects. That’s, you know, you’re letting us know if there’s any hazardous materials in the property. That’s why we do an inspection anyway. So there’s no problem, no judgments, of course, we’re going to handle that we’re going to talk to title about that and get that figured out. Possession at close we want possession of the property, inspection and contingency we already discussed this, we’re gonna go inspect the property. Risk of Loss, if we buy the property and something happens to be the time by the time we close it, we’d have to re renegotiate if it’s been destroyed, or something happened other than what we agreed on. Acceptance right now, deposit $500 closing date to 223. Honor before other agreements, this just talks about we’re buying the house and as is, we’re able to get an appraisal if we need to, we can work with partners on this deal. If we if we go past the due diligence period, you get our earnest money, if we back out, and you agree that you’re selling this property to us in this timeframe, you’re not going to sign with anyone else. 15 is Time is of the essence. That’s means we have the time allotted to us to purchase the property marketing, we when we buy properties before we close, we reach out to people let them know that we’re purchasing the property so we can be prepared to resell it quickly. Buyers disclosure, we have to tell you that we are looking to make a profit on this. So if you see that we flip it and make money or sell it, you’re not coming back to us and saying what I could have sold it for more. Right? That’s that’s what we had to do default.

The more I left I felt sorry, what? If you sell it for more I’ll if I kill?

All right, an 18 is a if this for some reason we have to go to court over this property. It’s it just describes the attorney fees, who pays for what 19 You acknowledge seller acknowledgement? You acknowledge that? You mean you have agreed on this? I didn’t make you do this. And 20 prohibition? And that’s pretty much it. So curious, how do you feel? Do you feel confident signing this right now? Looking back at 18? Yeah, let’s talk about 18. So basically, what this talks about is if you are to, you know, sue us for some reason, and we get upheld in court, we don’t want to pay for your attorney fees.

I think I can live with some of the contracts that they’ve sent to you, to me. Was so frickin it sure 16 pages.

Gee, yeah, forget that. Right? Well, I’ll sign my portion right now for as the buyer, so I’m signing mine. Just Do you are you able to work it on? Are you on your phone are you doing on a computer on the computer? Okay, all you have to do is click on where it says Signature for you.

But that’s not a signature that’s printed.

It works it gets the job done. Yeah. And then once you sign it, you shouldn’t be able to just say complete and then it will send you an email of the signed agreement on both of our ends.

You got here you see my signature

let me let me refresh my screen my email and make sure it’s a came through. Did you press Complete after you signed it? So it would say okay, you’ve signed

doesn’t say completed says finish?

Okay, yeah, there you press finish and then then it’ll be done. All right. Sounds good. I just got to my email, you should be getting an email as well. So let’s get let’s get to work. I will, you know, get get the ball rolling on this thing. And we will be in touch I know you have my you should have Daniels info, you just need to take down my number. I’m sure you have it on your caller ID but Sorry,

what this document is complete. Then it says down to get your own documents, you sign on handle your whatever thought everything you need for legally binding machines. Unlimited documents, news, by email,

You don’t need to press any you don’t need to do anything else. You signed it so that I have the agreement and you also can open up the copy. And what we’ll do right now is we’ll send this over to title and I’ll have title reach out to you when they when they need more information from you. Because we’re probably going to have to work pretty speedily with them to get everything taken care of right?

Yeah. The only thing Now, I will be available between one and two tomorrow afternoon. 10 help you will between 930 and 11 o’clock on Monday. Thank you for letting me know that doctor’s appointments.

Other than that you’re pretty available if I just call this number. Yep. All right, Matt. Matthew, it’s been Do you like Matthew or Matt? Matt? Okay, Matt. It’s been a pleasure. You know, we are going to work on the speedy is there. Is there anything else you’d like to let me know before I let you go?

No, I think we’re set for now.

Okay. All right. We’ll be in touch. Appreciate it. Oh, wait, one last thing. This is actually the last thing I got for you is to see the property. What is how do we how do we see it like it? Is it vacant? Like is the door open? We just have to go in or how does that work?

Give me a call me to left the door. Okay, meet him at the door.

Do you by chance have any pictures of the property in its current condition that you could email me so I could get like, I guess a better idea of what we’re looking at.

I felt you have illiterate I can’t even tech

don’t even worry about it. Then we’ll

never want to change.

How old are you? By the way? You don’t sound that all

69 You should know that. You should see that in my email. Matt five, three. I was born in 53.

I love it. I love it. I should have done the math. What was I thinking? All right.

Well, I guess you don’t have to guess you don’t have that many fingers in it. And toes.

Yeah, you’re dang right about that. All right, man. Well, you have a good one. We’ll be in touch. I appreciate you your time. See it? All right. All right. What do you think Brother?

Tweaking shock, man? Freaking beast. Yeah. Now, that’s why is the natural way. Like, that’s, I’ll be honest, I’ve seen a lot of things throughout the years. Like I’ve seen a lot of acquisitions, or a lot of people closing people. A lot of people are not, they’re not transparent, and they are natural. So what I can just notice right away is you’re very natural and very open to people. I’m very transparent, which just sets the expectations right away and makes things way easier.

I mean, it’s the key because like he, you can’t you can’t tell this guy. Yeah, I’m a buyer, I swear. And then like, you can’t find a buyer or it’s exact, it’s gonna be a waste of his time. It’s better to say, look, bro, this is what we’re gonna do. You gotta give me some time. I can I can get some people over there in four days. For sure. Go ahead.

I know. I’m just saying that I think some people are not transparent because they’re bullshitting themselves. They’re not bullshitting the other guys are just raising the expectation, because they like that feeling of hope they like that feeling of a might be a deal. Make sure to do not

Yes, of course, of course. And this is the thing, like if you are going to be good at anything, in my opinion, you got to be confident, right? And confidence, they can feel that they can feel that for the phone. So if I’m like not confident, like Oh, because I don’t I don’t have a buyer right now. I don’t, but I know how to find a buyer. So I can I can go do that. So I wasn’t going to sit there and just be like, Yeah, I’m good, bro. I can I’m good for it. Like, no, I can’t do that. That’s not right. So I’m going to say, look, we can do. And, you know, if it works, it works. If it doesn’t, you know, you got those other two options. And the way I do my

I don’t think I don’t think he does have those two options, I’m just thinking is formed them out there just for the sake of the 50,000.

And look, and I agree with you and what I’m going to, it’s okay, because we just need the contract and what I can do, if it’s not a deal, I can be options open and honest and say, hey, look, brother at 50k, it sounded good. We sent our partners through that we work with, and it doesn’t work, but we can get it done at processhe. And then it’s his decision.

And again, that’s why I wanted you to talk to him. Because I know that you’re gonna be a person that’s eventually going to like find the buyer. So ya know, the best like soup for every case, moving forward, tell you I’ll let my guys like the acquisition team that I have right now just warm people up or basically gather information and set an appointment on when they’re going to be available. And I can that’s just going to make things easier than the sheet and we’re, I know that you let me contact people on the sheet. But sometimes a lot of people don’t answer Yeah, because we’re talking to them on our time. So it’s gonna be way easier for just have a person setting up appointments, when do available. And if it is interested, or it does have that interested pub, I would send that over as

100%. Brother, if you can get me on the phone with people who are like that, and they don’t even have to be 100% motivated, because you notice that I’ve the whole time was trying to find out, hey, do you have other options in our career? Because I’m not trying to waste his time and he made the decision right at the end. It wasn’t me like okay, you got to take it or leave it was this is up to you. And that’s the best way.

Like three times. I’m not pushing you. You should I’m not promising you anything. So again, it’s like hey, no pressure to buy it. That’s what I expected on the call itself. Yeah, because he’s signed I’m telling you he doesn’t have

I think I figured she doesn’t have other options or or this is my another thought he just doesn’t want to run. He doesn’t want to take the time to call anybody That was my thought like, he’s not lazy, but in the sense of the just didn’t want to waste do anything

69 Man, like, that’s amazing. It sounds amazing book 69 which I sound like that’s ather cool man.

That was it. That’s my guy. So again, if you guys need cold calling acquisitions, anything like that Daniel is your go to guy, he trains killers and I’m gonna try and have him help him out, you know and train his guys because he helps me out. That’s what it’s all about guys. And when I was telling you about with the challenge that I’m doing the 30 days, you know, new new man and a new market with barely any money challenge. That’s what it’s all about, like Damian Daniel are working together on this so I’m gonna pay him off this deal. I didn’t spend any money on this leap. You know, we have a relationship. So it’s the same thing. You guys can all do this. You can network with people and work together and use your strengths. And it’s not about you know, blowing money on marketing. It’s about it’s all about relationships. Okay?


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