How to buy a preforeclosure house

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to buy a preforeclosure house. Check this video to know more!
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Nathan: We calling Anita to kind of give her an update. And hopefully she doesn’t flip out. And this is the seller by the way.

Anita: Nathan

Nathan: Anita, how are you?

Anita: I’m actually I’m not doing good today. But what’s going on?

Nathan: What’s up?

Anita: I’m suffering a real bad migraine.

Nathan: You want me to -I can call you tomorrow. I don’t want to –

Anita: No that’s okay. It is what it is. I suffer from migraines anyway, the ups and downs and weather and everything just doesn’t do my head any good so.

Nathan: Yeah. I hear you. Well I don’t want to take too much your time. So you know what I’ve been doing Anita. I basically been kind of reaching out to the top buyers in Utah trying to figure out what’s the best offer I can get you. And I’m not even really trying to make any like money. At this point. I’m just trying to help you get your house sold. Because I know the longer you wait the more the fees are costing you and everything. So I reached out to like my top 10 to 15 buyers in the beginning. And I was getting pretty low offers right, as you know. So I reached out to you know, a partner of mine that has a large cash buyers list. So they reached out and the best offer that they got was a cash offer. Well, a terms offer, I think it was like at 230 that are willing to pay 230,000 for the house, but they were only willing to give about $40,000 up front down like what we talked about, but out of the 40 they were willing to give you they wanted you to catch up the mortgage, which is 12, almost 13 and also pay the solar so that would not really leave you any money. So that was something that you weren’t really open to. So I’ve reached out around to people who just want to flip it and most of the people want to flip it are at like 170 Cash 180 195, like really, really low. So I mean, I’m just I feel really bad Anita because I’ve been trying to do my best to find someone to buy this, but most of the people that I have that want to buy it want to take over the payment and pay you out either in the future or give you a little money down, but not a lot.

Anita: Okay, well doesn’t sound like it’s gonna work.

Nathan: Yeah, I’ve really tried hard. It’s been tough. I think the house is just in a really bad shape. So I guess my question for you is, what are you going to do? I think you told me you’re just gonna let the bank take it, which I don’t want you that to happen. But what are you gonna do? If you don’t, you’re not, it’ll sell for what you want.

Anita: Basically, the house will go into foreclosure. I mean, it’s a pre foreclosure right now, because I haven’t gotten any right letter stating anything of that sort coming back from vacation. I went and got Philip smell, and there’s almost $3,000 in taxes due.

Nathan: Gosh

Anita: So it’s like, and I wasn’t even expecting that. So it’s like even more money going elsewhere.

Nathan: Gosh, if so it’s got a it’s got a $3,000 tax lien on it too. So you’d have to catch up the the grant the solar 12k behind and $3,000 in taxes.

Anita: Well, yeah, he has to come up with which we don’t have. I’m rounding off, but it’s a little under 3000. But yeah, that those are due November 30. We’re about a year or two out of paying our house off. So we’re living from paycheck to paycheck, trying to get our house sold off or paid off. But it’s we got that in the mail, I’m going well there’s more money that’s going to the city.

Nathan: Money robbers, they just want all their money. Ridiculous. Let me just tell you, I do have a buyer I do have someone wants to buy it, someone can catch up, right. So someone would have to come to the deal. So wouldn’t go into pre foreclosure. And it would help Philip avoid a foreclosure on his record, because we got to do whatever we can to not have let him have a foreclosure because if he does, then he’ll probably never be able to buy a home again, just because you’ll have that record. But we can save that we can buy it, catch it up, avoid the pre foreclosure and then take over the payments but giving you a certain amount of money down. It’s just not something we can do upfront because of the issues of the property, how much work it needs, but we can potentially give you guys something when we sell it I understand you saying let the bank take it. But there are lots of benefits to us just taking the property given you some money and then making the payments avoiding the foreclosure instead of bank. That’s like the worst option if you can have someone’s just willing to take it which I have a business partner, I just texted you his offer. I know this is laughable compared to what we had originally talked about. But he said that he can pay 199 for it $15,000 down out of the 15 He’s going to use whatever is required to catch it up. So if that’s 12 that’s 13 and he says he’ll give you the rest and mind you I’m not getting paid on this deal. I don’t want you get foreclosed on. It’s like seven years it’s very difficult to recoup that. So you would get the remainder that and yeah, so that’s kind of the option and we could get this done this week. Like kind of how we originally talked about, we could close on this, and this would be done. So this can be out of your hair.

Anita: And unfortunately, 199 is not going to cover all the stuff that I need to have covered. So he would still be in the same situation that he’s in not being able to pay off all his creditors.

Nathan: Yeah

Anita: I mean, if I can’t pay them all off, there’s really no reason to do any deal, as far as I’m concerned, because he’s still going to have that, and the creditors aren’t going to get paid anyway. So it’s still gonna go all into collection, even the 220 that you were going for, it doesn’t pay off. Although,

Nathan: Yeah, and that offers not even on the table they back down

Anita: The 220 doesn’t pay everybody. It was something that I would have considered, but and I mean it’s better than of course nothing. But the 199 to me is nothing,

Nathan: Even though you’re getting a couple grand up front?

Anita: I don’t want to do any type of balloon payment whatsoever. I don’t want to have to wait , 3, 4 or 5 years to get whatever, because in three or five years, the money’s not going to help. It’s not I need it now. Yeah, I mean, unfortunately, I need it. Now. He’s indebted just way above his head.

Nathan: I know. I’m basically offering you $3,000 to take over not have to worry about it and save your son from foreclosure and help his credit a little bit. But you’re saying you’d rather take zero than three?

Anita: I can’t take 3000 There’s no way.

Nathan: I know it’s a very sticky situation. So that’s the best that I was able to do. And 3K doesn’t even mean anything to you, from what you’re telling me versus, you know, letting it get foreclosed on and get zero. But it sounds like to me, that’s what you want you want, okay, if you’re gonna get a couple grand, you just want someone to just pay everything off instead of just take over the payments.

Anita: If someone wants to take over the payments, then I don’t have to cover those costs.

Nathan: Yeah

Anita: If you’ve got somebody who wants to take over the payments,

Nathan: Which I do I have someone that’s willing to take over, they’re just not able to give you as much down as you were originally looking for, which I get is frustrating. But this is what my dad used to tell me used to have me hold out two hands. And he said, What do you have in this hand? And when you have another one, you know, one hand, I’d have nothing. And then he’d say another hand, I’ll give you 10 bucks. So you’d say what do you have? Yeah, nothing that and I’d give you something this one. So I want to help you out is like look, the bank is going to be getting a lot of homes because of the way the market is shifting, they don’t need to get this that what I’m saying and I want to give you something in one hand and said nothing in the other. And I’m willing to do that and just take over this and help you avoid a lot of pain, not use specifically. But there’s a lot of pain that will happen that we can avoid by just taking over the payments.

Anita: If they’re taken over the payments, that would have to cover the debt on that house, the solar panels is like 400 bucks, give or take,

Nathan: If we take over the mortgage, we will catch up what it’s behind, you don’t have to pay that we’re going to take over the solar, you don’t have to worry about what it’s behind, you have to worry about any money paying any money, everything’s taken care of. Because that’s what we’re doing is we’re taking over what’s behind the mortgage, all that and making it current. But that is why it’s so difficult to give you money, like a lot of money. That’s why I said 3000 Because we’re already having to put all that money into getting everything current.

Anita: So basically $3,000, which is nothing, and I right now has nothing and that’s not going to do anything. So you’re telling me another the other 15 grant, we will not get for another three to five years

Nathan: The other 15,000 you’re saying?

Anita: Yes

Nathan: At the moment? Yes. Because right now I would have I would love to give you all that, you know that 15 up front, but that 15 that I have, I have to catch up what is behind, put that money into the property. So if you can give us some time, the goal would be you know, and I know that’s doesn’t help you at the moment, but it will give you some money right now. And in the future you have you know, potential payday. And maybe we could even do something like this, we could say like, Hey, you know, 15 and if we can sell it for more, we’ll give you a bonus, you know, in the future you’re looking at making without having to do any work, you know, 15-20 whatever it comes in at, but you’re not having to put any money in right now. It’s just you’re getting some because you have an asset.

Anita: No, I’m gonna have to say no to it. Nope. Sorry

Nathan: All right. All right. Well, that’s the offer. I understand. I tried my best and Anita and I hope you don’t think I’m a pushy guy

Anita: No. I appreciate your efforts and stuff. And just go ahead and email me a cancellation of the contract.

Nathan: I can do that for sure.

Anita: I’ll just be done with it.

Nathan: Well, I’ll definitely send you that cancellation. You know, I’m here I have your best interests in mind. I’m trying to help you get this done. I will go back to the buyer that I was working with and I’ll say You know what, she didn’t want you to take over the payments and she didn’t want three if he asks, okay, well, what what is the least amount she would need down for me to take over and take away this problem and get a close? Is there a number where it’s like, okay, look, if I got this, you know, knowing that three is where it makes sense for us. Is there a number close to that where you’d say okay, look, if I could get this now

Anita: No, because it doesn’t even have to 220 I’m no, I’m trying to get all his bills paid off and whatever.

Nathan: And it’s just not gonna happen unfortunately with the house.

Anita: So, it’s not going to happen anyway. But at least I would be able to try to do what I can to do whatever, when it does do a forge foreclosure sell, and it doesn’t sell for everything that it needs to sell for, then Philip still will owe that money to the bank. Like if it doesn’t sell for the 181 that we need everything to sell for. They will basically if you ever gets a job, they’ll garnish his paycheck

Nathan: Right? And in the situation where I told you where we take over the payments and give you three that he wouldn’t that wouldn’t be a scenario that wouldn’t happen.

Anita: Yeah, I know. But three does three doesn’t cover anything now. And 18 isn’t going to cover anything in three to five years because more than likely in three to five years. I can’t even tell the future. So

Nathan: Well, anyway, I did my best and Anita I gave it my best shot. Yeah, I wish I would appreciate it. I wish I was a bank though. I mean, I wish people just gave me out because I don’t want you to give them the house. I mean, that’s yeah,

Anita: I know, I don’t want to have to get to paint the house either. But it is what it is.

Nathan: So all right. All right. Well, I’ll send you that and just like I said, I’ll just throw that on the table and I’ll leave I’ll leave that offer out there. If you want it. You can have it and we can get we can get it done. All right, thanks. Bye. Bye. Oh my gosh did that took way longer than it should have but I honestly going through this painful process with you guys so you guys can see how to navigate this.


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