How to get seller leads in real estate

In this video, we’re going to show you how to get seller leads in real estate.
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Nathan: All right what’s going on everybody this is Nathan Payne. Today guys we are going to go live on how to find seller leads not only to find seller leads, but how to market to them. A lot of you might know how to do that, but you might not know how to market to them getting them on the phone, get them emailing you coming in. So guys, let’s freakin do it. Let’s go for it. I got one of my main buyers on the phone Andrew the man the myth the legend Andrew Gutierrez is that right? Last Name Gutierrez.

Andrew: Yeah

Nathan: Cool, man. Tell me Andrew, how did you start looking for leads? How did you get your leads that we’re talking about right now. And let’s jump into how you want to market to him.

Andrew: There’s a lot of different types of leads. But this, these specifically are just the Notice of Defaults. And so I just went on to the seller county recorder and just pulled a list directly from the source rather than a third party, which is kind of my preferred bet that I usually like to go to this source just so I know that the leads are I just have control, I guess.

Nathan: Yeah. So you went to the county to get the data? Did you send like a Steve to do it? Or did you go do it yourself?

Andrew: No, no, there’s just an online portal? Well, I just did the last year. So I just pulled up Notice of Defaults in the last year. And it gave me a list of maybe like 70 100 or something. And I was just going to mark it to those.

Nathan: So you said seven or 800? Is that what you said? And notice the defaults from the last year?

Andrew: Yep.

Nathan: Cool. Cool. Cool. All right, man. So let’s let’s talk about it. So you usually for your your marketing is usually just not what else do you do? knock in your sent mail –

Andrew: Direct mail and call

Nathan: Okay. So you already kind of let them know how to find leads. So obviously, I showed you batch leads, you can get leads from pulling batch but or you could go directly to the county and I think your subscription isn’t like 30 bucks a month or something?

Andrew: Yeah, it’s not very much.

Nathan: Okay. So it’s you can pull as many records as you want. Right.

Andrew: Okay, cool.

Nathan: Because I know in batch leads, and some of the other software’s like they give you for like 100 bucks a month, they let you pull up to 10,000 records. So sounds like the county’s a pretty good deal, too. I mean, 30 bucks. Okay, what marketing channels are you interested in? And let me kind of explain them to you and how you can do it. And then I can explain it, you know, obviously, for everybody who’s watching,

Andrew: Yeah, that knocking the direct mail and the calling, those are the ones that are self explanatory. So I don’t need help those that it’s more the digital side, like the software stuff, you know, like texting, voicemail drops, email, it’s those that are looking for maybe programs that allow you to text the masses, you know, because you don’t want to do I mean, obviously, I could do a one off text. But that’s not really my goal to spend all day sending a one off text, I’d rather set up a template and hit them all once.

Nathan: Yeah, bro, you definitely do not want to just sit there and text every single one of those one by one, right. So basically, what I showed you with batch leads is you can go and take that list and you just skip trace through batch, put it into your text blasts, or your text campaign in batch leads. But the thing is, you have to set it up batch leads, like you have to get it set up through Twilio, or some sort of account. So you can do it like and be compliant because you’re sending mass text, right? So you have to do it in a specific way. But um, yeah, so that’s step one, if you want to text you batch, you’re gonna have to get it set up the right way. And I can help you through that. And also batch when you sign up, they give you like your own specific like helper account holder that can walk you through stuff as well. So I would recommend texting, I think that’s probably the quickest way you’re going to get a hold of these people. You know, if you go knock, like usually during mail, it’s going to be slower, but text is probably the fastest thing you can do. Is there any other method that you’re interested in exploring for, you know, reaching out to leads?

Andrew: Yeah, same thing, email, and voicemail drop just those three.

Nathan: So email, from my experience, emails are difficult, because you know, if you send out too many emails at once they they bounce and they get thrown into spam. So I haven’t been very good at emailing leads, because you have to like do it pretty strategically. So I wouldn’t recommend like emailing them all at once. Maybe like a couple, but that again, that’s like the slow, slow approach, right?

Andrew: Yeah, that’s fine if you don’t have a source for that, but then I can find one on the email drip, because I know there are there out there where people do email campaigns, and know that there’s a way to do it.

Nathan: But yeah, constant contact is a good one that allows you to send out multiple emails, it’s just I’ve never really heard or know too many people that like consistently or like, you know, get deals through email marketing, but I do know, one method that people use is they’ll send out an email blast to the list, and then they’ll look at who opened the email. And then those will be the first people that they actually try and contact over the phone, like by just a specific call, because they know those people are alive and they open the email. So that might be a good strategy to at least lock in on who’s alive. who’s active, right?

Andrew: That makes sense. And then the voicemail drop. I’ve done that for my mortgage company. So I know that that’s that’s a good source. I just don’t know which outfit to go through.

Nathan: Yeah, so voicemail drops are okay. But the problem with voicemail drops is you’re going to send out a voicemail, like 90% of people don’t listen to the voicemail. So they automatically call the phone back. And then you just have to have Steve or someone sitting on the phone, just hey, this is Nathan I call you know, and they’re usually like, Hey, I missed a call from this number. Why are you calling me? And then you’re like, oh, yeah, I mean, we’ve been through that before.

Andrew: Yeah, I’ve done that.

Nathan: Is that something you’re cool with doing again?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. And you know, some of these aren’t going to be like, as effective as maybe knock or direct mail, you know, or like said texts or calling or something. But if you have a little something going out on a voicemail drop an email or a text campaign, it might just fill in the gaps.

Nathan: Yeah. And when you pulled that list from the county, did you pull it from specific areas that you want to buy in? Or do you just do everything?

Andrew: I did everything.

Nathan: Okay, but I’m assuming-

Andrew: You know, and so, the idea was, when you have a small list of like 700 you could just drop a text and email, voicemail drop, you know, mail campaigns, so it’s not a big deal.

Nathan: Are you interested in hiring like a cold caller, as well to maybe call through that whole list? Are you going to have would you do it? Would Steve do it? Since it’s not very-

Andrew: It’s not very big. I mean, if somebody wanted to call for me, I open to that. And I mean, I possibly would call but if I called, I would just call like, a week at a time, like this week, and then, you know, the following week, and then three weeks ago, can I wouldn’t go that far.

Nathan: If you hired a virtual assistant for like five bucks an hour, they probably can go through that list, maybe into an hour or two. And they could do it two times, you know, four or five times a week, it doesn’t really matter how much you need, and probably would cost you like 100 bucks to have them call like multiple times.

Andrew: Yeah, that’d be interesting. I worry about the language barrier. I don’t know if they all have them or if that’s all-

Nathan: Bro, I can get you VA’s that they sound better than me and you on the phone.

Andrew: I’m off about them. Because I think it’s a numbers game. I don’t think I think statistically, if you me, John, Chris, whoever called it’s going to be a percentage, or you know what I mean, in terms of conversion.

Nathan: Okay cool. So we already talked about how you got the leads, you got him from the county, you can get him from batch, I mean, you can get them pretty much for any lead source, but I use batch and then event you skip tracing. And once you skip trace them, you got to pick your marketing channel. Now the marketing channel that you usually do is door knocking your mail. But I think what I would do in your situation is I would throw in text and I would get a cold caller on it to blast through it. And that might cost you maybe like 300- 400 bucks to get that list like blasted and go through pretty much everybody in there.

Andrew: Yeah

Nathan: That’s my advice. What do you think? Do you think that’d be a smart move?

Andrew: I think that’d be great. If we did the voicemail, drop texting and call would be awesome. I’d be happy to take the voicemail drop callbacks, and it’s not gonna be a ton, you know?

Nathan: Yeah. So we’d have to get a different RVM service, because I don’t think batch does that. But there’s a ton of RVM services, you just got to be ready for those calls, where they’re like, Hey, why are you calling me? You know.

Andrew: Yeah.

Nathan: Well, I mean, that’s pretty much it, man. I mean, it sounds like if you’re ready to pull the trigger, that’s literally what you would do with that list. I mean, you basically want to be omnipresent with it. You want to hit it from all different angles. Maybe somebody want my answer a call, maybe they people hate answering the calls, and they like texts, if you want to get a hold these people, so just what you got to do?

Andrew: Yeah, I’d be up for that. Cool

Nathan: Awesome. That was pretty much a recap of how you would mark it to those leads. And I can show you in more in depth, maybe like a screenshot of how to do it. But what do you think and since I want to help you out, how should we proceed? Do you want to like talk to Cory about it? Do you want me to come in and show you how to do it? Like what do you want?

Andrew: Yeah, let’s have you come in.

Nathan: Alright, we’re going to do and we’re going to do the trade you’re gonna let me work in that office for free and then I’m gonna run these, these leads for you.

Andrew: Okay, let’s do it.

Nathan: Let’s do it. All right, man. Okay, do you have any other questions or anything for me?

Andrew: No, I’m good.

Nathan: I can swing by tomorrow. If that works.

Andrew: Just text me what time you’re thinking,

Nathan: Hey, if you just crushed it off of these deals, man, you’re gonna have to throw me a bone or something. Alright, I’ll talk to you later.

Nathan: Alright, guys, so that was a call with one of my top cash buyers. So he runs a mortgage company and he refinances people into lower rates. When the rates go too high. He goes in he wholesales any fix and flips. So he just he kind of goes through that flow. He’s like making a ton of money. When the mortgage the interest rates are low. When it goes up, it’s hard for him to refinance. So he gets into flipping and he called me the other day, he’s like Nate, you know, the technology side. I usually just go knock doors and send mailers helped me out. So I just got off a call with him. And I said, What leads do you want, he already went to the county, I don’t have to worry about that. And I’m just gonna set up his text campaign for him. I’m gonna get him a cold caller, I’m sure we will be able to figure something out. I’m just kind of hooking him up. I’m not like, Hey, pay me money for this. It’s mainly like, dude, you’ve bought some deals. You’ve helped me out. Let’s let me just set up your campaign for you.

Nathan: So Laurie, what’s up? I know you had some questions, or you said something about what area he was buying in.

Laurie: So when he was getting the default through the county record, I was just curious, like, how he pinpointed what areas he’s going to buy data and is there was no direct like intention that he had.

Nathan: Yeah, so because the list of notice of defaults for the last year has been so small in Utah, it’s only 100 People it makes sense to just hit the whole list instead of just Pull like 50 of them like because you want specifically Draper that city which is where he lives and that’s what he wants but I’m sure he’s going to go with whatever either to wholesale or to fix and flip

Laurie: Got it I was curious if there’s like a certain criteria that you look for like a certain percentage of population like larger population larger cities or if there was anything like directly that wasn’t being looked at as a reason to buy the data there

Nathan: I think when you are pulling like a list that’s not that big sometimes you let go some of those filters but let’s say this no deal was was like 10 20,000 He probably definitely would be like, hey, just give me Draper or give me like Salt Lake City but the way that Utah is like pretty much anything between like the north of Ogden or up north and Provo which is just like one stringing line, so everything is hot there. What I just did is it’s not rocket science, right? It’s just like, What do you want? Let me help you get it and then we can work something out. I’m not always rigid with like, okay, hey, you get a deal. What am I going to get are usually kind of just wait and see and then work my fee in or where there’s value right?

Laurie: Got it