How to successfully wholesale nationwide – Payneless wholesaling podcast with Shaun Young

How to successfully wholesale nationwide – Payneless wholesaling podcast with Shaun Young

In this video, we’re going to have a special guest, Shaun Young.
He’ll show us how to successfully wholesale nationwide in real estate.
Check this video to know more!

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Nathan: We are live right now with my man Shaun Young. I love it. I love it. How you doing, man?

Shaun: Hey, man, I’m doing awesome today. Thank you for having me as a guest on your show, brother.

Nathan: Dude, I mean, you let me be a guest on your show. Come on, man. Man. Your show was awesome. If you guys haven’t seen Shaun Young’s, Shaun, what’s your podcast called?

Shaun: It is called the nationwide real estate mastery podcast.

Nathan: Dang, man. That name was already taken. That’s a great name.

Shaun: Exactly. Right. I got super lucky.

Nathan: I love it. Cool, man. So first of all, I meant for the people that don’t know you. You know we met through Tom Kroll. Right. And you know, awesome guy. And, you know, before we kind of get into who you are, I just gotta again compliment you on that snowball. My thing is serious right there. The thing is-

Shaun: Hey, I appreciate it. I appreciate it. Man, you know, as podcasters do what we can brother.

Nathan : Yeah, man. I got the shirt like that.

Shaun: I like your shirt as well.

Nathan: You liked this? You know what man I meant. I had no idea what I was doing when I bought this. I hadn’t. Someone just says good Mike. And I said alright, let’s do it. Cool.

Shaun: Gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah, stay with me. Somebody told me get a mic and they told me get this one.

Nathan: Yeah, exactly. We were all strapped people tell us what to do. We get we get it done. So anyway, hey, for the people that don’t know who you are, man. Tell us a little bit about yourself. You know what you’ve been doing in the real estate industry?

Shaun: Sure, guys. My name again. I’m Sean Young. I’m from a military family. I was born in North Carolina lived in in Brooklyn, New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Japan, Arizona. I’ve lived all over the world guys. I’ve lived and visited multiple parts of the world. I joined the military after high school served our country it was in the Air Force. Yeah, no, no problem. No problem. My pleasure. After the military, I was in the music industry guys. I took a stab at being a music executive. So I ran a small record label for a little bit of time had some successful artists, you know, had a good run at that and into the world of being an executive a sales executive. So yeah, I was a sales executive guys for an international company based in Sweden. Great, great, sweet deal. Until it ended.

Nathan: Yeah, Lee, bro, you got it. Oh my gosh. So you get you’ve done a lot. Keep going.

Shaun: Yes. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Now, let me tell you about that. That last, where I left off where I stay where that company in Sweden ended. The reason why I say that it was a sweet deal is because I wasn’t. I was one of the top executives in the United States. I was a top 3% of the entire time I was with the company. I was a go getter, hustler grinder, all of that wrapped into one right I made it happen. And in the company, they decided to change the CEO in North America. So they replaced the CEO and that CEO replaced the entire sales force the entire project management team 750 People wiped out just like that in a day. Boom, almost gone, replaced, boom out of there. I said never again, man, like never again. Am I gonna allow myself to be in a predicament where I don’t control my own destiny. I’m gonna fail. It’s gonna be because I’m failing it and I’m still gonna figure it out. Somehow. Failure is not an option around here. So I said, You know what, I’m gonna figure this thing out. I heard that real estate is a good avenue. I hear that a lot of people are making money in real estate. So let me figure it out. And here I am guys.

Nathan: Wow, that is a journey man. That is a quite the dang journey right there. So basically that then them kind of can you for lack of better words, you you were like forget that. I ain’t gonna be put through that because you were you were top you were doing your thing. You were working hard. And then they that guy came in and basically didn’t even care

Shaun: Didn’t care man got got rid of us all, man. And, you know, let me tell you something, guys. That was super humbling. Because of this, it was a healthy six figure career position for me. You know, my family, my friends. My identity was tied to my role in that position, so to speak. So when it was snatched from under me, yeah, you lots of companies recruit. were recruiting me and I could have easily gotten another job, you know, very quickly. I’m positive of that. But there was just something about that feeling of being helpless. When I lost that job. And I just said, You know what, I can’t do I can I never can be in this predicament. Again. I can figure this out myself. I’ll feel my way forward. I’ll figure this thing out. And like I said, I heard that real estate was the good avenue to go down. So I spent the whole year fumbling guys, I went to one of those seminars that you hear about on you know, on TV on the radio, and come and visit us learn about real estate and then at the end, they heard you back to the back of the room and they say pull up some credit cards and pull up them debit cards, and yeah, I made a swipe guys. I didn’t know any better.

Nathan: Would you pay? What was it?

Shaun: 20,000 got in 20 Oh, they got out I mean they got me they got me brother and let me tell you how they got me my mindset was like this I knew that you had to invest in your in your in yourself right? But there’s there’s better ways to do it and and I knew that you know people say it takes money to make all these philosophies that yes kind of be there you know just being thrown at me and I didn’t really know much better so until I learned better that was the route that I took and I like I say I failed my way forward. I spent a whole year in that course I didn’t do any type of activity. I was like a professional student they gave me like access to this university of information.

Nathan: What was this? Was this rhinitis or what?

Shaun: No, it was a guy named named DT his first name was was it was Dean and Dean something or another brother I can’t remember his last name and and it’s not to throw him under the bus of course that programming they might have you know, crushed it, but you know, oh Shawn here like man, I joined in I was like, man, maybe I need to go back and get a get a job. I was questioning myself I have responsibilities. Of course no, I have you know, my money was running. I got a severance package but that money was was quickly running out. So I had to make things happen guys, and I had let me tell you what I did. I said I’m gonna I heard about this. This crazy guy named Tom Kroll. Right. And Nathan knows me well, as well. He’s now a good friend of ours. Yeah. And let me tell you something. I met Tom by chance in a in a in a Sean Terry event. Tom was not in our industry yet. Tom was sitting like four people over from me. And the only reason why I remembered it was Tom was because he stood up and told his story about how he got into the business how used to how he used to own a landscaping company and his whole story, so I remembered him so when he actually came out with wholesaling, Inc. I’m like, Oh, my God, I was sitting right next to this guy now. Wow. So that gave me the inspiration right there to say I can do this. I invested one more time got Tom as a coach, and guys, I hit the ground running my results weren’t typical. Should I say I did two deals simultaneously, I did a creative finance deal. And that deal yielded me seven to $72,000 over the over the timeframe that before I cashed out, it was a three year process three and a half year process, but it was a $72,000 deal. And then I had you know, wholesaling and within 30 days 11 deals on the contract,

Nathan: Right get out of here 30 days 11 deals

Shaun: 11 deals guys, this was back in 2016 I said I spent about 300 and something dollars I did exactly what Tom said I sent out mailers I had a mentality that if I can’t get a deal on a contract within the next two weeks something you know my family is kidnapped and I’m not getting them back. This was an analysis that Tom likes to use. Yeah, bro, that’s what he says. And you’re not getting them back unless you get a deal. How many excuses are you going to make at that point, you’re not going to make any you’re gonna go do what it takes and don’t make as many calls as it takes as many as it takes you’re gonna do what it takes because that is the mentality you have to have in our industry it’s highly competitive, but it not in a negative way. It’s only competitive because there’s a lot of go getters out here trying to make it so you got to make sure that your energy and that your go getter next is just as as high as the others that are out here.

Nathan: Man. I love that. I freaking love that man. That’s awesome. So you sent out some mailers crushed it I didn’t know that you knew Tom from that. That was long ago, man. That’s awesome. So Sean, Terry, all you guys you Oh, geez. Even even going for it?

Shaun: Yeah, man. We’ve been in this thing for it for a little bit of time, man. And like I said, it wasn’t an easy road guys. I was kind of a victim of my own early success. Because I was like, oh my god, I got you know, all these deals right up front. This has got to be super easy. So out of those 11 deals. I only not only but I closed seven. Hey, you take that exactly. I took it all day, guys. But let me tell you it was after those seven deals. It was about nine months before I got another deal. Because of my mentality. My mindset was like, Oh, this is easier. Like, this is way easier than I thought. So once I started getting my systems in place, I started you know, I reached back out to my mentors, which at the time I got, I got super lucky. I got Tom Kroll and Joe McCall for the price of one so to speak. I got super lucky. That’s exactly.

Nathan: Wow, man. So that is an amazing journey that you just let everyone know. And I guess for the people that are watching this that might be in that situation that you were in, what advice do you have for people that you work with in your program now or just in general, like when it’s getting hard

Shaun: Guys, when it gets when the going gets tough? You got to get tougher. And I don’t say that as a cliche or as you know, to brush off, you know what’s happening out here. And in today’s economy or or with our industry, you definitely have to be mindful of what’s going on. But regardless of what’s going on, you have to have that vision of where you want to go and the faith that you’re going to get there and you have to walk in that in that faith every day. And you have to take action daily all day long to get there. It’ll add up. It’s like laying down bricks, laying down a brick at a time to build your dream house. It doesn’t look like you anything at first, but if you stop it’s not gonna get you there and he soon will it keep on laying those bricks you will have a house soon.

Nathan: I love that man. So you’re saying to the people, the investors thrive nation people that are listening to the painless wholesaling podcasts, you can’t give up because you know, it’s like that house, you just said, you stopped building the brick, the house isn’t gonna get built. It’s just they’re just chilling, halfway done.

Shaun: Exactly. And someone else is gonna come along and see it and they’re gonna just pick up where you left off. It’s just like, you know, digging for gold man, you cannot give up. This is this is a marathon. This is not a get rich quick overnight. I don’t care how many gurus you see out there that say they got rich overnight, whatever they might have? I don’t know. I don’t know.

Nathan: But I might have got lucky. Right?

Shaun: Exactly. They might have gotten super lucky. And they you know, they were super good business people from the jump. And that is hats off to those folks. But for the majority of people out here, it’s gonna be challenging for you. And you’re gonna have to stay dedicated and consistent. Keep your why at the forefront of your mind at all times. Why are you doing this? That’s what I mean by your why.

Nathan: And I liked that a lot. I liked that a lot. And you know, I’m I’m thinking because you have your own program, right?

Shaun: Yep, I got it. I got a coaching program teach students all over the nation.

Nathan: So tell us a little bit about that. Like, how do you help people achieve their goals in that program?

Shaun: Sure. Great question, man. Well, being the fact that I was a student out here as well, guys, like I said, Before, I met Tom and the folks over at a coat at wholesaling, Inc at the time, you know, I was just fumbling through stuff, a host, you know, YouTube University, I was, you know, putting a lot of things together. And, you know, I realized that a lot of other people in the same position, and there’s what I like to call a runway for our industry, it’s, it’s about 90 to 100 120 days, what do I mean by that that runway is is the time that you get started, until the time that you get some sort of a good win. If that doesn’t happen, your plane is probably going to just stop your runway has ended and you hadn’t taken off, you’re getting off the plane, looking for your next thing to get involved with. So what I do for my students is I literally build your business for you upfront from day one, I build your business, I own and operate a virtual assistant company. So I assign you a virtual assistant, they’re going to go out there pull lists for you do skip tracing help you with market research, do cold calling, text blasting, returning calls, following up sending out offers, guys, they make it very easy for you to focus on, you know, closing those deals, getting the deal under contract, I walk you through, you know, through the finish line through the entire process. Because I want to see you win.

Nathan: Yeah, nobody wants to join a course where it’s just like, hey, here’s some info. You can get that for free. Right?

Shaun: Exactly, exactly.

Nathan: I love that. So let’s talk about your VA because that’s awesome. I think VAs have the greatest thing ever. What specific KPIs or numbers do your VAs when you give them to people? Do they need to hit daily? I’m curious

Shaun: Sure what well, there’s, well what we shoot for is this guy’s that based on the market change and we shouldn’t for this 2000 calls should lead should yield us a lead 50 to 75 leads should lead us should yield us a deal. So those are the basic metrics that we are the basic KPIs, which are key performance indicators that we send out there with our vas, even if you don’t come on as a coaching client, there’s folks out there that purchased our VA service that aren’t caught, you know, coaching students. And, you know, we try to give them those same parameters as well, just as a guideline, but folks have their own KPIs, but that those are my team’s KPI standards.

Nathan: So 50 to 75 leads that come through text blasts cold calling, whatever marketing channel, and you should be able to convert one of those is that is that what you’re saying?

Shaun: That’s the goal. And that’s exactly what we’re shooting for.

Nathan: I love that. And I think that’s important for people to know numbers, right? Because you can get stuck in this. And you can just be like, Man, this ain’t working. And then you say, Well, how many leads you have? Well, I got like, 10 Well, yeah, getting to deal with it. You know, I’m saying that’s how I was when I first started. I was like, I was like, Man, why don’t I do more deals was because I was barely getting any leads, literally any leads? And leads aren’t people who leads are people that want to sell? Is that how you kind of determined people that say, Yes, I want to sell or what are you determined, as leads?

Shaun: A great question. A lead is someone who might be able to determine who my one of my virtual assistants or my clients virtual assistants have determined is someone who wants to move forward and the VA has qualified and they’ve asked them a number of questions. And they’ve you know, basically said, Yep, I’m ready to move on to the next step, which is negotiating and that’s when we pass it over as a lead.

Nathan: See that I agree with you because a lot of times people would say yeah, I want to sell I’ll sell if you give me 100 bucks, like 900 bucks, a million dollars, million dollars, a million dollars. Yeah, 100 bucks. We all over that. But that’s not really a lead. That’s just someone that’s messing around, right. They’re just like, yeah, lead is someone who wants to sell and if you can get in front of 50 75 people that are open to it, whether they you know, they want to listen to anything if they want to sell you need to talk to that many people and 100% I agree with you. So I want to go back to the beginning of the podcast you said used to live all over the world. Do you have a favorite place that you’ve you lived as you’ve lived all over the country and all over the world?

Shaun: Sure, guys, Japan and I love Japan. It was a it was a beautiful experience. The culture there was amazing, very, very peaceful place. It was a huge contrast from where I just moved from, which was the Los Angeles, California area. So, going from Los Angeles to Japan, it was like night and day, and I was able to truly appreciate that. And man, I’ve never forgotten that place to this day.

Nathan: Wow. Okay, that’s amazing. I’ve always wanted to go Japan. Do you have a second favorite place?

Shaun: I would say my second favorite is, it’s got to be I’m living here right now. Atlanta, Georgia.

Nathan: Yes. Let’s go. What part of Atlanta

Shaun: I’m in Gwinnett. I’m in North North Atlanta, northeast Atlanta.

Nathan: Did I tell you I grew up in Atlanta?

Shaun: Yep. You did you shoot. It was part of Atlanta. You grew up in

Nathan: I grew up in Marietta. Roswell East Cobb. I grew up in that area over there. So not too far from north.

Shaun: Northwest side. I’m on the northeast side.

Nathan: That’s right. Yeah, man. I love Georgia. I love the Chattahoochee River. I just went through like a little bit of go into six flags with my wife. It was during COVID So there’s literally no one there. So we were riding on those roller coasters all day long road. No lie, your love. Love it. It was loving it. And at the end, I was like, Man, I can’t ride in a row because my head hurts, because I don’t know. Have you been out there?

Shaun: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Do you have to ride those roller coasters? It’s like, man, yeah. shaken. It’s fun. But-

Nathan: Yeah, you gotta you can only really take so much of a roller coaster. Which I didn’t really I didn’t think of as you grow up as a kid. You’re like, Oh, I could ride forever. It’s like Nah, not really, man. You can maybe go for a couple hours if there’s no line then your spin.

Shaun: Yeah, it’s so funny. You say that I took the family out there for spring break. Man is the same thing for us. Like we have the ability to to kind of just keep going and yeah, I was like, Oh no, I’m done after two like this when I was young. I was yeah, let’s go over and over and over. But yeah, I don’t know something’s happening to my brain nowadays.

Nathan: Hey, man, I agree with you, so let’s talk about this. Before we end how do people reach out to you about your program? How do they reach out to you if they like your style your stuff? What’s the best way to reach out to you

Shaun: Guys that the best way to reach out to me is to visit my website which is nationwide real estate And I’m sure you know, sure Nathan I’ll give you guys a link for that. And of course, I’d love to speak with you guys.

Nathan: Man. That is a sweet name too. On that website. What? I’m gonna type it out at the bottom nationwide real estate I only put that down so everybody can see this as they watch this bad boy look at this thing scroll on down nationwide real estate mastery nation.

Shaun: I like that.

Nathan: I love it. So that’s really cool, man. So what I usually like to do at the end of the podcast is just say hey, what golden nugget? What can you leave the people with? If you know they never hear from you again? Which obviously we want them to but I’m just saying if if you gotta leave one nug What is it for the people out there?

Shaun: Guys my biggest nugget is to just to get your mind right like right now before you move any further or before you you know try to get into any industry or anything understand right now that it’s going to be a challenge. So one of my one of my my kind of like people that I like to read about or research about is Bruce Lee right. He has this quote that says do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to deal with a difficult one. So I say that guys to say that you can do anything you want out there but prepare yourself for the challenge. rise to the occasion guys it’s pressure either like they say busts pipes or creates diamonds and we’re only creating diamonds around here.

Nathan: Wow, that’s some juice right there. That’s a good nugget, man. That’s like, that’s not even a nugget man. It’s like a goldmine right there. That’s a big pile. I love that. Well dude, Shaun, it’s been awesome chat with you. And I know we’re gonna be working together more as we continue. So I wish you the best of luck guys reach out to Sean he’s got some great program great bas. He’s definitely can help you guys out. So thanks again, Sean. And we’ll talk to you sir.

Shaun: Man, peace.

Nathan: Peace out. We’re out of here.


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