How to find recent real estate sales prices

In this video, we’re going to show you how to find recent real estate sales prices.

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Nathan: What is going on everybody? It is Nathan Payne and I got one of my members of the club the payments wholesaling club on here, Rita. Welcome Rita. And what we’re doing today rita is we’re going to show you how to use batch leads to determine if you have some good deals. I know we’ve been talking a little bit about you said you have you working with a seller right now that’s motivated wants to sell. So we’re going to look at this deal. See if it makes sense. And we’re gonna go from there. Let’s get right into it. Rita, let’s talk about that deal you have and let’s break it down using batch using all the service you know the information we have available to us. Let’s go for it. Alright, Rita. So let’s let’s talk about this deal. First of all, before I even talk about the property, like the condition everything I like to know the situation what’s going on with that? Why is the seller selling?

Rita: she’s just tired of land lording and she want to sell them and she asked for my help. And I told her I’ll help her

Nathan: Awesome. Did you market to her? Are you friends with her? Like how did you find this?

Rita: Yeah, yeah, we’re elementary school friends.

Nathan: Yeah, that is awesome. Well, is it just one property or is it two?

Rita: It’s two properties as they’re two duplexes in the Pensacola Florida area.

Nathan: And are you from that area too?

Rita: I am not , I’m in California. We were raised in California together but she moved, she now lives in Texas but she have two properties in Florida.

Nathan: Well, let’s let’s dive right into you don’t mind sharing if you want to text or message me or actually you can just tell me the address and we’ll look at it and you know kind of dissect and see

Rita: Okay, the first address is 1360 Langley Avenue.

Nathan: Let’s see this. 1360 Langley Avenue?

Rita: Yes.

Nathan: In Pensacola perfect. We got it. So do you have batch Rita?

Rita: I couldn’t. I don’t know. I don’t have it.

Nathan: That’s fine. I like to use batch just to get general information and then for copying. It’s good. But I also like to check Zillow, I like to use both. Okay, let’s search this one. Let’s see what we got. Alright, so here it is. And you’re saying it’s a duplex. Is that right? It’s active right now. So that means she has it on the market?

Rita: Yes.

Nathan: If you’re going to wholesale this, I’m assuming you’re trying to find a cash buyer for it. Is that right?

Rita: Yes.

Nathan: Okay. So if you’re going to wholesale this most cash buyers are going to look at this information. And they’re going to say, Hey, this is active. Why would I work with you, if I can just go directly to the listing. So you would have to be able to present this offer to someone that’s a cash buyer at a lower rate than what it’s listed for. And according to this, I think it’s listed at what did It say 350?

Rita: That one is 350 right now.

Nathan: Okay. So tell me, your friend must have told you Hey, like bottom line, I need to get this I haven’t listed for higher, what can you you know, did she tell you a price that she’d be willing to accept?

Rita: She wants 350

Nathan: Okay, so she’s asking you your friends saying, hey, help me find a cash buyer for this deal for 350. And you told her, I’ll try. Is that right?

Rita: I did.

Nathan: Okay, so you’re gonna have a difficult time trying to sell this, find a cash buyer for this deal, just because she’s not giving you a discount to give it to someone for them to be motivated enough to take it because if I go to my cash buyers list in Pensacola, and I say, Hey, guys, I want to sell you this house, it’s listed for 355 because you need to make some money, right? Or 350. They’re gonna say, look, we’ve done our work together, there’s really no value that you provide by bringing me this deal. Unless this is already really really discounted in such a good deal. But if it’s been listed on the market since October 6, and she still doesn’t have an offer. I’m assuming that she’s just she hasn’t got an offer she likes yet. Right.

Rita: All right, I don’t think she’s gotten any

Nathan: Yeah, so this won’t work. I’m just letting you know, like not trying to be rude to her. But yeah, she’s asking you to help her sell a home and she’s not giving you any benefit or any like ammo so you can go out there and get it done. They might as well just call the agent after you talk to them right? So this one I would call her and say hey look, I’d love to help you sell this but I’m not going to get any traction on this I’m not going to be able to get this done for you unless you can give me maybe your bottom line bottom dollar of what I need to get this done for and then I can probably find somebody but uh it’s just won’t really work if you don’t get like a little bit better deal than what it’s listed for. So I’m gonna look up here on batch we’re gonna see what duplexes had been selling. Let’s see, I’m gonna take away because you said this is a duplex Right?

Rita: Correct.

Nathan: Okay, so we’re gonna take away duplex multifamily dwelling. Okay, so these are some properties that are selling in the area. This one is currently listed at 275. Let’s see it’s a duplex too its what is this? About the same square foot? Is this the same one that she has? Let’s see. No, this can’t be it. This actually is it. This is hers. I think 275 This is hers, right? 81813 No, that’s not hers is 1360. So look, there’s another duplex for sale for 275. That’s about the same age, same square footage as hers for 275. So no wonder no one’s making any offers on it. There’s another one on the market similar to hers for 275. Right.

Rita: Right.

Nathan: So that’s not a good comp for her. Why is she listing it for so high? Did she tell you?

Rita: No. Well, only thing she said was there’s it’s moving ready. There’s no work that needs to be done unless the buyer wants to do extra work, but there’s nothing that needs to be done.

Nathan: Yeah. So you know, just like I said, looking at comparable right now. 275 is what I’m seeing on another duplex. And if you go down here to comps, let’s see what else we got. Yeah, so she’s got a listed for the higher than anything else that’s sold within the last year. Your game plan is to just call her and say, Hey, what’s the bottom dollar you need because 350 is not I can’t get it done for you. Okay?

Rita: Okay.

Nathan: All right. All right. Is there another one?

Rita: Yeah.

Nathan: Okay. What do you got there?

Rita: The other one is 101 Ellinor Port? E L L I N O R port.

Nathan: All right. All right, right. Is this and this is the same one. Same, same friend.

Rita: Yes.

Nathan: So this one is currently active as well, for 250. She’s got it listed right now. Right. Okay, so we can see some of the pictures on here. Right? Not bad. Not bad. Is this one is move-in ready as well?

Rita: Yeah, she wants to keep one unit empty for you know, potential buyers to be able to view it.

Nathan: Okay. Okay. So let’s take a look at what’s going on around here. So she’s got a list for 230. And there’s some ones that have sold recently for 220 multifamily ones. I’ve put duplex in here, too. Let’s put duplex. Let’s filter. Yeah. So again, I mean, look at all the things that have sold, and also what’s for sale. So there’s not a lot for sale. But you know, the ones that have sold around hers that are duplexes and multifamily. I mean, she’s way high on it, you know?

Rita: Hmm, okay Ill let her know.

Nathan: So this one is 230. And let’s see how it compares to hers. Okay, so let’s look at the comparable. So this is another duplex. It’s a three 115 100 square feet bigger lot size, same year. It’s listed for 230 Since September, so this one she is her competition. And I know it’s probably not as cute. Hers looks like a better but we can look at some of the pictures on it. Okay, not bad condition. Right. This is some of the competition she’s going against. Is this this type of property so multifamily? Yeah. So she’s 20k higher than the the property that’s right next to it. And the one right next to it has been on there since September. So it hasn’t sold either. So your friend is saying, Hey, can you help me sell this? And you’re basically looking for a cash buyer? And what do cash buyers want? Rita? What are they looking for?

Rita: You’re looking for a good deal.

Nathan: Looking for a good deal and her deal is not a good deal? Because not even anyone from the MLS is making, you know offers on it right? They don’t want it you said one doesn’t even have an offer. So whoever told her to put it that price? Maybe the agent just misguided her or maybe she doesn’t, she’s not distressed? So she’s just like, Well, I’ll see if I can sell it, you know what you could do? Maybe you could take over those properties and just say, hey, like, maybe I could just take over the payments for you. If she owes them free and clear. You can take it over like seller finance, and just, you know, maybe you could start using them as rentals. Have you thought about that? On terms, maybe you could say, hey, you know, you don’t want to rent these out, you’re tired, maybe I can take over for them, you know, I’ll buy them on a lease option, or I’ll buy them on seller finance from you, and then I’ll rent them out. And that way, you don’t have to worry about it. And I’ll take care of it. You know, maybe she won’t really require that much money down or any money down. You can take care of the payments for her if she has a mortgage. Does she have a mortgage on her? Does she own both of these?

Rita: I believe she does

Nathan: Okay, well, yeah, you could do subject to and take over her existing mortgage, make the payments and then rent it out. Because at the moment, she’s just not going to get the price she wants, according to batch. Okay. Well, I hope that was helpful.

Rita: That was very helpful. I appreciate it. I know you’re doing the whole batch training today. Right?

Nathan: That’s right. Yeah, I was gonna kind of go in deeper, a little bit more into the batch today for the viewers

Rita: On your website to get to the to the mind maps and things like that. More time getting there.

Nathan: So let me show you how to get there real quick. Might as well. So if you join the Club, which you did, you should have gotten an email that shows you the payneless wholesaling. Club, and it’s a course okay, and you just have to sign into it. Did you do that?

Rita: Oh, that’s all I need to do.

Nathan: Yeah, so you sign into Kajabi. So you get an email it says access the course as soon as you get access to the course one of the very first things Get is payneless wholesaling mindmap is right here at the very top. So you click on this and as soon as you click on this link, it will take you to the mind map that I give out for free. Anybody that wants the Mind Map, obviously, it breaks down how to do the whole process step by step with contracts, access to batch leads, links, for discounts, so Rita, you kind of see that you get inside the pain this wholesaling club course and it’s just right under painless wholesaling strategy outline in the map and you click on it. And as you go through this rita, all you have to do is go to the onboarding to know when we have our calls, the weekly call schedule, which today is one of the calls that we do the mind map and then there’s just some other resources that come along with the course.

Rita: Okay.

Nathan: Again, just check your email that we sent you right after you signed up and you will get an email it says access course you click it and you get inside this

Rita: And then I click on the payneless wholesaling club.

Nathan: Yeah, payneless wholesaling club and then it takes you to this this course and then it’s under painless wholesaling. mindmap and this is the link that gets you there.

Rita: I got it. Yep, I see it now. Okay. All right.

Nathan: Okay, thank you Rita. All right. So everyone that’s watching this I am going to by the way, this is the Mind Map breaks down how to do deals step by step on the painless wholesaling method. Like I said, this is this call is brought to you by batch leads and this I show you exactly how to use this. You also get discounts with Batchleads


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