How to call sellers live and make low ball offers

In this video, we’re going to show you guys how to call sellers live and make low ball offers. Check this video to know more.

We have the secret sauce, if you will, is the ability to eliminate about 80% of the dials that you’re gonna have to make when cold calling to people that will never like that are never gonna pick up the phone. Right? So this is bad data. And this is just numbers that ring and ring and ring bowl mailboxes just don’t pick it up, right? So about 80 to 80% of our time violent is going to go to stuff like that. Instead, what I do is I take a list of people we want to call in this case, today, we’re going to call some homeowners in Utah. So can you provide it over to me, Nate, I’ve already ran it through my process. And I have the ability to predict who’s likely to pick up and who’s not. So we’re just going to call the ones that we think have this high propensity to pick up the phone. And so instead of us having to make like 20 or 30 dials to get one person on the phone, we should expect a live conversation like every three to seven dials. So I think we’ve we’ve nailed it both times we’ve done this so far. We’ll even keep it up today. I love it, man. And you know, for me, I’ve told you, Ryan, I’ll take 1000 nose, and people just light me up and being really rude mean, if that’s the case, then just sit on that phone with no one answering. Just let me talk to somebody. That’s all I gotta say.

Here we go. Well, let’s see what you can do with these. You can see the screen right. I’m curious to see how this goes. And then obviously all Bill deliver. But all you need is dial into that number there. Yeah, so whenever you’re ready to call us, Casey, these notes, see what you need in here. Alright, let’s see for some time or don’t call back. Let’s see. Where’s the address is 570 West? Yeah, let’s give him a call. I’ll just talk to him references has solar panels. I mean, just from that note right there force any fiber? Don’t call back. That’s not a motivated seller. But let’s give him a call.

See what happens.


Hey, Nate, how you doing? My name is actually Nate as well. And I was calling you because we spoke to you like I think it was a couple of months ago about your property in Pleasant Grove about you wanting to sell it. Do you remember that? I don’t own that property anymore. How did you end up selling it? You bet. Man I was late. I’m late to the party, huh? Yep. All right. Well, congrats. Do you have any other properties you’re selling? By the way? I’m just an investor. I’m not I’m actually looking to buy another one. Oh, are you are you an investor yourself? You bet. Well, hey, man. Oh man, I buy in. I sell what are you looking for? Probably my next one will be early next year, and they’ll probably be a duplex. Okay. Do you like two three? Or something like that? I’m actually working on an eight Plex right now. Do you? Are you looking specifically for duplexes? Or does it does it matter? Do you how many units they want to duplex for now? I just need to round out some things. Okay. If you’re interested, I could like maybe if you want to text me like what you’re looking for, I meant what I do is I have a community of people that I work with that we like look for deals, and that’s why I’m calling you is because we’re trying to buy and look for deals. So I could literally do the same thing for you and try and find you what you want. If you’re interested. I’m good. I do all my own legwork just because I don’t like saving permission. Yeah, I think I’m good. Yeah, it’s worked out pretty well for me thus far. Awesome, man. Well, hey, best of luck. All right, I think so. Yeah, that guy. You know, obviously an investor probably wasn’t distressed probably sold on MLS not really worth it. Right. Oh, dang. Flavio, Flavio? You know Flavio is gonna He’s gonna give me the heat. Here we go.

Hello. Hey, Flavio. How you doing? Good. This is Nathan. We spoke. I think he spoke to me or one of my partners a couple months ago at your house in West Valley on Eagle heights. Are you still considering selling it? No. I rent it. I listed you know, you’re renting it out. I’m gonna sell it for now. Okay, do you? Do you happen to have any other properties that you’re selling at the moment are thinking about selling? No. Well, Flavio, I want to tell you, I want to tell you one thing before I let you go. I like your name. I really liked that name. Flavio.

Thank you. All right. You have a good one. All right. Yeah, but the Flavio is just a cool name though.

You know, you can’t be you can’t have the name Flavio. Unless you’re a gangster. He didn’t bring the heat. So that was good. No he did. For casual.

Besides us estimates are wrong because it says okay, let’s give it a shot. Dave. Dave? Yeah. Hey, Dave, how are you? Hey, Dave. Ah, my name is Nathan. We spoke I think you spoke with me or one of my business partners in the past about your house in Orem on 522. West. I’m just calling to see if you’re still thinking about selling it. Yeah. Okay. You still are. Awesome. Well, Dave, I know I might have called you out of the blue. Do you have a couple minutes to chat right now? Are you busy? Yeah, but awesome. Well, Dave, nice to meet you. In case we haven’t spoken before. So I just have a couple questions about the house. Is this your personal residence or is this like a rental for you?

It’s my daughter lives over there.

Oh, your daughter lives there. Okay, what’s got you interested in selling it? If your daughter is living over there,

they are moving so I’m planning to move to do you live with your daughter?

Is she just there bye. herself with her family. Yeah. When are they moving? A couple of months? Are you wanting to sell before they move out? Or right as they move out? Move out. Okay, right after the move out. So you’re talking about maybe selling it in two months? Yeah. I mean, I’d love to love to make you an offer. That’s the reason I’m calling I just got to get some information about the property is, is it in good shape? Or what? You know, are you going to have to fix it up a little bit?

Yeah. I fix up some stuff, pull it into the house?

Well, let me ask you this. Because I know you’ve probably been thinking about selling this before. Do you own a lot of properties? Like? Do you have a lot of rental properties like this? Or is this like you’re only one? Okay, do you kind of know what your what you want to do when you sell it? Do you want to list it with the real estate agent? Do you want to fix it up yourself? Before you sell it and list it? Do you want to sell to a cash buyer? You kind of know what you want to do? No. Okay, what do you mean by that? Like on for sale by owner? Okay, you because you probably don’t want to pay the Commission’s and the fees and all that stuff. Okay. Well, I mean, I’d love to love to make you an offer. I mean, I’m a cash buyer. So I usually look for good deals. I mean, you know how it is I tried to find deals where I can buy it, fix it up, sell and make some money? Would you be open to selling it to someone like me like a flipper? I’ll take a look at it and see. Okay, you know, before I dive into asking you about the condition of the house, do you kind of have an idea of what you want for the property? Like you have a asking price?

A house? appraised for 400? Something?

Okay. When did you get it appraised last year, like in June? Okay. So to appraise last year in June for about 400,000. Is that right? Yeah. Do you believe it’s still worth that? Or do you think it’s gone down in price? Since the markets changed in the interest rates have gone up?

I know the market has changed, but we still haven’t got down yet. Oh, wow.

Well, that’s, that’s good. That’s good news. Well, I mean, really, like, I’ll just shoot you straight. Again, I look for properties that I can buy and you know, invest a little bit of money and sell them for top dollar. I mean, I usually buy properties without doing a ton of research. I usually buy them in your area for like around 320 to 330. All cash. And then, you know, I can close in like seven days I close super quick. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Or not? Really?

I don’t know how to talk to my wife about that. Not sure yet.

So you are interested in something like that? Yeah. But I’ve talked to my wife about that. So it sounds like you and your wife, you know, you make all the decisions together. That sounds like it seems like what you do? That’s a good way to go. Right? So you don’t get so you don’t get in trouble.

Oh, no.

All right, well, hey, Dave, like, would there be a possibility that I could get some pictures of the condition of the house from your daughter that you could text me or email me so I can kind of see what I’m looking at and how much I’d have to invest in the property. If I fixed it up? Oh, good. Because it sounds like you want to sell and like a month or in a little bit out? If you were wanting to sell quicker. I could probably go meet you there. But I don’t want to like jump the gun here. Is it possible to sell before two months? Or is that you want to just keep that timeframe? Okay, just send me some pictures of the house. And maybe we can go meet up there. We live in Orem as well. I live in Sandy. So you’re not too far from it. We could meet up some time. And I could check out the house if I need to. Unless you send me pictures. And I don’t really need to let me ask you one more thing before I let you go. Is the house paid off? Dave? Or do you have a mortgage on it?

Still, there’s still a mortgage on this. I have like 85,000.

Okay, this could be an option. I do buy houses in a lot of different ways. I usually am able to pay more money if I’m able to buy your house from you on terms like on payments instead of having to pay it all out up front. If I could pay you more money in the long run. Would you be open to receiving payments for the house? Possibilities? Okay, sounds like you’re pretty open to anything as long as it makes sense. And your wife is on board. That’s what it sounds like. Yeah. Well, you tell me what would you like to do? Would you like me to do a little bit more research and call you back? Or would you like to meet up in person so you can get to know me and see if you feel comfortable working with me? Like how would you like to proceed?

do some more research. I want to hear the next two weeks. I’m going to go to Hawaii.

Oh, what part of why? who have never been there? I went to Maui with my wife and we went whale watching and it was beautiful. Are you gonna Are you gonna go whale watching? us over there. Should you have anything fun planned?

I have a couple of buddies of mine. They live over there. So scuba divers going to fishing and stuff.

Scuba diving is tough for me because I it’s hard for me to breathe that like breathe through that thing. I like I like Snorkeling. Snorkeling is fun. Alright, Dave, we’ll have appreciate it. You said two weeks you’ll be back. So pretty much. Maybe I can call you at the middle of December. Is that what you’re saying? Yeah. All right. Well, do you think you could ask your daughter for the pictures like today so she could send you some pics so I can see him?

Okay, I’ll call her. Gonna hold our heads so you can take some pictures. Send it to awesome. Are you gonna save your number?

I’ll text you my number. It’ll either be me or for my business partner Ryan will either text you and we’ll figure Hear it out. But, you know, we have many different ways to buy houses. So if a cash offer doesn’t work for you, like I said, we can do a terms offer where we make you payments, or we can list it either way we can help you out. And if you don’t want to work with us on any of those, then obviously, you know, you can just sell it by yourself, but I think maybe we can work something out if you’re open to it. All right. Hey, Dave, I appreciate your time. You have a good one, right.

Thanks for it, man. Yeah, that was hard to communicate with like the one word answers, but

he seemed like it might be a little foreign or something. He might be referring to a different country. I don’t know. That’s kind of what else vibe.

And what is your sense of of that? Obviously, you’ve done a lot of this stuff. So like, based on you know, how he’s responding what he said, What we learned, I mean, is that like a jet off?

Or I would say that’s warm. It’s not hot, because it’s really hard to gauge that guy. I mean, I lowball him, I made him an offer in the range where it would make sense if his house got appraised at 450. And it’s in decent condition. It seems I made an offer in the range. That would make sense. So this is the kind of situation where he talks to his wife, his wife’s like, now, why the heck would there’s like not a lot of motivation there, right? Like, his daughter is moving out, he can sell it himself. He’s probably fine. This isn’t only rental, so not a big burden on him. I don’t think this is a big, big issue for him. So I would say we have someone that’s open, but I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s like, Nah, I’m just gonna listen myself. That’s why you got to present options to people like this, in my opinion, where you’re like, Hey, these are all the ways I can buy your house or work with you. If you just give them a lowball offer and then pray that he accepts it. You’re probably not going to get this one. What’s up? Let’s go. So that’s exciting. Guys. I’m telling you hit me up. If you need any help join the Club. There’s six things going on. I’m building greatest community of wholesalers in the world. Peace out


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