How to talk to an agent and find deals using Privy

In this video, we’re going to show you how to talk to an agent and find deals using Privy. Normally, what we do in our business is we use the Payneless Wholesaling Strategy, or as it is also known, Reverse Wholesaling. Where you need to know what your buyers want and then find the deals for them, but sometimes you also need to do it the painful way, which is what we’re going to show you now. Check out this video to learn more.

What is up everybody, we got a lot going on for you. If you didn’t know there’s a challenge that previous doing and we are taking action just like the people in the challenge, we’re taking action, I have a deal that I need to dispo right now it’s under contract, Nathan’s got a deal he’s about to get actually, let me say what we’re going to do today. So we’re going to show you guys how to find buyers using privy, we’re gonna show you guys how to take action, I’m gonna call some agents, we’re not going to be talking theory, we’re gonna be showing you how it’s done. All right.

There are a lot of people asking questions like, Hey, is it possible to get your workflow checklist, this one that we give out to people on our program? Let’s see, I got another question. Someone says referring to the tool that you use to shop it out? Are you talking about my 360s? What they’re talking about the CRM, I can give you a link to that it’s 97 bucks a month super inexpensive, even get a free seven day free trial. So if you guys want to try that, I don’t think that’s a big problem. But about the checklist and a lot of these things that we use, like what like our offer calculator that tells you exactly what to offer. What else buyers lists, like this is all stuff that we’ve spent a ton of money on and time like building so we don’t just like give it out for free. I do give out a lot of things to people to help them out. We just don’t give those things out just for free people that are inside of our club, our network and our program. They do obviously we hook them up but yeah, just letting you guys know. But if you are interested in learning more if you just go to investor, which is our website, we actually do a masterclass. We’re actually holding a masterclass this Thursday, if you guys are interested, you don’t have to join. But we talk a lot more in depth about doing deals. So if you just go to investor, you can register for the free masterclass here, but yeah, that’s kind of how we talk a little bit more about what we do. But again, this call is mainly just show you guys how to get these deals across the finish line, especially in this challenge that we’re doing, right. We’re trying to get these deals across the finish line and make some money because that’s why we’re all in this we’re all using privy for just to to make that money, right. That’s what we’re trying to do deals and that’s Nathan’s doing it, I’m doing it, it’s exciting. It’s working, it feels good. So I like calling people I like people showing I like showing everyone that’s not scary. I think a lot of people are scared to make phone calls because they don’t know what to say. But how do you know what to say? Nate? You got to fail, right?

That’s right, man. Call

Alright, I’m gonna pull up an agent. Let’s get a Dan Carter. He’s calling for it. You got you got mastermind with Mike. He’s got it. All right. Let’s give him a call. So I’m just right here. We’re going to dial it up. Let’s see. I’m going to call I’m actually going to call the agent that found us the original buyer two years ago. Let’s let’s say let’s see. Hey, lady, let’s freakin get some go find me a buyer and if she doesn’t answer, I’ll try someone else. But let’s give it a shot. Her name is Antonietta. You know, she’s Mexican. So there you go. And six. But by the way, I’m not Mexican. I love Mexicans, but I’m not Mexican. I’m actually half white, half Chilean, which is kind of crazy.

Okay, Rob sometimes. Hello.

Hey, Antonietta, how you doing? Doing great. This? Do you remember me? Ah, no, I? Oh, okay. No worries. So my name is Nathan Payne. We’re, I’m the one that called you like on 2021. About the property in Del Rio on 500. West Street. Do you remember that? Yes. Yeah. So is this? Yeah, well, the prop, the property is finally able to be sold. And I’m sure I’m sure that Eric has talked to you the dispo, one of the guys that works with us. So I’m just calling to get the information on it. I think your buyer is no longer available or interested. I can’t remember what happened.

I don’t think she’s available because she’s not in town. So I don’t I can find another one.

Well, that’s what I wanted to call you about because I was looking at what the properties were worth in the area. And I’m not I’m not sure if values in Del Rio have gone up if it’s gone down. If it’s the same in the last two years went off. And then now it’s down again, like everywhere else right. Back to the same page back to the same page. I wish we would have been able to get this done when it went no, I wish that well. I would love for you to help me find a buyer let me ask you this would we have be looking for like a flipper that would want this or we would be looking for like a family that would want to live in it and live and fix it up themselves to make it easier and faster. Maybe a flipper. Okay, now, do you have do you have a lot of contacts with other flippers that are potentially looking for properties? Yes. Okay. All right. And what did we agree on last time we’re going to pay you to bring someone to the to buy the property $1,500 Okay, so that does that still work for you? Yes, that’s fine. Okay. And if we can’t find someone, I can negotiate with the seller because I can just say, hey, look, the house has been sitting there. We probably need it for less I can say we can maybe list it. I know they’re in a hurry. They just want to get it done. But if you can call some of your buyers I’d love that. We cuz I’d like to get this thing done today.

Okay, okay, well

let me make some phone calls.

Okay, when can I expect to hear back from you? That weekend? Perfect. Okay, so follow up with you on Monday. Yes. All right. And by the way, last question before I let you go, how is the market in Del Rio right now? Is it is it hot? Is it cold? I’m not sure. it’s cold.

Really? It’s not. It’s not that hot anymore. It was very hot, but it is not.

Yes. Like everywhere else. Well, yeah, the property just to let you know, we have the property at 60,000 right now under contract. So the most you can get us the better. And if you can get us a certain amount, like over I was really hoping for 75,000. But if you can get us over 75,000 I’ll actually pay you an extra $1,000. Okay, let me see what I can do. Okay. All right. I’ll talk to you. Thank you. Wow, oh, let’s go man. I’m gonna have to spank. I was gonna say I’m gonna have to spank my dispo guys rear end. He was like, Yeah, man. She doesn’t have anybody. What are you talking about? Bro? I just call this. Yeah, I got all the buyers. She’s like, I know everybody.

Man. That’s the power of products.

Yeah, there’s that’s the power of calling a real estate agent is I don’t live in Del Rio bro sheath that lady loves Del Rio she lives there. She knows she has those relationships. I could spend night I could spend the next 10 hours calling people trying to build those relationships that I don’t have, I don’t have 10 hours, I got stuff I got to do. And my time, I would say more value. I’m willing to pay her $1,500 out of 15,000 to get this done for me or pay a little bit more if she can incentivize her to bring me a better deal.

Yeah, dude, 100% Worth worth it every time especially like, Dude, it’s a market where you have no relationships, like, it’s hard to find the information. So it’s really hard to find the buyers. And the other big, big, big, big, big thing is even if we were to get in touch with those buyers and present it to him first, she already has relationships and rapport with them. So they’re going to trust her way more than they would us, you know, right off the bat. And so that’s why you know, I mean, sometimes it’s so powerful row, like being able to kind of leverage agents and their relationships did That’s awesome, man. Well, that was good.

That could have been probably gone any better. And guys, it’s not that I’m smoother. I know what I’m saying. I actually didn’t even start that conversation how it should have by saying, Hey, are you busy? You have time because She sounds like she was eating at a Mexican restaurant to be real. On the border. I bet they got some good Mexican food right here on the border Del Rio. Well, hey, that was good. For anybody that’s watching on the live that will watch. I want you to comment. Any questions? Anything that you have to say from that call? Guys. That’s all it takes. It just takes getting a deal. First, you should have the buyers and get the deal. This would save save a lot of time. But if you don’t if you’re doing it the painful way, get the deal. Call some agents ask them if they can bring you a deal. incentivize them be willing to pay him 1500 bucks, bro. That’s no problem, bro. I’ve got to pay my dispo guy more than that half the time. But does anyone else have any questions before we wrap up? We’re about to head out. Henry. We got to bring Henry back on here. Maybe he’s been sleeping. Henry. You still there, bro?

Yes, I’m still here. Yeah,

I should have brought you on here. What? What did you learn from that from today’s call brother.

The power of connection. So I saw you making a call to an agent that they were reo. And say willing to look for a buyer of your asking price. And then you will have to buy her extra 1500

That’s right, brother, an extra 1000 1000. But hey, let’s do it. Yep. Henry. I love I love that you take action. You’re an inspiration to everyone here. Henry just started a couple months ago, me and Henry are about to do a deal. We just he brought me a deal. I negotiated it. And right now we have an offer $40,000 fee that because Henry’s in our mentorship, we’re going to deal together I’m helping him through it taking taking them through the reins. So Henry, do you think we should accept that $40,000 Deal? Or should we should we wait and see if we can get more?

Yes. Let’s say it depends on you. If you if you hit me with 40k

I’m happy with my 40 Canon deal.

So the thing is that the 40k is being brought to us by some wholesalers that have an end buyer so they want 50% So that’s 20,000 that then mean Henry would split that but it is crazy, but I think I can get more I think I can find my own buyer that I can get the 40k instead of have the wholesalers bring me if this was a deal that I had to get rid of like tomorrow I’d be worried but the closing date is at the beginning of April because there’s Airbnb a couple

Yeah, that’s a really good Airbnb rental right there. So let me let me take blasting more cash buyer investor in Florida and then Tuesday what are they gonna offer us Yeah, cuz

I gave Henry the cash buyers list in Florida and Florida. So he’s he’s hitting those people up All it takes is action. Have a great weekend everybody who’s privy continuing the challenge. Hit us up if you need us and investment drive. We’re happy to be here and help you out.


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