How to Dispo a deal The Painful Way

In this video, we’re going to show you how to dispo a deal the painful way. Normally, what we do in our business is we use the Payneless Wholesaling Strategy, or as it is also known, Reverse Wholesaling. Where you need to know what your buyers want and then find the deals for them, but sometimes you also need to do it the painful way, which is what we’re going to show you now. Check out this video to learn more.

What is up everybody? It is Nathan Payne. And we got who we got here. Yo, what’s going on guys? It’s Nathan Valley not to get confused with Nathan Payne. That’s right. And we got our boy Henry. We love Henry. He’s on. He’s in the men’s ship. And we love bringing him on because he takes action. So, everyone, yeah. All right. All right, guys, we got a lot going on for you. If you didn’t know there’s a challenge that previous doing and we are taking action just like the people in the challenge. We’re taking action, I have a deal that I need to dispo right now it’s under contract, Nathan’s got to deal he’s about to get actually, let me say what we’re going to do today. So we’re going to show you guys how to find buyers using privy, we’re gonna show you guys how to take action. I’m going to call some agents, we’re not going to be talking theory, we’re going to be showing you how it’s done.

All right. Nathan, let’s start off. I think you actually have a deal, right? Yes. So this property is listed on the market. So the funny thing wasn’t even me that made the offer. It’s a guy that I connected with in my market. So it’s like, Hey, I’ve got buyers in this area, and he really likes to JV. He knows I’ve got great buyers. He knows I can I can help them with the Dispose side. So he made an offer on this property. And the agent was like, No, not a chance. No way. And then, you know, walked away. Well, like a week, week and a half goes by and he just hit me up. He’s like, hey, the agent was just like, Hey, is that offer still on the table? You know? So it happens all the time, guys all the time. I mean, this agent, it was like a hard. No, like, it wasn’t like a let me think about it. Dude, it was like, you know, don’t call me back with that number. He called us back. It happened.

It happened sometime sometimes, man. So this property. It’s in Jacksonville, Orlando, Florida is kind of my main my main market that I’m focusing on right now. Jacksonville is a little bit outside my area. So I’m kind of got to find some buyers in the Jacksonville area. It’s a property to where it’s a little bit difficult to come the price points a little bit hard. I from a few comps that I saw, I think I could sell buyers on at least the 350 to maybe like 380 ARV, but it all depends how we’re going to look at it. But the thing I got to take into consideration is that’s a bit of a you know, a lot of guys want to be buying houses below 300,000. They really like 300,000 ARV, or lower. And the reason being is, so they’re at that median price point. So it doesn’t mean we can’t sell this deal to an end buyer, it just means I’ve probably got to leave a little bit of extra meat on the bone for the end buyer. So that’s kind of where I’m at. I’m trying to find some buyers in Jacksonville, and get their feedback because I actually don’t even have it under contract yet. So they came back and was like, Hey, is that offers on the table, and we’re like, I’ll get back to you. Let me get back to you. I love it. So because we don’t want to go lock in something up if we can’t sell it. So I’m at the point where I’m like, Hey, let me let me connect with a few buyers and get some feedback and I’m gonna have them take a look at the address and whatnot and and go from there. I’m curious the people that are watching this live or that will watch it I want you to comment is that happened to you? Have you walked walked away from a deal? Because you’re like, Man, I think it’s a deal. But I don’t know, right? I wish I could ask somebody I wish I have people that would tell me what they’d pay. Right? Is that happened and you guys that are watching this all the time? So look, there’s two ways to do this business. You can do it the Payneless way where Nate just explain exactly. He saw the deal. He didn’t even have it under contract, he went to his buyer, his buyers check it out. Now if his buyer wants it, he’s gonna make an easy 5k. That’s the Payne

less way. That’s what we teach investors drive is Payneless, it’s easy.

That’s what privies used for previous mainly for, I would say, having buyers and just finding them deals and making a quick right now, there’s another way to do wholesaling, and it’s painful, okay, it’s the painful way. And that happens. Sometimes you sometimes get deals in areas that you’re not familiar with, and you’re like, I think this is a deal. I’m gonna have to find a buyer. Now, I’m not here to say hey, all we do is the Payneless way. Sometimes you we do it the painful way. It’s not that fun, but you still make money, right? People still make money from locking up a deal, verifying if it’s a deal and then finding a buyer. That’s what we do. I primarily want to do the payments way make it easy on me spend as less least amount of time as possible, and then I’ll go painful occasionally. But what I’m going to show you guys right now is a deal that I have and how to dispose it. This was when I was doing things the painful way this was in 2021 I locked up a deal at $60,000 in Del Rio, Texas. And this property didn’t have any buyers. I went and called some agents found one and I signed it to a buyer for $15,000 the agent brought me the buyer so I was willing to pay or 3k So I was gonna make $12,000 on this deal. It was gonna close quick. We’re good. This property had a huge problem with probate. So two years later, the property is now able to go and be sold. The sellers have reached out and said hey, are you still good? And I’d said yes. Let’s we just got to check with the partner we’re working with

The dude has gone AWOL. We don’t know what happened to the guy that we’re gonna assign it to the agent doesn’t know where they are. So I gotta go do things the painful way, right? But I want to make $12,000 I want to see if I can even make more this was two years ago, things have either probably gotten better in Del Rio, or worse. I don’t know, I can’t remember if things were hot there. But I’m going to show you how we’re going to dispo this deal using the strategy of the painful way, right, but hey, everybody’s got to do it. Sometimes this is more on the dispo process. And especially for people watching this challenge. If you don’t have privy, you need to get it because privy is legit. And if you use my code thrive, you actually get a discount on your first month. So check that out everybody. So here’s the step by step checklist to finding a cash buyer.

So first what you have to do is you have to get all the essential information and from you guys that are doing this challenge a lot of this information is given to you because these are on market this one is actually off market but privy obviously you can do deals off market so you want to grab all the essential information you want the address sellers name seller phone number access to lockbox, how are you going to get in the house you want the signed contract? Like I said, we already we already work with this person you want any property descriptions, pictures, all documents included in your CRM, we got everything we got pictures of this house, we got videos, we got the address, you have the sellers name, so bam, checkmark, it’s done. So you want to analyze the deal right now and verify asking price. So we want to verify if this is still a deal. Okay, I know I’m privy you can go on and check comparables, I do it a little bit different. It’s not saying that their strategy isn’t isn’t the way to go. I just like doing it through my calculator that I’m I made. So this thing is called the offer calculator. What it does is you just plug in all the numbers to see if you got a deal or not. Okay, and I’m gonna show you what I’m gonna do. So I got to analyze this thing. It was a deal two years ago, is it not? Is it a deal anymore? We’re about to find out. So we go to privy, there’s not much going on. And unfortunately, Premiere doesn’t have I don’t think they have access to the MLS data here. I don’t blame them. It’s Del Rio. Look at this thing. It’s on the border of Texas.

This is the problem when you go nationwide to you get a bunch of crap in the middle of nowhere, this thing is literally on the border of Mexico. But here’s some of the properties that are active. My goal would be to call some of these agents and ask them if they have they know any cash buyers in the area. But we’re not going to do that right now. We’re just going to check and see if our property like what it’s worth. So ours is a a two bedroom, one bath 1300 square feet, and it’s right in this area. So let’s see what we got going on here. This one is 189 Doesn’t say any bedrooms. Let’s take a look at this. So no, it says no bedrooms, just one bath. That’s obviously can’t be correct. But it’s 2299 square feet. The thing that is promising is my property is 60. I got it under contract for 60,000. You don’t see much for sale right now in this area for 60,000. Right, so that’s nice, but mine’s 1000 square feet. And this one was okay, this one is 1264 square feet. It looks pretty dang bad. But it’s going for 205. Okay, that’s good news for me. I feel like Oh, and if you guys want to look at the pictures that I have on my house, it ain’t that tight. It’s not the nicest house. It’s been abandoned for like two years. Yeah, this thing sucks, too. But like I said, we had an assigned to someone at 75,002 years ago. So I’m hopeful. But I can’t cross my fingers. And maybe this is the problem that everyone has when they go and do the painful way. You’re guessing. I’m guessing right now, but I’m just trying to use the data. And I wish I knew this area, but I don’t right. So I have to leverage other people, I have to leverage agents. So this is what I can find. I also I do like no matter how good privy or any of these softwares are, I love to use Zillow and privvy together just because I like to verify the information. So Zillow, I’m assuming just because of the access of the data, Zillow is a little bit gives me a little bit more data on what’s going on. So let’s, let’s check this out. 185, this house is going from 185 It’s a little bit bigger than mine. Super nice. I would say that’s it’s clean. But that doesn’t mean it’s it’s cool. So that’s not even as his comp, right? That’s not even a flip comp three, one, these are all over the place now.

So I’m gonna go in here, I’m just gonna say from the condition of my house, I probably got to put in like 20 or 30. It’s not very big. And as everybody can see here, no one’s really going out all out on some giant rehabs. They’re just going doing a little bit, right. None of these have been like flipped like crazy. This is not a flippers market. We’re actually trying to find a family that will buy this thing and maybe we should even list it. Maybe we should just do innovation and just say, Hey, we’re gonna list this for you. We’re gonna bring this to the open market, but that’s how I do it. So if I can get this thing, according to the math that I have on my offer calculator, if it’s a 12k rehab, that’s a 64,000 net profit that’s just to the flipper, if I gave it to them at 60k. Right, and they could sell it for 150. Let’s be a little bit more conservative.

Let’s say it really can go for like 120, right, someone’s still doing that that’s a 30% return without my fee, I go ahead, I say, look, I gotta throw my fee in here, I see usually on this calculator, I just throw my feet inside the repair costs and then back it out, they’re still making 22% on this property. So if someone wanted to buy this and live in it, like fix it up and sell it, there is a lot of potential because I haven’t 60k Now that I’ve analyzed this deal, and I see that it makes sense, I’m gonna call around and get some agents and say, Hey, do you have any families that want to live in this and fix it up, I think that’s kind of what we’re gonna be going for. If a family buys it, then we’re gonna have to do innovation, we’re gonna have to put it on the market, because they’re probably going to get a traditional loan unless someone has cash. But if I were to just go here to preview and just be like, where’s my flippers? Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a lot of flipping going on in Del Rio for this to give me that info.

So what do I have to do now that I don’t really I ran my numbers, I think I understand what it needs. What am I gonna do, I gotta call market expert. That’s what I gotta do. I gotta call someone say, hey, look, I got this property, you have anyone or am I way off. So after we analyze the deal, we kind of, we kind of believe it’s a deal. So we’ll go here, if it’s a JV deal, send the paperwork, this isn’t a JV deal, this is just a regular deal we have. So making a landing page for the property is the next thing that I do. And let me show you a quick one that I’ve made in the past, I have a CRM, it’s $97 a month super easy to use, you can actually make landing pages for your properties that you want to dispo, all you do here is you just put your company name, you put a picture, you put the details of the property, any information like property access, you’ll put a link to picture so people can go see the pictures, and you put a link so people can make an offer super easy. So what I’m going to have to do is on this property, I’m going to have to duplicate this template and do it again. So I’m just going to clone this, and I’m going to call this one the Del Rio house.

So I’m going to click on that move to the folder, we got dispo properties, real estate properties to dispo. So just I’ll show you quickly, we don’t have all this time to like make one of these. But all you do is you replace the picture. So we’re gonna go and get, we’ll try and find one that looks decent. So people, when we send this, they get a little interested, this one looks okay, so we’re gonna download that, we’re just gonna go put this in here, we’re going to replace the picture, we’re going to upload the picture, here it is. And then there and this is something you can have a VA do, we’re just going to take the address here. And I know this might be boring for a lot of you. But this is just this is just a part of the game, you make a landing page and you send it out to people, and you get them to make offers on your property. It’s pretty simple.

One thing I want to touch on real quick was, I believe Daniel in the chat asked, he was saying he was like, so I should get buyers first. Yes, 100%.

Guys, don’t really, unless you want to do this. Like that takes a lot longer, right?

Yeah, so is a perfect example, you know, and this is the difference from what we were talking about at the beginning of this call compared to what we’re doing right now. So this is an old property done the painful way. And you stuck here when a man like I don’t know what if like, I’ve got to try to find somebody, I don’t even know if it’s a deal. And then the Payneless way is what we were talking about this morning, me shooting attacks to the guy that I know it’s good fit for. And I’m like, Hey, man, can you do it? Cool, this is what I’m gonna get paid. And you’re gonna put the money down and do this, this and this, like, let me know, right? And it takes about 10 minutes worth of work because I found the buyers first guys always start with the end in mind, we talked about that for everything, you know, business goals talked about for everything except for wholesaling. For some reason, we don’t make money unless a flipper or an investor that end buyer unless they buy the property from us. So that person is our ideal client. So we got to know what do they want, right? Because it’s supply and demand, we’ve got to supply them with the thing that they’re demanding thing that they want. And guys, when you’re able to start with that end in mind, and start with those relationships with the buyers, I mean, when you’re making offers that certainty that you can have when you’re talking to a seller, when you’re talking to an agent, that conviction that you have when you’re making that offer. I mean, that’s when you really start to see from an acquisition standpoint, like whoa, like I’m getting deals all the time. Now. I’m like, I’m way better on the phone, because you’re never wondering, whatever. Like I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to sell this like all that’s taken out of the way because you started with the end in mind you started with the buyers preview for me is my favorite way to find them.

Oh, it’s such such true thing. I love it too, because it is easier. What I’m doing right now is very painful. It’s taking a lot of my time to I’m going to have to go find somebody right and that’s how people that I gotta go find somebody it happens, right, it happens. And I don’t mind finding somebody but I’d rather much rather do it the other way.


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