How To Improve Sales In Real Estate Business

Have your sales been dropping recently? I have some tips that can help you bring that back up! Watch this video to learn exactly how to improve sales in real estate business!

Welcome back to the channels Nathan Payne. Thanks for tuning in. And today we’re gonna be talking about how to improve sales in real estate business, check it out, because I can’t wait to tell you what I got for you

you’re going to want to watch this video because if you have a business and you want to make more money, what I’m going to tell you is going to help you 10x your sales and how much money you’re making. Just from a couple tips that I’m going to share with you stay tuned, you’re also going to learn why sales are necessary in real estate how doing one daily activity can change everything in your business, how changing and to the consultant instead of the salesman or the sales rep can help you multiply and 10x your business and why accountability is necessary for you to succeed in your business. Whether you have a wholesaling business, rental business, a fix and flip business, whatever it has to do in the real estate industry. Improving on your sales is literally the lifeblood of your business flourishing and being better. If you don’t aren’t good at the sales process. It doesn’t matter how what exit strategy you’re using to take over these properties, whether you’re flipping them, wholesaling them, keeping them it doesn’t matter. If you’re not good at talking to sellers and generating deals generating leads, then you’re gonna struggle.

And that’s why being really good at this sales process. And sales in general for your business is so important. If you get a bunch of leads that you pay for, let’s just say you start marketing, you start sending out mailers, you start sending out text messages, cold calling RVM. Pay Per Click, you get a bunch of leads coming in of seller saying I want to sell my house, but you don’t know how to work with them. You don’t know the sales process, you don’t know how to make offers. You just screw up all the deals and you make low offers and you don’t know how to kind of negotiate or tell talk with them, you’re going to waste a lot of money. And I know, I know. Because when I first started, I went out and spent a ton of money on marketing because that’s what I thought you needed to do. I thought you needed to find motivated seller leads and once you did, everything was fine. That’s not the case. When I first started, I spent $10,000 on mailers, I pulled a list mailed it out in Salt Lake City, Utah had about 30 People call me from spending $10,000 on mailers, and I blew it, I didn’t get a single deal. And that can be super stressful, that can be discouraging when you’re brand new. And it’s because my sales process was weak, I didn’t know what I was doing. And if you’re going to run a business, you can’t afford to pay for that marketing. You can’t afford to give it to sales reps that stink and they’re gonna blow all the deals and blow your money, you’re gonna be out of business in seconds.

So again, improving and mastering the sales process in your business is key. So what we’re talking about today is business, your business succeeding in sales, not just you, because if you’re by yourself, then yes, you need to be good. But if you’re gonna have a business, your business needs to be the best at it. What’s the one daily activity that’s really the game changer with all the things you can do in real estate? There’s so many different activities you can do like what’s the one thing Alright, so let’s kind of list the things you can do the KPIs, the key performance indicators that are necessary to get a deal. And let’s define it, let’s just track one thing that’s going to make the big difference. Calling you can call people. But is that really going to make the difference? Well, it doesn’t really matter if you call 1000 people and one person answers. So calling isn’t isn’t really the one thing that’s going to change the game. Is it conversations how many conversations you have? Well, that’s that’s super important. Is it how many buyers you talk to that you can sell your deals to? Is that how many deals you analyze? Let’s say you analyze 1000 deals, does that going to help you get more deals? Well, I mean, if you don’t talk to someone and make an offer, it doesn’t matter. So what’s the one thing that’s gonna get you change, like making money, right, getting this your business to the next level. And this thing is called offers, okay? It’s making an offer.

If you never make an offer to a seller, if you call them all the time and you have good conversations, that’s not getting you closer to getting a deal done. If you analyze their deals, if you have buyers, that’s not getting you anywhere, the offer is what’s going to get you paid, it’s going to move the transaction forward. So here is the one thing you need to do daily, that’s going to change the game, you need to make at least five offers a day, okay? If you can’t make five offers a day, make three if you can do three, make one you just gotta at least make one a day. And that will help you get closer. That’s how real estate is. If you want to buy something, you got to make someone an offer. And that’s how it is in anything. If you want to buy anything you got to make an offer to someone.

That’s why when you talk to sellers, they always say what’s your offer, just give me your offer. That’s all they want from you. That’s that’s the juice. So if your business is able to produce one offer in your whole business a day your business stinks, it’s not going anywhere. That’s why open door offer pad all these ibuyers What were they the best at before they tanked because the market shifted. They were the best at making offers that’s all they did every day they’d send you they don’t know if anybody that’s Washington has ever gotten an open door offer but you open it up it’s a letter just gives you an offer on your house. Same with you know Redfin all these other ones offer pad they they make you offers if If you’re not making enough offers in your business, you’re not really gonna go anywhere. So that is the one activity out of everything that you feel like is important. That’s the most important thing to do make offers to sellers.

So one of the things that helped my company, explode and get way better at sales is changing our mentality of how we talk to sellers, like I told you in the past, I used to be in door to door sales. And I used to just try and convince people on why my benefits of my product or my service was was best for them. Since coming in this industry. In real estate, I’ve learned that that does not work, you can’t just sit in front of someone and convince them to sell your house to you at a discount. This just doesn’t work. So what has changed for me and in my business, and what will change for you and your business is the sales team. turns from being trying to convince people to trying to consult people trying to figure out what their problem is, what’s going on, and how you can help them what options they’ve explored. If you’re able to do that with sellers, it’s going to be a game changer. Another thing that’s going to really help your business explode and 10x the amount of deals you do and the amount of money you make is holding your team accountable. If there’s no accountability in place, then your sales reps are going to go from making 10 calls a day to making one if you don’t hold them accountable, because if you’re paying them, let’s say you’re paying them a salary, and you’re paying them despite their their output or what they bring in, they’re eventually just going to slack off. Okay, so holding people accountable is huge.

So something that helped me a ton in my business was holding daily accountability meetings are we call them daily huddles. I mean, you can call them whatever you want. But basically what you do is in the morning, before the day starts is you roleplay, you catch up and you review the previous day’s numbers, you read the KPIs. So what it would look like is if the KPIs or the first amount of conversations is 20 conversations a day and 50 calls, for example, it’s higher than that. But if you go and sit down with your sales rep in the daily huddle, and you say, hey, Shawn, it looks like you made one call yesterday, and it looks like you may have had zero conversations, what the heck happened, then, you know, then you hear their excuses, or whatever. I mean, there’s really no excuse if your your job is to make, you know, a certain amount of calls and conversations, but you can you know, everyone has them. Everyone has excuses. But you would have that accountability. Now, let’s say Shawn, for example, never made, you know, stayed at that that number of calls and conversations, but you never checked in, you didn’t check in daily, maybe you check in every month, then you’re not going to be able to fix that problem.

And that’s why accountability is so important for the sales in your business. Because if you don’t hold your people accountable, they’re going to slack off, that’s just what’s going to happen. Okay, that just happens for everything. Accountability, measuring is the key to succeed and to improve. If it’s not measured, it can’t be improved. Before I move on to the next points of the video, I want to ask you favor, can you please like, subscribe and hit the bell icon, it would really help me out to get the algorithm going. So we can get this content in front of more people. And, you know, again, it would help me out, I appreciate it. So please do that. Take some time to do that. And let’s jump right back in. So a way to 10x your business and make way more money in sales is to teach your sales reps, the different extra strategies that exist in real estate. Now, if you only have one tool in your tool belt, you’re not gonna be able to fix law, if you only have one arrow in your quiver, you’re only you’re not gonna be able to kill as much or hit as much targets. It’s the same thing with real estate. If all you know how to do is wholesale and make low offers, you’re not going to get a lot of deals. And that’s why training your team how to do all the extra strategies, all the ways that they can make money off of a property is going to help you improve your sales.

So let me give you some examples. So let’s say a seller wants to sell their house, their house is worth 200,000. They owe 170. They’ll there’s like a $30,000 difference. And you need for this house to be a house you can wholesale you needed at 120, for example. So you say Mr. Seller, I know you want 200,000. But your house is really if you listed it on the market really be worth like 170. And if you listed at that price, you’re not even getting 170 because you have to pay all commissions and fees. And I need to be at 120. He says, Look, the seller says hey, I owe 170 I have to sell for there, I’m gonna lose money. So you’re you as a wholesaler, if that’s the only way you know how to make money, you’re gonna lose out on that deal. But if you train your sales team how to work with deals like that, then they can make money on that.

So what you would do the seller, you just say, hey, look, I know, I know that you’re in a rough situation, what I can do for you is I can take over the payments of the property, we can work out a seller, a creative finance deal where I can take over your payments, maybe I can give you a little bit money up front, maybe I can give you some money in the future. But I’m going to have to pay this house off over time we’ll get you out of it, you will have to make the payments you have to worry about anything I got it covered. So that’s called creative financing. And if your sales team doesn’t know how to do that, then they’re they’re going to miss out on tons of deals. So you need to learn how to be able to do creative financing and teach your team that especially with the way the markets going there’s gonna be a lot of properties that are either underwater or that aren’t worth as much as people bought them for over the last two years. Okay, so creative financing wholesaling is it too All you need to learn how to be able to do fix and flips fixing flips are pretty simple. Instead of wholesaling, you just buy it and you flip it yourself, you need to be able to do Novation. So if you don’t know innovations are, you’re basically agreeing to list the sellers house for them with a power of attorney or an attorney, in fact, so there’s so many different extra strategies to work with. So if you don’t know how to do those things, your sales team is going to lose out on a lot of money. So if we’re talking about in this video, how to improve your sales and improve the sales in your business, teach your team how to do all the extra strategies, I have a great and free gift for you guys.

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