How to get organized for wholesaling real estate acquisitions

In this video, we’re going to show you how to get organized for wholesaling real estate acquisitions. This might help you scale and organize your business if you’re not yet doing these things. Check out this video to learn more.

What’s going on everybody, it’s real estate, Nate, I got some really cool for you, I think this is actually something that will really benefit everybody that probably struggles to be organized in the business and know what tools to use, I’m just gonna dive right into it, you know, because that honestly is a lot to cover guys, but it’s going to be really good. Again, guys, what I’m making this video for is I would like to be really organized and it’s kind of hard to be organized. You know, with all the software’s and the tools that you need to master acquisitions and get deals. So guys, don’t get me wrong, you don’t need all these different software’s and services to get deals continuously. You can have a spreadsheet or a pad of paper and a phone and just call sellers and negotiate deals but the way that I do it I work all virtually from my my computer and I do go see you know, I do go see sellers if they’re my market if I get a lead from the area, but I do everything pretty much over over the phone over my computer. So guys, for you that might do a lot of stuff from your laptop, you might not know the best way to do it. Now again, by the way, guys, this call is sponsored by batch leads. That’s a main reason why I’m doing this is today I want to show you guys why batch leads is so important in order to help you scale your business and get deals consistently. I also want to show you guys how important is to be organized. Okay. So once again, with all the software’s and services out there that you can use to run this acquisitions business, it’s kind of hard exactly to know like the best way to get organized. So I’m going to show you guys exactly how to set up and get organized with your computer. And using Google Chrome if you guys don’t use that extension, or that browser, you definitely need to use it

every time I log in to my computer, like I have to open up a new tab and I have to open up all these tabs and open up all my software that I work with it’s really frustrating it’s really annoying Google just came out with this new thing called Add tab to new group and it allows you to organize your you know all the tabs that you need in one swoop so you don’t have to do it every single time like I’m used to doing so I’m going to show you guys exactly how to do it and the software’s and all the things you should have to do acquisitions consistently and be on top of everything so guys I don’t know if you guys do but I have multiple emails I have an email for investor Thrive my coaching business I have one for offer on homes which is our our business where we make offers to sellers and I have one just for my personal right so they all get mashed together and it’s really like annoying having to you know have everything on one browser. So what I did guys is and I’ll show you guys exactly how to do it all you have to do is go to add a add a tab right here and I’ve already done one for investors to buy but sorry for offering homes my my acquisitions my wholesaling business, but I’ll show you so if you go to add, you can sign into your user your email and add a new browser.

But I’ve already done it, I’m just showing you guys how to do it, what you do, you basically add a browser depending on your what email you want to use, and you guys can follow along with me or watch this later. But basically, this is my browser I’m going to only use for my business. Okay, for for wholesaling. So let’s, let’s make this. So I have this sheet for my students that I work with, I’m just going to show you this is these are all the essential software’s or sites that I think someone needs to scale or I guess be effective at being in doing acquisitions. And I’m just going to go through them with you guys. And I’m going to show you exactly how to save this as a tab. So every time that you exit out, or you restart your computer, you don’t have to go one by one type in everything that you need. Because again, that’s so frustrating. So the first thing you guys need to do if you’re going to be good at acquisitions, and if you want to be comping and looking at deals and analyzing deals is you need a way to look comp deals and look for for data. So again, this call is sponsored by batch leads, we use batch leads to not only to tax to market to pull lists, but we use it to analyze data. So the first thing I’m going to do guys is I’m going to pull up batch leads, and I’m going to mark it in a group tab.

So I don’t have to ever do this again. Okay, so I’m logged in. Again, guys, if you’ve never looked at batch leads, you should get it i There’s a seven day free trial on why you wouldn’t try it. But we look for properties. If I’m looking at, you know, looking for properties that I want to buy in Salt Lake City, all I have to do is type in the area of properties that I’m interested in. And then you can filter specific, you know, pre foreclosures type beds, bathrooms, MLS data vacant, and then properties that are vacant. There’s quick filters here too, which is pretty cool. So that’s why we use batch leads. And if you have a property you can also run comps on it. For example, like let’s say I’m looking at this one, and I want to know what I can offer to sellers. I can run comparables on it and it just does it for me right here. So that’s just a brief overview guys of that but first thing I’m going to do guys is I’m going to the dashboard part. Let’s go here I’m going to add two new group. Okay. So as I add to the new group, I’m going to call this offer on homes acquisition tab, I want to save this group and I’m going to mark it green. And that is going to be my group tab that I’ll never have to do this again. Okay, so batch leads is in there. What else do I need to have? Well, again, guys, if you don’t have batch leads, you can use other comping tools that are free. Like we use batch leads in non disclosure areas. If we want to check out more data, we use Zillow. So I’m going to bookmark Zillow as well, I’m going to add it to offer home acquisition tab, and I’m going to bookmark it, okay, under essential acquisition says, Remember guys, this, the reason why I’m doing this is mainly because you need if you’re going to be like trying to get deals every month, consistently, or just even part time, if you’re doing this part time, you need a way to analyze the data and find out you know, the seller says he wants, you know, half a million for this house, can you pay half a million? Is that a good deal? Can you wholesale that? Well, according to this, if it’s at Zillow price, I mean, you probably you’re gonna need less than that. But that’s just an example.

So batch leads, again, link in the description, legit. They I mean, we use them all the time for texting for marketing, and Zillow, or, whatever you want to use, but you’d need to be able to analyze data. What’s the next thing that you guys need to be able to use? You know, if you want to be successful acquisitions? Well, you need a phone system. Now you can use your cell phone you can use most CRMs come with us phone service. Like, you know, we have HubSpot. So it’s connected with pixie there’s, you know, we have a couple different options that we refer to people like freedom soft, rd simply. But guys, if you don’t have any money if you’re broke, and that’s fine. You know, Google Voice is a good option for you guys. Google Voice allows you to call if you just go for personal use, you can set it up and it’s free. Okay, I have a Google Voice number as well. And I use it if I give it to people that you know, specifically if I want to give to sellers or something so they’re not blowing up my personal phone. But you can use Google Voice and this is the reason why I’m doing this guy’s Look how long this has taken me to get all these up here. I’d rather just be able to go in click and have all the tabs come up. So I’m going to add this it’s already added to the group. As you can see batch leads Zillow, and now my CRM is here.

Okay. All right. So after you have a way to comp deals, and you have a way to call sellers, and you have a CRM, so most CRMs guys, the next tab is Docusign. Most CRMs come with document like a document signer, like I think freedom soft does, I think already simply does my HubSpot doesn’t. So you had to integrate DocuSign into it. So what’s the next thing you need to do that I’m going to save in here? I believe and I believe I know that if you guys are going to be making consistent offers to sellers, you need a way to be able to crunch your numbers, I’m going to add this calculator to the task. So the next thing you need guys need to do if you have a calculator. I don’t think a lot of people know about this, but I believe it’s super important to have is when you’re talking to a seller most of them in your virtual most of the time they’re going to be really skeptical of who you are, they’re going to be like who is this guy I’m not going to sell my house this guy I’ve never even talked to I’ve never even seen him in person. So for what I do to make sellers feel a little bit more not not as skeptical, but to feel more comfortable working with me is I have what’s called an info packet that we we made and that we give to sellers.

Okay, so the info packet basically gives them an overview of who we are as a company and it says Hey, thanks, we email this to them or we can send them the link so I’m going to add that to the offer and homes tab. Okay, so let’s review Okay, and then we’ll hop on the next one. You need a way you know run comps and pull pull list and market so that’s why we use batch leads again this is called sponsored by batch leads you need a way to run comps so you know you’re you’re doing good you’re doing making a good decision you you can find good data after if you don’t use batch leads. You can use Zillow to run comps. Now once the leads start coming in. Or if you’re talking to agents and you want to put them in some place. If you’re not using a spreadsheet, you can use a CRM, we use HubSpot, and you can use it simply wherever you want. Freedom soft again, I showed you where you can find that and then you need a way to crunch numbers whether you have your own calculator, your own spreadsheet, this is the one we use because it goes over wholesale deals, flips, burgers, ovations, amortization, it goes creative financing deals, it goes over everything and then you need a way to show sellers you’re credible, whether you sending them a proof of funds letter of intent, whatever you’re sending them. We just have a packet so that’s that’s where we’re at right now.

he next thing that we I use as I wholesale virtually nationwide, is I have an email guys you can just use a regular Gmail or you can go to Google workspace and get yourself like a verified one from your business, which I have which is Nathan at offering homes. I have Nathan at Investor thrive and that’s it. I have this spreadsheet so we’re going to add this again. To the tabs, or I don’t have to ever do it again. Now we’re almost done.

You know, I appreciate you guys sticking around. And I really believe this is extremely helpful. It’s helpful for me because I’m doing it for my business. So you should do it too. You need a calendar, like, you know, if you’re going to just be willy nilly and just doing deals and not being organized, like it’s going to be hard to, you know, manage your time, but I put everything on my calendar. As you can see, like, I have two calendars, I have one for investor thriving, this is offering homes I’m on the offer and homes one so it shows, you know, busy for the investors, right.

But anyway, I block out my meetings, my appointments. So what you guys need to do is make sure that you’re using Google Google Calendar and or some sort of way to manage your time. So I’m going to add that and with all the documents, the contracts, all the scripts, all the things you’re going to do, as you build this business, and you try to get deals, you’re going to need a way somewhere to store them. We store everything in Google Drive. And again, if you use Google workspace, it’s money because it has your email, it has, you know, ways to meet with people, like do zoom calls, meetings, and you can store all your stuff. So I have everything stored in my company under you know, Google Drive, you have your acquisitions, you have administrative coaching contracts, everything you need saved in here, so and don’t get overwhelmed if you’re like, oh my gosh, this is so much it’s not a big deal. You don’t have to do this. I just like to put my stuff in places and if you’re trying to look where should you should put all your documents to like, this is what you should do. To recap, guys, I’m just gonna recap and make sure everyone understands what I just did and why why I felt this was so necessary today because again, I just got back from Canada, I was not very organized. And I had this problem that I was like man, I’m just so tired every time I shut my computer off or cancel out of my browser that I have to pull up all these tabs again and it’s so annoying and a waste of my time so I was like is there a way that I can just every time I pull it up I can just pull these up when I pull up my browser and just pull these up at one time one fell swoop and you can I found out how you can do it. I just went through all this showed you exactly how to what tools you needed how to organize it in your own specific browser that’s designated for your business and how to put it into tabs so every time you exit out of here you can just reload it up Alright guys well I mean it’s a Saturday so go enjoy yourselves I like I said guys, I was in Canada all week so I wasn’t able to make do this call earlier but I wanted to definitely get it done for you.

So anyway, guys, Saturday, I’m about to go home and chill. I hope everybody has a great Saturday and I hope to see you guys next week on the challenge. All right. Have a great Saturday, everybody. Peace out