How to find cash buyers wholesale real estate

Welcome everybody. If this is your first time in the channel, I want to say thanks for tuning in. Today, we’re going to be going over how to find cash buyers for wholesaling real estate. Now you probably don’t know exactly, that’s why you clicked on the video. You don’t know exactly how to find cash buyers, but I got your back. I use a software service called privy, and it helps you find buyers, among other things. But today we’re going to show you exactly how to use privy to find cash buyers. You guys can check it out. You can check out, I think they’ve got a 30 day money back guarantee on their service. And if you go check it out, use my promo code, thrive. You get a discount as well in your first month if you keep it so anyway, I’m gonna show you exactly how to use privy to find cash buyers. So if you have a deal, or you wanna network with cash buyers before looking for a deal, I got your back. I can help show you exactly how to do it. Let’s dive right in.

What’s up? Thanks again. And before we dive in, I just want to give you a free gift. Go on over to if you go to It shows you exactly how to run the numbers like I do. I give away my free calculator. Go check it out. I got your back. But let’s dive right into this video. Let’s go when I about two years ago, we thought it was about my company offering homes. We thought it was about the quantity of offer sent. So we figured out like a way to send automated offers out to emails. We networked with an agent in our market. We’re sending out offers that were signed, like on the rep C, like legit offers, and I think we sent out like 500 offers and didn’t get one deal, but we didn’t talk to any agents. We would just send the offer to their email and talk to them through like, text emails. And we thought, the more we sent out, the more deals we would get. Now that’s not gonna work, and if it does work, you’re getting lucky.

What is gonna get you to the finish line is having a conversation and developing a relationship. Because if I’m a real estate agent and I get five offers, four are lower than the fifth one that I got emailed. But I don’t know the email it went into my spam. I’m not sure maybe, like, who it is, but I talked to four people and I like one, I’m probably going to go with that person, especially if you know they’ve offered me the the double dip, the triple dip, or I’m going to try and talk that person up. Be like, Hey, look, man, you’re gonna have to come a little higher. So everyone here this experience of just making offers. I think we all struggle with it. We all think the more we put out, the more we’re gonna get. But that’s that’s just not necessarily true all the time.

Yeah, 100%and the reason why we’re talking about agents guys is one, is one, it’s the fastest way to do a deal. These are all people ready to sell right now. And two, costs you absolutely nothing to find them, $0 they’re listed. You don’t have to spend any money on marketing so and our absolutely favorite tool for finding these deals is privy. Privy. I did a 30 day challenge and using privy, and did a $20,000 deal. The only thing I spent money on was $97 on privy, and I couldn’t have done it without it. 100% freaking beautiful. Bro. Love it. Let’s go with the process. So again, Zeeshan is virtual assistant of ours, and he is on the MLS. He’s on privy looking for deals that meet the criteria of our buyers. So we do again, what’s called painless wholesaling. It’s where we look for we build good relationships with buyers, then we get their buy box criteria, and then search online MLS, other wholesalers privy for deals. So let me show you, this is our Buy Box criteria.

We put a lot of our good buyers in here for people to use that work with us. But I’m just going to show you, this is one of our top cash buyers in the metro Atlanta area, where, you know, we should be able, you know, they tell us exactly what they want. We lock it up, and then we send it to them. They do an inspection, but that’s pretty much it. Where we’re at on that so right here, we know exactly what they want. They’re targeting single family, residential homes, however, condos and towns are approved, but they said, however, sometimes they’re approved. So we don’t want to waste our time on like, trying to figure out which ones are they cool with? Let’s just go with single family. Then they say, built after 1960 they want anything above three bedrooms above two bass one to 2700, square feet. Lot size under an acre, and they want in this price range. Okay, so that’s a good criteria.

Now, obviously he you can get a deeper but that’s, that’s kind of what we’re looking at. So we would go to privy, you just go to the Atlanta area. And I know, according to the map, what they want, they want. You know, this is like the hot spot for them. So you can draw it, or you can just type in Atlanta. You go to Filters. You can do a quick one. You can do fix and flip pop top. But I actually can want to just go and do what they said? So three, two bass stories. They didn’t say basement. Didn’t say Hoa, year built. They don’t want anything older than 1960 all stories, blah, blah, blah, low days on market. Now, if you want to filter this out even more, you can put a specific days on market. For me, I don’t care if it went on there today or like 90 days ago, I want to look at what opportunities are there, um, listing source, MLS past six.

Let’s see now, guys, what he’s doing is, you know, having MLS access is really cool. You know, you might be friends with an agent, or you might be a real estate agent yourself and have direct access to the MLS. Or maybe you don’t, you don’t have any connections at all. One privy, they. Have a list on the website of all the different markets that they have direct MLS access to, true direct MLS access, guys, that’s invaluable in and of itself. The real magic what, what privy does, that even the MLS doesn’t do, is privy not only does it give you that direct MLS access in those markets, but it also allows you to use filters like this, so you can sort through, you know, instead of having to manually scroll through and look at hundreds of listings to find the one or two that you want to call, instead, you can set up your filters and your criteria so that privy will sort it for you and say, Hey, you don’t have to spend hours and hours and hours going through these hundreds of properties. You can just like, here are the three properties. Here’s the four properties that meet exactly what you’re looking for. Call these three. Call these four, and so guys, that’s how you’re able to compress days and weeks worth of time into literally minutes.
That’s right, that’s right. Now.

Then what you do is you just go to the area you want. Now, I drew a big area, right? But I know the hedge fund is is really looking in this area where it’s kind of the homes are a little bit cheaper. Ellen wood area, that’s where ours is currently under contract. And you can look at ones that, let’s see. Look at this one, 334, man, this one look like anyone need a lot of work. Brother, it’s just been lived in. I guess it’s, I bet this thing was built, and I said, Nothing older than 1960 but this thing looks like it might have been built in, like, Victorian days, bro, like the 1800s but who knows? So, so that’s, that’s how we’re using this effectively and efficiently, is we’re setting the criteria where this is coming in, and it’s giving us, you know, properties that think it thinks are good opportunities. And then we’re making calls to the agents, and we’re building a relationship. So when you’re calling them, you’re not necessarily just calling them to make a lowball offer immediately, and if they don’t accept it, you’re not talking again.

You’re trying to build a relationship with these agents, because if it’s not this one, you want the next one. You want that pocket listing. So if you were going to do the model of quantity versus quality, you would just go, you would text us an offer. You would text this one an offer. You would text all these an offer. And you’re just going to be, you know, running in circles, because these, they probably won’t even answer you. But if you call and make that connection and build that relationship, then then you’re rolling, everybody wants to just know, like, exactly what to offer, like, all the time. And if you put yourself in that box where you’re like, Okay, I I’m gonna offer this and I won’t budge like, you’re gonna miss out on a lot of deals, because, you know, you might have a buyer that just loves that area and is willing to pay a little bit more. Let me, let me explain a deal that I just had, that I was working on. So this house, we went there with a buyer. I brought a buyer on a house I didn’t have it under contract yet, just because I’m tight with my buyer. So I was like, Hey, come was like, Hey, come with me. Tell me what you’d pay.

So the buyer goes in there. He says, I need to be at 330 I was like, Okay, 330 the seller wants 400,000 year at 330 so then I hit up the lady, the escrow officer of my title company, and I said, Who do you knows that’s buying in this neighborhood, in this part of our area, Sandy. She’s like, Oh, I know this person. Reach out to him. So it was a broker that was representing a family that was looking for the next flip. So they came by and they offered 400,000 and I was like, whoa. So they just went up $70,000 from their that buyer I had that ran as traditional numbers. Why did they want to pay 400,000 $70,000 more? Well, they wanted to pay $70,000 more because they were about to buy another property, the seller backed out. They had their hard money lined up, and they already, like apparently, established paying interest on it. So they were really in, motivated to get their money into another deal, and they thought they could do the deal for cheaper than the other flipper. So that’s the kind of relationships we’re talking about that can move a deal to the finish line when the seller is too high. But you know you have relationships.

You know who’s out there. And unfortunately, the buyer can’t go up more than 400,000 and the seller won’t go less than three 400,000 so work at a standstill, but at least we know we have the best buyer out there like no one’s beating that because all the other buyers that I know that are going to run their numbers normally are going to be like, 333 40. But anybody that’s watching like, I hope you’re taking to heart like what we’re saying. We’re not telling you to work harder, we’re telling you to work smarter, which means you get to do less. If you thought this information was helpful and you’d like to see more, please subscribe to the channel. Help Me Grow it. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks. You.