How to find real estate leads online

Welcome back to the channel, everyone. If you clicked on the video, I know you’re trying to find out how to find real estate leads online, and I got your back. I have a video that I break down exactly how I use one of my favorite softwares, privy to find real estate leads online. That’s right, I don’t have to go knock doors. I don’t have to go do anything other than turn on my computer and look for leads. Let me show you exactly how to use it, so you can watch me step by step and you can apply yourself, let’s dive right in.

Thanks again for tuning in before we dive into this video, I just want to invite you to check it out. It’s my website that gives you all the resources, all the materials you need to succeed, and also it takes you to my masterclass. Click on it, and I’ll see you there. So now, without further ado, let’s dive into the video. What we’re gonna do today. I have a buyer who is like, Nate, I need to spend my money. That’s what he said to me. Says, I Nathan, I got to spend my money. Help me find a deal. And this way, I said to him, I said, Hey, bro, I can find you a deal, but let me get some equity in it. Let me not only give me a wholesale fee, but give me some equity. And he said, That’s fine. Now what this is, this is an apartment complex. One of my buyers wants multi family. All right, so we’re going to show you how to use privy to find multi family in a specific area that meets the Buy Box criteria of one of my buyers that’s willing to give me not only a wholesale fee, but equity in a deal. I did a $30,000 deal with him a couple months ago. Time to find him another deal. If you guys want to make money, this is how you do it. Let’s go. You ready? Nate? Yeah, man, join me. Bring
up my privy. Yeah, yeah, share the screen. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to walk Nate through the criteria of my buyer, and he’s going to set up the filter so everyone can see exactly how we use this on privy. And we’re going to take action. We’re even going to call an agent, see if one will answer. So Nate, can you go to the state of Utah? That is where my buyer is. He he’s in Utah. It’s right there to type in the state of Utah.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to go to Filters. Alright, so we’re going to be in Utah. Do you know any specific cities or counties? Yes, he wants it might actually be easier to draw the location than just just specific cities. So let’s actually go to the state of Utah. Run that search really quick. Let’s see search. Is that okay? So zoom out, alright. So okay, there’s the state of Utah. Boy, alright. I think you might need to go to deals and then search. Go to where it says deals at the top, just so it starts populating some stuff, and then say, Find same fix and flip buy and hold, actually, is probably the the button, yeah, by the way, that we’re kind of new. I’m kind of starting something new. I usually go single family, but I’m trying multi family. But you know, same concept, alright. Nate, so what my guy wants in the state of Utah is anything from actually, let’s let me pull up his text message, because he told me exactly what he wanted. I was talking to the buyer. Said, bro, where do you want to buy? And he gave me the exact area. Alright, so go to go to the filters. Let’s see what filters we got. Okay, my man wants multi family. Okay, attached. Forget that active. Let’s go pending. Let’s even go under contract. I’m willing to make calls. Let’s get it done. Let’s see what we got here. He says he’s willing to spend up to $5 million on a multi unit.

So you would go to purchase price two. It says 400,000 you’d go all the way up to five mil. There we go, brother, let’s just see what we got. Let’s see what we got in this area. Because, you know, they’re honestly a minor belt. What he this, what he said, for me, we’re trying to stick within Salt Lake, the Salt Lake Davis and Weber County area. We want six to 16 units. We’re on the hunt for something so we can do put our money somewhere. I think we’re just gonna have to see what Utah has to offer in that five, in that range of multifamily, just just, I go pretty wide, just to see what we got. If there’s, like, a ton of opportunities, then, you know, we can filter, but there’s probably not that many. Okay, what do we got? You wanting results?

So this one has units, my man wants, uh, six to 16 units. Are any of those six between six and 16 units? I’m sure those are a lot of like duplexes. Well, that’s eight units right there for the 1.2 mil. Yes, there’s one I have. Okay, let’s give it. Okay. That doesn’t look too saucy, to be honest. This looks like a house that was just transformed into a multi unit. Let’s take a look at it. Oh my gosh. Charming,
six unit. Blah, blah, blah. Got boxers two blocks. Now, guys, one thing I will say specifically for uh, multifamily calling pending or under contract, I would still call, because even more so than with single family guys, these things fall through like, these are the they’re they’re bigger deals. There’s a lot more going on. There’s typically more complexity. So they’re still on the multifamily level. Especially as you get bigger and bigger guys, there’s a lot of opportunity for you to be able to come in and still make a deal happen.

Now, by the way, everybody multifamily is a little it’s a well, it is different than single family. Single family. You’re either looking to flip it and you’re looking for similar comps. With this one, you have to cash flow. As apartments, you have to, you know, you’re not going to buy something that doesn’t make you money. In the problem with like salt lake and a lot of the West Coast states is there. It’s very hard to cash flow because the prices are so expensive. So it’s a lot of equity plays. A lot of people are just buying so they can, you know, have equity that grows over time. They do it for tax purposes. If they have a lot of money. They need to put their money somewhere in a 1031 exchange. So yeah, anything want to add to that? Nathan, and by the way, and same thing when we’re calling, I was just gonna say when we’re calling the broker, I’m gonna hand like I would handle this conversation the exact same way that I would if I were calling a realtor for a single family house. And the way I do that is simply, I’m not looking to make an offer on the first phone call.

I never want it. Personally, I never, I never like doing that. And the reason being is, don’t force yourself into a position to making an offer on the first call. In fact, give yourself the out, right? You know, if the agents like, oh, well, what would your offer be, or what price do you think you would need to be at on that first call? I’m always responding with, hey, you know, good question. I’m really not sure I like the property. I haven’t had a chance to, you know, really crunch all the numbers just yet, but I’ll tell you what. Let me take a look and you know, if I think I’m in the right ballpark, I’ll give you a call back, right? I’m going to say something along those lines, so that I can call, ask a bunch of questions, get as much information as possible, so that I can figure out, hey, where exactly do I need to be to make an offer, and then only if I know it’s a good thing, you know, a good deal to look more into.

Only if I know there’s motivation and a lot of potential of us putting a deal together, only then am I going to do the work of, you know, taking a deep look, going through the comping process, all that stuff multifamily, it’s even more so the age they expect, you know, they rarely expect you to make an offer on the first call, just because you know you need to figure out the rent roll, more details about the property, the leases, there’s just a lot more information. And if we did want to call this agent, you know, as as I was doing guys, we’re just going to copy the name of the brokerage, the name of the the broker. I paste it right in the Google and then you’re going to click on, probably either call this right here, but ideally I want to look for the cell phone number. I hate calling the office phone, so Janella. Janella, however it’s pronounced, so we want to call her direct.

By the way, everyone, let me just say this. Nate made a great point that if you feel like you you have to call and you have to make that offer, that Mario keeps a lot of you from making calls because you’re like, Man, I don’t want to sound like an idiot. Make the idiot. Make the wrong offer. Take that pressure away from yourselves, like he said. So let me tell you something else. Guys like, we’re we are calling on this property. We don’t know that much information about it, and we’re calling in the behalf, or we’re calling because we have a buyer. So the conversation we have is not going to be something like, Hey, my name is Nathan. I’m going to a multi family guru buyer that buys, and I have millions of properties. No, that’s, that’s not genuine. That’s not real. We’re, we’re going to call and just be like, hey, look, you know, seems like a good property I got.

I’m working with a couple partners on this deal, and we need to put our money. We have a cost for cost segregation purposes, like, before the end of the year. If this one doesn’t work, what else do you find? I’ll look at everything in this area. So not only do we have her a relationship on this one, but we’re trying to build future relationships where Nick she can bring us anything else that she comes across, and we’ll give her that Buy Box six to 16 between Layton and Lehi. We have our our budget’s 5 million now we have a bird dog, or aren’t just one soldier that’s going to go out and look for us because she wants to get paid. You don’t think she wants to make 3% or one or 2% whatever you pay of 5 million, she won’t be our best friend, absolutely, and especially, you know, when you kind of get into these bigger commercial deals guys, it’s a lot bigger paychecks for them as brokers. So if you’re able to convey, you know, hey, we have a serious buyer, you know, they’re really hungry, you know, they’re looking very aggressively, and they’re ready to buy something right now, guys, brokers will get really excited to hear that much more than single family, single family agents, in my experience, and what I’m doing right here is I’m looking at comp now.

Here’s a quick hack, guys, how do I if I want to do multifamily? But, you know, you might say, Nate, I don’t really know much about multifamily. That sounds really complicated. You know, it sounds like there’s a lot of other moving parts. And you know, to a degree there is. But what’s the way that you can hack that your buyer? So same way you hack everything else, 100% when you have that relationship with the buyer, first and foremost, he will tell you right from asking him questions and learning from him, he’ll let you know everything that he needs in order for it to be a deal for him. So he’s going to tell you what questions you need to ask, what information you need to find out, what things to stay away from, what things that are good, that he’s looking for, right and and same thing on the.

Single Family side, right? So another thing that I could do is, you know, when we look at the comps, when using privy, you can use this for multifamily or single family, right? What I would do is, I would look here and buyers in this area, let me click on this one. Okay, you know, let me see if I could bring this up, and maybe I call that other agent, or maybe I call a multi family I’m like, man, it’s not a good fit for the buyer that I had. But when I spoke with the agent, there’s a lot of motivation here. They’re looking to make a deal happen. Maybe I try to find other buyers in this neighborhood. This is one of the things I love. Love, love, love. About privy is when I go to the comps, right? Let me go back and show you guys again real quick. When I’m looking at the comps, if I spoke to this agent, right, and they said, you know, and there, there’s a bunch of motivation. I’m going to look at the comps, and I’m going to, you know, try to find other properties neighborhood. What are similar properties in this neighborhood that investors have bought? And so I would go here, and what would I do?

This is a property that that was already done, um, that investor bought, and I think they’re they’re looking to sell. So what you can do is, if this was a property that already sold, or if somebody had bought a property, I would call the agent. Now there’s two things you can do. You can either go to public records, and if you just click that button, boom, throws you all the way down here. Now look at property history. I’m gonna see the buyer right here. Who is the last buyer, my girl, Judith, Judy. And then I would look up the owner of this LLC, and then call them if that’s too difficult, or if you can’t do that right, the next easiest thing, guys, I would just take, take the I would copy this information for the real estate agent and the brokerage they work with. And I would get this agent, Gary. I would get his phone number and call him up. Say, Hey, Gary, I’ve got a D I saw the property on, you know, on 171 West 300 that that you had as a listing. I’ve actually got a deal that I’m working right around the corner. I think I can get it at a really good price. Is your buyer for that property interested in another deal? Now they might say yes, they might say no, but you’re going to be able to find out a lot of really good information by talking to Gary. And Gary might say, oh, you know this buyer for, for, you know, 171 West, 300 they’re actually, they’re they’re just, they were looking to sell. They’re not interested in buying anymore. But I actually have somebody else that’s really, really hungry, looking for a multi family deal. What do you got? And then boom, right there, you’re able to create a relationship with Gary, who’s able to give you a ton of information and maybe hook you up with a buyer.

So the buyer that you were originally using might have not been, you know, this deal that we looked at, if we called this agent, it might have not have been able to be a good deal for the buyer we originally had. But if I already did the hard work of talking to that agent, making a phone call, learning all the details, and I knew there was motivation, and I knew, by by what they told me, and from the numbers I was looking at, I was like, Man, this might not be a deal for our buyer, for our other buyer, but man, I think this could actually be a really good deal for somebody else. Well, that’s when I’m gonna go into these comps, and I’m gonna, I’m not gonna let all that time go to waste. I’m gonna look, you know, and try to find a buyer right there in that neighborhood. And guys, this is where you’re going to find your best buyers. Again, is there’s so many things I love about privy I feel like I said, it’s all the time, non stop, but their comps feature so good, right? And you can call because the best buyer is going to be the one that’s already bought in that neighborhood, the person that’s already done a deal in that neighborhood, guys, you don’t need a list of 10,000 buyers. You don’t need a list of 20,000 people. You just need the one right buyer. And this is how you can find just the one right buyer from making one phone call, right?

You don’t need to make a million phone calls. You don’t got to do all this crazy stuff with blasting out emails that nobody’s gonna open anyways, right? This is how you create relationships. This is how you take that sniper approach. This is how you be effective, guys. This is how you’re able to do deals, especially bigger deals, bigger deals. It’s only relationships that get, in my
opinion, if you like that information, hit the like button. Help me grow this channel. Let’s get it going, see on the next one you.