How to generate leads in real estate wholesaling

What’s up? Everybody I know, if you clicked on this video, you’ve been wondering how you can generate more leads for your wholesaling and real estate investing business. And I got a treat for you. I’m actually going to show you, step by step, how I use batch leads, which is a software service to find leads, and how I use my CRM that I’ve white labeled. It’s not I haven’t built it. It’s called the painless CRM. I’ve white labeled the go high level CRM that’s literally built out to take leads from real estate agents and put them into the CRM, and it will automatically reach out to these agents. Now I use this. I get a lot of pocket listings from this. I get a lot of free leads, and I want to show you exactly how that process works and how I’m getting deals that way. So tune in. I have this video for you. It shows you the whole thing. So let’s dive right in. You

Music. What’s Up? Thanks again for tuning in. And before we dive into this video, I just want to invite you to my free masterclass at painless if you’ve been wanting to get into real estate or you want to do more deals, check out the link and we’ll see you on the free masterclass. But let’s dive right into this video that I got so you can get leads right now. Yesterday, I got a pocket listing for free thanks to batch leads and then putting it in my CRM and automatically doing agent outreach using my drip sequence. Okay? And again, this isn’t like sell my CRM. You guys use any CRM. You just have to set it up like that. But if you do want to check out painless CRM, just type it in painless, and I’ll show you exactly what it looks like. But let’s go right into batch like you. Share us the agent outreach. It’s new. It’s new. If people haven’t heard about it, you can filter it to get the agents in your area and then reach out to them, which I recommend. Yeah, if you guys haven’t seen this yet. I mean, especially if you have an account, because we go we are always adding so many new things, so it can sometimes be overwhelming, but really, just take the time one of these days to go through your menu. Because same thing, like a lot of people don’t know about, like, the driving for dollars that we’ve added now, it’s been a year, actually, already with that stuff.

So it’s like, a lot of those things get missed. You guys definitely don’t want to miss out on agent outreach. It’s in our lowest plans too. But basically how it works, obviously, for YouTube, we have to have a ton of things blurred, but you go to agent outreach, and we’ll search wherever you want to today. Nathan, yes, Sandy Utah, that’s where I candy, yeah, okay, perfect. Let’s do it on this page where it’s blurred. But basically how it works is, you’re just going to type in a you could do a city, state, county. You use a zip code as well in here now too. So we’ll do Sandy Utah, and it brought up just, you know, 1600 agents, but there’s filters, so I’ll show that on this page, since it’s not blurred, so you can come in here and find certain agents.

Nathan, when you, when you’re usually doing this, are you doing any specific filters, or do you just start reaching out to agents? Or, like, export a really big list, like how what’s your flow? Usually, when you want to, you want to reach out to the active agents, agents that have been doing work. Now, if you do active listing count, you can do that one. But some agents, even though they’re good, might not have any active so maybe not do that one yet. Okay, and you got to what average listing price you want to work with agents. If you want to work with agents in a specific do a specific price range, average listing price you could do, I want to work with agents that do anything over a million, a million to 2 million. You could do that right, yeah. But to make this one easy, let’s just go to Custom Range. Let’s do five, half a million. Let’s see what we got for, for half a million and up, or just that range, because half a million and down. Oh, and down. Okay, yeah. Let’s see who we can, who we got for that. Okay, perfect, Soul listing, listing count. You know, you want to see who’s, who’s rocking and rolling this year. So you could say, in the past 12 months, let me get someone’s at least done one to two deals. Okay, perfect, at least, like, a minimum of two or something.

Yeah. Let’s see what we can, we can get. And what everyone will find out is, you know, if you’re looking for those big dog agents, that’s cool, but a lot of the agents that don’t have a lot of experience, like those are good to work with too, because they know who to turn to, then they might be grinding harder than the person that gets like, 10 listings, who knows? I mean, I think it’s good to just check them all, but too. Plus, you know, you’re going to run into agents, or less likely to run into agents that maybe don’t have a good experience with certain people wholesaling, or investors in general. So you might catch those people that are willing to learn those new strategies and and different things they can do in their business. Yeah, that’s a great way to think about it, too. When you’re getting going perfect and let’s say total sold amount, you can just be like, let’s just do half a million. Let’s that. I think that I think that would mean they sold at least one property here or close last 12 months. Leave it there. Yeah, let’s see what we can get. So let’s see how many in Sandy are rocking and rolling absolutely loving this. So this is my first time really getting to see this feature at all. I’d heard that you guys just recently came out with this, but I hadn’t really gotten to look into it, and this is amazing, like, as far as the filter search. So one thing I like to explain to people is, in my experience, it’s being able to filter the agent and add these, these types of things to your searches. It’s the difference between, imagine if you’re looking for off market properties, and the only list you can pull is people that own a house.

So it’s gonna be a really big list versus no, I want people that have owned a house for over five years have X percent in equity, you know, minimum, three beds, right? All these things absentee owner, as we’re able to filter that list, that’s when it becomes really, really valuable. And there are a lot of agents in every market it, guys, it doesn’t take a whole lot to get your license, and just because someone has their license, isn’t it? I can’t remember the numbers off top of my head, but vast majority never even end up selling a house, of course. Yeah, yeah. What was the the number when we first put in the city? What was it? 1600 Yeah. 16 Yeah. 620 1600 about a little over that, and now we narrowed it down to 242 that are in those search parameters. Look at the amount that haven’t even done a deal Exactly. And guys, do you want to? Do you want to make 1600 phone calls, or less than 200 to the right? People, right? You might only need to make 1020 of those phone calls, seriously, and for like, the type of agent that we’re looking for, you know, in my experience, what I’ve seen is there’s the agents to where they haven’t done a deal yet, right? And they might not ever do a deal. I don’t really want to talk to that person. But on the flip side,

I don’t necessarily want the agent that’s doing, you know, 3040, 50 plus deals a year. That agent’s probably really well established, and a well established agent, like I said, they make their money based off the price of the home. So an agent that’s listing luxury houses, high end mansion, stuff like that, that’s not really who I’m looking for, either. What I’ve found, in my experience, is we’re looking for that newer, hungry agent to where they’re out there, they’re taking action. They’ve sold a house, maybe they’ve sold a few, and they’re willing to do those lower price points, right? They’re willing to work with investors. They’re willing to work with whoever. Because they’re new, they’re hungry. They want to make deals happen. They want to make money, and that’s exactly and they’re out there prospecting.

They’re spending their money on direct mail and cold calling and all that stuff. I love chatting those people, and we’re able to offer them an amazing solution. So rather than you having to make 1000 cold calls, I can make a few calls to just a handful of agents to where they’re making those 1000s of phone calls for me and sending out 1000s of direct mail. I love this. This is amazing. Plus you it’s you’re not having that’s the really big thing too. For anybody watching, you don’t have to pay for their phone numbers or skip trace the agents you just like legit. Of course, I can’t show you guys that stuff, but these agents in Sandy aren’t even saved in my account. And I have all of their information. I even have their fax number, people that have it. So it’s like, you can get their direct phone number and the brokerage phone number. It’s on marketing campaign, faxing. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. I mean, I’ve been, I’ve been offered. Did you say,
yeah, so it’s, like, everything you need. It’s, you know, of course, as long as you have an account, then it’s free, and you don’t have to worry about spending any marketing dollars to get in contact and find opportunities. Let’s get into it. So you get the list. So how to use this list? So there’s number one, if you don’t want to go the technical route, right? Or, I would say, the smarter, the painless route. You can just take the list and just call, you know, one by one. You know, you could take the list, and this is a better idea. You could put it into a dialer and call through them all.

Not something I would necessarily do in this, because I have a better way. But I want to show you what I would do Landry before we go off of this, and I show them, like, how I how I use this process. Do you have anything else you want to add about the agent listing? I guess the only thing, and I won’t be able to show you guys it, because it’s just too difficult to blur all the teensy tiny things. But when you click on the name, yeah, and you can’t see it, but when you click on it, like I clicked on this guy, Christian, basically it just pops open their info, and then there is an MLS tab, their stats tab, so it shows them how many listings are active, pending, sold, canceled, expired, you know, average days of or days on market of the properties that they usually or are listing. And then you can actually go and click on those addresses and find out more on those specific listings. So click on the names, and then you can just go down the line and then just side note, if you guys are in here, it does count towards your save limit if you’re saving a bunch. So you know, maybe try to go through them one by one, unless you’re going to pull them off in bulk.

But keep that in mind. But that’s pretty much it. It’s so simple. You just search an area and you have all the information you need. So that’s all I have. That’s amazing, lovely, lovely. You guys have been holding out on me this, this tool’s been thin out and I didn’t even know about dude, yeah, you got to give it a try and let me know your thoughts. Nathan, yeah. Nathan Valley is a skeptical guy, you know, I I’ve been telling him about this. He’s like, whatever. I’m like, Dude, it’s old, yeah. He’s ready to go. Every week I tell you, okay, alright, let me share my screen this process to what I do. So here’s the CRM that I use, and I’ll show you a specific experience that I had with an agent.

This is a wholesaler. Okay, let’s go so you can give a Conversations tab that shows you all the conversations that are going on. And.
Is an agent that I I’ll show you, like, how the whole process work, but basically we’ll go to the very beginning of the conversation. So right here, the question mark here, it just shows you, like, I didn’t send those messages. It was like the drip, or you can call it AI, or whatever, that responds to people depending on the response, if they get a positive response or negative response. So what happened here was we went in, and this is, I can’t show everything, because there’s numbers involved, but basically what you do is you send an SMS blast, you put you upload all the contacts that are from the batch into your system, and then it will send automatic text messages through agent outreach, which is like a drip campaign to these agents. And what it says is, takes their name and says, Hey, Lori, takes the name of the agent. My name is Nathan. I found your number online, which is true, and I was wondering if you’re still an agent. Cool. So she says, Hello, Nathan. Yes, I am. What can I help you with? Automatically responds, great. I’m looking for an investment property to buy, and hoping you could help me out with that. Do you have do you work with investors?

I do, but I don’t have anything at the moment. So that’s probably happened to a ton of people. Now, okay, does I do? But I don’t at the moment. You know, we didn’t do anything with this. We just kind of let it, let it go. At June, this happened June 14. Then she remembered me again, guys, I had no all I did was upload a list from batch. That’s all I’ve done when it comes to like, workload. She hits me up later and says, I do, but I don’t. Okay, sorry, later, right here. Says, Are you still looking for an investment property month later? So then my VA, because the system doesn’t, you know, doesn’t recognize at that point, like this response, my VA is in there, and he says, yes. So we keep going. And, you know, we talk, talk, talk. Sends me the address. I go see the house yesterday, and this is a conversation we have. Hey, I’m heading over blah, blah. And then she says, Thanks for coming. I just talked to his son, and can get him on board with reality. So I’ll let you know what we decide he’s going to come down and get him out of here. So let me explain, just after showing that, I just want to, like, stop sharing my screen, explain what’s going on so freely go there. House is absolutely trashed, one of the worst houses I’ve seen in a while, cat everywhere. Unfortunately, the guy, you know, he’s letting a homeless lady live with him. He’s not homeless, but it’s just, it’s a weird situation, right? It’s tough. And I’m like, so I sit down with him, I look at the house, and I say, hey, you know, so what do you want for the house? Like, what are you looking to get for this house? And, you know, I go through the options with the seller, and I think I’ve shown a lot of people how I do my options, but I’ll show you guys real quick, because I think it’s important just to see like my Can I clarify something real quick? So So you took so that list that that we went through, and we, we put the filters together on batch, right? We search an area. So you, you you went through, you put together a list like that, and then you exported that list from bash, that list of agents that met your criteria, and then you uploaded them into the CRM that does an initial it will, it will have that, excuse me, that initial text message conversation for you.

It will brother, yes. And if you guys, if you want to see kind of more of what that looks like. So you got automation, and you you have MLS, so it makes automatic MLS offers. But agent outreach is what we’re talking about. So we’ll go new agent outreach. We’ve had 456, enrolled. 259. Have actively responded, you know, and then we go through the process. So yes, to answer your question, yes. And Nathan, really quick, there’s a question. Michael, good to see you on here. He asks, Would this be a new method of wholesaling, reaching out to agents, opposed to going direct to seller? Yes, brother, I wouldn’t say it’s new. I would just say it’s a way that not a lot of people teach, because a lot of people teach just direct, direct to seller. But this is a way that I’ve gotten several deals. It’s a way that you can get deals from networking, you know, with no spend.

Yeah, I would actually say this is a better way in the long term, because as soon as you stop spending money on marketing, like, for example, if I go to my website offer on homes, which is my website for my wholesaling company, I don’t run paid ads anymore. So the traffic that goes to this is literally nothing, right? I spent all this money have a website, when I have ads going there, it get produces leads. But as soon as that stop, no more leads. And it’s the same thing. But it’s not the same thing with an agent. You network with an agent, it’s it’s going to keep going. The relationship keeps going and going and going. So it, I think it’s better if you like that information, hit the like button. Help me grow this channel. Let’s get this in front of more people, because I’m all about showing you how to do it, not just talking about it. See on the next one.