How to find deals in reverse wholesale?

In this video, we’re going to have a Sales Mastery Challenge focused on How to find deals to reverse wholesale. Check this video to know more!

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We are live everybody, I’m super excited. Today, I’m going to show you guys how to find deals.
Right now if you’re in this chat, I want you to say you know where you’re from and you know, if you’ve gotten value so far, from what I’ve said, I kind of wanted to hear hear from you guys, just to make sure you’re there.
Yeah, as you do that. Next thing I want you to do is I want to know how many of you guys how much money you have to spend on a marketing budget. That’s what I really want to know in the chat.
I want you guys to write what your marketing budget is every month. Okay, because that’s really important in wholesaling.
If you do not have a marketing budget, a lot of people struggle with that. They’re like, I don’t know how to get leads, like I don’t know how to get leads without spending. I’m going to show you two ways. I’m going to show you paid marketing, which is the most affordable way, which that’s why we have Christine for batch leads. Thanks, Christine, for coming on. I’m gonna show you the most affordable way to market with a paid budget. And I’m going to show you the best way to get leads with $0. Okay, that’s what we’re going to do.
So we got we got Vonda. Great info. Thanks. Okay, so your budget is 2k a month? Great Vonda. That’s a that’s a healthy budget.
Okay, I would tell you, you don’t really need that to spend that much. If you don’t want to. I mean, you can spend it if you’re seeing a return do it. But what I’m going to show you today, you don’t need to spend that. But I’m sure if you do spend it, spend it on batch leads, because they’re the best.
Alex, what is your marketing budget? I’m very curious. With everybody else I do want to know, and if you don’t feel comfortable saying zero or you’re a number, just say Nate, I don’t feel comfortable disclosing my marketing budget.
Okay, so All right, Alex, no problem. 200 a month. Okay. What else we got Cedar City, Utah, welcome. I’ve gotten a lot of value.
Okay, I plan to be out on look looking for deals and marking budget as little as possible for the time being. Okay.
Anybody else?
So let’s just go right into it, everybody. I mean, nothing to it, but to do it. So let’s talk about it. So everyone, everyone’s got to some people have a budget, some people do not.
Okay, that’s fine. That’s why we’re talking today. All right and let’s just dive right into it and everyone knows, it’s been all my challenges. I think that mindset is one of the most important things to succeeding in life, as in your personal lives and in real estate.
So real quick, you guys already know that. We’re going to talk a little bit about mindset. And I’m going to give you an action step today on what you can do to improve your mindset. Okay, so, alright, guys, so let me tell you something. If you’ve never written yourself a letter, or like, like a note to yourself, you should because it helps you in many different ways. I do want to know, has anyone in the group that’s watching this? Has anybody written themselves like a letter to themselves in the future of something that they believe would happen?
I want some feedback. I think I heard the story that like Jim Carrey, he, like wrote himself a check for like, a million dollars when he was before he was like a successful actor. And then, you know, he basically was able to cash it like couple years later, because he likes he manifested that to himself.
So we got Alex Yes and a blank check. Okay, we so we got a blank check. And then we have someone writing a letter. Has anyone else written a letter to themselves? I’m curious. And if you haven’t, I want to know if you haven’t either.
That’s okay. Because you’re gonna get to do today. Okay. Not on this call. But with what I give you. You can you can do it. Anybody else taking the time the the energy to write themselves a letter, writing down goals works? That’s right Vonda That is exactly right.
I’m a huge proponent of goals and doing that. Anybody else? Okay. We’ll just hop right into it. Okay. So guys, I have a yearly goal letter. Okay. And I’m gonna give you the format to do it. A yearly goal letter can be a game changer. And I already asked you guys if you’ve done one, why should you write a yearly goal letter?
Okay. I always want to know why.
Nate great.
You tell me why should I do it? Well, if you guys have ever read the book, The Secret. The Secret talks about you know, the law of attraction, you know, manifesting things by speaking positively out loud, it works. I’m telling you, it works.
Guys speak it into one of the benefits. Why you would do it is you speak it into existence law of attraction as well. If you believe you’re gonna have something, you’re gonna get it know what you want. It’s also going to tell you, you can write down what you want. It’s gonna give you a clearer vision and help you know what you want.
Now, guys, let me tell you some amazing. Something really cool with the law of attraction.
You guys probably like “Nate that’s a bunch of BS” but it’s not.
You know why?
Because I wrote a goal down this year. I want to keep buy 10 units, I want to buy 10 properties. What did I just do yesterday?
What can someone guess that I just did yesterday. That was something I wanted to do this year on top of wholesale and coach, I wanted to keep 10 properties for myself.
What do you guys think? What do you think happened yesterday? Just curious.
Maybe that’s not the best question, but maybe somebody will get something right.
What do you got? Anybody? because of the Law of Attraction. What do you think of me wanting 10 properties?
What do you think I found?
Found the opportunity for 10 units.
There you go. Because I have this goal and I wrote it out in my mind and I believe I got it.
I just yesterday got still sweet eight units under contract, okay to buy an apartment complex here in Utah. Okay, eight units. And by the way, the goal is 10. And I kind of teetered between, okay, do I keep 10? Or do I do 10 personally outside of my business just by myself.
So I’m closing a deal this Friday, the one that I’m talking about on this challenge through the the opportunity that I did, so that I can technically say like, nine by myself, but let’s just keep it to 10 that I’m keeping a signed a contract on closing on it in 30 days, with some business partners, eight units.
Okay, do you think that would have happened if I didn’t believe or write down that I think I thought I could do it not even close. When I was growing up. I didn’t think owning real estate was even an option for me. Like, I didn’t think of that. I was like, I’ll just get a job. But because I put myself around the right people, I’ve done these specific techniques that I’m teaching you.
This is stuff that millionaires have taught me. And this isn’t something that I woke up and I said, Hey, I think it’d be a good idea to tell my people, no, this is something that people have shown me that are worth millions of dollars, and I’m showing it to you, because that’s you pay it forward. Right.
So cool.
That’s why you write yourself a yearly goal letter right here, guys is my physical copy. So you know that I’m not just making this up. Okay. I wrote it down October of last year. It’s all coming up on October this year.
Okay, so it’s about five pages of specific things you write to yourself, literally got it. And I won’t say I accomplished everything on it. But I said, I definitely got closer. And I got clear on what I wanted. Later on as I went, Okay, so here it is. And I’m gonna give you guys these slides at the end, you all are going to have access to this, this five day challenge for free. I’m hooking you guys up. So here it is. If you want this tool, if you want, what I’m showing you, I’m giving it to you guys, for free.
I created a way where if you just put in your email gets sent to your, your email. So if you want it, you have to, obviously for watching live, you got to be hopping into the Google Mail because it’s all I’m sharing with people that are in the Google meet currently. So click on the link in description if you aren’t in it, but yeah, here you go. So there’s the link, you click on it, fill your email address, and you’re going to get the template to do it. Okay.
Alex Williams said “I did the same and have a meeting tonight at 7pm with a partner for 65 units in Texas.”
Alex, way to show me up bro, I got eight units. And you’re like, “Yo, I got I’m getting 65 Nate step up. Get your weight up, Nate.”
I’m just kidding, man. That’s awesome. I’m super happy for you, everybody. Let’s give in the comment section. Let’s give a little congratulations to Alex. I’m gonna be working for you one day bro was 65 units. I’ll be the maintenance guy over there. I’ll be trimming the lawns for 65 minutes. That’s I’ll do the the lawn care. How’s that? But yeah, congratulations. That’s awesome.
And that’s that’s how this happens is you believe that you can do it? You know, what’s the difference between everyone in this call and the people you know, that are working normal jobs, I would just say they weren’t going for what we want. I’m not saying everybody has a normal job isn’t going for what they want. But I’m just saying like, we are going for what we want. We’re here we’re making moves. That’s you know, that’s, that’s why we’re here.

Okay, so let’s take a look really quick at the format of this thing looks like. Okay, so I’m gonna teach you how to fill it out. And guys, mine’s coming up. I wrote it in October of last year, on the eighth, so I got to make a new one. But here’s what it’s gonna look like. So this kind of gives you an idea, like, write a letter, dated yourself one year in advance. So today, if you guys get this and you fill it out, you’re going to be writing a letter to yourself in 2023. Right? October, what is it September 21 2023.
You’re gonna say, “Hey, I’m really happy family, I’m really happy because I just bought 65 units”, or “I have a wholesaling company that’s crashing our AI”.
You know, whatever your goal is, you’re writing to yourself in the future that this has already happened. Okay, so you start with your business and career. So let’s let’s give an example. “Hey, you know, this has been a great year. I’m really excited because Investor Thrive has taken off, it helped more people make money and help people succeed. I’m really happy. I have over, let’s say, 100 students, and you know, you, let’s say 50% of them have made over a million dollars. Right? I’m very happy about that.”
That would be an example of how I would fill this out. Okay. So then you have your yearly sorry, yep. family relationships. So you would fill this out and say, “You know, I’m really glad that my family was able to move into a new home”, or, “You know, I was able to spend more time with my family. I’m really glad that now real estate Nate, he’s got a six pack. I’m shredded. I’m going to bodybuilding competitions. I’m jacked”. Okay, that’s not necessarily what I want. I do want to get good at jujitsu and be extremely healthy, but that’s an example right?
I don’t need to beat the dead horse guys. You’re just writing a letter to yourself in the future, saying what’s going to happen, you’re going to read in a year and it’s all going to happen. Okay? So you need to do this. And I gave you the template to do it. It’s pretty cool. I love this kind of stuff. I love real estate.
But I love mindset, because I know this is what holds everyone back from being believing that they’re the greatest salesman that believes they can achieve what they want. It’s all in your head. Okay. So there you go, everybody, that is the mindset part of today’s challenge now for what you’re all here for.
Okay? Because I know you’re all here for how to get some real estate deals. Okay. But first for the new out there. And don’t be ashamed if you’re new. We I wasn’t new. We’re all noobs something anything once I’m a newbie buying apartment complexes, I’ve never done that. So I’m doing it with business partners. So for the newbies out there, what is a real estate deal? It’s pretty simple. But maybe some people don’t know what a real estate deal is. They might think it’s any property.
That’s not that’s not the case when you’re doing this.

Any chance I think your hands had any chance you can plug the template in again. Yeah, I think if you join later, maybe you don’t see the chat. But the previous chat, but here you go. And by the way, guys ask me questions. I’m more interested in answering your questions and just talking, right, so I’ll just go. And if you have something I’m talking about, let’s let’s talk about it.
Okay, so what is a real estate deal? Again, it’s not just the deal. It’s not just the property on the MLS? Because that would technically every property would be a deal. I mean, if you’re looking at it like that, but that’s not what we do, we look for discounted properties.
So what is a real estate deal on my terminology is deal, a real estate deal is a property that’s discounted low enough, so you can sell it to another end buyer for a profit or keep it as an investment for yourself. So it has to have margin, it’s got to have enough room so someone can make money or you can make money.
That’s I think the number one problem with wholesalers right now is they don’t know what a deal is. They struggle snowing, and they waste a lot of people’s time. And they waste their time. They spend all this time talking to some guy who’s a broker has his license. And he’s like, Yeah, I’ll sell and they talk to him, they follow up, they waste all their time. And they finally make that lowball offer. And the guy’s like, No, I don’t need to sell, I can just list this thing.
That’s the problem with if you do not have the right sales process and know how to talk to sellers, you’re going to waste a lot of time, you’re gonna waste a lot of money. What I do is I help people master the sales process and how to get deals, okay, I focus on how to get deals and how to negotiate deeply discounted properties.
But today, we’re not going to be talking about negotiation necessarily, or getting the price really low. We’re gonna talk about where to find them. Okay, because once you find them then that there goes the negotiation, the sales process and the skills we’ll hit on later. Okay, so why should you find real estate deals? Well, the the question is, why are most you in here? You want to make money, right? That’s why you find real estate deals, plain and simple.
But I had to come up with some more bullet points, because I couldn’t just have one. So why should you find real estate deals on top of you, we’re all here to make money. If you’re not here to make money than you’re here to revitalize communities, the you’re probably lying to yourself, because if you just want to revitalize communities, and make neighborhoods nice, just go pick up some trash in a neighborhood you’re helping out.
That’s probably not why you’re in here. You’re in here because you want to make money, provide a living a dream life, for your family and for yourself. That’s why you’re here. But the great thing about what we do is we do also provide value, we do both. So it’s a great, it’s a great job, you make money and you provide value to buyers.
If you’re a wholesaler, you provide value yourself, you buy it or you help sellers and you sell fast. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve helped sellers out I had a I had a property in Colorado, this guy was like 60 years old million millionaire didn’t really have any problems with finances, okay, but he had a million dollar house where the tenant would not pay rent. He wouldn’t leave. And check this out guys. The tenant was a bodybuilder. He was jacked. He had long hair. He had tattoos. He had piercings in his cheeks in his nose. This guy was scary. The landlord was like, “Man, I’m scared Nate, he told me that he’s like, I’m worried for my life this guy is is mean and he’s tough.” And I’m “like, Dude, why did you rent it out to him?” He’s like, “We used to be buddies. We used to be a part of this community together. But now you know, he’s gone off the wall. I can’t deal with this.” Money was not a problem for the guy who’s a millionaire. He had a million dollar property but the guy wasn’t the tenant wasn’t paying.
So I said, “Look, I’ll help you out. I’ll buy the house and I’ll take care of the tenant. Okay, so what did I do is I ended up working with my network and I wholesaled it to an investor I made $50,000 on one deal didn’t even see it, never walked it. Never even met the seller sold to my buddy and my buddy ended up flipping the house and making $156,000. Because he flipped it I think he put in maybe minimal.
Let me ask you guys do you think I helped that guy even though I made 50? Another guy made 156. Do you think I helped that guy? Do you think he cares that I made money? I want to hear from you guys if you heard that story.
If you’re paying attention I want to hear in the comments. What do you guys think?
Do you think I provided value to that person that needed to sell quick with ease convenience and speed? Yes.
We solve the problems? Yes. The dude was scared guys. I was scared. Oh gosh, I was scared. cuz this guy was like an ex Marine. He was a tough dude. I think he even grew. I don’t know what happened.
He was like growing some crazy stuff in the house. But anyway, I solved that problem. The buyer was happy then buyer that I worked with was happy and everybody wins. Okay, and mutually beneficial.
So don’t you ever think because you’re a wholesaler, you’re taking advantage of people. That’s not what we do. I tell everyone I work with their options, a part of my sales process, too.
I say, “Hey, are you sure you want to sell it to me, you can list it, you can fix it up, you can keep it as a rental, you can do many things, I will buy it I’d love to, but you don’t need to sell it to me. I’m not gonna pay you, you know, as much as you could get from these other ways.” I say that. I literally say that.
You guys don’t think I say that? But I do. Because I’m trying to give them a solution to their problem. If they say Yeah Nate, I might list it.” Like, “Okay, great. Well, you know maybe I know some agents I can put you in touch with.”
This job is not about convincing people to sell you at a discount this job is about finding people that have certain situations and helping them right. And how does that work? You’re providing value to the marketplace by giving it to buyers giving it helping out sellers making money.
Okay, so if you’re interested in that sales process, again, we’re going to go over that. That’s what I teach. Maybe I won’t be able to go too deep into this challenge. This challenge is more about reverse wholesaling, but that’s that basically my Scheel on all that. Okay, so what have we talked about so far?
This week on Monday, we went over the overview yesterday, we focused on finding cash buyers, we talked about reverse wholesaling, what is reverse wholesaling is the fastest, easiest, cheapest, best way to get a deal right now, especially with the market shift happening, you do not want to go spend 1520, even $5,000 a month on like a giant area where you don’t know if you have a deal, you don’t know, you’re just guessing, okay, that’s not what we do.
At least that’s not what I’m doing. And I don’t recommend you guys do it. Reverse wholesaling is having end buyers in mind, people that you know, and what they’ll pay, and then you connect them with deals that you find through paid marketing, or you find it through organic marketing. I just made $10,000 Or it’s closing this Friday, I showed you guys the proof I made $10,000 with a couple hours of work and having relationships with zero marketing spend.
I know everyone on this call can do it too. Because I’m showing you how to do it. It’s possible.
Tip number one get gets focused on one area, do not try to do the whole country. I used to do it. I still do it because I can do deals anywhere. Now I have the buyers I know how to do it, but I do not recommend anyone to do it. It’s painful. It’s a lot of work. And you don’t need to do it. But you pick your area. Okay, so I got Salt Lake City, Utah is my main area, Utah’s mayor, I know how to do the whole state. But if you come to me and say, Hey, I got a house in Atlanta, I got a house wherever I can help you. I know how to do sell any deal anywhere. But I don’t recommend everyone learn that way.
Number two is you make a list of 10 cash buyers who showed you how to do that you find your specific cash buyers, Christina that’s on the call with me. She even let me know that she has she has a buyer she has someone that she knows. Okay, so this is perfect for her. She has a job right like but this is some she can do what the strategy I’m showing you guys right now some you can do full time job, part time job, no job, okay.
Anybody can do it, find out what your cash buyers want. Very simple. I showed you guys how to fill out a form I’m going to show you, I just made it yesterday. And I think I have a couple buyers that have already filled out my form.
Okay, number four, how to find the deals, you already have the buyers in place, now you got to bring them deals.
Number five, once you find a deal, you actually have to analyze it before sending it to them, you do not want to send them a deal that’s a piece of trash, and then they’re gonna stop looking at everything you send them because they’re like, Yo, Nate, you keep sending me bad stuff, you’re wasting my time. So you gotta learn how to analyze the deal. And that is the free course that is on It’s how to calm properties using batch leads, and you know, other resources, okay, once you have the deal, you analyze it, you bring it to your buyer.
Number six, number seven, you negotiate the deal with them, get it under contract, whether you’re wholesaling it, you have it directly under contract, or you’re working with someone else. And Number eight, if your top 10 cash buyers don’t pay you enough, and you know, you can make more market to deal out dispel it. That’s what I did.
I had a cash buyer that was willing to pay 255 for the deal that I had under contracts, I was gonna make 5k I said, I think I can make more. Let me make a couple more phone calls. I called a couple more people took maybe an hour and then I got someone to pay $5,000 more. So it took me an hour from going from 5k to 10k took me an hour who would like to make $5,000 in an hour.
I’m sure everybody would like to do that. I’m showing you how to do it. Before I get into finding deals through paid marketing. I need to check in on the pulse of the people watching this. Any questions? Are there any questions? Anything you guys want to say? I got to know that you’re you’re you’re with me because right now we’re about to dive into the juice.
This is the juice the paid and the free marketing. Alex you’re all good.
All right. So guys, we’re gonna get into paid marketing and that’s why we have Christina on here and I’m gonna have you come on in just a second.
But let’s review all the paid marketing channels that most wholesalers use. Obviously there’s there’s 1000 there’s probably so many different marketing channels, but let’s go over which ones people usually use. So why do you need leads? Obviously you want to find a deal. You want to make money, what marketing channels are available to get off market leads.
Okay, cold calling. Okay. We’re about to get into that website, building SEO. I don’t recommend building SEO for this kind of business.
It’s very expensive. I tried it, did it for six months wasted a lot of money you can do if you want to waste money, but I don’t recommend it unless you’re an SEO Wizard texting, great, great idea. Very inexpensive compared to others direct mail, don’t recommend it very expensive return the response rates on mail or is like less than 1% You could get lucky.
I don’t recommend direct mail, pay per click expensive, it works. If you can stomach paying, you know 400 300 $150 A lead and you know, paying all that I’ve I’ve had I got a love hate relationship with PVC, it works. I’ve gotten a lot of deals from it. But also I just hate spending that kind of money Facebook ads as well can get expensive. A guy’s just scrolling on Facebook, you know, middle of the night, he sees your ad he clicks it he might have been tend to sell or he might just want to see what his house is worth. Facebook ads are okay.
There’s many companies that spend that kind of money and they generate tons of leads, and it works for them. But you have to have like employees you have to have a way to you know get to the leads ASAP you know a way to set yourself apart. Again, PPC is good, but you only do it if you’re ready.
Driving for dollars, it can be paid and it can be free. You can get it like an app with batch leads. I do driving for dollars virtually which I’m going to show you how to do on the screen right here. And you can do it for free with a notepad. But I’m putting paid because, you know, I think you should get the app because it makes it way easier. TV commercials.
Commercials are great. I have a buddy in Arizona who’s done hundreds of deals off of TV commercials, he tried it in Utah where I’m at it flopped it to kind of depends on the market, I ran a commercial flopped, I think we had two phone calls and spent $5,000. And one of the phone calls is fake. That’s what happens and you do paid marketing, you spend money, you hit big sometimes sometimes you don’t. Okay, but cold calling and texting, I think is the best way to do it.
Now you have radio, I’ve never done radio, but I’ve heard you know that. That might be a good demographic to target. I’ve never done it in any of RVM I don’t recommend RVM I’m just giving you guys my opinion like on this, like you can do any of these. But I’m telling you where I’ve seen the success in my business and where we’ve gotten deals, RVM doesn’t really work that well. And we can have that conversation later. So what we’re going to focus on right now guys is just how to start cold calling.
And we’re gonna have Christina, come on here. And after we talk about cold calling, we’re going to dive into a little bit of texting, we’re not going to go too much into the texting if you guys want to, like learn more about that we can do maybe another challenge or live another time. But today, it’s just cold calling because I don’t have all the time to to go over this. So Christina, I’m gonna have you hop on in a little bit. I’m just going to go over some of these points.
And then then you’re going to do a quick walkthrough. All right, so what do you need to successfully get cold calling set up everybody? Well, you can’t call anybody if you don’t have someone to call. So you got to get lists and data. Okay, so there’s prop stream, there’s batch leads, there’s list source, there’s the guy in India that keeps on messaging you every five minutes in your DMS on Facebook saying he’s the skip tracer he’s got stuff you got bas blast me I’m if you guys look at my spam folder on Facebook Messenger, it’s full of people that say they got lists, okay, don’t do any of them do batch leads.
The reason I’m telling you batch leads is where it’s at is because it does. It has cold calling that’s integrate. It’s got texting, it’s got driving for dollars. It’s got lists, it’s got everything you need. Okay, prop stream, I used to use prop stream, no hate on Prop stream, they just don’t have everything integrated, right.
So if you have prop stream, try batch leads, I have a link right here that you guys can do do a free trial and you know if you guys don’t want to try it, I don’t know why you wouldn’t it doesn’t cost you any money and they give you 1000 records that you can literally with what I’m going to show you today you can pull sign up pull them if you don’t like batch, which is not possible, you can cancel it okay. Once you get your list from batch leads, you’re going to skip tracing that’s another great thing about batch leads is you can skip trace all through batch so you pull the list you skip trace it other platforms like list source you got to pull the list then you got to take it to another website to get skip trace it’s kind of a waste of your time Okay, once you skip trace so you pulled the list so this is this is normally the workflow you pull list the people you’re interested in marketing to you get a guy named John all you see what John is his last name and his address his address where he lives that’s what a list has you have to skip trace that in order to get his phone numbers his relatives phone numbers his email so you can call or text them if you only mail then you just need to list because you don’t you’re not mailing to the phone number whatever direct mail once you have the skip trace information you put it into a multi line dialer which is batch dialer. If you do not have batch dialer, here is a free trial.
I’m hooking it up, go give it a shot. They’ll even I think even have like a support person that will help you if you sign up for batch that or Christina is gonna go over that And there’s, once you have a dialer, you can either call yourself or you can hire a virtual assistant to do it, you can find your own virtual assistants to do it.
Or you can hire some that I use. I have ones in Egypt that speak good English that you can use. And, you know, they’ll, they’ll call for you. They’re like six bucks an hour. They’re usually like 6 to 7. But with my link, you get a discount. It’s six bucks per cold caller. Okay, you just have to provide the dialer. You need a script, here’s a script on how to cold call. I’m giving it everything for you guys, you know, more thinking about anything, just just follow the steps.
“Where can you find these resources?”
Obviously, they’re on my website. My website literally has everything if you’ve paid for coaching before you shouldn’t have, because I give you everything you need here for free on my website. What software’s to use scripts, all that stuff. And, you know, like I said, I do coach but I mainly work with people to help them master the sales process. And I train acquisitions, people and their reps. But yeah, this is everything you need. If you want to get into wholesaling. Let’s see. And then there’s a blueprint right here that you also get that like shows you how to you know what lists the poll. I mean, it’s all here.
But we’re going to bring Christina on to show us how to walk through batch leads on a sorry batch dialer. And then I’m going to show you guys how to use batch leads specifically to market to specific areas where your buyers want. Okay, so Christina, every welcome, Christina. She is works for batch leads. So she’s gonna show us the good stuff.

Christina: All right. Hey, everyone. Thanks, Nathan. Do you want me to share my screen now?

Nathan: Yeah, yeah, I’ll stop sharing my screen, you can share your screen. Cool.

Christina: All right. Let’s make sure I get the right window. All right. So here is once it loads the batch dialer. So I am logged in as an admin. And when you log in, you’ll either log in as the admin or you’ll log in as the agent.
But I’m going to show you the basic functions of how to create a campaign so that you can put your imports your contacts into that campaign, and then go ahead and get them start calling them. So over here when we switch accounts, to the test. All right, there we go. In the right roles, okay, cool. All right.
So over here, we’re going to go to our campaign, just to show you guys over here in the dashboard, this is a snapshot of everything that is going on in your with your team with your account.
So if you have people calling, you’ll be able to see what their you know, average call is what their average wait time is how many connects, you’ll be able to see all of your agents. And this little key tells you you know what status they’ve put themselves in, so you’ll know who’s on break, who’s calling, you’ll know who’s on calls, you’ll be able to see everything.
So that would be if you had like a team. So in order to start calling, you have to start out with a campaign. And you can see I have a lot of campaigns are so I’m just going to create a new campaign. And I don’t know why that won’t go away. There we go. So there’s a little button up here called new campaign.
And this is what you’re gonna start off with. So before you start calling, you’ve got to tell the dialer, what you want, how you want that campaign to act. And so you’re gonna start with the dialing mode. And we always suggest that you use the predictive dialer. So the reason that you’re going to use the dialer is so that you can do more calls in in less time. So if you were to pick up your cell phone and make a phone call every single time, you’d have to dial that number, you’d have to call, you’d have to wait for them to answer. Leave a message, hang up, and then do it again.
So with the predictive dialer, it’s going to automatically dial those phone numbers that you’ve put into the campaign, so it’s a lot faster. So agents, you’re going to pick your agents so you can add one agent to agents. So if you’re setting this up for yourself, you can just add yourself to as the agent, if you need to create an agent, you can do that also right here without having to go to your settings or or anything like that.
Just want to make sure your account has enough agents, mine apparently. So over here, you’re gonna pick your phone numbers. So these are going to be the phone numbers that you’ve purchased through batch dialer. And you want to make sure that you’re picking the phone numbers that are in the market that you’re going to be calling in. So we’re just gonna grab this number you want to use a good formula that we have is for every 100 calls you’re making.
You want to use one One phone number per every 100 calls. So depending on how many calls you want them to make, that’s how many phone numbers you would add to that campaign. So here is these, the contact list is who you’re actually going to be calling. So you would want to import your list.
So you could either import that right here by uploading clicking this button. Or if you found your list on batch leads, all you’d have to do is send them right over from batch leads over into the dialer. And then you’d be able to find that list right here. So we’re gonna go ahead and choose, we’ll just choose any list for this purpose.
You’ll want to name your campaign how you name it is up to you. We all want to pick your call results. So what the call results are, are when an agent calls or when you’re calling after you call, it’s going to pop up a little box that’s going to say, how did this call go, and you’re covered vaults are going to be how that call went.
So you can customize these per campaign. So you can take out test, voicemail drop. And then you can also add, if you wanted to, or you could create your own as well. So you can customize this to act however you want, however you want it to. And then you’re going to pick your script for your agent. So we actually have this default here that is a script that was written by one of the number one performers in the industry. So that comes inside of your batch account. So if you don’t have anything and you’re just getting started, you’re welcome to use that you can also add your own scripts over here. And you can customize these by you know, personalizing them, you can say you can add your agents name as well, so that they can literally just look at this and read it and continue on with that phone call once they get a connection. So over here, this is advanced configuration, I’m not going to go over this, essentially, you don’t need to do anything, I just wanted to point it out. Because all of these features in the advanced configuration have to do with your Connect rate. So we have pre selected behaviors or rules back here to ensure that how you’re dialing out is going to result in the highest connect rate for you. So I’m not going to go through those at this point. You’re ready to save your campaign and start calling that do you guys have any questions while we’re waiting for it to load?

Nathan: Yeah, I don’t know if I’m doing pretty good job. Johan, says I wasn’t using batch to its full capacity when he had it. Oh, that’s yeah, happens is, you know, there’s this technology does so much. It’s so hard, you know, you almost need to sit down or watch a demo or have someone help you through it.

Christina: Okay, so as an administrator, I can log out and log back in as an agent, or I can just demonstrate this here for you. So this bar up here, when you’re ready to start calling this is what is going to be important. So you can see once you click that down button, you’re going to have several different options.
When you’re ready to call, you’re going to want to click available. Now one thing I want you guys to keep in mind is that there’s no like start or stop or you know, like, but into actually initiate one phone call, once you hit available and choose your campaign, it’s going to kick you right in and it’s going to constantly call. So you have to make sure you’re ready before you hit available. And then you also want to make sure that when you are done polling, that you’re just gonna pause and put yourself in a different status. So that way, you’re not getting connected to more phone calls. So we’re gonna go ahead and pick I think that’s the campaign we set up. But there are real people on there. I’ll talk to somebody.
Yeah, let’s see, this is like a demo account. So if it were calling right now these two buttons would light up. So I’m going to explain what’s going to actually be happening. So we’ve basically told the system that we want to call two phone numbers at a time to maximize our Connect rate. So if this was a real campaign, it would be calling right now. And then it would connect automatically so that you or your agent will just hear a beep in your ear. It’ll go to do and then the person will say hello, and you’ll be able to talk to them. So let’s actually see if we can pick a different let’s try this one. We’ll have Nathan talk to him.
So see this kind of campaign was set up to call three at a time. And the reason we do two to three is because if the phone if the dialer calls 10 phone numbers at a time, and you get three connections, one’s going to draw up, and you’re going to lose two opportunities to talk to people. So we suggest and those are in this is in that advanced configuration space to keep it at three or lower so that when you have a connection, you can actually talk. Okay, so it’s not actually going to do it. Let’s try one more campaign.

Nathan: Next time. Let’s put a let’s do a good let’s get a list ready? I’ll call that one. You’re talking about an AZ. Yeah. Yeah.

Christina: All right. Let’s try this one. Yeah, since this is a demo account, I don’t think it’s going to do it. Oh, oh, no, we just did.
I think I saw and did it. Yeah, I ended it too early. Okay, so we’re calling Patrick McEwan. Let’s see if I can get talk to him.

Alright, so one thing that I want you guys to know is that here is where it’s running. It is but you know what, it is also a demo account. So it connected for demo purposes, I don’t think it’s a real person already locked Patrick up live, you know.
But here’s what I want you guys to see, when you do have a connection, you’re gonna see all of their information.
So especially if you transfer these over from batch leads, if you just push them into the dialer, anything that you’ve done in batch lead, so if you text message them, if you had making any notes, given them any lead statuses, lead scoring, all of that information is going to transfer right here into the dialer. So you can see over here on the side, you’ve got your script for your agent or for yourself, you have the info for the person. The property details would be right here. Any activities that have been done. So whether the activities have been done in batch leads, or in batch dialer, you’ll see all of those any calls, any notes, any tasks, any campaigns that this person is in so in their, if they’re in multiple campaigns, you’ll see that here. Any notes that you or any of your team has taken on this person, whether it was over in batch leads in the text messaging section, or over here in the calling section, these would be right here. And any lead sheets that have been assigned to this campaign, or to this customer would also be here as well. So now I’m going to end the call. So you can see these are now your call results. So we could easily just say, you know, great call, we talked for a minute, I’m going to follow up with him tomorrow he wants to talk to his wife or wants to chat with.
And then you can rate these calls as well. So if you liked the call, because they’re all recorded, so you guys can go listen to them after. So if you feel like this was a great call, if you feel like you could have done better, you can actually rate it with whatever system you decide. And it will keep those notes. So now that we finished that call, it’s going to go ahead and call again. And I’m just gonna go ahead and end that because these actually aren’t real. But I did want you to see how it does call three people at a time. One of them has dropped off, it’s still dialing these other two, and then it will connect. So that’s how the dialer works.

Nathan: Yeah, and if none of you have cold called, be prepared to be very upset and angry and sad, like feel every emotion that you maybe have ever felt in your life on one hour. It’s your people are gonna yell at you. People are gonna, you know, it’s just gonna, that’s just how it is. Okay, like, you just got to, I mean, I’m dead. I’m numb to it because I’ve done so many sales jobs and like when people say no or get upset, I know they’re not mad at me. Personally, they’re just annoyed for some reason you don’t know what’s going on in their life. So just know that that’s, that’s what it is. And it’s not a big deal. If someone gets upset at you.

Christina: Are there any questions on how the dialer offering or any questions for Nathan about cold calling?

Nathan: Yeah, anything you guys got? This is why we’re here. I wanted to show you if out of all the paid marketing channels that I recommend it’s cold calling and texting. You know, all the other ones. I don’t recommend so that’s why I have her on here. You know, I think batch leads is they got it locked in. But It doesn’t I think he did a good job. You know, either either everybody’s sleeping, or they got No, they haven’t.

Christina: It’s probably one of those things too, that when you start when you get in and you start clicking it, you know, then that’s when the questions arise. So Nathan, did you share your link? Or do you want me to share that?

Nathan: I shared a little bit earlier, but I got to share it again. Because it looks like when new people come in, they don’t see previous links. So here’s a seven day free trial everybody on the batch dialer, okay. So I mean, if you want to try out cold calling, I would recommend it. So we’re going to do really quick as batch batch leads now because batch dials are separate from batch leads, okay? You need batch dialer to dial batch leads is for lists. It’s for, you know, pretty much what I’m gonna show you guys right here. So Christina, um, I’m not gonna go like, I would say we could do the the texting, but maybe we can do that another time. We’ll actually show people how to do it. Because this this call, I want to just keep it like kind of, not too in depth on that. Right. Okay.
Is that okay? Yeah. Okay, so let me pull up batch leads really quick. Before I dive into this? Does anybody have any questions or want me to clarify anything? While I’m waiting for some people to answer again, if you’re in the live and you’re not in the Google meet, click on the link in description come in here participate.
You’re just really, Christina, just people that are in the live that are just watching me talk. And I’m like, why don’t you come in? Let’s let’s let’s see my screen. See what we’re doing. Real quick. While we’re waiting for Hey, guys, just give me any Polsky. J
ust show that you’re you’re still there. I’m gonna take my TV. And I’m going to show you how to drive for dollars on this bad boy. It’s pretty cool. But yeah, so just comment, and then I’ll get back to you. Lindsey has a pulse. Check this out. This is like a giant iPad. It’s really cool. It’s kind of weird. Some of the TV makes that kind of look, you know, but it’s whatever. So this is the team. This is bachelor leads, but I’m also going to share you my screen and then I’m going to I like driving for dollars on this thing. I think it’s cool. So let me share my screen and we’ll go right back into we’re here just watching Alex. I love it.
Yeah, I mean, maybe if we talked and we were communicating, I wish we were all in the room, because then I’d be able to gauge the pulse a little bit more, but I appreciate you guys commenting.
Thank you. Alright, so let’s go here. Alright, so this everybody is batch leads. Okay. So batch leads. So we’re gonna go back to the, let me actually drop this, get this out of the way. So what is this challenge all about? Again, guys, it’s all about reverse wholesaling. Okay, it’s about targeting a specific area to find a deal, not trying to get the whole state of Utah, the whole state of even all of Atlanta. It’s not about that, like, you can do that if you want. But this I’m showing you guys how to specifically get buyers that are interested in this specific area, and to find them specific deals, so you’re not spending all your money.
Okay, so we walked through the dialer. So now let’s go into this. So let me show you how to use batch leads to find specific areas. Is this training recorded? You? You dang right, John St. John, it’s recorded, I got it recorded for you. And I’m gonna give you a free coaching course on okay.
So batch leads, is let me show you right here on the left hand side like what it does. So you got a dashboard. You can search for specific properties, like what we’re talking about, like going for a specific area, you have lists. Once you pull the list, you can skip trace the list, you can run campaigns, you can do SMS or direct mail. You also can drive for dollars, which I’m going to show you on my screen and you know, then there’s the inbox I think that’s where the messages go and then reports Okay, so let’s do a specific example. Somebody gives me an area that they know they have a buyer for and they want to specifically get leads in that area. Somebody in the comment section and I’ll show you how to do it. Tampa, Tampa.
Okay, all right. We got to we got wrong with Tampa. We got Raleigh, Alex Phoenix. Okay. Cool. Let’s do Tampa really quick. Pampers a big place can you give me a little bit more specific area and Tampa? Baltimore. Okay. Let’s go with Tampa. Ron. What specific area in Tampa are we talking about? Right here Seminole heights in Tampa. Okay, let’s maybe I can see that can I see that right here by just looking at this map or do I gotta type it in? Is it give me kind of an eye Oh, wow. Your your boys got a good eye. Is it right here? Right. Is that it right there.
Ron, can you give me a thumbs up or say as Let the area zoom in. That’s it. Is this it right there? Seminole? Yeah, yeah. All right. All right. Where are we got guys? I never even been to Tampa. I’m actually going to Tampa next week for a mastermind event with some ballers that got some some guys that are legit all stars.
That’s another thing I want to tell you. If you guys want to level up, you need to get around people that are above you. I’m about to go hang out with some millionaires, billionaires. I shouldn’t I shouldn’t be in the room. But that’s you shouldn’t be in the room. Right. But I’m going to tamp I’m just letting you know. That’s how you level up. Okay, so seminal. So let’s say, Ron, for example, you have a buyer that wants everything. What is this? Is this a road? Seminole Boulevard?
Let’s say you have a buyer said, Look, Ron, I will buy any three two that you have. That’s west of Seminole Boulevard. So you’d say Okay, great. Well, let me find you a deal, sir. So let’s just we’ll cut off here. We’ll just because we know what he wants, and then you can pick the specific area that your your buyer told you about? Great.
And this what He says He says, My budget, Ron is $700,000 I will not get well. Let’s even see if that’s normal here. Okay. He says, My budgets 800,000. I don’t go above 100,000. And I want no more than a four two. Okay. So then you can using this filter filter for what you what you want, like what you’re looking for. Okay.
So let’s go to the top. Let’s see property characteristics. All classifications you want residential? Okay. You want single family? You can even go townhouses? If he wants townhouses, go General. Okay. So he’s like, I don’t want anything. A minimum, won’t put a minimum, I say, a maximum of I don’t know if we even want to a minimum. Let’s see, Max.
I don’t think Max so you’d say, Okay, we want at least a minimum of two bedrooms. Okay, we’ll just go minimum of two bedrooms. And a minimum. It’s got two baths. Okay. All right. So you got now you’re seeing the criteria that’s pulling, okay, your end, he says, Look, I’m not gonna buy anything less than 1000 square feet. And while it’s go 700 square feet. I’m not buying anything less than that. And he says, I’m not buying anything. I don’t want anything.

I’molder than 1970. Okay, so I think that’s right. So a minimum of 1970 number of units doesn’t matter. lot size stories, he doesn’t care about stories. He doesn’t care about any of this crap. So then ownership. Okay, so you want to kind of find out, okay, do I want to work with, you know, company owned properties? I don’t really care what it is. Okay, he doesn’t care either. years of ownership? Do I care how many years they’ve owned it? Not really, okay.
Do I care if they have liens, or divorce or bankruptcy? Not really, how much equity? Okay, equity percentage, let’s go a minimum, let’s just see what’s out there, minimum of 50% equity, because you want to know that there’s deal in there. If there’s enough juice in it, loan type, don’t care, cash buyer don’t care, demographics, don’t care, household size, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You can, you can get as deep as you want. But let’s just see what we got here. Hey, let’s see how many records come up. Okay, so then you would go over here, and you save that you can save the filter too.
But you got 620 properties, west of the boulevard that qualify for what your buyer wants. So then all you would do is you would take this, you would take this property, you’d select select all you’d add it to a list, you once you add it to the list, you’d skip trace it, I’m not gonna go through all this because you know, can get pretty granular and I don’t have to go through too much of it. But you basically can pick a list to a specific area that someone wants, and then you can put it into skip trace it cold call it batch dial it. It’s pretty simple. Okay. Any questions? not complicated at all. You pick an area where your guy wants, and you find them a deal. And you said, Hey, man, I just spent all this time looking for a deal. You better buy it and they will because you guys have been come tight. You’re cool with your buyer. He’s gonna buy what you have. Because you you talk to him and you’re letting them know you’re finding stuff. Any questions before I show you how to do driving for dollars, anything?
Because I’m about to go show you I just want don’t want to move on if people have questions about this, Ron, I mean, this was your area. Do you have any questions? Or Did I did I explain to you pretty well how you can specifically go and target an area So good finding foreclosures. Okay, so so the thing with foreclosures batch sometimes has that data. But sometimes you have to go get that specifically from the county. You’re talking about pre foreclosures, right? Because once it’s foreclosed, and the bank owns it, and there’s those are tough to wholesale, you want to find pre foreclosures, people who are about to get foreclosed on. And like I said, that is a filter on batch. But it depends sometimes not no hate on batch or any of the data services.
But sometimes the data can be old, because every data service sometimes gets, depending on where you live gets the information a little late on pre foreclosures. That’s my my experiences. But yes, you can find it here. Any other questions before we go on to driving for dollars and how that helps you find deals that your buyers want specifically can bring in the mic over here? And we’re about to drive for dollars? Virtually? I want to ask you guys a question, who has driven for dollars before who’s gotten in the car and drove around? And got gene perks? Raise your hand? Anybody else? Maybe they all raise your hand use that little feature? Who has driven driven for dollars before? Okay, got wrong? Vonda, guys. This is my experience with driving for dollars. It sucks. You got your head hurts. You’re you’re you’re looking at addresses like this, you know, you’re going back, you’re stopping in front of people’s houses, and they’re like, some might come out and be like, What are you doing in front of my house?
And you’re like, I’m just writing down your address. So it’s sucks. Okay, I’ve done it for hours. You got your hand got chased down by a neighbor, neighbors guard. Wow. That’s dangerous. Okay. Now, I’m not saying driving for dollars is not a good thing to do. It just sucks. And you know, you could say cold calling sucks. And it’s whatever it will make you money if you do it. But batch is ahead of the curve. They know it sucks. So what did they do? Well, let’s do it, everybody. So let’s do the same thing. And let me see if I can bring the computer a little closer so you guys can see. A little better. Okay. All right.
So what you do is, oh, shoot, I needed to update this on my I needed to update this and it just said update it. And I forgot to update it. So whatever I’m going to show you on the computer. I was going to show you on my screen, but I’ll show you on the computer. So same thing that we just did in Tampa. Alright, so we’re about to drive for dollars virtually.
So we’re going to Tampa. Okay, zoom out. You can actually put a specific address but I’m just doing it like this. Where was that place again? What was it called Seminole? Was that the word? It’s right there. Got it. parceled as a free app is really good if you physically are driving and want to keep track. Yes, thank you, Jim. Perks got chase down. Alright guys. So here we are in Seminole. Now if you’re like if your buyers like, Look, dude, if you can find me a piece of land, or if you can find me a house in this neighborhood. I’ll buy it from you. And you don’t want to pull this and cold call or text that yet.
Well, this is what you do, everybody. So you take your little guy here, you drop them in the neighborhood your guy wants, and then it’s pretty simple. You start virtually driving your neck is not about to snap, your head’s not hurting. It’s not hot. My office is kind of hot, but it’s not that hot. So you just look for properties that look distressed. And I’m not going to do this all day. But let’s see if there’s anything Oh, so these people I’m in now just looks like they’re redoing their, their yard unless their yard looks like that year round then that we got a problem. Okay, this one looks like they were selling it.
I mean, that’s probably indicated that little overgrown the yard does not look good. That’s something I would mark. Okay, but potentially got sold. But I would mark that. So let’s keep going. Let’s see each, okay. You’re just looking for indicators like tall grass, broken windows, unkempt lawns, people. Sometimes you can just see people from Google hanging out on Google Earth and you’re like, Hey, this looks a little shady. That’s, maybe I’d mark that. Well, let’s see.
Let’s keep going. Oh, yeah. All right. I see that blue house is ugly. And it can just be like, maybe not painted. This looks like an old Granny’s house. Let’s look I’ll just show you guys. So you’re driving, you’re driving along. And by the way, you can have a VA do this to guys. So all you do is you go save and you would call this one for example, create a new list you’d call it driving for driving for dollars. Seminole, right, D Ford D Seminole, okay. And then you would create a tag that would be driving for dollars. And that’s how you keep track of everything. So we’re I have it out here.
Where’s driving for dollars right there. So that’s how you do it. You’d save it and then this would create a list so you didn’t have to go spend money in your car. You didn’t have to go get gas you didn’t have to hurt your neck looking back. It’s not hot. It’s way easier. And again, you can pay it probably pay a va $2 $3 an hour to do this eight hours a day. And you know, you just got to make Make sure to train them on what looks like what are indicators because, you know, they’re from the Philippines.
So they might, it might be difficult to, to know what like distressed property in the neighborhood like this looks like but um, but you know, I know they can figure it out I love my bas to the best.
So that’s driving for dollars in a specific targeted area that you have a buyer for. Okay, so we’ve gone over how you can specifically go to an area instead of marketing all the around the world, the United States or your whole state your whole city to talk to a buyer and say what are you looking for? Let me actually find it for you. So cold calling, texting, pulling lists on batch driving for dollars. What else? What other questions you guys have before we get into the free marketing?
Let’s, if you don’t have anything, just say no. So I can move on. But uh, yeah. Does anyone else have any other questions that I can cover about that? Nope. Ron, okay, no questions for you on that one.

All right, draw. Let me ask you this, do you think you’ll do what I just showed you? Will you go drive for dollars, talk to a specific investor and you know, try and find them a property in an area if you don’t want to? If you’re not going to do that’s okay. I just kind of curious who in here is like, hey, I’ll do that. That sounds like a good strategy. Ron, what do you think and if you guys think what I’m showing you right now is something that would be worth your time in it. The cool thing about what I’m showing you is you don’t have to be on the dialer, like eight hours a day, you can pull a list of like 600 properties and you can just work really hard to get a hold of everyone on that list. And then you’d be done. So there’s like a strategy to this instead of just doing it over and over and over and just hoping right just been like, oh gosh, numbers game.
This is like a sniper, right? Most wholesalers do the shotgun approach that they shoot it and they just hope anything hits. That’s not what we do. Here. We are snipers, we go for specific properties because we don’t have the time or the money or even want to just blast everyone and everyone anyone and everyone and hope we get something. Okay. A lot more dialed in by reverse wholesaling is versus just driving for dollars. That was me for a long time. Johan, me too, brother. I used to just drive every neighborhood in the neighborhood. And we’d get deals, but it’s it’s stressful. And it’s better to know this way. Right? Okay, post this on job on Fiverr. And you can get someone in Pakistan for $1 an hour. Ron, let’s go.
That’s what I’m talking about, bro. That’s exactly what I’m saying. All right. So who’s ready to talk about how to make money do this without having to spend a single dollar? How did I just make $10,000 By spending $0. That’s a great return, right? I’m sure all of you. And most of us want to make money and with low risk, okay. And that’s not something that happens a lot in real life. You can’t really just make money without having to put up money. Right. So I’m going to show you guys how to do it. All right, here we go. Don’t blink, because you’re going to this is the good stuff. All right.
All right, everybody. So slide show, paid marketing or organic free marketing. Okay, what is free marketing? Okay, sounds sounds like a myth. It’s not I just got made 10k. I’ve made over 400 I think $500,000 off of zero marketing spend since I’ve started wholesaling, like I’ve spent a lot of marketing, but I’ve done that much just off of free stuff, right? Okay, so let’s go over the free organic marketing channels. And there’s a video here that kind of go a little bit more in depth that here’s all the ones that I personally use, and I’m gonna go in depth on a couple of them.
And Christina, if you’re watching this, I’d recommend you do it. I recommend everybody do it. Okay. Can you wholesale from Sunday and Homelight you’re dang right? You can brother and that’s what we do. And I’ll answer those questions. Okay, net, okay. Number one network with agents and wholesalers, okay, I just did a deal with a wholesaler.
Okay, I get lots of deals with wholesalers. Because sometimes wholesalers can’t find buyers. And let me tell you guys some let me give you let me tell you story. I just did a deal for 10k Check out how crazy this is the wholesaler I’m working with send out an email blast. He’s not from Utah, okay, he sent out an email blast with the same deal that I just sold to somebody the same exact deal, nothing different. He sent it out. My buyer looked at it and didn’t respond. He was busy. He didn’t know the guy. Whatever reason I think he was, you know, on a family trip, for whatever reason he did not respond to that email I talked to the guy said, Hey, I think I have a buyer. He’s like, Okay, bring it in. You know if it’s good enough deal. It’s Jay. Let’s partner together.
So I actually called My top 10 cash buyer. I called them. I said, Hey, man, I got a deal. You bought a townhouse for me and a while ago? Do you want another one? He said, Yeah, let me what’s the address? I said, it’s this. He’s like, Oh, I got an email from another guy with this deal. I looked at it, but I just didn’t do anything about it. It’s like, oh, okay, well, yeah. So when I’m working with him on you want it?

He’s like, Yeah, tell me about it. I want in the comment section. I want to know why you guys think I was able to make $10,000 off of a deal the same deal that he got already. But why did I get that two? Why was I able to make that? What do you guys think? What enabled me to make that money that that other wholesaler did the same thing I did. I didn’t get it done. Ron says personal relationship because you had the connection with the buyer. That’s it. Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t Isn’t that wild guys? So check this out.
I doing this again today. There’s another wholesaler that hit me up with the deal says, Hey, I have a walkthrough that I’m doing Can you come I can’t make it personally I’m busy talking to you guys but I can send one of my buyers there and then I can work out the deal getting the deal somehow and say, Hey, I brought the buyer he’s making an offer let me get a piece that’s not my deal. I didn’t talk to the seller didn’t negotiate it and do anything.
All I’m doing is connecting people because I bomb relationships who would like to make money in this business by just having relationships? Or would you guys rather beyond the dialer, negotiate with sellers do all this which is what you need to do? You still need to not do that. Because then you can make bigger spreads. What I’m teaching you right now is how to make money without doing that. But you need to know how to do both. I tried JV with new Western, but it was hard.
How do you do it with them? Especially paperwork, rice, I prefer the relationships. Same here. I’m a relationship guy. I know I can make a ton of money just off of just relationships. And guys, I’ve been running investors drive my coaching business, I’ve been running a wholesaling business, and I do this on the side. So this is a total part time thing if you want or you can do full time thing. It’s doesn’t have to be full time. Okay? So that’s your network with agents and wholesalers, okay, boots on the ground always makes the difference. Dang, right. If someone shows up to the house, they’re way more likely to get that deal and someone assigned the deal to them than if you know, it’s all over the phone. JVing Okay, so JVing is huge. Okay? Now networking with agents and wholesalers a little different than JV in my opinion, networking with agents and wholesalers is, you know, talking to agents, you know, they don’t specifically have a deal under contract, but you’re just talking and trying to gain you know, build that relationship.
I have new Western deals come to me every day signed a disclaimer with them. Yeah, so the thing I’m gonna tell you what to do, Ron, so just, I’ll answer that for you. But yeah, networking.
Number one, networking with agents and wholesalers is a great way to get deals, but it’s not jiving because you don’t have the deal yet. JV is when someone has a contract. That’s what I did. The guy had a deal. It was under contract. It’s not like he came to me and was like, Hey, I got a deal. You’re gonna have to negotiate it, whatever. He had the house under contract, that’s JV, they have a contract, you find the buyer, you say you sign a JV agreement. That’s it.
That’s number two, another one of the best ways to make money with little to no marketing spend.
Okay, number three making offers on Sunday. Now, Sunday just recently started charging, like $500 for a platform. So it’s not free. I’m sorry, I forgot to take that off. But what Sunday is, is they’re basically wholesalers that let the sellers know, they’re wholesalers. They’re like, Hey, I’m not gonna buy your house, but I have a pool of buyers that will make offers and I’ll bring it, bring them to you. And if I can get you the best offer, then let’s go for it. So that’s what they do. So what we do is we make offers on Sunday, and we either buy them because I flipped multiple properties on Sunday now, or I say I just had my offer approved. I don’t want this one.
But I know somebody that will pay more than me, what do you do? So Ron, your question is, do they let you wholesale, they do not let you wholesale. So you have to double close, double closing, you got to get transactional funding, it usually cost 2% But you work that into your deal. And it’s worth it. So you actually double close you actually buy the property with transactional funding and then we sell it so we’ve done this multiple times Homelite leads same thing I’ve flipped a lot of homes on Homelite paid them obviously you got to pay them so it’s not free in the sense that you can do it for free like up front it’s free because you pay once you get the deal but what happens is you get the leads you make the call you negotiate the deal once it closes you pay them a commission.
Now what’s happened on Sundays we bought and sorry Homelite is we bought we I keep saying bought and my wife is always like it’s not a word, Nate and I’m like alright, okay but so we bought a lot of homes hon home light and you know, sometimes we’re the spread isn’t big enough or it’s not going to work for us. We’re overwhelmed, double close wholesale, right.
It’s not even wholesale double close. So okay, so making Facebook posts okay same thing you know you’re looking for deals and I’m going to show you the right way to make a Facebook post for free Christina.
This is somebody should do for your friend yeah I’m gonna show you the right way to do getting deals from net worth Realty new Western other brokerages same thing you got to double close but again, it’s the relationships maybe you got a better relationship than net worth Realty does now this is the thing guys when you’re getting leads from network Realty, new Western, all this stuff. They blast it out to quite a few people I know because I’m on their lists. The power is in the relationship. It’s in the text message that I send to my guy and say, Hey, there’s a lot here.
Can you go today? I sent one earlier Okay, got an answer. Right. You know, he’s busy, it’s fine. So that is how you can do deals through network Realty. Guys, this is the deal. There’s so many people out there looking for deals, getting deals under contract, they’re all over the place. You guys can do it too. You can do it too. I do it. But there’s so many deals there. If you have those relationships, you don’t really need to that in depth, okay, or you can make money Be on the side while you’re doing that for sale by owner sites Zillow, you got a specific seller that wants Seminole buyer that wants Seminole you look in Seminole in that area when a for sale by owner Lee pops up you call you say hey, I’m talking to someone, what would you pay for this easy make offers on other wholesalers deals. Okay, there’s a video of me showing people how to make offers.
So again, this is different than JV JV and you’re going to a wholesaler and say hey, I have a buyer let’s let’s JV Let’s split it making offers on wholesalers deals is you are a buyer, you make an offer you get it under contract and you assign your contract to someone else. You didn’t tell the wholesaler you’re doing this but you only do this if you have a buyer. And then at closing, they’re like they find out that you know they made 15k You made 10 and then your buyer bought it and there’s no reason they should be upset because they they wholesaled it you can wholesale a wholesalers deal happens all the time.
There can be like seven people on the deal. There was a story there’s this deal in California guy got it for 400,000 from a lady somebody else said I’ll buy it was a wholesaler he got it for like 600 that he bought it from that guy for 600,000. So that guy made $200,000 fee, this guy that said he was buying it wholesale that someone else for like 750 That guy was a wholesaler that guy ended up wholesaling to someone else for 900,000. So in the chain of events, that person that sold 400,000, there’s like three or four other people that made like for another 400,000, because they all knew the right people, right?
You can do that you can wholesale, a wholesale or wholesale you can it can be a chain of never ending Wholesalers of $5 or a min depends on the towel company. Sometimes maybe the towel can be like, Hey, this is crazy, I’m doing this but unlikely because they want to make their money. So you can do that. But I would not do that to wholesalers unless you have a buyer. That’s why the reverse wholesaling strategies, money came knocking and flying pre foreclosures.
So if you have a specific buyer that has an area that he likes, you get the Pre Foreclosure list and you say, okay, he likes buying pre foreclosures in this area. Let me go knock those specific addresses, and leave flyers on the door when no one shows like if no one answers, make posts on your social media to let everyone know you’re buying in that area.
Okay, so this is one of the most important thing things I want to teach you guys is you need to tell everyone in the world that you are a real estate investor, everyone needs to know that because I’ve been in this for four years, I waited until about two and a half years because I’m not really big on social media. But I also I don’t want to say it was ashamed.
But I was waiting for a moment where I felt confident enough to do this. Don’t do don’t wait like me. Okay, you’re gonna miss out on a lot of money. Do it right now, today, let everyone in your social media, Instagram, tik, Tok, Facebook, whatever you have, say, Hey,guys, I’m a real estate investor, I flip properties. If you have anything, I’m looking in this area in say an area where you actually have a buyer that wants it.
That’s why we reverse wholesale by doing this and consistently posting letting people know what you do. People will bring you deals. The eight Plex I got was from a family member who didn’t really know over the last, like I said, the first two years that I did this, but I started talking about what I did. And now I’m buying his apartment complex. So that’s, that’s how it works. Okay. Now, my family is like, Hey, real estate, Nate, Nathan, whatever. You got any deals like we talk about it, and they look for me, okay, people care about you. Everyone has someone that cares about them. If you tell people what you want to accomplish, they’re going to help you get there. I tell people all the time, like, Hey, I’m trying to you know, aspiring real estate investor, coach, whatever. And people help me, okay, because that’s just the world people. People are good.
They want to help people succeed. So talk about it, you will get deals from that. That’s the probably the cheapest, the easiest, the fastest way to do for you, Christina. Talk about it post, say, Hey, I’m a real estate investor. Now, I’m looking for deals in this specific area. Send me what you got. Okay. And then driving for dollars, we already talked about that. It can be free if you had a notepad. Okay. Before I go off and show you in depth on how to do maybe two or three of these, what questions do you guys have about these marketing strategies that are free, that don’t cost you money other than Sunday, now they’ve switched their form their format. Any questions, clarification? Anything you guys want to know, I think this is money by the way.
Like, I don’t know if any, you guys knew this. But this is all this is all true. And I’ve made money, I’d say from all these strategies, okay. You really just got to hone in on what you want to do. And sometimes you got to do multiple of these, but you really got to know where you’re looking. We got Alex saying, Nope. Awesome so far. Alex, I appreciate that.
Is there a good day of the week to post or call? Good question, I would say anytime you call is a good time to call because sometimes, you know, it’s hard to call so anytime is a good time to call and then the post once a day, you know, it doesn’t matter the time. I mean, I post so much that I think people don’t even look at it anymore. But you know, whatever least they know. At least they stopped looking at my stuff because they know he does real estate right now They post so much that people don’t follow you. And they’re like, Hey, I don’t want to talk to this guy all he does is talk about real estate.
He’s annoying but if they find a deal in your all your posts that they saw were, hey, I’ll pay you I’ll give you a finder’s fee if you find a deal. There you go. Maybe that’s a good thing post so much so people can you know, even they know exactly what you’re doing. Okay, any anything else guys? And then I’m going to move on. It says you can sign up for free. Alright, sign up for free. I think in order to make offers you need to pay. But yeah, sign up for free. All right, JV. Let’s dive into a little bit more. What is JV? It’s finding other wholesalers deals would it be okay to make a Facebook page? When Dylan? What do you pay for finders fees? Okay, these are good questions. Let’s talk about them finder’s fees, I would, I would say a percentage of the wholesale fee be like, hey, I’ll pay 10% of what I make on on the flip and then explain to them that’s the wholesale fee, you can say 5%, you can do a flat fee of 500 or 1000. The only problem with the flat fee. It’s sometimes if you do a small deal.
I mean, you don’t want to give up half like if you do $1,000 deal, which you know, you should do more than that. But that’s the problem being like a flat fee fee of 100 or 500,000 bucks, I usually do a percentage, or you could say something to the, you know, some like this, you’d say, I’ll give you 500 That $500 flat or 5% of the fee depending on which one makes sense, you know, and then if it’s like, you know, when you get the check and you let them know what’s going to be you can say look, you know, I’m barely making anything on this. Can I I’m gonna go with you know, giving you five 10% or 5% of 1000.
Right, I’ll give you 100 bucks. Did that answer your question Vonda and Wendelin? What are you referring to for making a Facebook page? I’m curious what you mean. A Facebook page for what? Because I have I have many Facebook pages and I’m just curious what you’re talking about because Facebook doesn’t really send people like if you post a lot on on a Facebook page. Facebook’s algorithm is like forget your Facebook page because no one cares about Facebook pages they care about groups and personal profiles.
I have multiple Facebook pages and I posted them just as much as I do on my other profiles and they barely get shown again because of the algorithm Facebook’s trying to get paid. So where’s the the most payment the most interaction it’s in groups and then you know personal Facebook feeds so Vonda I don’t see it coming in with a follow up question on why you want a Facebook page or not when Sorry When Dylan but no don’t create a Facebook page it’s a waste of your time and money if you spend any money I know I spent about $10,000 building my facebook page for my business no one ever goes to it and they never see it waste of time. Waste of money. Oh my gosh, if I got my 10k back I would never have made a Facebook page worst mistake of my life not worst mistake my life but it’s pretty bad. Don’t don’t spend money on Facebook pages.
All right, JV set what is JV? We already went over. Great. Thank you. Yep, finding other wholesalers deals and partnering with them simple Okay, recent 10k JV deal that I just did. So you guys know I’m I’m playing right here. There’s this JV agreement between both LLCs the JV the assignment fee was, what 25 I get 10 they get the remainder, right. 15 Cool, right? It works. It’s closing. Okay, I got a whole course that goes in depth on how to find JV deals, I’ve just scratched the surface. And guys, this isn’t to sell you on my JV course, I don’t care if you buy it, but I just put a lot of time and energy and money into making it but it goes into literally every way to find a JV deal. Like where to go. The best places to do it. Like it goes. Basically what I did today goes in depth. And I think buying this or doing JV is way, way, way better use of your time than you know spending $500 on mail or $1,000 on mail. If you learn this strategy, you will get your return on investment 100% If you do it as I say, you know why? Because I just did it. Alright, so this is another a way to set up free notifications in a specific area to get listed properties that are distressed. Okay, I think you can do this in batch, but I’m going to show you how to do it and Redfin for free. So let’s do it real quick. Okay, so here it is everybody now someone give me another area. Give me another area that you guys want to to find but you got buyers in common and I’ll show you how to do it.
Okay, so where did you run by appreciate your you participate in? That’s awesome. Raleigh. Okay, Alex, you’ve been you’ve been coming in with the heat today. So let’s do Raleigh. Alright, so this is how you get notifications. Now. Anytime. A list, a property that’s distressed gets listed, and you can call it immediately.
Okay, you go to Redfin, you type in the area. Let’s see Alex, do you do you want specifically Raleigh, or do you want like the county or is well Raleigh is probably fine. Okay, so this is what you do. Obviously, you have to sign up and have a login to Redfin. Okay, so let’s log in Okay, I’m logged in. Okay, here it is. So all you do is you go to all filters, you type in what you want, again, specific to the price range that your buyer wants specific to, you know how many beds and baths they want. You can filter that. You want houses does he want townhomes? Does he want for threes? Coming soon active under contract.
So you want coming soon and active square feet. He says look, I don’t want anything over 3000 I don’t want anything over. We’ll leave that one lot size. I don’t care a year built. I don’t want anything older than 1940. Let’s go here. I want some garages. I have few leads and see great yeah, Jean network with Alex air conditioning, blah, blah, blah. Okay, so this is this is the trick, I’ve just been filtering it for what my buyer wants, and I go to fixer upper. So what that means is that anytime there’s something on the MLS that comes in gets listed that has anything to say in the description, that’s fixer upper, you know, handyman fixer upper wanted blah, blah, blah, it’s going to alert it’s going to send you an email.
Also, you can put specific keywords like cash sale, you can put specific keywords in there too. I’m gonna refine this to make it a I’m gonna take away I’m gonna do any and see if anything show up because it doesn’t look like it has any and there might not be any fixer uppers that it’s finding at the at the moment in Raleigh. Let’s see fixer upper, but let’s see cash.
Okay, costs financing agent listed, not agent listed. So you can do also by owner, you know if there’s anything like that I usually do by agents, and then I call them I don’t want foreclosures Redfin listing only. Okay, so then there’s no results, which is fine. But what you do here is you have this filtered, and then you save the search as Raleigh cache distressed properties. And then every time a property is listed, you get in get emailed instantly, daily or never, and you update it, and it’s part of your, whatever it’s called. So let’s try let’s draw, let’s make it a little bit bigger. I’m surprised that Raleigh doesn’t have any things that fit the criteria. There can’t be that Mike, I must be doing something wrong. There’s got to be something maybe no one in that area uses the word fixer upper. There’s no way Hold on. Maybe I did something wrong guys for sale.
Any townhouses coming soon active under contract. While there’s one. Okay. You still want to follow up with that person? No, Max. Oh, you know why? It’s because I put the max at 3000. I think well, no, that didn’t do it. J K. So K, there’s three homes now five homes, it must have had maybe the homes are a little older in this area. And I don’t want to put I guess it depends on what they want. Right. But this is what you have to do. So basically, all we’re saying is, hey, any house or townhome that comes in this area lert me. So then you can see the five homes right now I could call this agent and say, Hey, I see this has been listed for a while I’d like to make an offer. And then you know, you find out what your cash buyer wants to pay 93 is what it’s listed for. See each investment opportunity. See that’s kind of like what it’s looking for is the investment opportunity.
You could call this agent don’t call the agent that Redfin gives you you’re supposed to, they don’t want to give you the actual agent here because they want you to use their listing or buyer’s agent, so you got to call this and yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s how you set up the Redfin, Greensboro, Winston Salem and high point. You go, there you go. All right. So that’s how you do the Redfin then you save it and then you get email notifications. I have email notifications and other I’ve set this up a couple times in specific areas. But yeah, and then you can just go here to I think it’s under Email Settings, and then it shows you Salt Lake fixer upper Beaubois. I’ve turned some of them off because they get bombarded districts homes to target Milwaukee see that Raleigh now is going to alert me but I don’t. I’m focused on like a sniper. I want Utah That’s it. Okay, any questions on how to set up Redfin to get deals to get start getting incoming notifications and then you calling those agents ASAP to to make an offer on a property that you know, you have a buyer for any clarification. We’re almost done, guys. I know. We’ve been at this for almost two hours.
But what I’m giving you guys is the keys, the kingdom, how to make money. Anything else? Any questions on how to use Redfin? All right, no. All right. So this is something that you guys have all seen and that you probably all do, and it’s a no no, don’t do this making posts on social media to find deals. This is what a lot of you do. Don’t do this. You can do this. But I wouldn’t do this because I’m not gonna call you or talk to you and I’m assuming a lot of people won’t do as well. And this is what you don’t do. I have cash buyers in Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, Houston, Florida Atlanta. Guide pretty much is listening everywhere looking for fixin flip, send me your deals, let’s JV so he’s just going out there and be like, Hey, I’m not the guy.
I’m the middleman I have buyers. I don’t know if I believe him. Maybe he does. But he’s not he’s not doing anything special. You saying, hey, I can JV with you. It’s not really anything special, okay, people will most likely not send you deals. I’m guilty of this. I also have a website where I say, Hey, if you don’t, if you can’t sell a deal, send it to me I can sell maybe the brand or like who I am. People can’t pry believe me, you know, I have a ton of buyers. And obviously, people submit a ton of deals that aren’t deals, we got to look through them and it gets exhausting. But we’ve done lots of deals that way.
But you going out and saying this, it’s not gonna work. I know, this guy’s got 16 people, but you know, most of them probably don’t have good deals, in my opinion, but I wouldn’t do that. Okay, who’s guilty of doing that? I am. who’s guilty of that. Who else is guilty? Okay, Ron, you’ve done it. Quotes. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of making the post saying, Hey, I got I got buyers hit me up.
Okay. Yeah, you’re not special. Nobody’s special for having buyers. You know, anybody has buyer, even the people in India and Pakistan and all the ones that say they skip trace they have they say they are buyers. So that’s why it’s not a message that anyone cares about. This is what works right here. In my opinion, do this. You are the buyer. You can get it done. And you say I’m looking for some townhomes or single family homes to buy because of a 1031 exchange.
Okay, this is someone else that has a 1031 exchange but when i say i I’m like we Yeah, I couldn’t even said we but I put i Okay, I am looking in Riverton because this is I’m basically acting in behalf of, you know, the buyer that I have because I know he’s not going to do this or he’s too busy. So I have the time. So I’m saying exactly what he told me where he’s looking. I literally took the location, everything he wanted. And I just put it here I’m looking at Riverton Herrmann Eagle Mountain areas, it would be nice if they could be off market and I could get a somewhat of a deal. I will be buying them with cash don’t need financing. If you know of any, or can send me some please do email me. tons of comments, tons of people sending me deals.
That doesn’t mean they’re great deals. But this in my opinion, in my opinion is better because I’m the go to guy if this guy right here said or if I said hey, I have a cash buyer that wants a property in these areas. Send them to me, the I think person I think just from experience that they’re the response rate engagement would be way lower.
What do you guys think? What do you think’s better? Say one, type one. If you think one’s better, it’s okay. I’m not gonna hate on you type one. If you think one’s better or two, if you think two is better, which one do you think is better? Okay, we got Alex to show. Exactly, exactly. Yeah. So when you make your posts do not represent, oh, I have hedge funds. Great.
Everybody’s got the hedge funds list right now, I’ll give you my hedge funds list. It’s free. It’s you can find them anywhere. It’s not a big deal. You the value you provide is by having the relationship and getting stuff done. People want to work with people that have the money, not the middleman, you have to have the power and authority. Okay, making offers on other wholesalers deals, guys, I’m getting I’m getting exhausted. I could do this all day. I couldn’t do this all day because I’m done. But I have videos and I can explain this. This is how I make I made a video on how I make offers on other wholesalers deals. I get the wholesalers deals sent to my email. Here they are I make offers on them. Okay, pretty simple.
And they’re all coming to a specific folder that I call right here. As you can see wholesalers deals. They all go right into my email. They don’t walk up my inbox, they’ll go there. I look at him. And I say Oh, this one right here is in Tula. This one’s in Hiram. I got a buyer in Hiram. Let me make an offer on it. How much easier could get case study of a current deal I’m doing to show you that this actually works and makes money How did I find the deal networking, having conversations on social media and stuff works? I just made 10k in seven days with no marketing spend and minimal time spent doing exactly what I’m showing you.
Okay, here, here’s the proof. What are you guys gonna do about it? I know there’s you know, there’s several people that watch this that will watch this. And the question is What action are you going to take? Are you gonna just come on the challenge today and tomorrow as we talk more about diving deeper into this and not do anything? Are you going to find buyers? You’re going to find deals that I just showed you and you’re gonna make money and then are you gonna message me and say Nate I made some money and then join my coaching.
No, but I need you guys to go do this because you need to you need to make money and by the way about my coaching I train people how to go master the sales process. I train acquisition reps managers is acquisitions manager training. If you want to master getting bigger spreads, maximize your conversions, double your deal size, double the amount of deals, do close more deals with less leads. That’s what I do. I will show you how to negotiate how to get the seller that wants 300,000 to accept a deal. You know if they’re in the right situation. 100 $150,000 Lower, that’s what I specialize in.
But what I’m showing you right now is like the basics, you need to just do this. Go find some deals already have the video ready on to the next tab on my computer.
Well, let’s go brother. Let’s get it. So this is the action step for everybody here. Go find deals and make money. That’s it. I showed you how to get buyers and I’ve showed you how to get deals. Okay, go to batch leads. Again, if you guys haven’t already you need to go to batch leads and try the free trial I don’t know why you wouldn’t use the paid marketing channels that I sent you batch leads is not expensive especially if you just use it for the driving for dollars in the skip tracing in specific areas.
It’s very affordable it’s not affordable for a lot of people if you’re doing like a whole state and over 8000 like 20,000 records and you’re doing that every week that’s that can get expensive that’s not what I’m teaching you I’m teaching you to sniper it Okay, so go to batch leads and get that and then I already gave you I think I gave you guys batch dialer to drive I’m gonna give it to you again to do bad dialer. If you want to call if you don’t want to call and you just want to text and drive for dollars and knock doors that’s fine now Now once you’ve done that, go start doing some my free organic free markings at Redfin.
You know do any of the things that I started my next hurt and I got he will text me, but start doing some of the organic stuff. This is something if you guys are interested. I am running Rick, you and I still need to connect Sorry man, I got a little busy. Yeah, you guys need to connect. This is something I have for you guys if you’re interested and I’m only gonna give it to certain people that I feel like can get it done. I am my CRM i This is the last part of the we’re almost done. I have over like 8000 sellers in my CRM that need to be followed up with Okay, they’ve said they’ve said yes I want to sell at some point in time I’ve either paid for pay per click Google any I paid for you know, their from texting cold calling home light Sunday, they’re they’re just leads, okay.
And I, there’s a lot of them, I can’t go through them all, I’m too busy. But the problem with these leads, I’ll just shoot you straight is they’re all over the United States. That mean, we can still do them. Yeah, but this is the kind of the opposite of what I’m teaching you guys like this would be just calling sellers and trying to negotiate deals.
And then we have to find the buyer, which is fine, I do it. That’s what we do. But if you want to do deals yourself, I recommend reverse wholesaling. If you want my list and you want to, you know, find the deal, negotiate it, take it the whole way, I’ll pay you a higher percent. If you just get it under contract, then you know, then I can dispose it, then obviously, it’s different percentage. Like I said, there’s 8000 If I gave this list to everyone in this call, if if I feel like you can do it, it’s still like I don’t even think all you guys can call through 1000 leads in some of you will might get a hold of some some of you might not but that’s something I want to do to provide value guys and it provides value to me but it’s also helps you so again, got a list of tons of people. If you guys want to call great. Again, I can’t do it by myself. It’s too many people to call and I got other things I’m doing coaching, you know, doing stuff like this to help you guys do it. So let’s see what we got. We got Vonda you said you’re interested what else I’m interested in. I have a broker that does calls for me also she does wholesaling. Okay, so let’s do this. If you guys want the list. Yeah, cuz the thing is, if I give it to you, I kind of got to know who’s calling so you can follow up. Obviously, there’s the honor system, if I give you a list and you I never hear from you again, you get a $50,000 deal. And you don’t tell me about it. That’s you’re gonna have to live with that.
And I’m pretty sure you would live pretty nice. You’d be like, Yeah, forget Nate. It just gave me less buying paying them. But yeah, obviously, I’ve paid for these leads, I’ve spent 1000s and 1000s of dollars. So this is what we’re gonna do. I want you to message me on Facebook Messenger message me directly. And we’ll figure out like an agreement or something where you agree to a certain percentage. And if you get a lead deal from my list, you know, obviously you’re you’re gonna have to pay, I can dispo the deal, right? And that’s how we came like keep track but if you do the whole thing, then I’ll give you a higher percentage, disparate honor systems important. So yeah, message me and Facebook.
That’s what I can do. That’s that’s the reward I’m given for the people that have made it through these calls and feel like you know, made on the value, like feel like I provided value. Guys, I don’t think anyone’s not a lot of people do this just give you all their leads. That’s freakin sick. I’m not to my own horn. But that’s pretty cool.
If I was brand new wholesaler and someone says, Hey, here’s all my leads for my CRM, you just got to call them and see if they still want to sell and you can get the deals and we’ll split it. That’d be sick. Okay, I just, I’m doing other things now. So I would appreciate if he was gonna help you. Are you dying? Are you giving away all your things? Now listen, this is just the thing. Like I plan out my day every day and I really I just come to the terms that I can’t run investor thrive. I can’t run a large wholesaling company with multiple sales guys and do challenges and also I can’t do it. I have to focus on certain things.
And I’m being transparent with you guys. Like that’s, that’s why I’m doing this. But um, I don’t think I’m dying to hope not in my there’s my wife. She loves me. I love my wife. But yeah, so you got your instructions, go get some, go get your lists, you know, trial batch. I should even say Hey, you gotta get bashed to get the list. How do you like that? Alright, guys, yeah.
Anyway, I’m glad that you guys see some value. We’re doing the challenge for the next two days. And that’s it. Yeah, so if you guys you please come tomorrow. Same link. Yeah. And I got some good stuff for you for the next two days. I promise it won’t be this long. Today was a long lesson. are challenges because there’s so much to go over when getting leads but it’s gonna get better. next few days will be shorter we’ll probably just work on certain sales techniques in order when you get on the phone with the seller and negotiate with them. Maybe we can call some people live the next two days and I can get another deal.
Alright guys, catch you later message me if you want the list and we’ll talk about it later.


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