Teaching Reverse Wholesaling

In this video, we’re going to show you that in the current market, what I’ve been teaching is “Reverse wholesaling” and how to take it one step further. Check this video to know more!

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One thing that Ive been teaching recently with the market shift is Reverse Wholesaling

It’s basically instead of finding a deal and then finding a buyer later,
you already have a buyer in place and you know what they want you just go find it and bring it to them.
That’s kinda like what i tell people that are new brand new
Hey instead of going out there and just guessing, like you have a good idea cause you’re flipping so you kinda knew what people wanted right?

Daniel: Yeah

Nathan: Love that idea. Some people are brand new and they dont really know
So like for example someone’s go to you and be like

“Hey daniel if i brought you a deal what would it look like?”

I mean you literally be able to say

“if you bring me this, Ill buy it.”


Nathan: That’s what I tell new people to do

DANIEL: I’ll tell you, maybe take it one step further. One thing that I’ve done wholesalers
before that operate my area we kind of had that same conversation they look like

“Hey what are you buying? what does it look like for you if i bring you a deal?”

But then I also tell them

“Hey heres this pocket you know go knock doors go do whatever like this is literally the two three four blocks
that I want to buy in go like this you dont have to guess I’m literally pointing the street names to you”

nathat: That’s what Im saying bro

Daniel: Go skiptrace these neighborhoods, this specific street to this I mean I’m living in
Indian hills you know that area for anybody.

Nathan: Yeah buddy lives there

Daniel: It’s like a golf course community. It’s a lot of older homes

Nathan: Do you know the Hesters? ross hesters?

Daniel: Uh yeah yeah Matt Hesters

Nathan: Yeah he lives in your neighborhood. That I went to school with the Ross

Daniel: oh yeah that’s awesome they’re big around here so yeah.

I will literally tell wholesalers or like anybody else that wants to buy out for me and I say listen these are the areas that I want.
I literally will either tear the house down or renovate it or I’ll figure out what it’s worth and I’ll sell it to somebody else who will tear it down or renovate it. So I’ll take it one step further and instead of them just saying like
“Hey I’ll bring you random deal I know what you like”
I’ll say this specific area Walton School District Indian Hills look for these brick ranches that I can renovate go and bring a deal you know. So I love that let’s take it one step further.


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