How to get your first deal using Batch Leads 3.0 (Driving for dollars)

In this video, we’re going to show you how to get your first deal using Batch Leads 3.0 (Driving for dollars). Check this video to know more!


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What is going on everybody? It’s real estate Nate come and live as I usually do come in quick with it coming fast.
And I’m going to show you guys something that is going to blow your mind today.
Now listen, guys, I get a lot of questions, a lot of people saying, hey, how do I get my first deal? What do I got to do?
Okay, and that’s what we’re gonna go over today. Now guys, remember that this call is brought to you by batch leads.
This is the service that freakin knows how to get it done. They know how to bring you motivated sellers they give you the platform so you can go out and get deals.
Alright everybody. So today I’m going to show you how you can use the brand new batch leads 3.0
To get your first deal, okay, if you do not have batch leads, you never can get it.
There’s a seven day free trial, why wouldn’t you try it? They just came out with bachelors 3.0, which is sick, go to investor right now to check out some more free training on how you can make money as a real estate investor or schedule a time with me so we can chat about our mastermind mentorship and how we can help you learn how to wholesale nationwide and grow your business.
Again, guys, if you’re hopping on this call, I’m going to show you how you can get your first deal in real estate using bachelors 3.0 Start to finish it’s going to be a pretty quick overview. I’m going to just give you the steps that you’re going to need to get it done. But before I go into how you’re going to get it done using batch leads, guys, I’m going to kind of give you an update on what the heck is batch leads 3.0
Why does it matter?
Why does that affect you?
Guys? I was just chilling the other day working and you know someone said Hey, do you know bacheleads three point came out 3.0 came out I’ll be honest, like I just had things going on.
So I was like what’s what’s new with batchleads? 3.0 Why should I care? Got right I love batchleads
I was fine with the regular batch but they even took it up to another level they’ve not shut up so why should you care?
Why did I think it was cool once I found now?
Well guys, I’m about to break it down for you.
Why does it matter? That batch upgraded
Well, let’s freakin go right into it and then I’m going to show you how you can use batchleads 3.0.
To get your first deal okay, and what I recommend doing if you’re on a limited budget alright. Or even if you’re not on unlimited budget, so batchlead 3.0.
Quick highlights I’m gonna go over guys nothing crazy. Let’s just get into it.
Virtual driving for dollars. Alright, check this out.
So if you have deal machine, great deal machine is like 50 bucks a month.
I have it from what I use deal machine for is just for driving for dollars.
That’s it. Batch leads on top of texting pulling lists, skip tracing mailing, it also now does virtual driving for dollars and you can do driving for dollars in person like you can get in your car within batchleads 3.0.
So guys, if you aren’t driving for dollars, get in that freakin virtual driver’s seat and get going and that’s what I’m going to show you a little bit later today.
I’m gonna show you on the screen behind me the iPad TV how to do it, you’re gonna see how to literally drive for dollars.
Okay, so that’s really cool, guys. Another thing is inept click to dial if you’re tired of you know being on batch or any prop stream or any other platform.
And then you know, having to call the number, the number dial it in. That’s, that takes too much time.
I don’t want to do that batch the end.
So you can literally call a number that you skip trace and insert dialing Smart Search.
I mean, I don’t need to really say too much more than it’s smart. Okay, smart search.
Let’s get it going. All right, all new mobile app.
Well, let’s go I don’t always want to be on my computer. I got my phone on me all the time.
When I’m walking around with my wife in the neighborhood.
I see a house that looks distressed got the windows broken, tallgrass people haven’t been taking care of it.
I’m going to mark it on my app now. Okay.
And by the way I had deal machine I might let deal machine go guys.
I mean this is a this has got everything I need now multiple workspaces and then if you have a team then get it going guys there’s a you know you can have multiple people in your space team workspaces lead scoring
I think that’s so you can enable you to like know what what lists have the highest motivation and lead scoring this is this is for sorting list for the highest motivation lead scoring, add or remove points based on engagement, assign custom points.
Yeah, so I guess you can determine like specific points, like you feel like determine if your list is good or not.
Okay, so enhanced cash buyers list. We all need need cash buyers, so that’s good.
So anyway, that was just a quick view.
I didn’t want to get too crazy with it, guys.
I mean, I don’t want to bore you with a slideshow, but that is batchlead’s reporting.
So when they told me they said, hey, they call me say hey, Nate, do you know about batchleads 3.0?
I said, Nah, I should have been there.
I should know about it. But let me look at it.
And you know in the description if you guys want to try it, there’s a seven day free trial, you get 1000 free leads.
Give it a shot. Why am I doing all this?
Okay, well, I’m doing this because I want to help you guys get deals.
Okay, I want and hopefully we can do a deal together.
You know, hit me up, sell your Put your deal.
We can help you JV but that’s why I’m showing you guys how to get your first deal because I know a lot of you guys watch this stuff and you don’t take action.
Get off your bum and take some action all right, and I’m showing you how to do it. Nothing crazy to it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
That’s what Tom says Tom Kroll has been saying that’s been stuck.
My head so guys driving for dollars.
Let’s go. Alright, so I got this giant sorry if it’s flickering.
That’s what happens when you’re on camera stuff flickers.
And by the way guys, you can comment right now or in the description if you have any questions okay if I can’t if I don’t get you, I’m sorry, but let’s let’s go right here.
So I got my microphone, I gotta move. But let’s show you how to get your start finish the first step you want to do and try and get it on kid market not on market off market deals, you got to find leads, you got to generate some leads.
How do you guys do that? Well, I’m gonna show you through driving for dollars.
So here is this is I don’t know if you ever heard of these, these things are sweet.
It’s called vibe board. It’s like a giant iPad.
Okay, so guys, all you got to do is you got to click on the side where it says driving for dollars.
Alright, so you got the whole United States. Now guys, I don’t know if you’ve ever been driving for dollars before.
But it sucks. Okay, you gotta get in your car, your neck hurts from all the houses you’re looking around.
You had a headache. I mean, it’s it’s intense. I know.
I’ve done it for hours and hours and hours before when I first started, I don’t really do it that much anymore.
But when I go on a walk with my wife, I like to mark prop properties, okay. But if you drive for dollars for more than two hours your next Cerner your head hurts, your back hurts.
Even when you go with a buddy, it gets exhausting me and my business partner, and then we would go together and it would just we were just headaches, we couldn’t really do anything else for the rest of the day.
Maybe we were weak, who knows. But I thought it was tough. So this is a better way to do it.
You can get more properties done. You don’t have to waste gas money, you don’t have to get in the car, you have to be in the hot sun or whatever. Or in the icy snow in the winter. This is how you do it. Let’s go. So you want to get a deal.
You need to get some leads. How are you going to get some leads, you’re going to generate them through driving for dollars.
Now I am in Utah, I’m in a wholesale nationwide I can do to anywhere but right now for this example, we’re gonna go to where I live. Okay, so we’re gonna go to Salt Lake City, Utah. Okay.
So here it is. Salt Lake City, Utah. So it’s gonna bring us to that area.
All right, after I press Search. Okay, cool. So we’re in Salt Lake City, Utah right now. All right.
I’m gonna zoom out a little bit because guys, I live in an area like a suburb or outside of Salt Lake. And I know there’s an area right by where I live. That’s kind of I don’t want to say crappy, but it’s older homes. It’s called White City. All right, White City.
It’s interesting name. I don’t know why they call it white city. Maybe you can speculate. But there it is. So White City. So what I want to do now I want to do this literally right here, this little guy and dragging on to the place where I want to start driving, fellas.
So I’m gonna go on in this area. Let’s look for some crappy houses together. Right, everybody? So I’m driving, I’m in virtual driver. See?
Okay. So right here, let’s see if we got some, some some houses that look like they need some work.
That one looks okay. I mean, look at this. They’re obviously not taking care of their partnership, but most people aren’t in Utah. So I would honestly maybe even mark that. Let’s do that. So what you do is you just click on it on your computer.
I got the vibe board, I click on it, and I save it. And you’re going to save it to a specific list. Okay, and list I’m going to save it to is going to be the driving for dollars White City, okay, because so now I know what this list is coming from. And then the tag I’m going to use, usually you use the tag as the specific list you’re hitting. So this is a driving for dollars list. Let’s see where it is driving for dollars.
Okay, so I’m gonna save it to this list. So now, just within a second, I was able to add one distressed property potentially distressed property to my list. Okay. So this is the first step you find, identify distressed properties, and then you market to them with a cold call a door knock, whatever. Okay, so let’s, let’s do a little bit more. I mean, it was very simple. I hope hope you guys all got that. So we’re in the area.
We’re driving for dollars virtually. Alright, so let’s see if there’s anything else. Any other crappy houses in this neighborhood? Okay. So I don’t know if you guys can see this one. I’m just looking. I’m looking for tall grass, broken windows.
Maybe some homes that look like they need a paint job.
What do you guys think about this guy? You think that that’s an indicator? Probably not. He’s just he’s just mowing the lawn. Maybe that’s that’s a good thing that he’s mowing his lawn means he’s taking care of it.
All right. Ooh, snap. Guys. Then we found one. Look at this thing. Oh, my gosh. Okay, this is a good example. House right here. It’s got like an air conditioning unit about to fall off the house. You got a you know, grass hasn’t been taken care of. They’re not watering it.
You know, what the heck is this thing is this. This is like a ghetto gazebo.
They’re just trying to build that and they just gave up on it. I guess I don’t know what that is. So this would be an example of a property we hit. And look, it’s got an ugly door screen door.
Windows are old. I mean, that doesn’t necessarily mean this person wants to sell but it’s a good indicator that this person might might want to sell right new roof looks kind of new. So what I do simple, you click it, you save it.
What list do you save it to?
You obviously the one that we’re talking about the driving for dollars white city outside of Salt Lake, you’re gonna go to tag driving for dollars list and then you’re you’re going to have a after you do this for and by the way I told you driving for dollars is tough on my my neck right now is is tough on my arm right here having to lift it up like this, but I I’m in this position for this call.
So anyway, a little bit of a workout right here. That’s not probably not even a bad thing that it’s a workout. So let’s do one more. Let’s see if we can find one other distressed property and White City and like I said, that probably shouldn’t be hard in White City.
You know, if you live in White City, no offense is a nice area, but it’s just I think a lot of the homes are older. So they need a lot of work after a while. Okay. I’m not above White City, by the way, guys, like, you know, I live in a neighborhood that looks kind of like white city. So no harm no foul. Are you guys seeing anything? And I think I see one down the road, everybody. I think I see one. Okay, no, it looks decent. They just their yard is just not growing. Hold on. What’s this one right here. Okay, I was about to say, What’s going on here. They don’t even water, they don’t even have grass, they got like a patch of dirt surrounding their house. Let’s go on the other side and see if it looks distressed.
Look at this, guys. This is awesome. I might just do this is just fun. You know, you can know you can pay a virtual assistant, a couple dollars an hour to do this. And by the time they’re eight hours a day, they’re gonna have 1000s of properties for you to talk to sellers and just say, Hey, I was driving through the neighborhood. It looks like you don’t take care of your yard you want to sell.
And it’s as simple as that. Oh, that might be a good indicator of distress to your neighbors getting wild out here. What is he doing? He’s got his shirt off. This dude’s got his shirt off, they probably about to get in a brawl. This might be a good house to hit up to. I mean, it’s I’m not judging them, who knows what they’re doing. But if he’s out here, both these guys were their shirts off.
Maybe this neighbor, this neighbor is not you know, taking care of the yard, maybe both these would be good properties. Because, you know, that’s interesting. Is he got some in his hand. I mean, there’s a lot you can determine off of driving for dollars, guys. And then you see the people the guy lives in here. He looks I don’t know, he’s got some in his hand here. I can’t tell what it is.
But uh, you got his buddy over, you’re pulling his pants up. And what is this thing called the thing at the top of the roof, I forgot what those are called. They call the house down. But that’s another good indicator. This guy’s got his shorts fallen down.
He’s guys pulling them up. And there’s like some some stuff on the on the roof. The roof looks bad. So anyway, I’m marking both these properties I’m marking this one and saving that. Okay, remember what city you’re going to add it to the list, the list is specifically what you’re doing in the tag is like almost just the marketing not channel, but we’ll just call it a tag for now. It’s whatever. Okay, so I save that.
Now guys, this is awesome. I didn’t have to leave my chair on relax, and it’s nice and cool. My office didn’t have to worry about leaving. And then we have this one.
And again, you have a sense you have an idea that the reason why you’re calling these people is because you saw some sort of distress so when you have that phone call whether you’re cold calling or your your your cold callers calling, you can call and say hey, we were in the neighborhood, we’ve been looking for a property and you know, we noticed that you might be interested in selling because you don’t have to say because your house looks like trash, you could just say because, you know, we were just looking for other opportunities to buy properties.
Now that’s pretty much it. So that is how that was a tutorial right there guys on how to drive for dollars. So easy. So there you have it, everybody. So that’s the first step when you’re trying to do your first deal. Whether or not you do driving for dollars to find the leads whether or not you do you know you just pull the list straight from batch or wherever you pull list, you need lists, you need leads, okay, you need leads to reach out to now, what’s the next step?
All right, what’s the next step that you’re gonna need to do. So once you pull that list, you’re gonna go to right here to my lists, and you’re gonna find your list, and you’re going to skip trace it.
Okay, now for sake of time, because I got I got some things to do later today, but for sake of time, I’m not going to go through the rest of the process, I’m just going to explain it
Okay, so I’m going to take out my nifty little pen that you can draw on the board with and what you’re going to do after you pull the list or make the list or drive for dollars on lists, you’re going to skip trace it okay, you can skip trace it all within batch leads again if you don’t want to use batch leads a skip trace, do whatever you want.
I use batch these and a different services a little bit cheaper, but they’re both good. So after you pull the list it’s only has names and address but it has no phone number no email.
So you’re gonna have to skip trace that that’s what skip tracing does is it gets you the phone number so you can contact them so you can email them, you can reach out to them so you skip trace the list after making on driving for dollars or pulling it you skip trace it and then you go into the campaign section. Okay.
And this is where you got to decide how you’re going to reach out to that person. That’s all All this job is meant you pull list, you skip trace it and then you decide what’s the best way for you to get a hold of that person? Are you going to? Are you going to go knock the door? Okay? Are you going to go call them?
Are you going to cold call them?
Are you going to put them in a triple line dialer on batch dialer?
Just try to get a hold on as many people as possible.
Are you going to call one by one on your cell phone?
Are you going to text them? Okay?
So let’s go over here really quick.
So there’s the SMS, super easy, just get it going.
And there’s a bunch of tutorials on how to do it.
Now. You’ve identified opportunities, you’ve pulled the list, you skip trace them now you’re marketing to them again, you’re trying to get ahold of them anyway, you can knock texts, cold call, mail, doesn’t matter.
Okay, get just get on the phone with a seller.
Now once you get on the phone.
So that’s where the magic happens.
That’s when you start talking to them about what they want.
You start talking to them about what they need, and you try to negotiate a deal then you just have them sign the paperwork, you get the house under contract, and you bring it to me and I can dispose it or you dispo yourself doesn’t matter.
And then you get paid. So wholesaling is not complicated. What the problem is with wholesaling or people think with wholesaling is it just requires massive action, but most things require massive action.
If you want to get good and get paid. If you want to be an insurance agent, or you know, a real estate agent, you got to take massive action. If you want to get paid in life, you got to take massive action.
So if I make more offers in you, I’m gonna get more deals in you. That’s kind of the tutorial breakdown of how to use this and honestly, it’s super exciting to have a platform like bachelors 3.0 that you can do everything in the fact that they made this is a game changer. And the fact that you can even call right out of it is a game changer. Like you don’t even have to pick up your cell phone


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