In Real Estate: Time is Money

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Nathan Payne:
The reason why I brought you on I love chat with you, I love Sr. I love to see your success, but also want to see, you know, kind of break down these deals and see how you applied specific sales skills techniques to help you get this because one thing I do know that this agent did the way you got these deals, they would not have worked with you unless like you they felt like you were the man right? Or like you were, you’re gonna be able to do what you said you did. Right? Yeah. And I think that played a key role in the 25. The one that’s $25,000 is actually more of an interesting story than the one it’s $100,000, even though like the dollars are different.

The one that was $25,000, basically, I think they’re trying to shop the deal. So it’s between myself as an investor and a few others. So I still had competition on this deal, you know, but what was most important to the seller was trying to figure out, you know, who’s actually going to come to the closing table, right. And so we’re working through this, this mutual agent that we knew that was trying to direct the traffic and trying to, you know, really do their part to help the seller to make the process easier, you know, kind of a friends of friends deal wasn’t on the market or anything like that. And so I think I was bidding somewhere like 110, because I knew the market was probably in the mid ones for this property, and it’s condition and location here in Atlanta. It’s kind of a gentrifying area. So I wasn’t really wanted to bid like, 110 at the most. And then this other investor was like, Oh, I’ll come up to 115. And so he initially, I think they want to accept his offer, and then they send me the paperwork. And like, 24 hours have passed, and you know, in our business time is money. So you have to be on top of your game. Yeah.

Nathan Payne:
He was sleeping on it, sleeping on it, like literally there. He’s like, okay, 115 they’re like, Okay, you got yourself a deal. It’s gonna paperwork, he never signed it. And so like, they got spooked, you know, like, Hey, listen, if you’re not curious, then we’re just gonna go with this other offer. Right? So that’s how I ended up getting that deal. And then once I got it under contract, you know, I’d like to double close personally, just so that there’s common lines between party a, you know, and party C. And so, you know, once I got under contract, I started trying to figure out who’s the right investor. And so obviously, I talked to you about wholesaling it. And then one of the things that you told me was like, listen, dude, I’m happy to work with you, but you should try to figure out what other agents in that area are operating, you know, reach out to other agents. If they know any other investors, you can just go direct to the end buyer, you know, so that’s what I did. So reached out to some people that I know that worked in this pocket of Atlanta, and just through like Facebook Messenger, somebody say, like, Hey, I might know somebody that’s interested. You know, I’m happy to introduce you guys if you’re actually serious about it. And again, that goes back to the same thing. Like people want to do business with people who are serious about the business not just wanting around. Exactly, bro.


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